The Kingdoms of Fallen Stars

Impulsive Emotional Decisions

Vanellope yawned, covering her mouth after having a nice breakfast with Ralph. After being asked by Elsa to seek out Pitch, she wandered around camp in search for him. When she finally spotted him, she stopped, blinking when she noticed he was seated in the same spot he was the night before, leaning up against his staff as he snored lightly. Vanellope snickered at this, shaking her head as she walked over, hopping up to sit next to him. She took out a small bag of gummy bears from her hoodie's pocket, taking one out to toss it at his head.

"Hey." She said, tossing a second. "Wake up. Hey, Boogerman, wake up!"

Pitch jolted awake then, scrambling a bit as he comically grabbed his scythe. "What is it? What's going on?" He winced when Vanellope threw another gummy bear at him. "Will you stop that?!"

"Hey, I could have been REALLY mean and used jawbreakers instead." Vanellope laughed. "What the heck are you doing out here anyway? Did you stay out here all night?"

"What do you mean did I stay out here all-" Pitch gasped, glancing up to see sunlight peeking through the trees. "For the love of darkness, how long was I- ohhh he had better still be in there!" Pitch growled, getting to his feet and marching over to Jack and Alice's shelter.

"What in the heck is with you?" Vanellope asked, giggling. "Did you go bananas?"

"Shh! Stay quiet, I need to just see something." He said, Vanellope raising a brow as she gave him a flat look. She shrugged, deciding to entertain him as she followed him quietly. He approached the shelter, slowly peeking in to see Alice and Jack curled up under a blanket, Sandy levitating in his sleep on the other side of the small structure. He sighed inaudibly, glancing back to look at Vanellope. "Alright... I've seen what we need to see, we can move away now-"

"If you're trying to be discreet, Pitch, you're doing a terrible job."

The Nightmare King jumped nearly a foot in the air, holding a hand over his heart. "For the love of- I'm supposed to be the one scaring others, not the other way around!" He huffed. "How was it you even noticed me, your eyes are closed!"

Alice cracked an eye open, smirking. "I have ears too, you know."

"Ugh... Pitch, can you shut up over there? I'm trying to sleep..." Jack groaned, covering his face with the blanket.

"Well excuse me for making sure that you aren't sneaking out with my daughter!" Pitch exclaimed, crossing his arms.

"You have got to be- Pitch, for the last time, I am NOT going out with Emily!" Jack groaned, sitting up and ruffling his own hair a bit. "Are you blind? I'm here, RIGHT here, with Alice! For the last time, I have no interest, absolutely none, whatsoever, in Emily!"

"Really? Then why is it she never returned to camp last night? How do I know you didn't sneak out of here when I finally fell asleep?" Pitch asked.

"I think Jack knows perfectly well that he would suffer me if he were to do such a thing. Honestly Pitch, this is becoming quite exhausting." Alice said.

"Well, I will inform you that she admitted to me, herself, that she has set her sights on YOUR boyfriend!" Pitch exclaimed.

"You know... I thought you were a little smarter than that." Alice raised a brow.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Pitch asked.

"... okay, I have NO idea what you guys are talking about, so I'm just gonna tell Elsa that Pitch is just being a nutty bar as usual." Vanellope said, turning around to walk away.

Alice chuckled lightly. "Pitch, think rationally for a moment. If Emily was trying to pursue someone she KNOWS you would never approve of, would she just blatantly admit her affections for such a person to you?"

Pitch opened his mouth to respond, but hesitated, holding his index finger up as his eyes widened. Alice's question sunk in, slowly closing his mouth to ponder for a moment. "I'm quite impressed by your deduction, Alice Liddell."

Alice smirked. "I communicate with creatures who speak in nothing but riddles, it certainly helps to sharpen that skill."

"Well if that's the case, then why on Earth would she tell me she is pursuing Frost when-" Pitch stopped then, dread coming over him when a very disturbing thought entered his mind. He took a step forward, glancing around the shelter before looking over at Alice. "Where is Bunnymund?"

Alice pursed her lip, shrugging. "No idea."

Pitch tensed significantly then, going over and prodding Jack with the end of his scythe. "Frost, tell me where he is this instant!"

"Pitch, I'm not his babysitter, now buzz off!" Jack groaned, rolling over so his back was facing the Nightmare King. He nudged Alice as she snickered lightly, trying to hide a smile. It was wiped off his face when he felt himself being hoisted out, protesting audibly as he was dragged outside. He grunted when he was dropped to the ground, Pitch's eye twitching as he clenched his fists.

