Fighting Fire with Fire

Secrets from Deep Within

*Italic lines mean the character is speaking to his/herself*

*Casey looks up from his phone, throws it into the truck and runs to catch up with Severide and the teams.*

“Not Emily!” Casey tells himself. “Not her!”

“What now?” Severide inquires.

“Nothing, I just know there’s going to be victims!” Casey says trying to cover up his fear.

“I’ll start with my team on level 1!” You guys start on level 3! We’ll meet in the middle!” Casey orders.

“Sounds good, let’s go guys! Gear up! We need to move fast, remember we are dealing with kids here!” Severide says, pulling on his gear.

“Wait, Casey. Are you okay? You seem to be acting funny. Is there something about this call that’s bothering you?” Severide asks, turning to Casey.

“Just get to level 3 and tell me what you find!” Casey says, pulling on his mask and helmet before storming inside.

“He’ll be fine, and you know it!” Severide’s mind muses as he enters the building, and starts heading for the 3rd level.

“Help us!” A strangled cry comes from two kids on the set of stairs ahead of them.

“Mills! Help them get out! Capp and I are going up!” Severide orders.

“Got it lieutenant!” Mills replies, as he heads towards the kids.

“I got you guys, you’ll be fine, I’ll get you out!” Mills says in a comforting tone as he begins to lead the kids outside.

“Emily! She’s my best friend, you have to find her!” The girl Mills is leading chokes out.

“My team will find her! Mills promises.

“Hey lieutenant! One of the girls down here says there’s a girl named Emily up there, she’s really worried!” Mills says to Severide over his radio!

“We’ll get her!” Severide replies!

“Slow deep breaths you guys, we’re almost there!” Mills says, trying to keep the kids calm.

“Find Emily!” The girl croaks, before breaking into a coughing fit.

“Here, take a deep breath, and relax, my team will find your friend!” Mills says, taking off his mask and offering it to the girl.

“Just promise you’ll find her!” The girl replies, thankful for the relief the fresh air has provided.

“Okay, the paramedics will take care you and your friend right now, I am going back to look for Emily.” Mills says, as he turns to run back inside.

“Just relax, you two will be fine, if you let us take care of you!” Dawson says, as she gets a look at the first two victims.

“Just calm down.” Shay says.

“The other boy’s fine, just shook up!” Dawson reports, turning to Shay.

“The firefighters will find your friends!” Shay says, trying desperately to calm the girl down.

“What’s your name honey?” Dawson asks.

“Brooke.” The girl manages to say, before another coughing spell.

“Let’s get her some oxygen, we’re going to take her in.” Shay says.

“Emily and I have been… friends since… kindergarten! You have to find her!” Brooke says, with labored breathing.

“I understand you’re worried, but you need to relax, and need to concentrate on getting yourself better now.” Dawson tells Brooke kindly.

“Dawson! You guys are going to back on scene for more victims right?” Casey asks, over his radio.

“Yeah, we plan to! Why?” Dawson replies.

“I just know that we are going to need all the rigs we can get, you guys should call for more to respond!” Casey says.

“We’ll get on that!” Dawson says.

“Thanks Dawson! We’ll be ready with more as soon as you get back!” Casey replies.

“Thanks for all the updates, it’s actually very helpful for us! It’s nice to have a couple sets of eyes on the inside, you know what I mean?” Dawson replies.

“Yeah, I do!” Casey says.

“Casey! Capp and I are coming down with two more kids, and then heading back up to 3!” Severide says.

“Just hurry up and get back up there! What room did you leave off in?” Casey replies, trying to hide his worried tone.

“379; and I know I asked you before if you were okay; but I have to ask again. Are you really okay?” Severide asks in a concerned tone.

“I’ll fill you in on all the details later, I am a little worried I will admit that.” Casey says, now really struggling to hide his fear.

“Emily! Oh god no! Emily’s still up there!” Casey’s mind says in fear.

“I’m going to hold you to that promise!” Severide replies.

“I knew you would!” Casey replies.

“I’m headed back in, just dropped 2 more kids with the paramedics!” Severide says. “How many victims have you found?”

