Safe House: Graceland Fanfiction

Chapter 35

Mike kept his eyes on a police car across the field as he walked up to Briggs outside of the ambulance.

"Hey," he said, letting Briggs know that he was ready to talk.

"You ok?"

Mike loudly exhaled and looked up at him. "Yeah, I will be. So Sulla's dead? Did they finish sweeping the place?"

"They're working on it... yeah, he's dead-"

"And Solano?!" Mike was going through all of the connections in his head, trying to make sure that everything had gone smoothly, well, except for the injured hostage and the murdered agent.

Briggs smirked at him. "Yep, Jakes is escorting him and Johnny back down to HQ. We will separate them once they get there so that Johnny can come home tonight. Carlito can try to deny that he didn't know his storage was acting as a trafficking facility, but I doubt any judge is going to..."

Mike started to laugh. "Yeah, that would be a pretty big stretch. So, we got the girls, we got Carlito Solano, now all we have to do is get-" He gestured over to the LAPD unit that had come to support the FBI as back up for the take down.

"Yeah, that's what I wanted to talk to you about. The only reason Charlie came out here with Jessie was to warn us about Sid, but then Sid didn't interfere with anything."

"That we know of," Mike said skeptically.

Briggs shook his head. "Something's not right."

"Do you think that Charlie got the wrong information from Clarke? Maybe Sid pulled himself off when he learned that Carlito was coming here?"

"Maybe, Mike... It just seems a little odd."

"Should we go introduce ourselves? See if we recognize anyone from the folders?"

Their conversation was interrupted when the medical helicopter descended down onto the field. Briggs and Mike could see the paramedics preparing Katia to be transported.

Briggs looked back at the ambulance behind him and then over to Charlie's car. "Why don't you take Paige and Jessie back to Graceland? Drive Charlie's car." Mike seemed hesitant, but Briggs knew what to say to him. "Our main orders were to protect the kid, right?"

Mike liked the idea of taking the girls home and getting some sleep, but as the lead agent on the bus case, he felt like he should stay.

Briggs could tell that he was still thinking it over. "Go, Mike," he yelled to him; the helicopter had landed and the noise was deafening. "Trust me, you'll get to play boss tomorrow when you get to fill out all of this paperwork!"

Mike raised his eyebrows at him. "You sure?!"

"Yeah, I'll bring Charlie back in my truck! Jakes is going down to the station with the team, and Johnny has a free ride all the way back downtown in handcuffs!" He chuckled at the thought.

Mike nodded at him. "Thanks, Briggs!"

Briggs handed him the keys to Charlie's car and then started to walk away, but Mike stopped him.

"Hey- Briggs!"

He turned around to look back at Mike.

"Thanks for uh, keeping up with Paige today! You, uh, you saved her life!"

Briggs smiled at him. "That's what family does, Mike. Now, go!"

Mike trotted back over to the ambulance and looked up into the rig. He smiled when he saw that Paige's eyes were closed too. Despite the helicopter, the sirens, the blood stains, and the oxygen mask, Paige and Jessie still managed to look so peaceful in their embrace. They were wrapped up tightly in the blanket, and he realized that they both needed some better clothes.

He saw that the paramedic was still sitting just a few feet away from him.

"Can I ask you a favor?" he yelled over to her.

She stood up quickly and nodded.

"Could you go to the FBI unit stationed over there and tell them that Mike wants two jackets, and then bring them back?"

She nodded and gave him a small thumbs up before running out to the van. Mike looked back towards the helicopter as it took off violently into the sky and then jumped up into the ambulance.

Paige's eyes fluttered open when she felt the movement. Mike walked over to her quickly. He moved the palm of his hand over her forehead and down the side of her face. They sat in silence for a few minutes, enjoying their quiet reunion.

"Is everything ok out there?"

"Yeah, they just airlifted her," he whispered. "We're going to take Charlie's car back." He looked down at Jessie and smiled. "The three of us."

"What about Sid?"

"He can wait," Mike sighed. He chose to steal Briggs' words. "Our orders were to protect the minor." He playfully used the phrasing to get Paige to understand that he had already made up his mind.

Her face softened and Mike leaned in to kiss her forehead gently. They took a breath in unison and Mike trailed kisses down her face, lingering when he reached her lips.

He pulled away when her heard coughing. He looked down at Jessie in Paige's arms to see if she was ok, but she was still asleep with the oxygen mask close to her face. Mike realized that it was the paramedic who had coughed.

"Sorry," Mike said blushing. He assumed that kissing another agent, who had a traumatized kid in her arms, in the back of an ambulance on an undercover operation site was probably not the most professional thing to be doing.

She took a step forward and handed him the two jackets. They were identical large navy jackets with bright yellow lettering. Mike smiled at the woman and thanked her.

"Are you sure you don't want to have her checked out at a hospital?" she asked them.

Paige ran her hand through Jessie's hair. "No-" she said sweetly, "I think we just need to get her home."

"Of course," she said back to them. She walked over to the bed and listened to Jessie's lungs again before taking the oxygen mask back from Paige. "Just keep her relaxed and make sure she's eating well."

Paige nodded and tried to sit Jessie up more so that she would be easier to carry. Mike took one of the jackets and guided Jessie's arms into the sleeves; her hands didn't even make it halfway down to the cuff. He saw the dried blood on her chest and realized that they would need to clean her up somehow before they could let her sleep in a bed.

He zipped up the front of the jacket and bent down so that Jessie's head could rest on his shoulder. He wrapped one arm under her and lifted her up so that she fell into his chest.

Paige took off the vest and was grateful to have the jacket to put on over the thin tank top that Sulla had made her wear. She grabbed the blanket and followed Mike.

Paige looked down at the letters on her jacket as they stepped out of the ambulance. "No one from the DEA tonight?" she asked him.

"No, don't think so," he whispered. Jessie was still asleep in his arms. They walked out towards the tree line to Charlie's car. "You couldn't have called them in, and none of our guys would have... why? Are you not loving that beautiful FBI jacket right now?"

She laughed quietly at him. "Just curious..." she said. "I have to admit though, Jessie looks really cute in your jacket."

"Well it's not mine, per say," he said. The jacket fell down past the girl's knees and practically engulfed her altogether in his arms.

"She earned it." He smiled at his own remark. "She'll grow into it," he added.

They made it over to the car and Mike unlocked the back door so that Paige could climb in and make herself comfortable.

She took Jessie from him as he lowered her down into the car. Paige thought she may have woken up briefly, but after whispering some sweet phrases to her, she stilled and cuddled into Paige.

Mike climbed into the front and started the car up.

"Yes!" Paige whispered excitedly to herself.

"What?!" Mike said. He turned his head around and rolled his eyes. Paige had found the snack bag.

"So you're not angry at Charlie then?" Mike asked her.

The smile fell from Paige's face. "I don't know," she said. "If things hadn't worked out the way they did. If anything had happened..."

"Well, something did happen," Mike added, referring to his shot.

Paige sighed as he drove back out onto the road. "Going under today wasn't in my plan book either, and I know that it threw everyone off too..."

Mike looked at her through the rearview mirror. She was eating a banana that she must have found in the bag.

He turned onto the highway, continuing to check on Paige and Jessie in the back seat every few minutes.

"What time is it?" she asked him.

"About ten," he said. "We should get back to Graceland around midnight."

She nodded and he noticed her eyes getting droopy. "Try to sleep, Paige."

He watched her lean up against the window and shut her eyes.

He hadn't been this determined to drive back to Graceland safely in a long time, and he needed these two hours to process what kinds of decisions he would be making about his life now that the bus case had ended.

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