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Can I trust you?...


This is a Merlin x Oc story. *DISCLAIMER* I do not own; Merlin, I'm simply using his well known character as a romantic interest for the my Oc character. I only own Clarissa. A young girl is found in the forest running from her kidnappers. Much to her luck she runs into the king himself, Arthur Pendragon. But it's not his royal highness that catches her eye. It's his loyal servant, Merlin Balinor. She doesn't quite understand it, but there's something about him that she trusts. Something she feels quite attached to. Maybe it's his adorable smile, Maybe it's his cute short hair, Or maybe it's his golden eyes that you can just get lost in...

Fantasy / Romance
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Who are you?

I ran, I didn't care where. I just ran. I couldn't look back, I knew what I would see anyway, those bastard's who ruined me and my mother's life. He killed her purely because she had the balls to tell him No!

An arrow zipped past my head, I shrieked in shock. I dared to look behind me, they were too close! I gapsed, and tried to run faster. Desperate to get away from their cruelty. They shouted orders to eachother, hoping that in anyway I couldn't escape their abuse. Their obsession with my body and their obsessive need to turn my no into what they wanted to hear.

'Get that girl dahm it!'

'You better not miss this time!!'

In my blind panic I tripped over a branch, I heard my ankle snap and cried out in pain. Turning over I saw them not far behind, I raised my arms over my face. 'Help!' I cried, in one last attempt for safety.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of horses, swords being drawn, and the sound of another pair orders. I look over to see lots of knights in red capes. I leaned against the tree trying to get a good look at my ankle, it hurt like hell. I winced at the touch of it. My kidnappers now are either dead or running away. Not before Stuart, the boss, stares at me with nothing but contempt. His eyes promised revenge, and I knew very well that he would keep that promise.

Crap! Now I have to run from these buffons! I tried to stand but my ankle gave away. 'Gah!' I cried in pain. Alerting the Knights my location. Two men who appear to be in charge approached me. I leaned further against the tree hoping to God they would leave me alone. 'Are you alright?' the tall one asked me breathlessly. He had blonde hair, and I assumed he one of the knights going by his attire. I closed what little gap was left between me and the tree. I couldn't trust them! I couldn't anybody!

I looked at them in fear, please leave me alone, please! The two men looked at eachother, I looked in their eyes and saw the one thing I had a deep rooted hatred for. Pity.

'Miss?... Are you okay?' the other asked me. He had black hair blue eyes, they had a golden tint in them. Quite beautiful honestly. He reached his hand out and I panicked. I wimpered and pathetically leaned further in the tree. I had wimpered partly of fear and partly of my ankle. By this point both then men and crouched down in front of me, like I was some wild animal that you had to approach slowly and caustionsly.

'It's okay...!' The black haired one said calmly, ' We're not gonna hurt you' He said, reaching out his hand. How can I trust that? I thought. For the first time, I looked into his eyes. He looked...relaxed. trustworthy. I felt for the first time in my entire life...


I have no idea what came over me but I found myself slowly reaching out to him. I leant forward, that was a mistake, 'Gah!' I wince again because of my ankle. It was now these two men noticed my ankle. The trusted man gasped at the sight of it. The trusted man turned to the tall man and said, 'We need to get her back to Gaius, it might be broken' The tall one nodded in response turned around. 'Ready your horses! We're returning to Camelot!' He yelled to his men. Maybe he's the boss guy. But if so, then whos trusted man? I wondered.

I turn to trusted man to see him giving a lopsided smile to me. I like that smile, it's...it's really cute! I fought the erge to smile back. I still didn't know if I could trust these people. I was afraid. Afraid of them and the whole world. Could you blame me? I was raised by people took my "innocence" before I could I say innocence.

'Im Merlin, Can you tell your name?' This "Merlin" asked me. Merlin...strange, I feel I've heard that name before...

I relies he asked me a question and think of if I should respond. Considering him and his friends saved my life, I decided to tell my name. 'I...I'm Clarissa...' I managed to get out. Only to be immediately filled with self hatred as to how pathetic it sounded.

Trusted man smiled, 'You have a beautiful name!' he said quite happily. Well I should hope so, it's not as if I picked it. I sort of looked down, I hated feeling so vulnerable, so weak. I wasn't weak. My mother raised a strong lady, so that's what I was!

'We're going to take you back to Camelot. We have a friend that can help your ankle, do you think you can stand?' Trusted man said. I thought of it, but how can I trust you? And what is a Camelot?! Nothing of what he said made sense to me. But I didn't have a choice, if my ankle wasn't taken care of then I wouldn't be going anywhere. I sighed, and caved. I reached my hand out slowly, still cautious.

He gently took my hand, and slowly lifted me up, his hand was soft, well worked, and...


I bumped into his chest, and mumbled an apology. He rested his other hand on my waist. I didn't like this, I liked him but... I didn't like it when someone touched my waist. Those bastard's didn't really care for that but nevertheless. I sort of twitched my hip as sign for him not too. He seemed to have taken the hint as he then moved it to my shoulder. I felt my shoulders relax.

He helped me on a horse and got on ,in front of me. The other knights soon got on their horses and we set off for "Camelot".

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