“I’ve only got two, Mills brought them out. The first floor seems relatively clear; we’ve got a couple more rooms to search.” Casey replies.

“Ok, I’ll give you another update as soon as I get one!” Severide promises, as he reenters the building.

“Mills! Did you find any more victims?” Severide calls over his radio.

“Not yet lieutenant, I teamed up with half of Casey’s team and we’re clearing the 2nd floor now!” Mills reports back.

“Casey! I need some help up here! Capp and Mills are still searching, and I’ve got two victims up here! Room 381!!” Severide calls.

“Got it! I’ll be there in a second!” Casey responds instantly after hearing Severide’s location.

“Emily first! Take her first!” The second victim chokes out, as Severide enters the room to find two young girls trapped inside.

“Just take her! She’s my best friend! I’ll get out!” She croaks, and tries to stand, but falls soon after.

“Another firefighter’s following me up! He’s right behind!” Severide says, stopping for a minute to make a decision, and offer the fallen victim some fresh air from his mask.

“Either stay with both of them, or go and get Emily out now…” Severide’s mind muses.

“I’m staying! Casey is on his way up; I need to make sure both of these girls get out alive! Severide silently decides.

“Severide!” Casey calls.

“You both are going to be fine! Just hang on!” Severide encourages, as he bends down to help Emily up.

“Maria! You heard him, we’ll be fine!” Emily manages to choke out.

“Casey! It’s getting ugly in here! I’m heading out with a girl; Emily’s her name! There’s another one up here too, you need to move fast!” Severide yells.

“Right here!” Casey says, coming up behind Severide.

“Get Maria! We need to have 2 rigs ready to go outside, I’m not letting any of these kids die today!” Severide declares, as he passes Casey and heads outside.

*Casey manages to get a glimpse of the victim Severide is carrying, and just as she passes out, he sees her face*

“Emily…” Casey’s mind whispers in a tormented tone.

“Ok, I can’t wait anymore, follow close behind me, we need to get these girls out now!” Severide says, picking up the now unconscious Emily, and putting his oxygen mask back on her, he begins the fiery trek back to the outside world!

“We’re back Casey! Ready for any more victims you have for us!” Dawson radios to Casey.

“Severide’s coming out with a victim, a young girl, I want you to take her, I’ll explain when I get down there!” Casey implores.

“Unusual request, even for you, but whatever you say!” Dawson replies.

“C’mon Maria, let’s get you safe and sound!” Casey says in an encouraging tone, as he manages to get Maria to her feet and slowly start for outside.

“Shay! Dawson! I’ve got one! She just passed out on me! Casey seems really worried about her in particular, more than I’ve ever seen him worry about a victim before! Just make sure she’s okay!” Severide yells, as he rushes over to the ambulance with the young girl.

“You don’t think…” Shay starts, but her voice trails off.

“Oh god no! If you’re asking if I think they are related in some twisted way, defiantly not! Casey would have brought it up to me at least once if that were the case!” Severide replies, almost laughing.

“I don’t see any resemblance, I mean, straight hair, but that’s it! A lot of people have that in common!” Dawson remarks.

“Did you get her out here alive?” Casey asks earnestly, as he rushes over to check in with Shay, Dawson, and a bewildered Severide.

“What’s going on here Matt?” Dawson probes innocently.

“Nothing! I just hate seeing young kids get hurt!” Casey replies, almost too innocently.

“Right…” Shay replies sarcastically.

“I’m coming along!” Casey interjects, as Severide follows suit.

“I just gotta know what’s making you flip out like this!” Severide says with a grin. “We’ve been doing this job for 14 years, and I’m never seen you act like this before; you’ve got me intrigued!”

“Let’s continue this one the way, we need to get her checked out!” Shay implores, as she gets Emily set up with some oxygen.

“Yeah, she needs to survive, that’s the main priority right now!” Casey says.

“Something’s definitely up with you, I bring kids out all the time and I’ve never seen you act like this!” Severide says. “Care to share?”

“Matt?” Emily questions drowsily with a cough.

“Seems like we got to her just in time!” Severide responds, before getting a dirty look from Casey.

