The Kingdoms of Fallen Stars

Stress Changing Relationships

The Queen slammed a fist down upon the throne made for her by the monkey minions at Maharaja's command.

"Why aren't they instigating us yet?!" The Queen growled.

"Your highness, from what you have told me about our other enemies and what I know of Elsa, they are a group of introverts. Give them time, they will come to us." Hans replied. "In the meantime, I can figure out something to entice them if you wish."

"Ralph is no introvert, the guy sticks his oversized fingers into everyone's business! I'm surprised he hasn't trampled half that forest under his gigantic feet." Turbo commented. "But I'm with you, queenie, I'm getting claustrophobic with all these cybugs cooped up in here."

"Toothiana khödölgöönd yamar negen üzegdel, tany Erkhem?" Maharaja asked.

"Hm..." The Queen closed her eyes, concentrating deeply. "It seems she is still taking refuge somewhere in the tundra..."

"Toothiana emzeg baikhad bid tend dovtolj baikh yostoi!" Maharaja exclaimed.

"Because we don't know what will be awaiting us there… Alice may very well be keeping an eye on our movements as well… we don't want any surprises just yet." The Queen replied. "Besides… there is something that I am working on in the meantime that will set everything into motion if Alice and her allies don't first."

"They will not leave the sanctuary of the forest without reason." The Phoenix said. "So if that is what you are waiting for, you may as well wait for all eternity."

"If everything goes smoothly… then they shall soon have a very, very important reason to come out of the forest… we will finally begin this chess game." The Queen said.

"Yeah well it would be nice if these cybugs would go smoothly… HEY!" Turbo shouted to one, the cybug in the middle of attempting to eat a monkey minion. "Spit him out now!" The cybug obeyed, whining lightly as it skittered away.

Hans went off on his own, going into a secluded area to think. "What could she be planning…?" He thought to himself as he walked around. He glanced back when he heard the sound of the others resuming their training, weapon making and structure building, knowing he did not have much time to himself to think. He stopped suddenly when he noticed a small puddle of blood, looking around quickly to make sure the coast was clear. He peered into the puddle, seeing nothing out of the ordinary at first. He then noticed a small disturbance, rippling originating from the middle. Hans narrowed his eyes a bit, extending his hand to ignite the puddle. When he did, the flames took on a deep red color, the center swirling a bit. "Show me… Elsa…" Hans said, not exactly knowing why, but he decided that it was his intuition that made him do so. His eyes widened when the swirling formed a flickering image of the queen in question, making him gasp lightly. He observed her walking in the forest alongside a small child, smiling and chuckling as the child skipped around the trees and sometimes seemed to teleport short distances.

Before he could observe any further, he felt himself being hoisted up, the Queen forcibly planting him on his feet as she waved a hand, the flames dying and the blood being absorbed back into herself. She raised a brow as Hans stared at her somewhat fearfully. He stammered a bit, the Queen clicking her tongue as she waved her index finger back and forth. "Someone's eyes has been wandering… rest assured, anything you need to know shall be expressed by myself. Nothing shall happen here in this mountain without my knowledge. We each have enemies we desperately wish to taste the death of… I wish for the death of Alice… Maharaja wishes for the death of Toothiana… the Phoenix wishes for the death of the forest nymph… Turbo for the… "glitch-child…" and you and I both for Elsa."

Hans nodded, clearing his throat. "I apologize, your highness… I couldn't control my eagerness… as well as the desire to discover the extent of my abilities."

"Fret not, Hans… hold off that eagerness for a little longer. When we face our enemies, unleash it then, and our ambition will pay off." The Queen answered, dismissing Hans to go back to the others and join them in their efforts. When he did so, she glanced at the spot where the blood puddle has been previously, raising a brow. "He's a smart young man… perhaps too smart." She said to herself.

Eliza tilted her head curiously, a soft, red glow illuminating her face as she held the transparent box on her hands that she found in the meadow the day before. Her eyes were transfixed on it, able to see the glowing aura from inside but could not figure out how to open it. She gasped lightly when she heard footsteps approaching, quickly hiding the box before jumping to her feet. The door opened then, the child beaming as Wick peeked in.

"Wick!" Eliza beamed, running up to him and hugging him tightly. "I missed you!"

