Safe House: Graceland Fanfiction

Chapter 18

Mike put his hands out to accept the marshmallow as she walked towards him.

Just as she made it over to the rock, Briggs' cell started to ring. Jessie turned around to see what the noise was, almost whacking Mike in the face with the skewer.

"Hey, hey, hey," Mike said playfully putting his hands up and leaning back. Jessie looked back to Mike and steadied it so that he could pull the marshmallow off.

Trying to outdo Paige, Mike also tossed the marshmallow up and tried to catch it in his mouth, but he missed and it landed in the sand.

Jessie laughed at his reaction. "That's what you get, Mike," Paige said to him with a smirk on her face.

She looked over to Paul and saw that he had ended the call and was talking quietly to Charlie.

"Jessie," Charlie called over to her, "let's go put our toes in the ocean!"

Jessie looked up at Paige, "Oh, that sounds like fun. Go ahead," she said encouragingly. Charlie walked over and took Jessie's hand. The two of them slowly made their way over to the water.

As soon as Jessie was out of ear-shot, Paige turned to Briggs. "What's going on?" she asked him.

"That was HQ. They think they've identified the man in the picture who gave the kid an anxiety attack. His last name is Sulla. I didn't want to say it in front of her. They have some intel on his car, house, etc. We have to link him to the buses."

"Anything else about my interview tomorrow?" Jakes asked him.

"Nope. Just get eyes on the schedule."

Jakes lifted his beer up and nodded at Briggs.

"So was that it?" Mike asked.

"Well, they're having a hard time proving that one of the trafficked girls lived in the Barone house. They want us to register Jessie as a C.I. so we can start documenting what she says as evidence for the investigation." He dropped his head and stared at the sand. "And they still want a blood sample to pin those negligence and endangerment charges on her father... "

"And to test for drugs, no?" Mike cut him off and Briggs looked up at her.

"Yeah, Mike, I guess," he said, "They don't have any kind of documentation. No birth certificate, house deed, school enrollment... nothing. He's denying having a kid and so far it seems like some of the other guys are covering for him."

Paige looked over at Briggs. "Let's do it in the morning," Paige said, "Are you going to—"

Briggs nodded at her, "I'm going with Jakes to the interview so I'll stop by and pick up the draw kit after that. We should get back here before 10 and I don't want-."

"Hi!" Paige said, cutting Briggs off. She put her arms out towards Jessie. The girl let go of Charlie's hand and ran over to Paige as soon as she got closer to the rock circle.

"Was the ocean cold?" Paige asked her. She nodded really big. Paige lifted her up onto her lap and Jessie stretched her feet out in front of her.

"Ooh, sandy feet," Paige said, lightly tickling her belly. "We'll get the sand off after your feet dry."

"Here, use this," Mike said, taking a towel out of the bag. He tried to hand it to Paige, but she didn't take it from him.

"Can Mike see your feet?" Paige asked Jessie. The girl shifted sideways a bit and stretched her legs out towards Mike, resting her ankles on the top of his thigh.

"Uhhh, well I though that..."

"Mikey, you can't mess that up," Johnny yelled over to him.

Mike put his hand on one the girl's ankles and awkwardly used the towel get the sand off of her foot. When he started to do the same thing to the other foot, she jerked her leg back. Mike quickly let go of her, thinking that he had hurt her somehow.

"Did Mike tickle your foot?" Paige asked smiling. Jessie nodded and put her foot back so that Mike could finish getting the sand off.

When he was done he tried to shake most of the sand off the towel before putting it back in the bag. Jessie tucked her legs in and snuggled close up against Paige.

The group sat in silence for a few minutes before Jakes decided to call it a night and walked back up to the house.

The fire was getting smaller and Paige could see Jessie starting to close her eyes.

Johnny and Charlie were telling stories, with Briggs chiming in every once and a while to add some commentary.

Paige tried her best to get Jessie to fall asleep. It would be much easier to put her to bed if she wasn't anxious.

After another twenty minutes or so, Johnny started to put the fire out and Briggs and Charlie were collecting empties in a bag.

"You think she's out?" Mike asked Paige. Jessie felt like dead-weight in her arms. "Yeah, I think it's safe to move her now," she said to him.

"You guys go ahead," Charlie said to them. "We'll be up a in few minutes."

Paige got a better grip on Jessie and lifted her up, holding her close to her chest as she made her way back up to Graceland.

"Do you want me to take her?" Mike asked her when they got to the long flight of stairs outside of the house.

"No, I'm fine," she said to him, "and I don't want her to wake up."

Mike followed close behind Paige as she made her way up to the main floor of the house. She looked around to see if Jakes was there before continuing.

"I'll go put her down and then... meet you in your room?" Paige said it with a little uncertainty, but kissed him lightly to give him an idea of what she meant.

"You don't want help?" he whispered to her. She shook her head. "Ok, see you soon," he said smiling. He kissed her in return and they lingered for a few seconds before she pulled back.

Paige turned away from him and climbed up the two flights of stairs to Jessie's room, laying her down carefully on the bed. She didn't know which drawer Charlie put the pajamas in, but she found them on her second try. She took out a pajama set and put it next to Jessie on the bed. She slowly changed the girl into the pajamas and tried not to move her too much. She also checked to make sure the small gauze pads were still covering the burns on her back.

After moving her other clothes, she walked around to the top of the bed and pulled the comforter back so that it would be easier to tuck her in.

Paige gingerly lifted Jessie into her arms, but when she laid the girl down on the sheets and let her head fall to the pillow, her eyes shot open. Paige immediately noticed how confused she was.