“Oh my god! Are you okay!?” Casey starts, happy to see Emily beginning to bounce back.

“You two know each other!?” Shay asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah… We know each other…”Casey says quietly.

“Have you not told me everything about your family Casey?” Severide asks.

“No I haven’t…” Casey says, trying to hide his embarrassment. “Kelly, meet Emily. You just rescued my little sister!” Casey admits. “You saved her life…”

“She’s your sister?!” Severide gasps.

“No one knows I have a sister, and you can’t tell anyone! It’s a dark family secret thing!” Casey implores.

“You always said I could come see you work someday, I guess I got more than I asked for today.” Emily says weakly, as she tries to sit up.

“Way more! More than I ever wanted you to see, much less experience!” Casey says with a tender smile.

“Casey has a sister…” Severide mumbles to himself, still in shock over the day’s new developments.

“Whoa, whoa, careful, I don’t want you to pass out again! I’ve already seen you do that once today!” Casey says, helping Emily back down onto the stretcher, before readjusting her oxygen mask.

“Of all the places I could have met her…” Severide sighs, shaking his head.

“Believe me, this wasn’t my first pick for a meet and greet either! Casey replies with a sarcastic tone.

“Now I understand why you freaked out when you saw your phone!” Severide says.

“You got lucky, Kelly is the best firefighter I know, he does everything he can to make sure victims survive!” Casey says.

“Can I still come see where you work someday?” Emily asks, before breaking into a coughing spell.

“As soon as you get better, and promise never to scare me like that again, Kelly and I will give the VIP tour!” Casey replies tenderly.

“How’s Maria?” Emily asks. “Brooke too. How’s Brooke?”

“We don’t know yet. All Maria said was get you out. Maria begged Kelly to rescue you first! That’s a true friend Emily, one who’s willing to give up their life for you; you need to stick by her! You need to protect the friendships you have with Maria and Brooke, friends like that might only come once in a lifetime.” Casey says, as he leans in to hug his one and only sister. “I have a friend like that too, you know, and he’s saved my life a few times.” Casey adds, glancing over at Severide. “Brooke was really worried about you too, one of the other guys I work with, said that all she talked about was finding and rescuing you, she didn’t say one word on how she needed help too.” Casey admits, trying to relieve some of his sister’s anxiety.

“Maybe you could teach me about firefighting. I mean, catching a glimpse of you before I blacked out, was a surreal feeling.” Emily admits quietly. “Maybe I could end up like you when I’m older!” Emily says, taking off the oxygen mask.

“I was hoping I wouldn’t have to see you almost die before you’d ask me about firefighting, but you got it!” Casey says.

“Thank you for saving my life, I don’t know what else to say besides ‘thank you’. Emily says to Severide, reaching up for a hug.

“It’s in our job description; saving people!” Severide replies with a smile, as he returns the hug.

“Thank you.” Emily says again.

“Here!” Dawson calls.

“It’s almost weird hearing Dawson’s voice from the front, and not Otis’ ” Shay says with a chuckle.

“That had to be one of the longest trips of my life!” Casey sighs.

“Watch out for her! Severide says. “She’s all the family you have!”

“Will you check on Maria, please? I need to know how she is! She could have died, letting me be rescued first!” Emily begs. “Check on Brooke too!”

“I’ll check on her, if you promise to relax and let the doctors take care of you!” Casey replies.

“I promise! I promise! I have to know how they’re doing!” Emily implores.

“My sister, she had a couple friends who were brought in a little while ago- Maria and Brooke are their names. Can you tell us if they made it?” Casey asks one of the nurses at the nurses’ station.

“Yeah, they’re fine! Mild smoke inhalation is all, we’re keeping them both overnight.” The nurse replies with a warm smile.

“Thank you.” Casey says, as he goes to check in with is his sister.

“Maria is fine! She just got a little smoke in her lungs, and will be back to normal in no time!” Casey says, as he enters his sister’s room.

“And Brooke?” Emily asks eagerly.

“Same thing, just some smoke in her lungs, she’ll be good as new real soon!” Casey replies.

