Safe House: Graceland Fanfiction

Chapter 6

Jessie squeezed Paige and Mike's hands as they got closer to the second floor of the house. "Ok, so this is the loft," Paige said, "and there's a big bathroom right there." Paige pointed to the left of where they were standing.

They walked a bit over towards the bathroom. Briggs' door was open a little. "Do you remember Paul from this morning?" she asked her. Jessie nodded her head. "This is his room," Paige said, "and then this one..." Paige walked back around over to Charlie's room, "is where Charlie stays."

Jessie looked up at Paige with a confused expression. "I don't think..." Mike started to say to Paige.

"She went out to the store with Paul to go get you some new clothes and toys," Paige said to her. Jessie looked down at the floor. "She's really nice," Paige said, almost as a whisper, "I think you'll like her a lot."

Mike turned them around and they walked over to Jakes' room. The door was shut, but Jessie knew whom they were talking about and acted like they needed to be quiet because she knew he wanted to sleep.

Johnny's door was wide open and Jessie peered in, checking out the surfboards in the corner.

When they got to the next door, Jessie looked up at Mike. "Yep," he said, "this is my room."

He opened the door and walked the girls inside. Jessie looked around at the walls and Mike smiled at her careful inspection.

But then it happened.

Mike gasped and Paige understood him, but she was too late. Jessie had already let go of both their hands and was running back down the stairs.

Mike had left his gun out on the dresser.

"Shit!" Mike yelled, running after her as fast as he could. He got to the bottom of the stairs, Paige right behind him, but Jessie was nowhere in sight.

"Shh," Paige whispered to him, "listen." There were some hushed whimpers coming from the living room. They walked over to the couch, but still didn't see her. Another little whimper...

Paige smiled when she realized where the girl was hiding, but felt heartbroken. She sat on the floor and slowly lied down on her stomach. Just as she suspected, Jessie was on the floor under the couch, hands covering her face.

"Hey there," Paige said softly. Jessie scooted away. "Do you remember when I told you we were the good guys?" The girl nodded, but still wouldn't look at Paige. "I wasn't lying to you; we are the good guys... but the good guys need help in order to catch the bad guys sometimes.... I'm sorry that Mike's gun scared you."

She wasn't sure how to continue.

"I don't want to lie to you, sweetheart. We have some guns in the house... but we only use them to stop the bad guys when we go to work. We don't use them in the house. I promise."

Jessie lowered her hands from her face and looked over at Paige.

"Will you come out from under there now?" Paige asked gently.

Jessie didn't budge.

Paige looked up at Mike. She didn't want to be upset with him; it could have happened in her room just as easily.

Mike got down on the floor next to Paige. "My job is to keep you safe, remember? No body is going to hurt you anymore. I'll keep the gun locked away from now on though, ok?"

Jessie looked at him and Mike could tell she was thinking. "You promise?" she whispered.

Mike sighed with relief, "I promise." He felt like he had done something right if she trusted him enough to speak to him.

She crawled out from under the couch. Paige lifted her up into her arms and gave her a big hug. "I'm so sorry that we scared you." Jessie rested her head on Paige's chest and let out a yawn.

"Oh yeah?" Mike said to her playfully. "I could totally take a nap right now too."

"Are you still tired?" Paige asked her, kissing her forehead. Jessie nodded and closed her eyes. Paige started to walk back towards the stairs, but this time she was the one to grab Mike's hand.

He didn't let go and allowed her to lead him to her room. Paige shut her door behind them.

She sat on the bed and slowly laid back, keeping the girl's head propped on her shoulder and letting her little frame fall to the side once she had lain down.

Paige smiled when she saw Jessie snuggle into the pillow in the middle of the bed.

Mike covered the two of them with the blanket from the foot of the bed before walking around to the other side and joining them for a nap.

Mike reached across Jessie and lightly tapped Paige. "I'm sorry," he whispered. Paige nodded, "It could have happened to anyone. I should have checked first."

"I think we're going to need to explain what undercover is..." Mike said.

Paige could tell that his head was buzzing. "We'll get Solano, Mike," she whispered to him. "We'll get him."

They both closed their eyes and tried to enjoy the beauty of a mid-morning nap.

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