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Fighting Fire with Fire


What happens when crew members get hurt and stories kept under wraps come to light? Want to find out? Read Fighting Fire with Fire and find out!

Drama / Action
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Another Story to Tell?

“Man that was one hell of a shift!” Casey says to Severide as the teams arrive back at Firehouse 51.

“I will admit I’ve never liked calls that come in near the end of a shift!” Severide says with a smile.

“At least we didn’t give Shay and Dawson any extra work to do tonight!” Casey says.

“I’ll see you in a few days, and then you can begin your week with Squad!” Severide says, trying to hold back a smile.

“I was still hoping you would forget about that!” Casey lightly begs.

“You really think I would miss a chance to make you work?” Severide replies.

“Ha-ha very funny, I wonder where I’ve heard that before.” Casey says with a smile

“Oh, that’s right, that’s exactly what I said to you after you got hurt.” Casey adds.

“Doesn’t feel so good to be on the other end does it?” Severide says with a smirk before turning to leave.

“Well, now I can’t wait to see what this week brings.” Casey says sarcastically.

“Believe me; you’re in for a real treat!” Severide says, trying desperately to hold back a smile.


“Morning, Casey.” Severide says as he reports for his shift.

“Morning, I just want to know what torture I’m in for this week.” Casey lightly begs

“You’ll see soon enough!” Severide says with a hint of pleasure in his voice.

“I wasn’t kidding; you might want to grab your gear, you never know when we’re going to get a call; I was just going to get Capp and Mills for a drill.” Severide adds.

“Oh boy…” Casey starts under his breath.

“Capp, Mills! Come out here!” Severide calls.

“Mills was just about to make us breakfast!” Capp complains in protest.

“Well go grab an apple or something, and stop complaining! Severide says, slightly annoyed.

“Ok, what are we doing anyway?” Capp asks.

“We’re going to so a drill.” Severide says.

“What, we never do drills, why do you think we take all those extra training classes?” Capp says.

“Shhh! Severide starts.

“Casey doesn’t need to know that, we just need to give him a hell of a week.” Severide finishes.

“Ok then…” Capp says

“He lost a bet.” Mills pipes up.

“Ah, you guys and your bets…” Capp says, slightly amused.

“Who feels like going for a swim?” Severide asks his team.

“You’ve got to be kidding, it’s like 60 degrees out, and the lake will be freezing!” Capp says.

“I thought my Squad was supposed to be able to handle extremes.” Severide teases.

“We’re in Chicago, 60 degrees isn’t that cold; I will do this same drill with you guys in the winter; even if I have to cut a hole in the ice, if you don’t stop complaining. Severide warns.

“Mills go tell Chief we’re going for a ride.” Capp says turning to the candidate.

“Hey Casey, have you ever gone diving before?” Severide asks.

“Yeah, once time; a long time ago.” Casey admits.

“Good to know.” Severide says, a smile forming across his face.

“What are you going to make him do?” Capp asks.

“We’re going to teach him how we do a water rescue, Lake Michigan style. Severide says.

“Really, are you serious?” Casey asks.

“Are you scared or something?” Severide teases.

“No, I’m fine!” Casey fires back a little embarrassed.

“Alright, let’s go team, grab your gear, we’re going for a ride!” Severide calls.

“This should be fun…” Casey mutters under his breath.

“I promised I would show the ‘ass-busting’ side of Squad, and seeing some of it now.” Severide says, shooting a look at his now slightly annoyed friend.

Some of it?” Casey asks with a hint of nervousness in his voice.

“Believe me, there’s more.” Severide says.

“Now c’mon let’s go!” Severide adds.

“Alright, Alright, I’m coming!” Casey says before heading for Squad’s truck.

“This is weird…” Casey adds under his breath as he enters Squad’s truck.

“Okay, who wants to help me teach Casey how to do this?” Severide questions his team as they arrive at the lake.

“Capp, come over here; you can help since I’m picking on Mills to be the victim for Casey to ‘rescue’” Severide says.

“Oh, how fun!” Capp says with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

“Casey, come over here.” Severide says.