“What’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen on a call?” Emily asks out of the blue, perking up a little.

“This isn’t the place to be talking about that, and trust me, you wouldn’t want to hear it anyway.” Casey admits.

“That bad?” Emily asks in surprise.

“That bad. I will come visit you as soon as my shift gets done, Kelly and I have to get back to work!” Casey says.

“Tell your friend ‘thank you’ again, I can’t think of anything else to say.” Emily admits.

“We do this all the time, but I will tell him for you!” Casey promises.

“Matt, thanks for always being there for me, even if it has been in secret for the last 8 years. You’re the best big brother any girl could hope for!” Emily says, with a cough.

“I love ya sis! Get better, and then you can come and see what a real day on the job is like!” Casey says with a smile, as heads outside to rejoin Shay, Dawson and Severide.


“So… you have a sister?” Severide questions as soon as the pair arrive back at 51.

“Yeah I do, I never thought to mention it, just another part to my super messed up, and dysfunctional family.” Casey says, rolling his eyes.

“Don’t worry, mine’s the same way and you know it! At least you knew you had a sister, I just found out about mine a few weeks ago!” Severide says.

“I’m sorry I flipped out at you on scene today, I got really worried, only because I hadn’t talked to Emily for a few weeks, and then to get that text out of nowhere, freaked me out a little!” Casey says.

“You had a real reason for getting worried, by some weird twist of fate, your sister got trapped in that fire, and I rescued her, not one of the other guys, but me! Severide says, trying to comfort Casey.

“I did that on purpose, I knew you’d be able to save her, I only trust the best of the best to save my sister!” Casey says.

“That means a lot, it really does! Man, that was quite the way for me to meet your sister!” Severide says.

“Yeah, I wish you could have met her on better terms, instead of rushing to save her life from that fiery deathtrap that we run in to so often.” Casey admits.

“Well, you have to bring her by the house sometime, show her around, you know the VIP treatment, like Darden boys treatment!” Severide says, reminiscing at the memory.


“Will you tell me more about this sister of yours?” Severide asks. “I’d tell you about mine, except there’s nothing to tell, since I don’t know much about her myself!”

“If I must, not here though.” Casey says with a sigh.

“Fair enough.” Severide replies as the pair head for the locker room.

“I only found out about her 8 years ago, I had no idea until then. After hearing her story, we’ve been super close. I am the only real family she has left, and I feel like I have to protect her at all cost!” Casey says. “She’s a foster kid, been bounced around at least 4 different families in the last 7 years, and hasn’t had the greatest experience with any of them. We shared the same father, but I have no idea who her mother is. I just remember she was living with her mom up until 7 years ago when Emily told me she died. That’s when the whole foster family thing started. Emily doesn’t have anyone, only me. I could maybe take care of her, but no way the courts would let me, you know, being a single guy with firefighting as a profession. It’s way too risky. So we just keep in touch by phone, I actually haven’t seen her in person over a year and a half, that trip to the hospital was the first time I’ve seen her since then. I still remember that meeting a year and a half ago, I thought I was going to meet her foster parents, but when she showed up, she admitted she had snuck out to see me. That’s when I learned about all the moving around families she’s done. I really wish I could raise her, but it’s just not realistic.” Casey says with a heavy sigh,

“We could fight for it you know, no kid deserves to be taken from their real family in the first place, much less placed with 4 different ones in 7 years!” Severide says.

“What’s the point? She’s 16, she’ll be off on her own in 2 years anyway, and quite honestly it might take that long to win the custody battle.” Casey says.

“I know the foster care system is really messed up in some parts, but now I want to help her out too, after hearing you tell me about her.” Severide says.

“She’s just an innocent kid, that’s been plagued with bad luck.” Casey says.

“I don’t really know how I can help, this seems like this is your battle to fight.” Severide says.

“That’s the thing, I don’t think even I can help her that much.” Casey admits.

“Well she did say she wanted to learn about your line of work, didn’t she? Maybe if you guys keep in touch you can teach her about what the education is like and stuff like that. Maybe help her get on a path for a successful career later in her life, when she’s on her own.” Severide suggests.

