A Cinderella story Glass slipper Dream

A Cinderella Story the Glass slipper And Dream

Once upon a Time at a Place there was a girl named Susie Who Dreamed Of Being with a cute boy a cute guy who’s the Prince with him that she was Stuck Working for her Wicked stepmother and her two evil stepsisters for Them in her House for Them Doing Chores And Hardwork for Them in her House That She was Sad that her mother passed away and Died in a sad way to her Of that she looked at Photos Of her in a photo scrapbook in it of her who’s gone in a sad way to her that in a sad way that she went outside somewhere out of her house out there she seen the cute boy the cute guy who’s the prince to her who’s a street Dancer out there who was making money Of Dancing That he Came to her he gave her a invention to invite her to a Dance Compation that’s in a buliding In It That he said to her your invited to it she said to him Thanks but wait what time do I show up there to be with you there he said to her Anytime works for that she did a video of her Dancing on it and she posted it on social media online on the internet on it it started to get a Bunch Of views of it her friend who’s her fairy helper she seen it and liked it Susie she said to her you liked it now I can go to that Dance Compation To Dance With Him And Be With Him there that Dance Compation here I come That this story of Cinderella is very Diffrent story Cinderella that she magically put a Flawless Modernized Cinderella Dress on her and magcally put two glass slippers shoes on her feet she had the paper of that she said to her remmber when the clock strike 12 o clock midnight everything will be the same as it was before have fun she said to her I will That

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