“Capp will show you how to get the gear on, so you won’t freeze or drown; also how to do everything.” Severide adds trying not to smile.

“Ha-ha very funny; I’ve seen you guys do this before, and I still have no idea how you manage to do it almost every day” Casey says.

“Mills; get over here!” Severide calls.

“Two things; one: you’re playing the victim, so go get suited up, and two: don’t get hurt- again.” Severide tells the candidate.

“You are never going to let me hear the end of that, are you?” Mills asks, slightly embarrassed.

“Ha-ha, nope!” Severide responds with a grin.

“Now go dive in so Casey can come find you, and don’t make it super easy, we need to make it hard for him.” Severide orders, as Mills heads to the water’s edge.

“Man, why does this gear feel so much heavier than our normal stuff?” Casey complains.

“Maybe it’s because little brother Casey’s cold.” Severide taunts, while Capp tries to hold back a chuckle.

“Oh, you two and your antics, I wonder what our house would be like if you guys we’re around.” Capp pipes up.

“Did Capp show you everything?” Severide asks.

“He says he did, how should I know, I’m only doing this because I lost a bet, I was sure I’d win!” Casey says with a smile.

“Mills is waiting for you, I would get moving if I were you!” Severide says.

“Promise you won’t let me die?” Casey asks, trying to sound little-kiddish.

“Now, what kind of big brother would I be if I let that happen?” Severide says, shooting the now smiling Casey a look.

“Just go already!” Severide presses.

“Just admit you’re a little scared, and the quicker you can be done!” Severide adds.

“Fine, I’m a little nervous.” Casey says, before pulling on the dive mask.

“Get ready Mills, Casey’s coming for you!” Capp says over the headset.

“This will be a day he’ll never forget!” Severide says to Capp with a grin.

“I don’t know why you’re enjoying this so much.” Capp says to his now smiling Lieutenant.

“I’m enjoying it, because I get to torment Casey, and he can’t do a thing about it.” Severide says.

“Well, that and I won the bet.” He adds.

“What if you would have lost, like Casey was counting on?” Capp counters.

“I don’t like to think about what he would have put me through on Truck for a week.” Severide says making a face.

“I would have liked to see that, he probably would have made you do Mills’ old work.” Capp says with a smile.

“Please, don’t make me think about that!” Severide begs.

“I would have never heard the end of that from Mills; it would have been like being a candidate again!” Severide adds, making a face again.

“You as a candidate… now that; would be even more fun than seeing you doing work on the Truck!” Capp says to Severide, just as Mills emerges from the water, followed by Casey.

“Now, that wasn’t so bad was it?” Severide says to Casey as he pulls of his dive mask.

“Okay, it wasn’t that bad, but I’m getting cold.” Casey says.

“It was pretty cool, I have to admit.” He adds trying not to smile.

“Lucky you, we didn’t get any calls while we were out here.” Severide says.

“I’m seriously freezing; let’s get back to the house!” Casey almost begs.

“Okay then little brother, is the cold Chicago air proving too much for you?” Severide teases.

“If I say yes, can we get out of here?” Casey asks, as he sheds the rest of the diving gear before jumping back into Squad’s truck.

“Okay, I’ll admit, even I’m starting to get a little cold, and I wasn’t even in the water, I think it’s getting colder!” Severide says.

“Hey Casey?” Severide asks before heading to the truck.

“Yeah?” Casey responds.

“I was meaning to ask you something…” Severide says, before his voice trails off.

“What is it?” Casey asks.

Severide then catches Capp looking over at him.

“I’ll ask you about it when we get back to the house” Severide responds before quickly heading for the Squad truck.

“Let’s just get back home!” Severide says, as he jumps into his usual spot up front.


“Surprised to see you back alive Casey!” Cruz jokes as the Squad truck makes its return to 51.

“I am too!” Casey jokes.

“It was a little cold, but really, not that bad, almost cool.” He adds.

“Is that a bit of longing I hear?” Severide asks, as he rounds the front of the truck.

“We’re not going to lose our Lieutenant to Squad are we?” Cruz asks.