“What? You mean like firefighting? She seemed intrigued earlier, maybe that’s because you rescued her from a fiery deathtrap!” Casey says.

“I mean she has a big brother that’s a firefighter, and a big brother whose best friend is in charge of rescue squad, then we could both teach her stuff!” Severide says.

“Sure Severide, I can teach her about firefighting, and you can teach her how to be cocky!” Casey says with a laugh

“Funny Casey… I am too lazy right now to fire back with a witty comeback, so this round goes to you!” Severide replies with a chuckle.

“Any victory against you, I’ll take!” Casey says.

“Shift’s ending in a couple hours; you planning to go see Emily?” Severide asks.

“Yeah, why?” Casey replies.

“Just curious is all, I kinda wanted to make sure she was all right, since I know how important she is to you.” Severide says. “Mind if I tag along?”

“Sure, I think she’d be happy to see you anyway!” Casey says. “She asked me to thank you again.”

“Well, I’m just glad this rescue was successful in the end!” Severide replies.

“Me too, I don’t know what I would have done if she didn’t make it!” Casey admits.

“It couldn’t have been worse than those first few weeks after you returned from your injury…” Severide says with a grin.

“I only came back because I was about ready to explode with boredom of not being able to do anything for a whole 6 weeks.” Casey argues.

“I’m sure that’s the real reason…” Severide grins. “I think the real reason you were going crazy is because you missed your big brother!”

“Fine, you got me- I missed all of you, I couldn’t take being alone anymore!” Casey admits.

“You know you could have come and hung out here.” Severide says.

“I know, but then it would have killed me to see you guys rushing out to calls without me.” Casey sighs. “This is all I have right now, and I can’t bear to sit and watch everyone else do the job I love.”

“I understand that, you have no idea how scared I was when my first doctor told me I’d be off of work for up to a year if I got that surgery. That is one of the things that scared me most about getting my neck fixed.” Severide admits.

“I’m actually really glad you didn’t move, I wouldn’t have been able to make it here without you! I’m sure your Squad would feel the same way!” Casey says.

“I don’t even want to think about how you’d handle not having me around!” Severide smiles.

“I know we’d have a lot fewer successful rescues without you here. I’ve met a lot of firefighters, but never one that has nearly as much skill and dedication as you have!” Casey says.

“That means a lot Matt, it really does!” Severide smiles. “I’m buying at Molly’s tonight!”

“Sounds like a date!” Casey laughs.


“Looks like you’re going to have to wait around here for a little while if you want to bring Dawson along to Molly’s.” Severide teases.

“I might just bring her, because then I know it’ll ruin our date night!” Casey replies with a smile.


“Come on, slow coach.” Dawson teases as she rounds the corner and gives Shay a playful slap.

“Not far behind you.” Shay replies, as she jumps into the driver’s seat beside Dawson.


“It looks like a ghost-town…” Shay says, her voice trailing off, as the medic duo arrive on scene. “This place is completely deserted!”

“Well, this isn’t the tiniest bit creepy at all.” Dawson says sarcastically.

*Shay grabs the stretcher whilst Dawson grabs the medical kit and they make their way upstairs to the victim. The door leading into the apartment is wide open and they can see the victim on the couch with two gunshot wounds.*

“Hey buddy, what’s your name?” Shay asks the rather young-looking boy as Dawson grabs some cloths.

“What does it matter, just fix me up.” The boy snaps impatiently.

“I’m Leslie and this is Gabby, you’re okay, we’re here to help you.” Shay says, trying to calm the boy.

“The name’s Tyson.” The boy murmurs.

“Tyson, I’m just going to put pressure on your wounds now.” Dawson says as she holds the cloth to his chest.

“Ouch!” Tyson cries. “Bitch, don’t do that!”

“This will stop you from bleeding out and dying.” Dawson replies “Shay will get you some antibiotics?” Dawson asks over her shoulder.

“I know dat, it just hurts you know?” Tyson says with a wince.

“How old are you, Tyson?” Shay asks as she rummages through the medical kit.

“18. Why you asking so many questions” Tyson lightly demands.