"I missed you too!" He hugged her back. "Say, have you seen Elsa?"

Eliza frowned then. "She went with Jack and Alice to go fight the Queen."

"Oh…" Wick frowned. "I wish he would have told me that when he told us about the Monkey King."

Eliza blinked, taking a step back as she looked up at him. "Wait… Jack… you saw him?"

Before Wick could answer, North shouting his name came from down the corridor.

"Wick! I told you not to stray!" He appeared in the doorway then. "Hello, little Eliza! I am sorry, but we cannot stay long-"

"Did Jack come see you? What did he say?" Eliza asked.

"Do not worry, Jack and Alice are perfectly fine! Wick here needs to help me with some grown up stuff, so he is going to say goodbye now, yes?" North replied.

"Aww, okay… bye Eliza." Wick snuck in one more hug. "We'll play pirates again next time I come back!" He whispered before following North.

As they left, Eliza gasped lightly as a snow globe fell out of North's pocket, the girl quickly catching it and hugging it to her chest. She stared at it, frowning lightly.

"Jack visited the workshop… why won't they visit me?" Eliza frowned. She went into her room, placing the snow globe inside and taking the box back out, staring at it intently.

Meanwhile, downstairs in the dining hall, North, Wick and Tooth joined Merida, Hiccup, Rapunzel, Eugene, Anna and Kristoff as they all spoke.

"… we are going to be relocating to Tooth's Palace; with the Monkey King alive, she is in terrible danger." North said.

"What about the workshop?" Hiccup asked.

"Well, the Yetis can keep things up and running; if anyone tries to attack, Phil has his own stash of snow globes with which to reach me by." North replied. "It would not be ideal for us to stay in Tooth's Palace, but we have nowhere to bring all of her fairies and the teeth."

"I can't just abandon them… " Tooth said. "If my fairies are going down, I'm going down with them."

"Hm…" Rapunzel tapped her chin. "I have the perfect place for you to hide!" She beamed. "You can stay in my old home in Corona! It's a large tower that's a three day's journey to the next town… it doesn't have any other huge defense systems other than being really secluded… but maybe the Queen won't be able to find it."

"I thought the Queen had that special locating ability though?" Merida asked.

"Only if she's actually physically seen the person or place, though. If she's never been there, she can't see it." Hiccup replied.

"Well, I don't see why that can't work, I think it's a great temporary solution!" Tooth beamed.

"Very well then; Rapunzel, I thank you for this." North smiled.

"No problem! Use it as long as you like." She smiled, turning to scoop Pascal into her hand. "Can you go with them and help them keep an eye on things?"

The small chameleon glanced back at Baby Tooth, who squeaked lightly and waved at him. He turned to Rapunzel, smiling at her and nodding.

"What about you guys, though? What if the Queen comes here?" Wick asked, frowning a bit. "She's pretty mean…"

"Don't worry, we've got a whole kingdom full of guards, as well as the dynamic duo here!" Anna replied, motioning to Merida and Hiccup.

As they spoke among themselves, Eliza finally emerged from her bedroom, feeling a bit hungry as she descended the stairs. "Olaf?" She called out, glancing around. "Olaf? Where are you?" She stopped when she heard giggling outside, peeking out to see Olaf having fun with Toothless as the dragon pranced around. She furrowed her brows a bit, going outside and clearing her throat. The two turned, Toothless chirping to her and Olaf giggling a bit. "I'm a bit famished, why don't we go inside and have a bite to eat?" She asked.

"Okay! I just want to finish playing this game with Toothless…" Olaf said, the dragon holding his paws out in front of him, Olaf scratching his head. "Hm… that one!" He pointed to Toothless' left paw, the dragon emitting a guttural laugh as he lifted it to reveal Olaf's carrot nose. The snowman laughed, clapping his hands. "I want to do it again!"

Eliza frowned then, her vision blurring a bit as her fingertips held the sides of her head. She bit her lip, shaking her head as she ran back inside, bounding up the stairs. The subtle whispers got louder as she forced the drawer open in her room, the box inside glowing. Her hands shook as she tried to open it, but to no avail. She grit her teeth, shoving the box back in the drawer and slamming it shut. She sighed heavily as she whirled around, the adults finishing up their conversation. North, Tooth and Wick went to Corona by snow globe with Rapunzel to help them get set up there. Eliza came down, sitting at the table when she realized they were gone.