“Wasn’t planning on it, I didn’t make a move for Squad before, and I don’t plan on making one now.” Casey says.

“Besides, I don’t know if I could survive Severide being my boss every day.” Casey admits.

“If I’m hearing that right, it almost sounds to me like Casey wishes he was on Squad…” Severide says, with a smile beginning to form across his face.

“What are you talking about Severide; I love my Truck!” Casey fires back, almost embarrassed.

“Just so you know, I still have two full shifts left to torture you, let’s just say today was a ‘warm-up’” Severide says, his smile growing even wider.

“Can’t wait!” Casey says, a little less sarcasm in his voice this time.

“Before I torture you anymore, I have an idea for both our teams.” Severide says.

“A sort of contest, or bet; whatever you want to call it.” He adds, his smile returning.

“Another bet?” Casey questions.

“It gives us something to do instead of sitting around, having Mills make us food.” Severide says.

“I want to hear this idea, it just better not be something that Squad is super good at.” Casey says.

“Trust me; my Squad can do this just as well as your Truck team can.” Severide says to Casey.

“So, what’s your brilliant idea?” Casey asks, shooting Severide a look.

“I was thinking we could amp up Truck’s ‘Down Firefighter Assessment’ a little” Severide says.

“Which means…?” Casey starts.

“I thought it could maybe be kind of interesting to see which team is really better at search and rescue.” Severide explains.

“I hate to give you credit, but that sounds like a very interesting kind of contest.” Casey says.

“I don’t want to have to give up a guy from each of our teams to play victim, so I thought we could have a certain pair do it for us…” Severide says with a grin.

“You wouldn’t…” Casey warns.

“Wait; are we even thinking of the same pair?” Casey asks.

“I believe we are!” Severide says with a grin.

“Shay and Dawson…; man, they have no idea what they’re in for.” Casey says.

“I figured you wouldn’t want to try and convince Shay, plus I figured I’d be better at it anyway.” Severide says.

“Speaking of that, I should probably go try and find her.” He adds.

“Good luck with that.” Casey says; gesturing to where the ambulance usually sits.

“They’re out on a call” He adds, smiling.

“I knew that!” Severide says, slightly embarrassed, as he turns to head for the kitchen.

“Mills, can you make lunch or something?” Severide calls.

“Ok then…” Mills replies as he heads for the kitchen.

“Mills; that lunch was so good, I think you just earned yourself a little less tormenting from me.” Severide says as he finishes his lunch.

“Any break from it is a good break!” Mills says.

“Shay and Dawson are back, in case you were at all interested.” Casey says to Severide as he walks into the common room.

“Thanks Casey.” Severide says with a smile before exiting the room in search of Shay.

“Hey Shay!” Severide calls as he walks on to the vehicle floor.

Seeing Severide walking towards the ambulance, Dawson takes her leave, in search of Mills.

“Yeah?” Shay responds.

“How was your call?” Severide asks, trying to act nice.

“What do you want?” Shay responds, not impressed.

“I was hoping I could ask you a favor…” Severide starts.

“Depends…” Shay responds.

“I, uh, need your help; I’m running a training exercise with Casey and his team (it may or may not be a bet…) and we need two people to play victims…” Severide says, trying to seem innocent.

“I don’t know about that, I’ll do it only if you promise that I won’t die and it’s safe; besides, I can’t say ‘no’ to you- very easily that is.” Shay says.

“You and your bets…” She adds with a sigh.

“You really think I’d ask you if I thought you would be in any type of danger?” Severide challenges.

“If I honestly thought something really bad could go wrong, I would have one of my trained guys play a victim.” He adds, trying to reassure Shay.

“I knew you wouldn’t do that...” Shay says.

“Ever put me near any real danger on purpose…” She adds.

“Besides, if something happened, my team and I are experts at this kind of thing, so we could get you out of there really quick. Severide says

“On top of having Squad inside, you can’t forget about Casey, he has a whole team too that does this all the time, you really have nothing to worry about.” Severide adds with a smile and a hug.

“I trust you with my life; just don’t let me die.” Shay says.

“I promise I won’t, plus I’ll show you how everything works, so don’t worry.” Severide says.