“It’s to help keep your mind off the pain.” Shay laughs. “Hey Dawson, I must’ve left the antibiotics in the rig, I’ll go get them now.”

“They should be in there shouldn’t they??” Dawson questions.

“I must’ve dropped them when we did the inventory check yesterday, sorry.” Shay answers.

“Okay, go and get them then.” Dawson orders.

*Shay walks out*

“I can’t feel anything.” Tyson says drowsily. “I’m tired…”

“Tyson, I need you to stay awake for me buddy. Can you do that?” Dawson asks as she taps him on the shoulder.

“I… can’t…” Tyson says, trying to keep himself awake.

“Tyson.” Dawson demands, lightly slapping his face. “Tyson?!”

*All of a sudden there was an almighty slam. The apartment door was locked shut. A big man emerged from behind it. Shay hears the slam from the ambulance and quickly runs back upstairs, in awe of what is now before her.*

The big man had a handgun and was pointing it at Dawson. “What are you doin’ here?” He questions her.

“I-I’m just here to help.” Dawson stutters.

“Why did you call the cops, fool?” The man, Vincent yells at Tyson.

“I’m not a cop. I’m a paramedic. I’m here to help your friend” Dawson replies nervously.

“He ain’t my friend. That’s why I shot him.” Vincent replies gruffly.

“If you put the gun down, then I can help you. You look like you got a bad cut on your head.” Dawson says.

“No, fool. I ain’t putting down this gun because then you’ll arrest me.” Vincent says.

Tyson moans. Dawson turns around to go and help him, but Vincent shoots the lamp next to her. “Don’t move!” Vincent yells.

*Shay had heard the gunshot and started banging on the door.*

“Who dat!?” Vincent demands.

“Th-that’s my partner.” Dawson stutters nervously.

“Tell her to go away or I’ll blow her head off.” Vincent threatens quietly.

*Shay bangs on the door, becoming more frantic by the second.*

“Leave, Shay.” Dawson commands.

“I’m not leaving, Dawson!” Shay cries from the other side of the door.

“Leave or I’ll blow BOTH your little heads off right NOW!” Vincent’s infuriated voice echoes through the walls.

*Shay immediately runs back to the ambulance. She jumps on the radio and calls for help.*

“This is Ambulance 61 calling backup from the CPD. This is an emergency; my partner is being held hostage inside an apartment building with a gunshot victim and the shooter. We need help immediately.” Shay reports, trying not to sound frantic.

“Copy that 61. The CPD has been contacted and they are on the way.” The dispatcher responds.

“How long will they take?” Shay questions curiously.

“Give them 10-15 minutes.” The dispatcher responds.

‘She doesn’t have 15 minutes!’ Shay yells at the dispatcher.

*Still panicking, Shay takes out her phone and calls Severide.*

“Hey Shay, is everything okay?” Severide answers.

“No, it’s not.” Shay says, breaking down into tears “Dawson is being held hostage inside an apartment building and the CPD is still 15 minutes away! She doesn’t have 15 minutes!” Shay replies between sobs.

“Okay, okay. Don’t worry, we’re on our way right now.” Severide exclaims. “We’ll be there in 2 minutes.”

*Shay, unable to move, sits in the ambulance silently sobbing to herself, and tries to figure out what to do next*


*Back at the station, Severide bursts through the double doors. Everyone is sitting at the table playing cards, they all look up at Severide in curiosity.*

“We all have to go right now. Dawson is trapped inside an apartment building alone. She’s being held hostage.” Severide reports, almost frantically.

*The smiles on everyone’s faces immediately vanish.*

“We have to go right now! Come on!” Casey orders. “Everyone grab your gear!”

*They all jump up and head towards the trucks. With lights and sirens, they pull out. Boden had overheard the tense situation unfold, and follows close behind.*


“Sit down!” Vincent yells at Dawson, who is still being held at gunpoint. Dawson is in tears now, unable to deal with her fear. Tyson had bled out, and was dead. Vincent tosses Dawson some ropes.

“Tie your legs to the chair!” Vincent screams.

*Dawson hesitates*

“NOW!” He screeches, aiming the gun to Dawson’s head.