"Do not think me ignorant of your friendship with that sneaky rat!" He shouted. "You are his partner in crime and I know that YOU know where he is! If I find that you are facilitating a meeting between him and my daughter, you shall suffer the consequences of my wrath!"

"Jeez, your threats sound an awful lot like the Queen, how do I know you don't have a thing for her, huh?" Jack snapped as he got up to dust himself off, squeaking when he was forced back against a tree.

"I warn you, Frost, I am THIS close to taking a chip off the ice block!" Pitch seethed, swiping a finger across his neck. "You shall help me locate them NOW!"

"Alright, alright!" Jack shouted, holding his hands up. "You're even more of a pain now than you were when you were trying to take over the globe!"

"Just keep up!" Pitch snapped, making his way deeper into the forest.

Meanwhile, Bunny slowly blinked his eyes open, the sun rays gently warming his face. His ears flickered a bit, sitting up and stretching his arms. When he became more alert, he blinked in surprise as surrounding him in almost a nest like fashion, dozens upon dozens of roses spread outwards from his spot. He followed where they had gone with his eyes, traveling up along the weeping willow and the blossom trees. "Wow..." He breathed, glancing back when he felt Emily kneel behind him to hug his shoulders.

"Did you sleep well?" She asked.

"Yeah... you definitely helped." Bunny chuckled. "We should head back."

"Yes..." She sighed lightly. "Someone is sure to have realized our absence by now." She rose to her feet, Bunny joining her as they headed to the stepping stones. Once they exited her sanctuary, the vegetation closed behind them as they began their trek back.

Jack heaved a loud sigh as he dragged along, letting his head hang forward for a few minutes.

"Emily? Emily!" Pitch called out, his eyes scanning through the trees. "Come forth this instant!"

"You know, you think it's possible that maybe they eloped and can't hear you?" Jack asked in an annoyed tone.

Pitch whipped his head around to shoot Jack a death glare, not uttering a word before resuming his path forward.

As Bunny and Emily were making their way back, Emily stopped when she heard her father's voice in the distance. Bunny's ears immediately pinned against his head, panicking a bit as he looked over at her.

"Em, if he sees us together, he's going to-"

"He shall do nothing." Emily looked over at him seriously. "No more hiding, Bunnymund. It is time to make our union known." Emily said.

"Emily, there will BE no union if we do that because he's going to boil me over an open flame!" Bunny exclaimed.

"I do not care if he objects. I shall not allow harm to come to you if he attempts to do so." Emily said.

"Alright, I'm going to take your word on that one..." He replied, smiling lightly when Emily took his hand, squeezing it gently.

"Emily Jane Pitchiner, if you do not show yourself this instant, I'll-" Pitch stopped when he caught a glimpse of her in the distance, doing a double take when he saw that Bunny was with her. His blood boiled, his jaw tightened as he stormed over towards them.

Meanwhile, Ralph followed Elsa and Alice as she tried to catch up to where Pitch had went. "Uh, why are we doing this again?" Ralph asked.

"Because I don't want him murdering anyone while we still have a war to wage tomorrow; also, I'm not quite comfortable with him dragging Jack into the middle of the forest with no witnesses." Alice said.

They spotted Jack up ahead, the ice guardian resolving to hang back a bit as Pitch approached Emily and Bunny.

"Has he gone on a rampage yet?" Ralph asked. "From what Alice was saying, Pitch seemed pretty angry."

"No, but I have a feeling he might in a few minutes though..." Jack said, glancing back towards them.

Pitch glared darkly at Bunny for a moment before looking at Emily. "You and I need to have a discussion."

"So discuss what you must, father." Emily replied, her expression serious.

"I would prefer to have a discussion with you alone." Pitch said through clenched teeth.

"Absolutely not." Emily replied.

Pitch's eyes gravitated down, seething when he saw she and Bunny were holding hands. While Emily stared right at him, Bunny averted his gaze to the ground.

"I realize that you have been lying to me, Emily." Pitch said.

"Took him long enough to realize it..." Jack muttered, Alice nudging his arm lightly.

Pitch continued. "I don't know why you think you have the right to deliberately go against the very words I asked you to heed, but I will not allow this relationship to continue! No more sneaking off, no more lies and deception. I will not have my daughter give herself over to some pathetic excuse for-"

"If you speak against him you speak against me!" Emily shouted, becoming angry. "You speak to me as if I am incapable of the simplest thought!"