"Hey there," she said to her, "you're ok. You fell asleep at the bonfire and I carried you back up to your new bed. You're in your new room. Isn't the bed so soft and warm?"

Jessie nodded at her, but still looked panicked. Paige realized that she was still clutching her arm, preventing Paige from standing up all the way; she wouldn't let go.

"Do you want me to lay with you?" Paige asked her. Jessie's eyes drifted to the open door. Briggs, Charlie and Johnny must have gotten back from the beach because the volume from downstairs had significantly increased.

Jessie tried to sit up when she heard Johnny's laugh.

Paige took a breath. "Do you want to go say goodnight to everyone?"

Jessie looked up at Paige with big eyes and nodded. Paige smiled at her and carefully picked her up. "Come on, let's go say goodnight."

As they walked out of the room, Paige reached over to the light switch and raised the dimmer a bit so that when they got back it wouldn't look so dark.

Paige could see Charlie, Briggs, and Johnny in the kitchen as she got to the bottom of the stairs.

"Oh good, you found the pajamas," Charlie said.

"Yeah, thank you for organizing everything. Somebody wanted to say goodnight."

"Oh," Charlie said walking over to Paige. She laid her hand on the side of Jessie's head and gently swept her fingers through the girl's hair. "Goodnight, sweetheart," she said to Jessie, "Thank you for taking a walk with me tonight." Jessie smiled at her.

Paige walked over to Briggs. "Goodnight, Jessie," he said with a gentle tone, "I'm really happy to have you on our team." Briggs smiled at her before following Charlie upstairs.

Johnny came over and Jessie let go of Paige with one hand. She wrapped her fingers into a fist and held her arm out to Johnny.

"A fist bump for me?" he asked playfully. She nodded and he obliged. "I had so much fun hanging out with you today," he said sincerely. "Get some good sleep so that we can play in the morning, ok?" She nodded and smiled at him. "I'm gonna go lock up," he said to Paige.

He walked back out to the foyer and Paige turned towards the stairs. "Ok," she said to Jessie, "let's go say goodnight to Jakes and Mike."

Paige noticed that Dale's door was still open so she peeked inside. He was sitting at his desk going through some files. "Somebody wants to say goodnight, Jakes," she said into the room. Jakes spun around in his chair. "Goodnight," he said. He waved at Jessie and she waved back to him, keeping her head up against Paige's shoulder.

Paige shut his door and walked over to Mike's room. The door was closed and she was hoping that he wasn't in the shower or something. She knocked a few times. "Somebody wants to say goodnight, Mike," she said.

After a few seconds, Mike opened the door. He was already changed into a t-shirt and sweatpants. He snickered quietly at Paige. "She woke up," he mumbled to her.

He looked down at Jessie, who was staring into his room. "Goodnight, Jessie," he said to her. Noticing that she seemed anxious, he made a suggestion. "I'll bet Paige will read you a book when you get back upstairs."

Jessie looked up at Paige. "Is that what you want to do?" Paige asked her. Jessie nodded. "Ok, let's go pick out one to read."

"Bye, Mike," Paige said, turning away from him.

The girl's grip got much tighter as they made their way to the third floor.

Paige carried her over to the small bookshelf by the beanbag chair. "Should I pick one?" Paige asked. Jessie nodded and Paige grabbed a colorful book off the shelf.

She got into the bed and situated Jessie next to her. The girl didn't seem too happy to be in the bed. Paige reached over to the nightstand and turned on the small lamp.

Jessie nuzzled into Paige's side as she read the first few pages of the children's book.

She tried to keep her voice calm and steady in an attempt to lull her back to sleep. By the time Paige got to the end, she was pretty confident that Jessie had dozed off once more. The girl's grip on Paige was slipping and her head was heavy on the pillow.

Paige looked up and was startled to see Mike leaning against the frame of the doorway. He had something in his hand.

"Is she out?" he whispered. Paige nodded and slowly leaned over to shut off the lamp. He walked up to her and set the object in his hand down on the nightstand.

"You are so smart, Mike Warren," she said with a smile. He had taken a transmitter watch from the phone room and set it next to Jessie's bed as a monitor. "I already have the audio in my room. I set it to a portable speaker," he whispered.

She very carefully slid out of the bed and covered Jessie with the comforter.

The two of them held hands on their way downstairs. Paige snuck into his room with him and the two of them took advantage of their time alone.

She was standing with her back to his bed, wearing a mischievous grin on her face. He gently pushed her so that she fell backwards. He hovered over her on the bed, kissing her and slowly letting his body weight transfer down onto her.

"Somebody's really happy to see me," Paige said giggling.

Mike picked his head up. "What can I say? Seeing you take charge today has been a huge turn on."

"You didn't do so bad yourself, Levi," she added.

Paige managed to pull his shirt off while he kissed her neck, working his way down to her chest. He slowly unzipped the hoodie she had on and in one swift movement he rolled onto his back and flipped her so that she was sitting on top of him.

Paige glanced over at the speaker on the nightstand and stilled her hands that were now resting on his bare chest.

"What's the matter?" he asked her.

"This just doesn't feel right."

"She can't hear us," he said kissing her palms.

"I know," Paige said. "I just don't want us to be in a... 'compromising situation' when she wakes up."

He laughed quietly at her choice of words.

"Well, how long did she last without a nightmare earlier today?"

Paige ran her hands through his hair, "Uhh, about an hour or so I guess."

"Oh, Paige, I'm a little offended," he said playfully.

She shot him a confused glance.

"We don't need an hour..." he said with a bit of a dark tone.

Paige smirked and shook her head at him. She leaned down and continued to kiss him, grinning as his hands made their way to her hips.

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