*Dawson complies. She sobs as she ties her legs to the chair. After she had tied her legs to the chair, Vincent produces another rope and binds her hands. Next, he grabs a roll of tape, and puts a piece over Dawson’s mouth.

“Now we’ll have some fun!” Vincent says as he withdraws the gun and smiles. He walks into the other room and brings out a can of gasoline. Dawson screams. Vincent laughs in an evil, twisted way.

“No one is coming to save you.” Vincent sneers. “It’s a real shame too, you’re so pretty.”

*Dawson’s eyes flood with terror as she watches Vincent pour a circle of petroleum around her, then spread the rest of the liquid all around the small apartment*

“This is it. This is the end right here, right now.” Dawson thinks to herself, and begins to cry once more.

“Oh, cry me a river! You’re more likely to drown than burn to death the way you’re acting right now!” Vincent complains. “Maybe I should keep you as one of my wives…” Vincent remarks aloud.

*Dawson looks at him.*

“Nah.” Vincent says with a sarcastic laugh.

He then heads for the door. “It was nice knowing you.” Vincent winks as he pulls a packet of matches out of his pocket, strikes one, and drops it on the floor.

*A look of terror radiates across Dawson’s face as she watches the gasoline ignite, and Vincent lock the apartment door behind him. She screams as loud as she can, but the tape on her mouth silences her.*


*Squad 3 and Truck 81 pull up beside the ambulance. Severide runs over to Shay in the front seat and hugs her tight; Shay pulls away.*

“This is entirely my fault. I should be in there with her. If I had paid closer attention during the inventory check, I would’ve put the antibiotics in the kit like I was supposed to, and not have had to leave Dawson alone.” Shay manages to spit out in between sobs. She buries her face in her hands. Severide hugs her tighter.

“Does anyone smell smoke?” Cruz asks.

“Oh no. No. No. No. No! NO!” Casey gasps as flames start roaring outside the apartment window.

*Just then three police cars pull up and nine police officers jump out. One of them turns out to be Antonio, Dawson’s brother. Then three gunshots ring out, as Vincent shoots at police cars, he then takes off down the street. Five officers run after him, eventually tackle him to the ground on the street corner one block down.*

“Cruz, Otis, Hermann. With me!” Casey orders as he puts on his breathing apparatus. “Everyone grab extinguishers! We can’t risk hitting Dawson with too much pressure on a hose!”

*Casey’s team storms inside, while Chief Boden, Mills, Mouch, Capp, and Clarke all look at each other with a concerning, yet doubtful looks on their faces. All Whilst Shay still sobs in Severide’s arms.*


*Cruz, Otis, Hermann and Casey run up the stairs, with Casey in the lead. When they arrive at the apartment door, they find that it was locked, so Casey kicks it open.*

“Dawson!” Casey cries. “Where are you?!” He looks around the room. “Call out!”

“She’s there, in that ring of fire!” Cruz yells.

“Make me a path to her!” Casey orders.

“You got it!” Otis and Hermann reply simultaneously.

*Cruz, Otis and Hermann extinguish the flames in front and on either side of Dawson, thus allowing for Casey to follow behind.*

“She’s tied up!” Herrmann yells from the front.

“Dawson!” Casey quietly gasps as he makes it to the chair. Luckily, Dawson has remained untouched by the flames.

“Dawson, can you hear me?” Casey asks. Dawson is now unresponsive, causing Casey to panic a little. Casey pulls off the tape, and takes off his oxygen mask and puts it to Dawson’s face.

“Come on, Gabby, breathe!” Casey begs.

*Casey pulls out his pocketknife and begins to cut through the binding ropes.*


*On the ground, Chief Boden begins to notice that the smoke turning black. He jumps onto his handheld radio and starts giving orders to Casey’s team inside.*

“Smoke is turning black; I repeat, smoke is turning black. You must get out, now!” Chief orders.

“Copy that, Chief!” Hermann replies.

*Casey frees Dawson from the chair and was now carrying her in his arms. Dawson still has Casey’s oxygen mask on. When they get to the door, Casey turns around and notices the chair Dawson was just in, now fully engulfed in flames*

‘Coming down the stairs now, Chief!’ Otis transmits through the radio.


