Safe House: Graceland Fanfiction

Chapter 43

Mike and Paige had been sitting in the car for over three hours before they saw any movement in front of the foster home. There was a man leaving the house and getting into an SUV in the driveway. "35-year old male leaving property in blue SUV." Mike spoke into the tape recorder.

"Is that really necessary?" Paige asked.

"We've been building this case, Paige," Mike said. "I don't know if it's important or not, but just... I would just rather be safe. Did you find them online yet?"

Paige had been searching the address in Google, trying to see if they were listed. They had brought the laptop with them in the car and had managed to pick up Internet from one of the homes in the neighborhood. "Nothing. Do you think we can go through the FBI site and see if they're listed there?"

"Give me the laptop."

"You don't want to just tell me your password?" she asked with a grin.

He shot her a disapproving look and she quickly quickly retorted. "I'm sorry, jeez."

He typed robotically into the site with Paige eyeing the keyboard. "I would never tell you mine either," she said quietly.

"I wouldn't expect anything else." He put the address in the database and was pleasantly surprised when a profile popped up in the browser. "Here it is," he said. "Matthew and Annie Henderson. Married for ten years. Adopted a boy, Luke Henderson, in fall 2012."

Paige reached out to the laptop and turned it towards herself. "Anything else?"

"No..." Mike said, scanning the page. "No photos or records."

"Run background checks," Paige said firmly.

"Paige, they've already done that. Don't you trust the-?"

The look she was giving him made him stop talking. He logged into another part of the site and ran background checks, with Paige nodded approvingly as he searched.

"Do you think Briggs is home from headquarters by now? Should we call?" Paige asked him.

"Yeah, try him again," he said.

Paige went to her recent calls and tried Briggs. She sat up a little bit straighter when she heard him answer.

"Hey, P! How's the stake-out?"

"Mike and I are doing well. Very little movement so far. How did it go?" she asked, already somewhat knowing what he was going to say.

"Better than I expected. It helped that I told her Mike was already on his way to watch her."

"How were they?" Paige asked him.

"Great, Paige. Really, don't be concerned about what happens in the house. Now, if Johnny's right... then we need to be concerned." Mike had his hand out with his palm up. Paige pushed it away, but Mike persisted.

"Did she say anything to you at all?"

"No," he said quietly. "But, she was ok." He did his best to reassure Paige that she needn't go into the house.

Mike gently placed his hand on the phone. "Here," Paige said, a bit annoyed, "Mike wants to talk to you."

She reluctantly handed the cell over to him and crossed her arms in front of her chest.

"Did you talk to Johnny yet?"

"Yeah, he told me about the text when I got back to Graceland."

"Alright, just keep us posted if Barone talks with him again. I don't want to be blindsided out here."

"I know, Mikey. When do you want to trade shifts?"

"What's he saying?" Paige asked.

"Wants to know when we want to go back. He'll send someone else-"

"No," Paige said firmly. "I'm not leaving."

"Did you hear that, Briggs?" Mike asked him.

"Yep. Ok, but let me know if you change your mind," Briggs said. Mike could tell he was smiling.

Jessie threw the blanket over her face when she heard the bedroom door creak open.


It was the boy. She heard footsteps getting closer.

"Do you want to play?" He tapped on her shoulder. "Do you like pizza? My dad went to go get some for us."

She rolled onto her side, facing him, and hesitantly stared at him. He had sandy blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He wore a giant smile when he saw that she was looking at him.

"Are you still scared of us?" he asked innocently. He waited for an answer, rocking back and forth on his toes.

"I was scared when I got here. Mom reminded me today."

Jessie scooted away from him when he climbed up onto the bed.

"Oh, I have this one!" he said, pointing at one of the picture books. "It's really good!"

He opened the cover the looked down at the page. "You can read that?" he asked.

Jessie nodded, feeling challenged by him. His eyes grew wide. "No way," he said to her, shaking his head. "I only learned last year and I'm older than you are."

He looked around the room and pointed to a colorful poster on the wall. "What does that say then?"