"I am doing what is best for you, I will do everything in my power to-"

"I am not a little girl anymore, father!" She exclaimed. "I can make my own decisions, and I have!"

Pitch narrowed his eyes. "Be that as it may, I will still not give you my blessing. Now you shall follow me back and we shall discuss how to address this."

"There will be no further discussions, father, for it is no longer necessary." Emily said.

"My patience is wearing thin, Emily, I am putting an end to this before it progresses any further!" Pitch shouted.

"It is far too late for that, father." Emily said in calm, but serious tone.

Pitch stopped, tilting his head a bit warily. "What do you mean by that?" His eyes widened a bit as his whole form tensed. "Emily... what did you do?"

With a confident air, Emily held her head high as she spoke. "Bunny and I have proclaimed our love to each other this night past. We became one to seal our eternal bond. With the Man in the Moon as witness, we are now mated. It is done."

As Pitch stood absolutely still, looking upon them with pure loathing, Ralph's eyes widened as his mouth hung open. "No way..."

Jack's brows raised as high as they could go, smiling crookedly as he nodded slowly. "Nice job Bunny, but it was nice knowing you."

"Not helping, Jack..." Bunny mumbled lowly, shooting Jack a look.

Pitch's facial muscles tightened, detailing every ounce of his tension. "You did... what?" When Emily simply stared at him, his fists clenched. His eyes darted over to Bunny, who was trying more than anything to avoid looking at the enraged Nightmare King. "You..." He growled, taking a step towards him and Emily's spine stiffened in response. "You... defiled... my daughter...?"

Bunny exhaled deeply, holding his other hand up in defense. "Look Pitch, we just love each other, alright? We didn't do this to spite you or anything. So just calm down, alright?"

"Calm down, you ask? CALM DOWN?! You violated the purity and the divinity of MY daughter, you FILTHY RAT!" Pitch shouted.

"Pitch..." Elsa whispered lightly, stepping forward to take his arm lightly. "Please, just... don't-"

"Elsa, keep your distance, this is not your confrontation." He said, briefly glancing at her.

Emily spoke up then. "There shall be no confrontation, father. If you would simply see past your ridiculous prejudice, you would-"

"Prejudice?! I will have you know, I will have you BOTH know, that I relished in destroying nearly the entire Pooka race; my only regret is that I did not destroy YOU so that you would not plot your scheme of vengeance against me!" He jabbed a finger at Bunny. "Your entire race was putrid, lowly, uncivilized, and offered absolutely no contributions or advancements towards that which would be considered significant to a higher class of immortal being! Why, the very makeup of your disgusting species is laughable, the only reason why that battle was one of my most difficult because of your savage and primitive means of survival almost managed to surpass my proficiency and skill!"

Bunny's expression changed drastically, gritting his teeth as his chest puffed in and out. He was about to lunge at the Nightmare King when a small motion stopped him; he felt the light squeeze of Emily's hand, glancing over to see her staring at him. She shook her head, Bunny furrowing his brows deeply as his eyes burned into Pitch's.

Emily shot a glare at Pitch. "You will not speak another ill word against him, father. You may either accept our union or you can-"

"Emily Pitchiner, you will hold your tongue this instant! Every word that has passed your lips since the inception of this outrage has been lies and blasphemy!" Pitch screamed.

"Alice, this is getting really bad, we really need to put a stop to this." Jack said.

"No, Jack. If we interfere it will only escalate more." Alice replied.

"Unlike you, Pitch, she and I know how to see past our differences. We're together now, so get used to it." Bunny spat.

Pitch suddenly cried out then, rearing his hands out to send a blast of black sand at Bunny. It never reached him however, Emily screaming as she let go of his hand to dive in front of him, waving her arm as an intense gust of wind deflected the attack.

"Get down!" Jack shouted, ducking down and holding Alice close as the force from the wind nearly blew them back. Ralph maintained his stance, shielding his face as he anchored himself.

"Father, do not force me to fight against you!" Emily shouted as Pitch threatened to attack again.

"You have already gone against me, you went against your entire bloodline to be with an ANIMAL!" Pitch exclaimed. "Now step aside!"

"NO!" Emily screamed.

Pitch tried to send another blast at Bunny, Emily waving her hands once against to use her winds to drive it away. A part of the blast managed to graze the side of Pitch's face when it was deflected; this drove Pitch past the breaking point. As he whirled back around from the impact, Emily's eyes widened as she was suddenly driven to the ground from the force of his backhand. Everything seemed to stop in that moment, the air stilling, a thick tension lingering upon it. Pitch's breathing was slightly labored as he stood a bit hunched over.

