Safe House: Graceland Fanfiction

Chapter 5

Paige walked over to the bench at the table in the kitchen and put Jessie down on the seat before scooting in to sit next to her.

The boys were unloading bags of groceries and Jakes was arguing with Johnny about something he had said on their way up the stairs to the house.

"Hey Johnny," Paige yelled over to him, "did you pick up those drinks Charlie told you to get?"

"You know it, P," he said, trying to find what she was talking about in the bag. "You want one now?" he asked.

"Yeah and put the rest in the fridge."

Johnny took one of the PediaSure drinks out of the six-pack and tossed it underhand over to Paige.

"Oooh, vanilla," Paige said trying to be excited about the drink. She twisted the cap open and put it down in front of Jessie. "Can you try some of this for me?" Paige asked her, "It will help make you strong."

The girl grabbed the drink with both hands and took some sips. "Is it yummy?" Paige asked her. Jessie smiled and nodded. "Ok, good," Paige said to her, "it's all yours."

Paige looked over at the guys when she realized they had gotten kind of quiet. She saw Mike discreetly showing Jakes and Johnny the photos he took of Jessie's scars.

Johnny walked over to the table and sat across from the girls, a cold, left-over pancake in his hand.

"Jessie," Paige said to the girl, "this is Johnny, and that's Dale, but we call him Jakes," pointing over to Jakes by the counter.

Johnny made a fist and slowly reached out to Jessie. "Can I get a 'welcome to the house' fist bump?" he asked her. Jessie looked up at Paige not sure what to do. Paige fist-bumped Johnny. He left his fist up in front of Jessie, "C'mon girl, don't leave me hanging..."

Paige nodded, "go ahead," she told her. Jessie made a fist and lightly tapped Johnny's hand. "There you go," Johnny said, "so have you lived in California for a long time?"

Jessie took another big sip of the drink and shrugged her shoulders.

"Have you even been surfing?" he asked her. Jessie leaned her head up against Paige and shrugged her shoulders again. "Oh, we gotta go sometime then," he said smiling at her.

"Johnny," Jakes said from across the kitchen, "leave the kid alone and go get some work done."

"By work, I hope you mean catching some waves, because that's where I'm going to be all morning." Paige let out a small laugh, but turned to Jessie when she realized that the girl was tugging on her sleeve.

"What's the matter?" she asked her. Jessie was looking nervously around the room and had repositioned herself so that she was sitting up on her knees.

"Do you need to use the bathroom?" Mike asked her. Jessie nodded at Paige, who was already standing and reaching out to take the girl's hand.

"All of that OJ this morning..." Jakes said with a smile, "You didn't give the kid a house tour yet?"

"She's been asleep," Mike replied.

"Which is exactly what I'm about to do," Jakes said. He walked upstairs to take a nap and Mike felt himself get a bit jealous. He and Paige had only managed to get a few hours of sleep before Briggs woke the house up.

"C'mon," Paige said, walking with Jessie through the kitchen, "there's one over here." They made their way over to the bathroom and Paige shut the door behind them.

"Do you need any help?" she asked her. Jessie shook her head no. When she was done, Paige gave her some hand sanitizer.

"Do you want to see the whole house?" she asked her. Jessie nodded as they walked back out into the living room and Paige could tell she was taking in the vast size of the space for the first time.

"Well, this is our living room and back there is a bigger dining table where we eat sometimes," Paige said, gesturing to the opposite corner of the room. They walked towards the glass wall.

"This is my favorite part though," Paige told her. "Isn't the beach so pretty?" Jessie nodded and continued to hold Paige's hand as they made their way back into the kitchen.

Mike was still in the kitchen, standing up against the counter, waiting for his coffee to be ready.

"We all share the kitchen and cook together," she said. Paige walked over by Mike and opened one of the lower cabinets that had some boxes with granola bars and pretzels. "We eat some pretty big meals around here, but if you ever want a snack you don't have to ask; just come take some fruit or something out of here, ok?" Jessie smiled at her.

"You ready to go upstairs?" she asked her. Jessie looked over at the dark modern staircase and seemed hesitant. "C'mon," Paige said with a big smile, "I'll show you my room." Jessie wasn't totally convinced that she wanted to go, but then had a different idea.

"I guess I'm joining the tour," Mike said. Paige looked at him and he raised his eyebrows. He nodded down to Jessie, who Paige noticed had grabbed a few of Mike's fingers with her free hand.

Mike and Paige were both grinning as they walked out of the kitchen; the three of them went up the stairs together to explore the rest of the house.

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