“I know your team is amazing at what they do; I just wanted to hear that it is safe from you!” Shay replies.

“We kind of need two victims; so you get to convince Dawson to play along too; convincing you, was hard enough.” Severide says.

“Maybe I could get Mills to do it…” Severide wonders aloud.

“As long as she knows that you said it was safe, convincing her shouldn’t be that hard.” Shay says.

“Thanks for agreeing to help us; this should be a fun bet…” Severide says.

“So you admit it’s a bet?” Shay says, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah…” Severide admits slightly embarrassed.

“It’s for practice too, and well, I kind of want to see how well my Squad can handle this easy of an exercise. Severide says with a smirk.

“Fair enough; that sounds just like you!” Shay says, trying not to smile.

“Have you ever done any type of training with us, or seen us do any?” Severide asks.

“No, but I won’t lie, I have always been curious as to what it’s like and have wondered how you manage to do it for real practically every day.” Shay answers with a smile.

“I still like doing it, even though it’s just for practice; even since making Squad, what we’re doing is a standard truck drill; but I still find it ‘fun’ since Squad doesn’t get to do stuff like this as much. Severide admits.

“So what exactly are Dawson and I in for? Shay asks.

“Nothing terribly exciting, really all it is, is you and Dawson will take turns playing a victim, we set a small fire in the burn-house, we get rid of it and come ‘rescue’ you; easy.” Severide says

“Fastest team wins!” Severide adds.

“I love how you act like you’re going into nothing, it’s mildly amusing.” Shay says, smiling.

“It is nothing, since even you said that I do this practically do this every day; you also know it’s safe since we set the fire for practice and have control over everything; so we know what to expect going into this- that’s kind of the point of a training exercise.” Severide says to Shay in protest.

“Won’t we like suffocate if you guys are burning stuff?” Shay asks.

“You honestly think I’d let you anywhere near the burn-house without all the proper gear? Severide challenges.

“Sorry, I don’t know why I’m a little nervous going into this.” Shay admits; a little embarrassed.

“To make you less nervous, you can be the victim that Squad has to rescue.” Severide says.

“If that would help…” He quickly adds.

“I think it might…” Shay says, trying to hide the embarrassment in her voice.

“I told you that I would show you how everything works, and that includes all the extra gear we use that you don’t; I promised that you’d be safe and that you will be!” Severide says, trying to reassure Shay some more.

“Thanks, I’m curious to see how everything works.” Shay says.

“I am almost ‘excited’ in a way, to show you; I have to think back to the days when I was taking classes to make Squad, since that was the last time I was taught anything; I have never had to teach someone else about our gear or training exercises, since everyone who makes Squad is already specially trained!” Severide says with a smile.

“So when are you going to show Dawson and I how all this is going to work? Shay asks.

“I’ll show you tonight, I think we’re going to aim and do the exercise tonight, when it tends not to be as busy.” Severide says.

“You realize if you say that now, you are going to get flooded with calls tonight…” Shay says with a grin.

“Don’t remind me…; let’s just hope for the best.” Severide says.

Shay offers a smile to Severide before hearing the alarms go off.


“You have got to be kidding me!” Severide says, slightly annoyed.

“Well, I warned you to watch your mouth on a quiet night.” Shay says still grinning.

“We should probably get moving; I’m sure our teams are waiting. Shay adds as she begins to head for the floor.

“Squad has a ‘rep’ for being last on scene and first off scene, so I don’t have to rush! Severide says.

“Maybe we’ll shake it up a little tonight, see if we can beat the Truck! Severide adds with a smile.

“Always trying to beat Casey?” Shay questions with a smile.

“Maybe you can actually watch us tonight, instead of sitting with Dawson doing nothing; you did say you were curious to see how everything works.” Severide says, trying very hard not to smile.

“Ha-ha, very funny, maybe if you get hurt again, Dawson and I will sit back and watch a little before helping you.” Shay counters.

“Alright, we really should go, I can get on Casey’s nerves once we get on scene!” Severide says, trying to hide the hint of pleasure in his voice.


“Severide!” Casey calls over his radio from inside the engulfed home.