"Where did Wick go?" She asked, looking around.

"Oh, they went to Corona, Tooth needs to move her fairies there so they can stay safe from the Monkey King." Hiccup answered.

Eliza stared at him as a servant placed a plate down before her, becoming uneasy. "Tooth was here?"

"Yeah, she's going to be relieved once she's all settled in." Hiccup replied, taking another bite from his own plate.

"Hey… are you okay, Eliza?" Eugene asked.

"No… no I'm not alright." She answered, clutching the hem of her dress with her hands. "She didn't even say hello to me… Wick didn't say goodbye…"

"Well, they were in a bit of a hurry, ye ken?" Merida said. "Next time I see them I'll tell them ye miss them, hm?"

"Don't trouble yourself over it, they don't give a care." Eliza answered, sticking her fork into her food angrily as she ate. The remaining adults glanced at each other, Kristoff clearing his throat.

"Hey, Eliza… if you're upset about something, you can go and rest if you want… you can talk about it with us when we finish up." Kristoff said, glancing at Anna as she smiled lightly and gave him a nod.

"Fine, I will!" Eliza exclaimed, throwing her fork down as she stormed out of the dining hall. Shocked, Anna nudged Kristoff as Merida and Hiccup got up, Kristoff following them as Eliza ran up the stairs. When she got to the top, Olaf was there.

"Oh, hey Eliza! We can have something to eat now if you want!" He said.

"I don't want to eat now, I want to be alone!" She exclaimed, trying to get past him, but Olaf tried to keep her in place when he became concerned.

"Eliza! Hey, what's going on?" Hiccup asked as they started to head up the stairs.

Eliza glanced back, whimpering as she felt pain in the sides of her head again. She glared at Olaf, trying to get past him.

"Move out of my way!" She shouted, grabbing his nose and tossing it back towards the stairs. "Now you can have more fun playing games without me!" She stormed past him, about to reach her room when she felt Kristoff hold her arm, whirling around to glare at him.

"Eliza, what are you doing?" He asked, frowning deeply.

"I'm doing what you told me to do!" Eliza screamed, struggling out of his hold.

"So you yell at your friend and push him around? Eliza, this isn't like you!" Kristoff exclaimed.

"No one cares about what I want! Everyone can go or do as they please, and I am confined here like a doll!" Eliza screamed as she stormed in the bedroom, opening the drawer and taking the box out. "Open! Open right now!"

"What is that thing?" Hiccup asked as he entered the room behind Kristoff, approaching Eliza. "Hey, let me see that-"

"Don't you touch it, it's mine!" Eliza screamed, shaking the box. "Open now!"

"Little lass, you better hand that over and tell us what's on your mind, screaming is only going to strain ye temper worse!" Merida said. "You're too old to be throwing a tantrum like this!"

"Why?! I'm the one who found it! Can't I have something of my own, can't I make my own choices like everyone else?!" Eliza exclaimed.

"Eliza, we're just trying to keep you safe, okay? Now just let me see it and then you can have it right back." Hiccup said, extending his hand.

Eliza's lips tightened, shoving past them to head back down the corridor. She went into the drawing room, slamming the door behind her as the others followed. Inside, she shook the box violently, causing it to glow brighter. "I said open!" She screamed, gasping when it finally did, just a crack, a bit of the glowing aura inside seeping out as Eliza breathed it in. She dropped the box, whimpering as the sides of her head began to hurt more than ever.

"I've never seen her so angry…" Hiccup breathed.

"We've got to calm that lass down, figure out what's bothering her so much!" Merida exclaimed, about to open the door to the drawing room when a blood curdling scream erupted from inside. They all gasped, flinging the door open.

Eliza's back was facing them as she stared into a mirror, the group of adults staring in horror as horns began to grow out of the sides of her head. Hiccup ran inside, grabbing the box and looking at it briefly before approaching Eliza with the others. When she saw in the mirror that he had taken her box, she whirled around, trying to grab it from him. Kristoff separated them, Eugene and Anna entering the room then as Hiccup handed the object to Anna to take downstairs. Eliza shoved past them, all horrified by the horns growing out of her head.

