The Kingdoms of Fallen Stars

Supreme Final Battle: Part One

The Queen looked upon the creature resting in the small space, tilting her head as she observed her. She glanced over when Turbo approached, the two remaining silent for some time.

"Are you going to name this kid, or what?" Turbo asked suddenly out of the blue.

The Queen raised her brows a bit, honestly not even having thought of this. "I wouldn't know what to call her."

"Well don't ask me, I'm not good with all this sentimental stuff." He settled down, curling up as he yawned. "If I didn't have this weird cybug instinct to 'spread and devour,' she wouldn't even be here. I freaking hate kids."

"I'm not very fond of them either. However... it is easing to know that a part of me may survive." The Queen remarked.

"Why wouldn't ALL of you survive?" Turbo asked. "We pretty much have this in the bag."

"Because we are all like stars, Turbo." The Queen sighed. "Like empires and those with vast power, stars rise and they fall. At their peak, they shine for the entire universe to see. They look upon all the greatness and despair below until they eventually become a part of it, no longer separated. And when they fall, they shine their brightest."

Turbo picked his head up, glancing at her. "That makes... no sense."

"What doesn't?" The Queen asked.

"Wouldn't they shine the most when they're basking in all the glory?" He asked. "Like when I had so many trophies I couldn't count them all."

"No." The Queen replied. "You shine brightest just before the collision. It is in that moment you give your all because it is the last that they shall all remember of you, the most vivid image in their minds. It is the opportunity to fall with all the greatness that you built to reach the peak, with all the power you displayed in your existence. It is also the last opportunity for revelation, for redemption. To attain that in the last moments of your life would make all your life before that worthwhile."

Turbo rolled his eyes. "Sounds like a load of malarkey to me. I'm going to sleep now." He yawned, resting his head and closing his eyes."

As he did so, the Queen returned her attention to the creature, curling up a bit more in her slumber as she hugged herself. The Queen noticed her shivering a bit, whimpering lightly. The Queen pursed her lips a bit, tentacles slowly emerging from under her dress to coil around the child without strangling her. The creature instantly calmed, a small smile gracing her face.

"... Perhaps I shall further insult Alice... she renamed Jack's sister Eliza... I shall give this child the second half of her own sister's name. I shall call her 'Beth.' Yes... that is what I have decided." She looked up above her into the night sky, the stars seeming to mock her after the story she told Turbo. "I shall allow no harm to come to you while there is life in me. You must survive. You must succeed me."

The following morning, Ralph slowly blinked his eyes open, groaning a bit as he sat up and stretched his arms. He planted his feet on the floor, scratching his head. "Hey... how are you feeling, Vanellope?" He asked, glancing over only to see her bed empty. "Huh. Boy, she's up pretty early." Ralph was a heavy sleeper; he had to be, having spent most of thirty years sleeping in a pile of bricks. He shuffled over to where Jack and Alice were, the two awake but still resting. "Hey, have either of you seen-... uh... know where Vanellope is?" He asked, not wanting to insult Alice.

"You don't need to fret, I can see again... sort of." Alice chuckled.

"No, we haven't... I wonder why she isn't with you... maybe Elsa's with her?" Jack replied.

Ralph shrugged. "Yeah... they are friends again so... maybe I'll just go see if-"

They all heard a shocked cry then, Elsa running into the room in a panic. "You must come quickly, they all must have stationed out there overnight!" She exclaimed.

"What are you talking about?" Alice threw the covers off, unsheathing her blade as she strode briskly down the hall, Jack following her. When they reached the front balcony, Alice's eyes widened, Jack swearing under his breath as he ran back to wake the others. As Alice grimaced upon all of the monkey minions and card guards led by Hans and Maharaja, Jack soon returned with Bunny, Emily and Sandy as they joined her. Elsa stood behind them with Pitch as Ralph called out for Vanellope further back. "Well, you all certainly know how to rudely awaken someone!" She shouted to them.

"Well, I figured it would be best to just wait to wake you from your beauty sleep rather than jostle you; it's a bit of a lost cause in your case anyhow!" Hans shouted back as they all stood on the mainland. "At least you don't have to look at your horrid reflection anymore." Hans smirked.

"Speak for yourself!" Alice spat.

As Elsa waved her hand, the ice bridge disappearing, Hans laughed. "Do you really think that's going to hinder us? Besides... you're going to be coming right to us any moment!"

"Yeah right, so you can kill off more of us?" Jack shouted.