"Em...?!" Bunny cried, getting down at his knees to bend over her. She was sitting up, gasping lightly as her hand held the side of her face. As much as her right cheek stung, her heart stung tenfold as she slowly looked toward her father, eyes wide with shock and distress.

"You struck me." She spoke in a hushed whisper.

Pitch's blind anger began to dissipate, his expression softening as he glanced down upon his right hand. "I told you to step out of the way." He said in a softer tone, but still maintained firmness.

Everyone, except perhaps not as much so for Alice, looked at Pitch in a stunned silence. Emily slowly, but shakily, rose to her feet, Bunny gently helping her to them. She continued to stare at Pitch, a deep hurt in her expression as the right side of her lip swelled slightly. "I am your daughter... for better or for worse..." She began to tremble. "... you are not supposed to hurt me."

In that moment a tear ran down her injured cheek, but it did not come from her eyes. Everyone glanced up as rain clouds gathered, followed by the sound of pitter pattering on the ground. Alice quietly took out and opened her umbrella as the raindrops fell, Pitch's heart beginning to sink.

"Emily... I am sorry. I was so very hurt myself... I was unable to control-"

"Hurt? From what, father, from loving? From me simply loving another, something you do not understand?!" Emily screamed. "I did not approve of your engagement with the mortal queen, but I never fathomed retaliating against you as you have done against me!"

"Emily, unlike HIM, Elsa is NOT your worst enemy-"

"I LOVED YOU!" She shrieked, everyone jumping a bit as thunder crashed loudly in the sky. "Even through all the bitterness... and the anger... and the disappointment, a small fraction of me, loved you... like a silly little girl."

Pitch frowned deeply, attempting to approach her. "My dear girl, I never wanted this to happ-" He hesitated when Emily took a step back, still maintaining her stance, but her eyes revealed everything she was feeling.

Pain. Despair. FEAR.

Yes, Pitch could see a flicker of fear in her eyes. Never, not in all the centuries she had lived, not before or after he had become the Nightmare King, never had he once disciplined her with his hand. Out of all the times Emily knew the sting of physical pain, from all of the battles and the fighting and her struggles here on Earth, never had felt more painful than the blow dealt to her just now. Bowing her head, Emily's voice once again fell to a hushed whisper as she allowed Bunny to hug her shoulders.

"Leave us be." She spoke.

"Jack, Ralph." Alice said lowly, nodding her head towards the direction of camp. Ralph frowned lightly, following Alice as they took their leave. Jack paused for a moment, glancing at Bunny. When he gave Jack a reassuring nod, the guardian resumed following Alice back to the encampment.

When Pitch was about to protest, Elsa stepped forward, taking his hand.

"Pitch, she needs some time to herself." Elsa said.

He sighed, giving Emily one more glance before regretfully turning to leave with Elsa. As they walked, she hooked her arm around his as it hung at his side. As she opened her mouth to say something, Pitch halted, shooting her a look.

"This is none of your concern, Elsa." He spoke lowly.

Elsa blinked, frowning. "I was just going to ask if you were alright-"

"Of course I'm not alright!" He snapped.

"Then tell me how I can help." Elsa responded.

"You cannot help, Elsa. Emily is MY daughter, NOT yours." He replied.

Elsa narrowed her eyes then. "Fine. I'll go on my own then, since I'm of little significance to you."

As she made her way ahead of him, Pitch heaved a sigh. "Elsa, you know that's not what I-" When she didn't stop, he clenched his teeth, shutting his eyes for a moment. He stormed off in a random direction, the pressure building up inside of him before letting it out in an angered, frustrated cry. After its echo dissipated, he exhaled slowly. "The women in my life are going to be the very death of me!" He exclaimed. When he looked up, he noticed he was at the edge of the forest, walking forward to take a closer look at what lay beyond. He tilted his head as he gazed upon the concaved mountain in the distance, pursing his lips. When a thought formed in his mind, he glanced behind him briefly before continuing past the remaining trees, making his way across the barren, ominous landscape.