"Which one of you has it?!" She screamed. "Which one of you has my box?!" She saw Hiccup then, shrieking as she lunged at him, scratching and clawing the air as Kristoff had to hold her back. Merida helped him to hold her down, Anna staring in horror as Hiccup shook his head.

"What are we going to do?!" Kristoff shouted.

Merida scrambled for ideas, biting her lip. "Put her in her room and lock the door and hope that this passes!"

She and Kristoff managed to drag the screaming, thrashing girl into her bedroom, slamming the door shut and locking it. Eliza pounded and kicked the door from the inside.

"Let me out! Let me out of here!" She screamed from within.

Downstairs, Eugene stared at the box on the table, soon joined by the others as shock set in. They all stared at it, Merida narrowing her eyes.

"I don't like that thing one bit." She said lowly.

"Where did she even get this?" Anna asked, still horrified by what had just transpired.

"I have no idea… but I know someone who might." Hiccup said, making his way to the stables. "Toothless, Sven! We need a word with you!"

"Uh..." Eugene raised a brow as Kristoff followed Hiccup outside. "... so what do we do about Eliza?" He asked.

"Wait until Rapunzel gets back... then we'll decide..." Anna sighed, glancing at the box. "Can't we get rid of that thing? It gives me a bad feeling."

"After we take care of Eliza, Hiccup and I should try to find the other guardians and see if they know anything about it..." Merida sighed. "For now, we have to wait for that lass to tire herself out."

"We can't wait that long, Merida… we need answers now. Eugene, take this snow globe and go to Rapunzel's tower in Corona. Show them this... box... and see if they know anything about it." Anna requested.

Eugene raised a brow, groaning lightly. "Okay..." He sighed, Anna having to help him with the snow globe. Once in Corona, he approached the tower, cupping a hand around his mouth. "Rapunzel? Rapunzel!"

Her head poked out then, looking around before seeing her husband. "Aww, did you miss me that much?" Rapunzel giggled.

"Yes, can you help me up there, please? I need to speak to the uh, guardians about something!" Eugene shouted back.

"Is everything okay?" Rapunzel asked.

"Not really!" Eugene answered.

Tooth and Wick were made aware of his arrival, each helping him up to the tower. He dusted himself off before taking out the box in question. "Do any of you know what this is?"

Tooth told her fairies to continue organizing the teeth cases, she, Wick and North each inspecting the box.

"I have never seen anything like this before..." North answered. "Where did you find this?"

"I didn't find it, Eliza did, and we think this is what made her go completely off the wall!" Eugene exclaimed.

"Wait, what? Eliza? Is she okay?" Rapunzel frowned.

"Not really, she was screaming and kicking and horns were growing out of her head and-"

"That sounds scary! Eliza isn't supposed to be scary! Why would you give her a box like that?!" Wick exclaimed.

"I didn't GIVE it to her..." Eugene said flatly.

"We must alert the others. I will go to them, you may all stay here and continue to help Tooth get set up." North said, taking out a snow globe and whispering to it. He was about to cast it down, but it bounced about, resisting to create a portal. "What the... it is not working!"

"Hm... let me see, North." Tooth inspected it, gasping lightly. "North, they're in Emily Jane's forest... we won't be get to them!"

"Then there is one thing to do... they must come to us. I will be back shortly, I must take quick stop at the workshop!" North said, taking the snow globe and casting it down, going to the tundra instead.

Eugene sighed, letting his head hang forward. "How do I get myself into these things…?" He groaned as Rapunzel lightly rubbed his back.

"… and when I went through the tunnel, I was the only one to make the jump WAY across the chasm while everyone else landed in the pudding!" Vanellope was chattering away, skipping and glitching around Elsa as she walked calmly among the trees.

"That's wonderful." Elsa replied; she couldn't say she really understood the concepts of racing and aspects of the arcade as Vanellope did, but she listened nonetheless and tried to take interest in the child's words. "It seems you have a special talent with what you do, Vanellope."