"Well, you may be right about that..." Hans replied, nodding to Maharaja.

As the monkey king grinned, holding out his hand, everyone gasped.

"Ralph!" Vanellope screamed, kicking her little legs.

Upon hearing Vanellope's voice in the distance, he ran over to the balcony, his eyes widening when he looked over everyone to see her being held up by Maharaja. He wondered why she wasn't glitching away, when he saw it;

A glitch proof lock around her waist.

Ralph's heart skipped a beat, placing his hands on the sides of his head. "Vanellope!" He cried out. "You let her go right now or I'll come over there and crush you!"

"I don't think so." Hans replied. "The Queen was very specific about demanding that we retrieve her... see, she's quite unhappy that she helped you all to escape, so she has her own plans in store for little Penelope here."

"It's Vanellope, you Gobstopper!" She shouted. "And when Ralph gets his hands on you, he's going to squish your guts out like a gusher!"

"I could not listen to that obnoxious voice all day..." Hans groaned, waving his hand. "Take her away."

As several monkey men snatched her up, making their way back to the mountain, Jack cried out as he gripped his staff, flying after her. He was stopped when several card guards levitated on their flying cards, pointing their spears at him and blocking his way. Alice gritted her teeth, soaring towards him. "Jack! You and I shall go after her, we are the fastest! The rest of you, stay here and keep them from coming after us!" She shouted, helping Jack to defeat the card guards blocking their way by slicing through them.

"Tsergüüd! Zorilgotoi av!" Maharaja shouted, his minions emitting a battle cry in unison as they knocked their arrows. "Galyn!" He shouted, and they all released their arrows at once.

As Alice and Jack flew in pursuit of Vanellope, Elsa gasped, waving her hand and creating a thick wall of ice to block the oncoming wave of arrows. As soon as the threat was averted, Ralph cried out, jumping down from the balcony and crashing through it, sending chunks of ice everywhere before trudging through the water. Once hitting mainland, he began to send his fists flying, fighting off the opposing forces.

Sandy, his heart still stung from Tooth's passing, fought alongside Ralph as he tossed monkey men to and fro with his sand ropes. Bunny and Emily were right behind them, Emily having regained some of her strength as she raised her hands. Vines rose from the ground, wrapping around the feet of minions and a few card guards, keeping them in place. Bunny then let his boomerangs rip, the blades in them decapitating all who Emily restrained before he caught them. He smirked at her, Emily giving him a nod.

Elsa was about to descend down the castle stairs to run across to the mainland when she felt someone stop her. She glanced back, furrowing her brows as Pitch shook his head.

"I brought this upon us all, Elsa. Stay here and allow me to face the danger instead." Pitch said.

"I'm not going to stand here while everyone else is out there fighting. I'm coming with you." Elsa replied.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Pitch said, and Elsa gently squeezed his hands.

"I'll be fine. We can't leave them to fend for themselves alone, Pitch. We've both done so much wrong, this is our chance to make up for it." Elsa said.

Pitch gave her a nod, kissing her hand before the two of them emerged from the castle.

As they fought, Emily gasped when she heard a screeching in the distance. She slowly looked to Bunny, who furrowed his brows.

"I must face my greatest foe." She said.

"Let's go then, Emily, Ralph and Sandy here can-"

"No, Bunnymund. He shall pursue you if you come. I must fight him alone now." Emily interrupted.

Bunny shook his head. "Em, I don't want to be away from you!"

"I am not giving you a choice... stay safe. I will come back for you." She quickly kissed his forehead, ignoring his cries as she fled towards the mountain.

Inside, the monkey men threw Vanellope to the ground at the Queen's feet. She raised a brow, Vanellope slowly getting to her feet. "You're going to all regret it when Ralph comes here and pummels you!" Vanellope shouted.

"No, child, he shall be the one feeling regret." The Queen remarked, waving her hand to dismiss the monkey men. She then returned her attention to Vanellope, plucking the protesting child off the ground and tossing her into the very same cage where Tooth had perished. She stared at her darkly for several moments before glancing behind her. "Despite the trouble you have caused me, you may prove to be quite useful. Eliza, you may come forth." Eliza emerged from the shadows, using her staff almost like a walking stick. Her expression was hard, emotionless as she approached the cage. She regarded Vanellope for a moment, the Queen producing a small tray with a single tart placed upon it. She handed it to Eliza, taking it and bowing her head lightly. "Good girl... you know what to do." The Queen then took her leave, and Vanellope jumped when she heard the echoing sounds of struggle within the mountain as Jack and Alice fought against Turbo, his cybugs, and the Phoenix.

