Safe House: Graceland Fanfiction

Chapter 25

Paige walked out of the living room, leaving Jessie with Briggs on the couch. She was surprised at how well he cared for the girl, and she needed a moment to pull herself together.

She leaned up against the kitchen counter and took a breath. She was exhausted and knew that the day was going to be tough for most of her housemates.

The case was getting personal.

She opened up the refrigerator and took out some iced coffee for herself and a new bottle of the PediaSure. She could hear Johnny and Mike coming back up the stairs from the beach.

They were headed for the living room, but when Mike saw Paige out of the corner of his eye, he turned and made his way to the kitchen.

Paige could hear Johnny attempting to joke with Jessie about choosing to hide in his room.

Mike saw how defeated Paige looked. He took the two drinks out of her hands and placed them on the counter. He leaned back against the stone column that separated the kitchen from the living room so that he could pull her into a hug without Johnny and Briggs being able to see them. She laid her head down on his chest. "We were talking about Solano killing the girls..." Paige explained to him. "She figured it out..."

Mike nodded and kissed the top of her head. "We'll get the girls out," he said firmly, gently lifting her head up. "And Solano, and Carlito, and Sid." He softly kissed her in between each of the three names he listed.

He took a breath. "Johnny and I think that the person she identified as 'the rat' must be the one getting the passports to the girls before they get in the country."

"Isn't he in custody?" Paige asked him. She moved her hand slowly down the front of his chest.

"Not yet," Mike said with a sigh, "he wasn't at the house when Sid did the raid. Either this passport guy knew better than to go back there after Sid blew up in his face, or Sid took care of him himself."

He raised his eyebrows at her to get her to understand what he was suggesting about Sid's ethics. "The picture of this passport guy in the folder was taken a few weeks ago," he explained. "He has a history of being connected to the cartel."

Paige put her hands behind Mike's neck and softly kissed him. She wanted to linger in the moment, but pulled away and grabbed her coffee off of the counter when she heard footsteps.

"What do we have here, P?" It was Johnny. His grin stretched from ear to ear. Jessie was standing next to him, leaning her head up against the side of his leg with her arm hooked around his thigh.

Mike walked towards the kitchen table and Paige grabbed the vitamin drink. "Can you drink this for me, Jessie?" she asked, changing the subject.

Jessie nodded and took the open drink from Paige with her free hand. The girl took a sip and then looked up at Johnny.

"I have some time before I need to get ready for the meet," Johnny explained. "So if anybody cares to join us, we will be watching the rest of Frozen."

"Where's Briggs?" Mike asked him, noticing that the couch in the living room was now vacated.

Johnny rolled his eyes. "Doing Briggs stuff..." he said, "probably on the phone or channeling Buddha."

Paige squatted down in front of Jessie. "Have fun with Johnny, ok? I'm going to go get ready for work."

Jessie nodded as Paige moved past her and headed up the stairs with her coffee.

"Count me out too, John," Mike said. He was going through more files at the kitchen table and keeping himself busy.

"Your loss, Mikey!"

Johnny walked Jessie over to the couch and set up the movie to start where they had left off the day before.

They only made it about fifteen minutes into watching the film when Mike paused it and interrupted them.

"Mike!" Johnny whined to him like a little kid. "We were watching that!"

"The movie can wait, Johnny," he said quickly. Mike sat on the couch and smiled at Jessie. "Did anybody at your house ever talk about someone named Sid?" he asked her slowly.

Mike watched as her eyes got wide. She pointed to her own chest. "The cop with the letters," she said. Her voice was barely above a whisper.

He turned to look at Johnny. "If LAPD is there to catch Carlito tonight at the pickup, Sid will call him to tip him off. Can you get Carlito's phone so we can record the call? Carlito won't get the heads up and will lead you back to us..."

"No way," Johnny said plainly. He shook his head. "That is asking way too much, Mikey. I can't even promise that he will do the pick-up!"

Mike took a breath, stood up, and looked down at him. "You don't have a choice. If Sid is there, he'll make the call. Get Carlito there anyway." He hit play on the remote control and walked back into the kitchen.

Johnny exhaled loudly, but smiled when he saw that Jessie had placed her hand on his arm in an attempt to comfort him.

They were able to make it all the way to the end of the movie, and Johnny was very happy to see that Jessie had finished the vitamin drink.

His cell phone started buzzing and he reached in his pocket for it. He could hear another cell in the house buzzing as well. Johnny opened the text and stared blankly at it.

"Johnny!" Mike yelled from the kitchen, "Did you see the— ?!"

"Damnnn," Johnny yelled back to him. Briggs was running down the steps and Johnny assumed that he received the same text that was sent to Mike and himself.

It was from Charlie: "I'm still down at HQ. Joseph Barone just made bail. No name on the bail notice. Had a LAPD escort from the station."

"Where's Paige?" Mike asked frantically.

"I heard the shower," Briggs said while he responded to Charlie's text.

Johnny protectively pulled Jessie up onto his lap; Mike charged up the stairs to find Paige.

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