“Yeah?” Comes Severide’s reply over the radio.

“I need your help over here, I’ve got a little girl, but I know there’s another one in here somewhere!” Casey says.

“On my way, be there in a sec!” Severide responds.

“Capp and Mills got the parents; you guys need to get the kids!” Chief tells Casey and Severide over their radios.

“C’mon sweetie!” Severide says, as he spies the little girl huddled in the corner.

“ooooh…” The now frightened and coughing little girl mumbles.

“I’m not going to hurt you; you’re going to be fine.” Severide says, trying to appear less intimidating.

“I got her, Casey!” Severide says over his radio, before offering his mask to the little girl in an attempt to get her to stop coughing.

“It’s getting ugly in here, hurry up!” Casey replies as he makes his way outside with one of the girls.

“Damn…” Casey mutters as he gets outside with the little girl.

“What?” Severide asks as he arrives outside with the other little girl.

“Shay, Dawson, need some help over here!” Casey yells.

“She looked fine a second ago, I don’t know what happened. Casey says looking at the quickly deteriorating little girl.

“We’ll take it from here.” Dawson says, before loading the girl into the ambulance.

“The mom was calling for her; I heard her name was Lilly.” Shay says; referring to the little girl Dawson is trying desperately to save.

“Yeah, I heard that too, she’s got a sister too, Emma; Severide got her.” Dawson responds, just as alarms start going crazy.

“Whoa, what happened? Shay asks from the front.

“I have no idea, but whatever it is, it isn’t good!” Dawson says in reply.

“Damn it, she’s crashing! Dawson curses.

“It seems worse now, since she’s a little girl.” Shay teases from the front.

“This is no time for your teasing!” Dawson snaps.

“C’mon! C’mon!” Dawson pleas from the back.

“Damn, I should have had Otis drive again.” Shay mutters from the front.

“C’mon Lilly!” Dawson pleas once more from the back.

“Okay, we’re here!” Shay calls from the front, as she jumps out to help Dawson.

“What happened?” One of the doctors questions from the door.

“I have no idea, one of our guys pulled her from a house fire, she was fine, and then this happened. Dawson replies, still trying to resuscitate Lilly.

“I think we need to call it…” Shay says with a heavy sigh.

Dawson reluctantly agrees and silences the alarms.

“This is the one thing I truly hate about this job.” Dawson quietly admits.

“We can take care of it from here.” The doctor says solemnly.

“Thanks…” Dawson tries to say as the doctors take Lilly’s lifeless body inside the hospital.

“Let’s just get back to the house…” Shay says, almost pulling Dawson back inside the ambulance.

“Yeah, let’s just get back to the house…” Dawson agrees.

“I know it’s hard, but you will get over it, you know as well as I that you can’t save everybody.” Shay says.

“I know it sucks even more when ‘everybody’ turns out to be a little girl” Shay adds.


Dare I ask how the little girl is?” Casey asks as Dawson exits the ambulance.

“She, uh, didn’t make it.” Dawson chokes out.

“I’m sorry…” Casey says, his voice trailing off.

“I know that face, you’re thinking about something.” Dawson says.

“That call made me think of something that happened to me a long time ago…” Casey admits.

“Hey Casey!” Severide says as he enters onto the floor.

“Oh boy… I hope he didn’t hear that” Casey mutters under his breath to Dawson.

“I have been meaning to ask you something.” Severide starts.

“Ask away.” Casey responds.

“All that time I spent telling you my story, just got me curious if you have a story too; it seems to me like you were thinking about something during that call last night… ” Severide says.

“Wow, that’s such perfect timing, it’s almost funny.” Casey responds.

“I literally just told Dawson that this last call we went on; made me think of something that happened to me a long time ago…” Casey adds.

“So you do have a story…” Severide says, a smile forming on his face.

“Yes, Yes I do.” Casey says.

“Well, c’mon, tell me.” Severide presses.

“When I was 13…” Casey starts…

Muhaha! I hope you guys liked my first attempt at a cliff-hanger! There is more coming I promise; you will get to hear Casey’s story! :)

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