Eliza watched the Queen leave for a few moments before turning to Vanellope, stepping forward. She unlocked the cage, opening it and holding out the tray. "If you want to leave this prison, you will eat this."

Vanellope made a face, looking from the tart to her. "I'm no dummy, that thing's gotta be poisoned!"

"Why would she poison this? Wouldn't it be pointless to release you only to die from poisoning?" Eliza asked. "Now eat it."

"Well, there's gotta be some kind of catch, so I'm not eating a single crumb of it!" Vanellope exclaimed, crossing her arms.

Eliza grimaced darkly, gripping her scepter and pointing it at Vanellope. She was slammed into the back of the cage, the smaller child wincing as she rubbed the back of her head. "You shall obey my command and that of the Queen's!"

Meanwhile, Jack bit his lip as he reared his staff back, freezing another cybug for Alice to break it into a million pieces with her hobby horse. Alice cried out when Turbo swiped her with his hand, sending her flying across the space. "No, Alice!" Jack cried, only to be intercepted by the Phoenix. As it screeched, he barely dodged its stream of fire, having to duck behind a rock to catch his breath.

Alice landed swiftly on her feet, grimacing as Turbo charged. She burst into butterflies, panning to the side to evade him as he skidded to a stop to prevent himself from crashing into the wall. He whipped his head back at her then, grinning wickedly as he curled into a ball, his cackle echoing off the walls as he rolled after her at incredible speeds. Alice had to take to air, but Turbo built up momentum to roll up the walls and onto the ceiling, popping out of it to grab her.

Jack gasped as two cybugs were coming right for him, ducking down so they could crash right into each other. He heard the screech of the Phoenix then, whirling around to face him. As he descended upon him, Jack realized in that moment that he would not be able to dodge the attack, shooting ice sparks at him. It did little to stop the Phoenix, and just as he was about to consume the ice guardian in flames, an angered cry filled the space as a wave of blue panned in front of him. Jack gasped as Emily kept the Phoenix at bay, her watery form extending like wings as she sent the Phoenix flying backwards. She hissed, diving forward at him as he regained himself, blasting molten lava at her to force her backwards. She collided into a wall, staggering as she tried to recuperate herself quickly.

Back near the ice castle, Elsa conjured a snow golem, the creature roaring as ice spikes emerged from its arms, legs and back. It rampaged through the minion and guard armies, Pitch sending out his Nightmares to fight against them also. Bunny had managed to nab one of the armored guard's spears, using that to fight against some minions. Sandy waved his hand, placing a surrounding group of minions to sleep so Ralph could hurl them into the water behind him, whirling around to smash through more card guards.

"They're making this too easy!" Ralph laughed, but spoke too soon when he cried out from sudden pain. When he turned, Maharaja stood behind him, narrowing his eyes as he held his sword out. Blood dripped upon the blade, having left a deep cut across his back.

"Tany daisnuud deer chini ergej khezee ch nuruugaa." Maharaja said lowly, baring his teeth.

"I have... no idea what the heck you just said, and I really could care less right now!" Ralph pointed a finger at him before curling his fists. "I may not have a fancy sword like you, but I can still kick your hairy butt!" Ralph shouted, charging forward only for Maharaja to side step him, Ralph wincing as he left another deep cut in his arm.

"Ta ur chadvar baikhgüi bol yuu ch bish gedeg ni khüch chadal! Ta yamar ch anchin, zügeer l neg tom balmadaar baina!" Maharaja shouted as Ralph screamed angrily, whirling around to sucker punch him. The monkey king went flying back, but landed swiftly on his feet, skidding back a bit and sticking his spear in the ground to slow down his momentum and keep balance. Once he did, he yanked it out of the ground, chuckling lowly.

Elsa shot another ice blast at a minion, Pitch grunting as he reared his scythe back, smashing the creature into a million pieces. He smiled and nodded to Elsa, but the moment was broken when he was blasted back by a fireball that whizzed past her. She gasped, crying out his name before whirling around to see Hans standing behind her.

"You were always the one in my way, Elsa!" Hans growled, sending another fireball at her only for her to deflect it. "But not anymore! You will pay for the hindrance you've caused me to gain a kingdom of my own!"