The child frowned then, sighing as she hopped on a rock to sit, swinging her feet. "Yeah right… everyone thinks that the players are going to say the game is broken because of me… that I wasn't even supposed to even BE in the game… I'm just some manufacturing mistake or whatever…" Vanellope glitched up a bit, sighing as she looked at her hands.

"You are not a mistake, Vanellope." Elsa sat next to her, taking her hand to look at her palm. "You have a special gift."

"Pfft! A 'special gift?' All I do is mess up and make everyone hate me… you have no idea what it's like being stuck in some mountain living like a little hobo." Vanellope frowned.

"Actually… I do. When I was your age… I hurt someone I loved with my own powers… everyone was also afraid of me, and many didn't like me either." Elsa said.

"Wait a minute, you're not from a game, how can you be a glitch?" Vanellope asked.

Elsa shook her head. "I have a power too, Vanellope." Elsa waved her hand, a burst of snow ascending from it. She made ice formations on the ground and a small snow cloud. Vanellope watched with awe, her eyes widening.

"Woah! You can make snow!" She laughed. "You would LOVE the slopes! It always snows there, and there's TONS of ice cream!"

"I do love ice cream…" Elsa smiled lightly. "Vanellope, for a long time, I was also treated badly because I was different. But believe me, your powers do not make you a bad person. You have every right to be happy and accepted as the other racers do."

Vanellope smiled sadly. "Thanks, Elsa… you know, you're pretty nice, like Ralph… although, he can sometimes be a real air head."

Elsa laughed a bit at that. "He does seem to care about you very much."

"Hey! Maybe we can be best friends! I don't have any back in Sugar Rush, and sometimes, as much as Ralph tries, he just doesn't understand everything us girls do. I mean… if you want to be friends with me…" Vanellope said.

"I would love that." Elsa felt that she had a lot in common with this child despite their different upbringings and environments; she wished she had the bravery Vanellope had when she was her age, and it was something she admired about the little girl.

"Awesome! Okay, we've got to do a pinky swear on it, then." Vanellope said as she stood up on the rock.

Elsa tilted her head. "I'm sorry, I'm not quite familiar with what that is."

"It's really easy. When you make a promise with someone, you curl your pinkies together like this." Vanellope showed with her hands. "This way, you can't break the promise, ever! When Ralph and I first made a deal with each other, I decided to shake hands with him instead because there was NO way I was gonna be able to do a pinkie swear with his giant finger."

Elsa chuckled lightly. "Alright then. Why don't you start?"

"Okay!" Vanellope cleared her throat, standing straight. "I, Vanellope VonSchweetz, promise to be your best friend, and yell at any stupid dumb-dumb heads who mess with you. Do you promise to be my best friend and always stick by me like chewed bubble gum to hair?" She held her pinkie out, smiling.

Elsa giggled a bit, nodding and imitating Vanellope with her pinkie. "Yes, I'll be your best friend."

They pinkie swore, and Vanellope took Elsa off guard when she hopped over, hugging the ice queen. "Thanks, Elsa."

Elsa slowly hugged the child back, smiling lightly. "You're welcome, Vanellope."

Just then, Elsa glanced up as she noticed something past the vast treetops towering above them. "What is that…?" She asked quietly, Vanellope turning and looking up to see what Elsa had spotted; a beautiful array of lights dancing across the sky like a blanket of silk.

"I dunno… it's pretty though! Reminds me of the sunsets in Sugar Rush… like a big orange gusher in the sky…" Vanellope mused.

"We should go alert the others." Elsa said, getting to her feet and ushering Vanellope to head back with her.

Meanwhile, Emily peeked out from behind a tree, tilting her head curiously as she watched Bunny painting an egg. He decided that he may as well try to get some work done while he was here, and Emily had been busy maintaining the forest when she spotted him. Something made her stop to silently observe him; maybe it was it was his dedication, his focus, something she too had with her domain. Perhaps it was the care he took, each paint stroke holding significance.

"If you have as much power as you say... then you have the power to change what brings you down."

Jack's words to her echoed in her mind, shutting her eyes tightly as she shook her head.

She always took a particular interest in the guardians; they were after all, Sandy's closest friends, even to this day. However, before now, she couldn't be bothered to actually go forward with that interest, she had no reason to. Also, becoming emotionally attached would compromise the oath of neutrality she took many centuries ago.

