Safe House: Graceland Fanfiction

Chapter 45

When Briggs and Charlie arrived at Mike and Paige's makeshift surveillance spot later that evening, Paige was itching to know what Johnny's cover story was going to be.

Briggs and Charlie stayed in their own car, a few houses down from where Mike and Paige were, at an attempt to not draw attention from any surrounding neighbors.

Mike had called Briggs a few minutes after the men had led Jessie into the house.

He told Briggs that they had found Barone. Mike recognized him from the files, and even though Paige had never seen his photo, she knew in her gut that the man at the house was the girl's father.

They had been on-and-off the phone with their housemates about where they were and what their own kidnapping plan was going to be. It seemed simple: Johnny would use his cover to make the buy from Barone. Briggs, Mike, and Jakes would arrest Barone and Johnny. When the house was cleared, they would go back in for Jessie. It was similar to what the girl had experienced the week before, and they thought that it was pretty flawless.

Seeing Briggs' car, Mike called his cell to get some updates.

"Hey, you guys doing ok?" Briggs asked him.

"Yeah, what time is Johnny going in?"

"Barone texted him. Told him 8:00."

"Do you have the-?"

"Yeah, Mike," Briggs said, cutting him off, "we brought your vest and your handheld..."

"What's he saying?" Paige whispered, annoyingly tapping on Mike's leg.

He reached down with his free hand and stilled her fingers, running his thumb back and forth across her hand.

"Ok," Mike said, "So, I will meet up with you once Johnny goes in." It came across more like a question.

"Yeah, he's gonna stall for a few minutes. He won't be able to hear us though. I'm going to flash my lights at him to let him know we can hear him once he tests the mic out."

"We'll need to call the cops to take Barone down to the station for the arrest..." Mike said. Paige smacked her hand, and Mike's, into his leg. He bolted his eyes over to her and she shook her head at him.

"Jakes is taking care of it, Mike," Briggs explained. "He'll have a car."

"And then we're just going to sneak her out?"

"You have a better idea, Mikey?"

In Mike's hesitation, Paige reached up and grabbed the phone from his hand.

"Briggs - talk to me," she demanded.

"Hey, P," he said calmly. "We'll get her out."

"I want to go in with Johnny. I can create a cover as his girlfriend."

"No, Paige," Briggs said to her. He could barely see her in the front seat of the car that was parked down the street. "If Jessie hears your voice, she is going to blow this whole thing. We don't want Barone to know that it's us. He can't know that we are the ones who had her. You would put us all in danger."

Paige brought her hand up to her temple after considering his point. "You're right, you're right... but you don't think that she'll run out to Mike? When was the last time Johnny even made a buy?!"

"I don't think she'll run out to any of us. But you... you're different, Paige. I don't know if Jessie will be able to keep her cover if you're in there."

Paige took a breath and slowly handed the phone back to Mike, who had been patiently waiting with his palm up.

"Hey, Briggs," Mike said to him.

"Is she ok, Mike?"

Mike glanced with soft eyes over to Paige. "Yeah," he said simply. "Give me a call back when you hear from Johnny or Jakes."

"Sure, Mike. Do you guys need anything?"

"No, we're all set."

"Alright, well, I'll see you in an hour or so... you know, actually in person and not just in the car down the street." Mike could hear him chuckle on the other end.

Mike snickered. "Talk to you soon."

When Johnny got to the scene, Mike and Paige waited with anticipation for Briggs and Charlie to flash their lights at him, cueing Johnny and letting him know that they had the audio.

Jakes was waiting a few blocks over with a police car that he had "commandeered" - a returned favor from a friend who owed him.

Mike held Paige's hand as they watched Johnny walk up to the front door of the house. Paige wanted to jump out of the car and run over to him. She kept repeating phrases in her head, reminding herself that Johnny could handle it. She tried to get herself to believe that staying back was the better thing to do... to protect her.

They couldn't see much when the front door of the house opened. They knew Johnny had gone inside, but weren't able to ID the person who had opened the door.

A few seconds ticked by and Paige had to remind herself to breathe. Mike kissed the top of her hand and made his way out of the car to go meet with Briggs and get set for the bust. Paige was on his heels as she ran around the other side of the car to catch up to him.

Charlie gave them both a big hug when she got out of the car to greet them. She opened the trunk and helped Mike gather what he would need before he went inside.

"Please, let me hear," Paige said to Briggs. Her tone was almost a whine. "You need to get ready to go in there. Let me listen. What's his line?"

Briggs looked up at her. He couldn't resist those eyes. He very reluctantly switched places with her, allowing Paige to take over in the driver's seat. "He'll say, 'We should do this again sometime.' It should be a few minutes."

Paige put the earpiece in place and focused on the house, looking for any signs of movement. "C'mon, Johnny," she said to herself. She couldn't remember a time when she had been this nervous about a simple drug deal.

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