Nightmares came to Pitch's aid, surrounding him and fighting off enemies as he tried to regain his footing. Their withdrawal from the thick of battle made things more difficult for Sandy and Bunny, and the dream guardian gasped when he witnessed his furry friend get shot in the arm with an arrow. Elsa cried out as she sent ice blast after ice blast at Hans, her face scrunching into a scowl.

"You tried to hurt my sister and my family, you will NOT harm the man I love!" Elsa shouted.

"The man you love?" Hans laughed. "You will always be a fool, Elsa! He doesn't love you, he will NEVER love you! You think you are so different from your sister but you are both so alike! You throw yourselves into the ridiculous fantasy of love when it will never be true! I assure you, it will be your downfall!"

Ralph shoved Maharaja back, about to crush his head when the monkey king rolled to the side, evading the attack. He cried out to his minions, Ralph about to pin him down when a group of monkey men flooded to their ruler's aid, jabbing at the wrecker with their spears. He looked to the near distance, seeing Pitch about to aid Elsa against Hans. He stormed towards the Nightmare King, withdrawing his sword.

"Pitch Black!" Maharaja shouted. "Möröödöl dalain deeremchid ta garch urvagch khiisen... ta nar Namaig urvagchid ni yuu medekhgüi..." He ran a finger along his throat, chuckling darkly.

Pitch grimaced at him, turning to face him as he pointed his scythe at him. "Very well, Maharaja... may the best king win."

Elsa hissed as one of Hans' fireballs grazed her shoulder, singing the skin a bit. He was quick, dodging her attacks as she sent them forth. When she rose her hands, making spikes emerge from the ground, Hans moved quickly to avoid being impaled. Pitch's scythe and Maharaja's sword clashed, the two battling fiercely. The monkey king hopped onto one of the Nightmares to leap into the air, emitting a battle cry as he came down upon Pitch. He burst into black sand however, materializing behind him as he reared his scythe back, the pointed edge piercing his thick armor and left a small puncture wound in his back. Maharaja hissed, falling to his knees. As he looked up, he saw Hans beginning to have trouble with Elsa, the ice queen having blasted him back and was about to conjure another ice spike to pop up out of the ground to impale him. Thinking quickly, Maharaja took his spear, rearing his arm back and hitting Pitch in the chest with the handle to make him stagger backwards. As Elsa raised her arm to perform the final blow to Hans, Maharaja gritted his teeth as he thrust the weapon forward, exhaling slowly as he watched it soar through the air with anticipation.

Hans struggled to get up, furrowing his brows as he thought the end had come for him. He knew what Elsa was going to do next, and he figured that the next thing he would see is a giant icicle coming out of his chest as he lay on the ground. However, his eyes widened when, to his delight, he saw Elsa become rigid when Maharaja's spear impaled her instead, the young woman gasping sharply as the air was sucked right out of her lungs. The weapon protruded from her abdomen, the monkey king grinning in the distance behind her. Further behind him, Pitch's mouth was agape, not able to comprehend what he had just witnessed after regaining himself. When he willed his feet to move, adrenaline pumped through his veins as he shoved past Maharaja, blasting Hans back and knocking him out with a single blast of black sand. He gasped for air, falling to his knees to catch Elsa before she could hit the ground. Blood pooled around her as it dripped from her abdomen, her face already beginning to lose color.

"P- Pitch..." She whispered, the Nightmare King tuning out the sounds of battle around them. He could only hear her now. "I'm sorry..."

"Shh..." Pitch hushed her, his hands trembling as he kept her sitting up, holding her steady. "Listen to me carefully. I'm going to take you back to the palace, I will get help so you can-"

"No... you must finish this. You must defeat the Queen and protect my family... our friends." Elsa replied.

Pitch shook his head, inhaling shakily. "You will not." He spoke barely above a whisper. "You will not leave me. Not again... I cannot endure this again Elsa, I cannot!" He cried.

"I know... I broke my promise... but you have to keep fighting. The man I love is still inside you somewhere. You must search for him and... bring him to light..." Elsa groaned in pain, wheezing as she began to tremble from blood loss.