Even now, she could feel it breaking.

The sound of Bunny groaning in aggravation snapped her out of her thoughts, sighing as he placed the egg aside. She heard him mutter something about running out of yellow paint, making Emily purse her lips. She slowly approached him, making him glance over at her unsurely as she raised a brow at him. She then turned silently, waving her hands as she began to conjure a flower out of the ground, swirling her hands as it grew several feet. Its petals finally burst open to reveal a vibrant golden yellow hue, its color collecting inside it like dew. She plucked a leaf, concaved like a pitcher, collecting the colored liquid inside and placing it beside Bunny.

"That should be enough to last for some time." Emily finally spoke, glancing up at him.

Bunny blinked in surprise, smiling a bit. "Hey, thanks." He replied.

"You're welcome." Emily replied, not quite smiling completely as she turned to walk away.

Bunny watched after her, extending a hand. "W- Wait, Em… do you want to, I dunno… stay and help me paint? I have a lot of little googies to get ready for next Easter… I could use an extra pair of hands."

Pitch had been taking a relaxing stroll, stopping when he heard Bunny and Emily talking. He hid behind a tree a small distance from them, listening intently.

Emily was about to reply when she sensed another presence near them. She discreetly glanced to the side, exhaling when she sensed her father was near.

Herein rested her problem she had been reflecting upon earlier.

Deep down, Emily wished she had a family, loved ones, companions, like the guardians did, that she could be loved and appreciated. However, she knew anything she did would be observed, judged, by her father. She knew that she would be in the middle of any conflict he chose to make, even now, and it was something she did not want to deal with.

Deep down, she still had an inkling of love for her father… or was it the idea of him she had an inkling of love for? The ignorant bliss of childhood she lost so long ago, where she had not a care in the world for consequences and ill-made choices?

She straightened her spine, shaking her head. "I'm sorry, Bunnymund… I cannot. I have things to attend to." She replied, whisking herself away before the Easter guardian could respond.

Bunny frowned a bit, shrugging to himself. He knew he must have been mistaken, but he thought he may have seen a hint of regret in Emily's eyes… he wondered if after all these centuries, if he really knew the girl at all, if there was more to her than she was letting off.

Alice got to her feet, dusting off her dress as she and Sandy finished discussing their plans. "I must say, Sandy, you are quite knowledgeable." She commented.

Sandy responded by smiling and giving her a nod, forming a sand hat that he tipped at her. Alice chuckled lightly at this, conjuring her umbrella to open it, curtseying to him.

"Alright, alright, I think you two have spent more than enough time together…" Jack rolled his eyes as he walked over with Ralph.

"Hey, have you guys seen Vanellope? She's been with Elsa for a while… I don't want her to say anything about anything…" Ralph said.

Jack blinked, glancing at Ralph. "Wait, what?"

"Oh, you know, kids, they say the darnest things! You're one of those guardian people you guys told me about, you know the deal…" Ralph chuckled nervously, waving his hand.

Before Jack could reply, Elsa and Vanellope returned right on cue, the child tugging on Ralph's pant leg. "Hey Ralph, you've GOT to see what Elsa can do!"

"Jack, do you have any idea what that could be?" Elsa asked in the meantime, pointing towards the sky.

Bunny was heading back to the main area as well, Pitch following close behind. Before he could say anything to Bunny however, he too glanced up.

"Hey Jack, that's North's signal, from the pole…" Bunny said.

"Why wouldn't he just come to us if he needed something? This is not a very discreet method to reach out to us." Alice asked.

"Because he was not given permission to enter here from my daughter." Pitch said, making them all turn to look at him. "I think there are enough people bothering her from her daily tasks." He glanced at Bunny warily for a moment, taking a step forward.

"So why not ask her to let them in then?" Vanellope asked.

"Because this is not your place to say who is allowed in it and who is not." Pitch replied.

"Well, some of us actually LIKE making friends, mister!" Vanellope put her hands on her hips.

"ALRIGHT." Alice held her hands up. "Sandy, take a snow globe and go see what North requires of us, report back when you can." She handed him a snow globe, the dream guardian more than eager as he thought he was going to see Tooth again. He gave a small wave to everyone before casting the snow globe down, entering the portal. "Jack, if you don't mind, I would like to go over these plans with you." Alice said.