Jessie looked back and forth between the poster and the boy. She took a breath and mumbled quietly to him.

"What?" he asked her.

"You are my sunshine," she whispered.

Luke dropped his jaw at her. "Who teached you?" he asked her.

Jessie thought about Katia, and the previous night's events came rushing back to her.

Luke saw that she was starting to cry and he moved off of the bed.

Jessie rolled away from him and held Paige's blanket close to her face as she softly cried into it.

"Mom!" Luke yelled, running out of the room. "I didn't mean to!"

Jessie heard more footsteps a few minutes later. She looked over to the window. Mike had to be out there. He wouldn't leave her.

"Hey, Jessie," the lady said sweetly. "Do you want some pizza? Matt just came home with it."

Jessie tried to silence her cries, but her little hiccups didn't mask her emotions well.

"Oh, sweetheart..." The woman walked over to the bed and picked Jessie up cautiously, holding her like she had done earlier that day.

"You know that we won't hurt you, right?" The woman was excited when she saw Jessie nod.

She walked with her out into the hallway. "Do you miss your FBI friends?" She didn't quite know how to phrase the question, but when Jessie nodded bigger and whimpered loudly, she knew she had figured out why the little girl was so upset.

"We will try to visit them soon, ok?" Jessie nodded and clung to the woman. "I'll bet they were really nice to you. What were their names?"

Jessie froze. She racked through her brain, trying to remember what Johnny and everyone had said to her. Was she allowed to say? Was she supposed to pretend?

Jessie shrugged her shoulders and didn't talk, hoping that she wouldn't ask about Graceland again.

The woman put her down on a chair and Jessie realized that she had been seated at a table in the kitchen. There was a plate and a cup in front of her, along with three other place-settings around the table.

"Daddy!" Luke screamed, running over to the man as he came back into the house. Jessie turned to watch, and saw that the man was carrying a square box.

"Are you excited about me or about pizza?" he asked his son playfully.


"That's what I thought." The two of them walked into the kitchen.

"Oh, hello," he said, looking at Jessie with a smile. "Are you excited for pizza too?"

Jessie looked down at her lap and waited patiently, hoping that they would let her eat with them.

The woman tried to get her attention. "Is juice ok?"

Jessie nodded, but kept her eyes down. She was relieved to see that she now had a full glass of juice in front of her. She watched Luke start to drink out of his own glass. Nothing bad happened to him.

Jessie reached out and grabbed onto the glass with two hands. It tasted delicious.

When they were all seated together, a slice of pizza was put onto her plate. She waited for Luke to eat again, to make sure that it was ok.

"It might still be a little hot," the man said to her. Jessie lifted it up with two hands and took a small bite. She kept eating until it was gone, never dropping it back onto the plate. She reached out for the juice and heard the doorbell ring.

"Who is that?!" Paige asked Mike. There was a man in an FBI jacket standing on the porch of the house.

"I have no idea."

"He's one of your people!"

"No," Mike said clearly. "I've never seen him- Shit."


"I have... I have seen him. His picture was in the file. It was in the-"

Paige went to open her door, but Mike reached out to her and grabbed her wrist. "This is what we've been waiting for, Paige. I know you don't want to hear it."

"Mike, we really aren't going to let a criminal..."

They watched in silence as the front door of the house opened. The man they now knew to be Matt Henderson was shaking the con-man's hand. "He's not FBI..." Mike said to himself. "Please don't fall for this."

"Jessie!" Mr. Henderson yelled into the kitchen. "Someone from the FBI came to visit you!"

Jessie's whole face lit up. She knew Mike would come get her. She hoped that Paige was there too. Johnny and Charlie had told her that if they were wearing their letters, she was allowed to stop playing pretend.

She jumped off of the seat and ran over to the living room. "I'll let you talk with him, ok?" Mr. Henderson said, thinking that she would still be too shy to have him around.

Jessie ran past him over to the door. Hands grabbed her sides and lifted her into the air.

It wasn't Mike. Or Johnny, or Jakes, or Paul.

She knew who it was.

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