Safe House: Graceland Fanfiction

Chapter 15

"Do you want to go show Paige the surprise up in your room?" Mike asked Jessie. He was still right next to Paige on the couch. Jessie nodded and started to shift off of Paige's lap.

She stood up and tugged at Paige's hand to get her to follow her upstairs. Jessie took one step, but hesitated before continuing to walk. She turned around and grabbed a few of Mike's fingers with her other hand before leading them out of the living room.

They climbed up two flights and Mike gently pushed open the door to Jessie's room. "Wow, Jessie," Paige said with a big smile. "Look at how cool your new room is!"

Jessie let go of their hands and quickly walked over to the beanbag. She fell backwards into it and smiled.

Mike grabbed both of Paige's hands and stood in front of her, his back to Jessie. He took a breath and whispered, "I'll explain later, but the short of it is that LAPD has a mole to protect Solano and one of the tinker bells lived with her for a while – the scary guy in the mug shot came for her apparently."

Paige peered over at Jessie. "Hey sweetheart, come here." She put her hands out and Jessie ran over to her, grabbing onto Paige's shoulders as she lifted her up.

Paige walked around to the side of the bed and sat on top of the comforter. She sat Jessie in front of her and Mike climbed up onto the bed to join them. The three of them were sitting in a small circle.

"So Jessie," Mike began, "can you tell Paige about Katia?"

She nodded, but didn't look up.

"She came off of the bus, right?" Mike asked, trying to provoke some intel.

Jessie nodded again. "She was my friend," she said simply.

"What kinds of things did you do together?" Paige asked her.

"We practiced English together," Jessie explained, "and she took care of me and hid me when new guys came over."

"Is that how you learned to read and write so well?" Mike asked.

"Yeah," Jessie said quietly, "we learned together."

"Do you know when Katia left?" Mike asked.

Jessie's eyes were getting watery. "During the storm," she said.

"A storm?" Paige said to herself. Mike looked at Jessie. "You mean the thunderstorm we had last week?"

She nodded and moved closer to Paige so that she could lean up against her.

"Do you know where he took her?" Paige asked cautiously.

"H-he was ye-yelling about a warehouse," Jessie said softly. "I didn't want her to go. I got in trouble."

"Of course you would be sad," Mike said to her, "but why did you get in trouble?"

"I cried when she had to go in the van," Jessie said frankly, "so he-he ... he was smoking."

"Is that how you got the burns?" Mike asked her. Jessie nodded and snuggled into Paige.

"S-she was hol-holding m-me and he pu-pulled m-me off." Her grip on Paige was fierce.

Mike gently ran his hand over the back of the girl's head. "If you can tell us his name, we can help the FBI find him," Mike said to her.

Jessie looked over at him. "I don't know it," she said crying.

"Where was your dad when this happened, Jessie?" Paige asked her, kissing the top of her head.

"H-he w-went to the bus," she said.

Mike looked up at Paige with excitement in his eyes. "What does he get from the bus?" he asked her.

Jessie buried her face into Paige's shoulder. "Does he get something off the bus?" Paige whispered.

After a few moments, Jessie nodded. "The barrels," she whispered.

Paige looked up and saw Briggs leaning up against the doorway with his arms crossed in front of his chest. "Dinner's ready when you guys are," he said to them.

Jessie shot a look over to the door when she heard the new voice. "Hey there," Briggs said smiling to her. "Don't forget that we have another surprise for Paige..."

Jessie remembered about the chocolate chip cookies and smiled at the boys.

"Another surprise?" Paige asked with excitement. She gently tickled Jessie to get her to ease up on her grip. "Let's go see!"

Paige lifted Jessie into her arms and went down stairs to the kitchen. Mike and Briggs hung back a bit; Paige assumed they were sharing updates on the case with one another.

Charlie, Jakes and Johnny were standing around the kitchen island. "Come make some tacos, P!" Johnny yelled over to her. "Do you like tacos?" Paige asked Jessie. She shrugged her shoulders.

Paige got two plates out of the kitchen cabinet and walked around the island to the bar stools. "Can you sit up here for a second?" she asked Jessie, putting her down on the stool.

Paige placed two taco shells on each plate and added the meat and toppings. "Wait," Paige said looking at Jessie, "is this the surprise?"

Jessie shook her head and pointed to the plate at the other end of the island.

Paige gasped and smiled. "Cookies?!"

Jessie nodded. "Charlie and Johnny helped me."

"I'm very impressed," Paige said smiling. She reached over to grab one, but Charlie swatted her hand away. "Later," she said to Paige.

Jakes was walking away with his plate and Paige saw that they had set the dining room table. "Ooh, fancy," she said laughing.

Paige picked up the two plates of food and took a step away from the island, gesturing for Jessie to follow.

Jessie looked down at the floor and seemed hesitant to jump off the stool. Seeing that Paige's hands were full, Johnny put his plate down for a second and picked Jessie up over his head to sit her on his shoulders. She giggled. He picked up his plate, and Paige followed them over to the dining room table.

Mike and Briggs made an appearance in the kitchen, and within a few minutes, all seven of them were seated at the table together. Jessie started eating after she saw how the others ate the tacos.

Johnny watched her and started laughing. "Tacos may not have been the smartest choice, Chuck," he said.

They looked over at Jessie. The taco had completely crumbled all over the plate and her hands were covered with sour cream and pieces of shredded cheese. Paige wiped the her hands off with a napkin and Johnny handed her a fork. "How do feel about taco salad?" he asked smiling.

Even Jakes had laughed at Johnny's comment.

When everyone went back to eating, there was a bit of an awkward silence.

"So did you like Frozen?" Johnny asked her. "We didn't get to talk about it – and we still gotta watch the end!"

Jessie nodded. "Olaf."

"You like Olaf?" Johnny asked. "See, Chuck, the kid likes snow," he said looking at Charlie.

"He's like you," Jessie said quietly to her plate.

"What?!" Johnny said throwing his head back. "I am like Olaf?"

Jessie smiled at him and nodded. Johnny lifted his chin up and sat up tall, "I'll take that as a compliment."

"I don't know what an Olaf is," Jakes said, "but she's probably right, John boy."

Briggs started to stand up from the table. "I don't know about you guys, but I really want some of those cookies."

"Uhh, not so fast, Paul," Charlie said to him. "Nobody touches them until you help me clean."

Jessie, taking Charlie's words seriously, carefully placed her fork and napkin on top of her plate. She stood up, pushed her chair in, and started to carry the plate back into the kitchen taking small steps.

Mike watched her and shook his head. "She is something else."

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