Everyone on the ground was now looking even more worried. The police had grabbed the shooter and had him against the car hood. Antonio is yelling at him.

“You stupid fool! That’s my sister in there and she could be dead!” Antonio yells.

Vincent rolls his eyes. “A real shame; She was gorgeous.” Vincent snickers.

*Then Antonio punches him right in the jaw. Even when Vincent was on the ground, Antonio continues to kick him. The police officers stood by and watched. Eventually, they stop Antonio from beating him further, and wrestle Vincent in the car.*

Wiping the sweat off his face, Antonio turns to another policemen to speak. “I don’t care if you tell the station that I beat him up. He left my sister in there to die.” Antonio says, nearly in tears himself.

Another policeman comes and sets his hand on Antonio’s shoulder. “He deserved it. I would’ve done the same if he’d spoken to me like that.”

*Casey, Cruz, Otis, and Hermann come running out of the building. Dawson was still in Casey’s arms. Her body was limp, but her eyes flutter slightly.*

“Casey…” Dawson struggles to finish. Casey looks down into her eyes.

“You’re going to be okay.” Casey smiles tenderly.

“Oh, thank God.” Antonio cries, as he runs over to Casey.

“Gabby, you’re going to be alright, I promise.” Antonio says, as tears roll down his cheeks.

Shay snaps into action. “Put her on the gurney. We need to get her straight to the hospital.” Shay orders. “She has smoke in her lungs, and the gasoline could’ve poisoned her. Otis, I need you to drive!”

*Shay throws Otis the keys, Casey places Dawson on the gurney, and Shay takes the life-saving breathing apparatus off of her.*

“You got it!” Otis jumps in the front and starts the rig.

*Shay, Casey, Antonio, Hermann, and Cruz push the gurney into the back of the ambulance. Shay jumps in.*

“Who’s coming?” Shay asks, looking to Antonio and Casey.

“You go Casey, I won’t be much help. I’ll be too busy worrying. I’ll meet you at the hospital.” Antonio says.

“Sure.” Casey replies quietly and jumps in the back.

*Cruz and Hermann shut the doors and Otis starts the engine.*

“Her pulse is weak.” Shay says whilst adjusting an oxygen mask to Dawson’s head.

“How’d you manage to get out with nothing more than smoke in your lungs?” Shay asks the unconscious Dawson.

“We got to her just in time. As soon as we got out the door, the chair she was on went up in flames.” Casey replies.

Then the monitor begins going crazy! “Her heart rate’s dropping!” Shay yells. “Otis! How far away are we from the hospital?!” Shay cries.

“1 ½ minutes!” Otis replies.

“Come on, Gabby! You’re stronger than this!” Casey says as he wipes a tear off his cheek.

*Shay looks up into Casey’s eyes and then begins to tear up.*

“We’re here!” Otis calls, as the ambulance pulls up at the emergency ward.

“Quick, get her out.” Shay says as she and Casey pulls the gurney from the back of the rig.

*Three doctors sprint out to meet Shay and Casey.*

“She was trapped in a burning building; then she started going into a cardiac arrest right as we pulled up…” Shay tells the nurse.

“We got it from here.” The nurse replies, and they wheel Dawson inside.

“Shay, you should go and be with her.” Casey says pointing towards the nurses that were wheeling Dawson through the front doors.

“No, I can’t. You go.” Shay insists.

“She’s your partner, and your best friend.” Casey reassures Shay.

“Casey, I saw the way you looked at her in the ambulance. Go!” Shay cries.

*Casey nods and runs through the front doors.*


The whole firehouse crew was sitting in the waiting room, Mills, Mouch, Herrmann, Cruz, Otis, Chief Boden, Capp, Clarke, Severide and Shay. Casey had his hands on his head and was pacing the hallway. Antonio was there too.

Then a nurse appears with a flip board. “Gabriella Dawson?" She asks.

*Everyone stands up instantly and looks at the nurse with desperate expressions on their faces. The nurse looks down at her clipboard, then back up, then she starts to speak.*

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