"Merida..." Hiccup bit his lip, struggling a bit against his bonds as he watched her with increasing panic. The deep cut that Hans had left on her leg had bled profusely, leaving a large puddle around her feet as she began to slump over. Her face was paling, her eyelids becoming heavy as she weakened from the blood loss. "Merida, just keep looking at me. Don't close your eyes. Stay with me…" Hiccup's voice cracked; he could not even reach his flame sword, his hands tightly restrained behind his back. His insides churned with the feeling of helplessness and desperation.

Rapunzel bit her lip, grunting as she tried to pry her hands out of her own binds, but the rope was tied so tightly around her wrists, it just wasn't possible. She was so focused on trying to get out, knowing if she could get to Merida, there was a chance to heal her before it was too late. Doing so however, she failed to notice that as Eugene tightened his lips in concentration, a small dagger he kept in his sleeve was slowly working its way into slicing the ropes tied around his hands. His wrist moved steadily, carefully, keeping a tight grip on the small weapon. He would discreetly slide it back up his hand under his shirt sleeve when a card guard walked by to monitor them, resuming his diligent concentration when the coast was clear. When he felt the rope give, he exhaled slowly, relief washing over him. He glanced over at Rapunzel, Kristoff and Anna, discreetly getting their attention.

"Keep those guards distracted if they come around here again." He whispered, getting nods back in response. "I'm going to get Rapunzel undone so she can help Merida, but I need to get myself free first."

No sooner after he said those words, a card guard walked into the foyer area where they were, hissing lightly as it approached. As if their luck couldn't get any worse, it turned its attention to Eugene, seeming suspicious of him as he neared. They all tensed nervously, not knowing what to do to diverge the card guard. Suddenly, when it was a mere few feet away, Kristoff decided that now was the time to take desperate measures. Using all the strength he could muster, he used the toes of his feet to shove against the ground, toppling himself over as he fell to the side, the wooden chair clattering against the ground. The card guard hissed, going over towards him as he tried to scramble out of the ropes to no avail. Anna gasped lightly as the card guard hoisted the chair upright, growling lowly as it held its blade to his throat.

"No! Kristoff!" Anna screamed.

Just as Kristoff's doom seemed inevitable, the card guard halted as he lurched a bit, groaning for a moment before falling lifelessly to the side. Anna cried out in surprise as the now dead card guard's neck bled profusely. When she glanced over, she saw Eugene was quickly cutting Rapunzel's ropes.

"We have to hurry, I can hear more coming." Eugene said, Rapunzel rushing over to Merida and falling to her knees to heal her as quickly as she could. He proceeded with freeing Kristoff, Anna and Hiccup, tossing Kristoff a sword as Hiccup held Merida in his arms.

"Merida… listen to me, you're going to make it through this. Please hang on a little longer, you have to stay with me." Hiccup spoke as a tear ran down his cheek, a lump forming in his throat.

Rapunzel got to her feet a few moments later, Merida's blood soaking her hands and the hem of her dress. "Her wound is healed… but she's lost a lot of blood…" She said worriedly. "If she doesn't get medical attention soon… she still may die."

Suddenly, card guards swarmed the area, Hiccup holding Merida protectively to him.

"Form a circle! Keep the women behind us!" Kristoff shouted to Eugene, who nodded and moved quickly to usher Anna and Rapunzel to stand in back of them with Hiccup.

"No…" Rapunzel said, determination working its way into her features. "I'm not hiding anymore." She took one of Eugene's spare swords off his person. "I'm fighting with you."

"Me too!" Anna said, taking Kristoff's pick axe into her hands.

"Are you crazy?!" Kristoff exclaimed. "You don't know the first thing about how to fight in combat!"

"Maybe not, but maybe now is a good time to learn!" Anna responded, all of them bracing themselves as the card guards charged towards them.

As Eugene and Kristoff's swords clashed with the guards', Anna gasped as she swung the axe around, wincing as with beginner's luck, she sliced right into the card guard's chest. She cracked her eyes open, exclaiming in disbelief.

"Wow, I- I did it! I got one!" Anna beamed.

"Don't celebrate just yet, there's a lot more!" Rapunzel reminded, grunting as she ran to where Eugene was to slice the arm off of the guard he was fighting.

As all the battling ensued, Hiccup pressed his back against the wall, holding Merida in a heap in his lap. When he saw something out of the corner of his eyes, he gasped when two card guards ran up to where he was, trying to pry Merida away from him.

"No! Get your hands off of her!" Hiccup shouted, unsheathing his sword while hugging her close with his other arm in an attempt to ward them off. When they didn't let up, they overwhelmed him as they shoved him back. When they smuggled Merida away from him, Hiccup proceeded to use both his hands to get his unconscious fiancée back. "Give her back to me! Merida!"