"Fine with me." Jack shrugged, crouching down as Alice sat on her knees beside him, pointing out her and Sandy's drawings with a stick.

Vanellope strolled over, glitching in front of Pitch as he tried to walk away. "Hey, you're kind of Elsa's boyfriend, right?"

Pitch raised a brow, rolling his eyes. "I don't have to share any of my personal business with you."

"Well, you kind of do, because Elsa and I are best friends now. So we have to know everything about each other!" Vanellope smirked.

"Tell me, child, are you always so obnoxious?" Pitch asked with frustration.

"Are YOU such a grouchy pants every day of your life?" Vanellope responded.

"Get out of the way, girl!" Pitch shouted.

"I have a name, it's Vanellope, mister Boogerman!" She crossed her arms.

"Either way, remove yourself from my path!" Pitch waved his hands. "And it's BOOGEYMAN, you imbecile!"

"Listen, buster. We're stuck in this rut together, so we're going to have to get along somehow." Vanellope said, tapping her foot.

"Oh, very well… as soon as this is all over, I shall have the pleasure of never seeing you or your oversized ogre friend ever again." Pitch pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Hey! My 'ogre' friend is a better guy than you are!" Vanellope smirked then. "I bet I can get Elsa to dump you for him."

Pitch nearly choked, his eyes widening. "I- what- you have NO idea what dangers you are treading upon, you little goblin!"

"Oh yeah? Want to bet on it? Sure, Ralph is a klutz, and he's still washing thirty years of grime off of him from living in the dump for so long… but give it time, my secret is vanilla-mint shampoo. Irresistible to the ladies! Oh, and he's super strong and he does try his best to be nice… unlike you!" Vanellope said.

"I will continue this conversation not a moment longer!" Pitch waved his hands again, trying to storm past her.

"Okay, but there should be no surprises when Elsa breaks up with you!" Vanellope shouted.

"She will do nothing of the sort!" Pitch shouted behind him.

"Yes she will!" Vanellope shouted back.

"No she won't!"

"Sure she will!"

"I swear, if you don't-"

"Elsa and Ralph are sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G-"

"Oh, when I get my hands on you!" Pitch growled, about to grab her when she glitched behind him, taking a pebble and throwing it, hitting the back of his head. He whirled his head, Vanellope blowing a raspberry at him and laughing. He tried to grab her again, when she glitched away for a second time. He looked all over, becoming angrier by the second.

"Hey, up here, stupid!" Vanellope shouted, sitting on a tree branch above him. She laughed when he clenched his fists with boiling hot rage. "If I could avoid being caught by some superstar racer, what makes you think you stand a chance, huh?"

"You had better come down here this instant and receive your punishment!" Pitch shouted.

"Ooo, what are you going to do, bore me to death with some not-so-scary story?" Vanellope rolled her eyes.

Pitch narrowed his eyes, floating up to the tree branch. "You will pay for ever messing with me, little girl!" He was about to snatch her off the tree branch, when Vanellope stared at him flatly, suddenly bursting into fake tears.

"Elsa! Elsa, your boyfriend is trying to scare me!" Vanellope shouted.

"I- what are you- stop that at once!" Pitch choked.

"Elsaaaaa!" Vanellope whined, trying to hold back a giggle when she approached.

"Pitch, what are you doing?!" Elsa exclaimed, hugging Vanellope when she glitched down to her.

The Nightmare King pointed at the raven haired girl. "That child is the most disrespectful, rowdy-"

"Pitch, she's just a little girl! She's already been through so much, how could you frighten her like this?" Elsa frowned. "Just leave her alone, you've done quite enough. You need to think about your actions."

"E- Elsa, I was just trying to be friends with h- him, and he was all mean and stuff…" Vanellope faked hiccupping as she wiped away fake tears.

"Shh… it's alright, I'll take you back to see Ralph." Elsa said, shooting Pitch an angry look before turning to walk away. Vanellope rested her head on Elsa's shoulder, looking back at Pitch and smirking, sticking her tongue out at him without Elsa seeing. Pitch's mouth hung open, his eye twitching a bit as he realized that he was just outsmarted by a nine-year-old.

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