More and more card guards seemed to just pour in, the group finding themselves in over their heads. Just when all hope seemed lost, the large, glass windows crashed inward, everyone shielding themselves as glass flew in all directions.

"You are all on naughty list!" North exclaimed, riding Toothless as Gustav flew in right behind on Fanghook.

As the dragons touched down, they began to claw and bite at the card guards, sending them every which way.

"Hey, where's Wick?" Gustav shouted over the chaos as he impaled a card guard with his axe.

"He is finishing up with bad guys outside so no more come in here! Trust me, he can handle himself!" North laughed heartily as he sliced through guards with his swords.

"Toothless!" Hiccup cried. "You have to help me get Merida, they took her that way!"

The dragon gave him a firm nod, shooting a glare behind him as he whipped his tail, sending two card guards flying into the wall. He then joined Hiccup in following where Merida had been taken.

"Hey!" Gustav shouted, running up to Kristoff. "North wants you guys to get out of here, we'll be able to get a bunch of these goons but he said if anyone from the Queen's army comes back here it won't be pretty!"

Kristoff gave him a nod, quickly locating Anna. "Come on, we have to round up the others so we can make an escape!"

Gustav hurried up the stairs with Hiccup, skidding to a stop when he caught a glimpse of red in one of the bedrooms. "Hiccup!"

The elder Viking entered the room behind Gustav as he emitted a loud cry, his axe embedding in the nearest card guard's forehead. Hiccup used his sword to slice through the others, who had been holding an unconscious Merida. Her hands and feet had been tied again, and the fireplace in the room had been illuminated. The card guards had been preparing to throw her into the fire before Hiccup got to them, Merida slumped against the wall when the card guards were slaughtered. As soon as their threat was averted, Hiccup fell to his knees to cut the ropes around her hands and feet. He pressed his ear to her chest, his eyebrows furrowing.

"She's barely breathing... we've got to get her out of here. Call Toothless, he's at the end of the hall." Hiccup said.

Gustav gave a firm nod, jumping to his feet. "Toothless! Down here, Merida's hurt really badly!"

The dragon perked up, having been keeping watch for any card guards planning to pursue them to the second floor from below. He bound down the hallway, stopping so that Hiccup could hurry over. As he mounted, Gustav helped him to get Merida safely on with him.

"Go back down to the others; make sure that you help Eugene and Kristoff get Anna and Rapunzel to safer ground. Go across the fjord and Kristoff has a small hut in the woods closer to the mountains. You should be safe there until North can get you back to his workshop." Hiccup said.

"Got it!" Gustav said. As he was about to head off, Hiccup called out to him once more, glancing back to hear him.

"… we owe you our lives, Gustav. You're a true Viking." Hiccup smiled proudly as him before Toothless took to flight, soaring out the broken window.

"Thanks, Hiccup." Gustav breathed as he smiled, running back down to the lower level to do what Hiccup had told him to. "Fanghook!" He called out to his dragon, who bowled through a group of card guards to get to him.

"Gustav, we have found everyone, where are Hiccup and Merida?" North asked, Wick having come inside the castle to help them.

"He took her on Toothless to get her help! He took one of the crystal necklaces to get to your workshop!" Gustav replied.

"Alright, let's get the hell out of here then! These things are starting to creep me out!" Eugene cried.

"How are we all supposed to fit on the dragon?" Rapunzel called out.

"Anna, I'll carry you!" Wick beamed. "That's what brothers are for!" Anna didn't even bother to protest, knowing her life depended on this. He scooped her up, flying out through the window.

"Come on, there's enough room for you guys now! Fanghook can handle it!" Gustav cried as he hopped on. Rapunzel, Eugene and Kristoff followed him. "North, what about you?"

"I shall fight my way back to sleigh of course! Do not worry, I can handle it, go!" He shouted.

The young Viking nodded, making sure the others were secure before taking off. North turned as card guards surrounded him, narrowing his eyes as he wielded his swords.

"Hey…!" Rapunzel shouted as they began to fly over the fjord. "Are you sure he'll be alright?"

Gustav sighed lightly, biting his lip. "I sure hope so… I'm going to drop you guys off somewhere safe and go back for him, just to make sure!"

He had faith that North could hold his own, but he was still wary of whether or not he could do so against an entire army. Gustav only hoped that he could get back in time to ensure North's survival.

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