Pitch's hands squeezed her shoulders as he remained knelt before her, emitting a choked sob. He looked up at the sky, his teeth clenched as he let his head fall back. "I hate you..." He muttered, his lip curling. "You will continue to curse me until the end of my days... I shall loathe you for all time!" He shouted at the man in the moon, letting his head fall forward as he looked into Elsa's eyes. They were glazing over, her life slowly fading. "I will not let you go, Elsa... I am already a wretched creature... I no longer care if this act is a sin against you." He rested his hand against her head, his thumb pressing against his forehead as he shut his eyes tightly. Airy hissing filled the space around them as dark aura poured into her mind from his hand. Pitch exhaled shakily, biting his lip as he concentrated. Only the sound of Elsa speaking once more broke his focus, his eyes opening slowly.

"Kozmotis..." Elsa whispered, her eyes half lidded as she looked up at him. "... we will never truly be gone..." She released her last breath then, her eyes closing as she slumped limply against his chest.

Pitch's eyes widened in shock, muttering her name in a hushed panic as he pressed his hand to her forehead once more, trembling all over as he tried desperately to resurrect her as a darkling. When she remained still in his arms, he held her tightly, crying out her name as his wails echoed through the air. Upon hearing this, Ralph whirled towards the sound, his eyes widening and he staggered back when he saw that Elsa had fallen. Seeing that she had been impaled with a spear, his eyes scanned the area, his eyes resting on Maharaja as Elsa's snow golem crumbled into a stationary pile. Ralph's expression darkened, and as a monkey minion charged at him, he shot his hand out, grabbing the creature by its neck and squeezing until a loud snap was heard. He began to march forward, making his way towards Maharaja.

With Elsa's snow golem fallen, and Pitch's Nightmares withdrawn to cover him while he mourned over her, Bunny and Sandy were in over their heads as they continued their fight. As Sandy tossed another minion away with his sand rope, he gasped inaudibly when he heard Bunny cry out. He sped towards him, the Pooka slicing the card guard who had left a deep gash in his side. He fell to his knees, Sandy furrowing a brow as he knelt by him.

"Well... looks like they've made worm's meat of me, mate..." Bunny winced, grunting painfully a bit as his ears pinned back. Blood stained his grey and white fur, Sandy shaking his head as he refused to accept losing another of his fellow guardians.

Back in the mountain, Emily had just started to gain the upper hand with the Phoenix when she stopped, her breath hitching as her eyes widened. Her hand shot to her chest, craning her head back when she sensed Bunny's life fading. "No..." She breathed, soaring out of the mountain and into the air without hesitation. She soared over the armies battling, descending down before the masses. As she stepped forth, monkey minions cried out, about to attack her when she narrowed her eyes darkly, waving her hand. When she did so, the ground began to tremble, as if the entire Earth was shaking. The monkey minions cried out as the ground suddenly gave way beneath them, their screeching filling the air as they clawed at the ground in an attempt to hang on. Emily watched silently as minions and guards alike fell into the Earth, the black void swallowing them up before the ground began to reseal itself, trapping them deep into the abyss forever. Having expended much of her power from this, Emily exhaled shakily as she staggered forward, making her way towards Bunny as Sandy remained by him. She knelt by his side, placing her hand upon the wound in his side. "Do not close your eyes." Emily said to him, Sandy watching on anxiously.

In the mountain, Eliza screamed as she tried to force feed the tart to Vanellope. She had already used her scepter to send Vanellope careening into the back of the cage, about to do so again when Vanellope grabbed it, trying to wrestle it from her. Vanellope grunted as she struggled, biting her lip as she held on tightly to the scepter.

"Let go of it! Let go right NOW!" Eliza shrieked, her eyes burning with anger. Suddenly, she gasped as she and Vanellope were both blasted back, Vanellope groaning painfully as she was nearly knocked out that time. She gasped when she heard a small snapping sound, looking down to see that the impact of this blast had made a crack in the glitch proof belt around her waist. She pulled and tugged at it, hopping out of the opened cage to grab a rock to smash against the weakened spot. She finally broke it, tossing the object aside as she turned to look back at Eliza. The older child whimpered lightly as she got to her feet, pure rage in her features as she stormed towards her scepter. Vanellope gasped, glitching over to grab it, the two engaged in a tug of war once more with the object. Vanellope gritted her teeth, her code beginning to glitch and pixelate. As it did, the pixels began to travel along the length of the scepter, until it finally reached Eliza's end. When it did, the scepter's power backfired, Eliza crying out as she collapsed to the ground. Vanellope gasped, throwing the object aside as she took a step back. She watched cautiously as Eliza began to choke and gag, taking in deep breaths as she rested on her knees. Hugging herself and letting her head fall forward, she finally coughed something up; what looked like a chewed up piece of tart, breathing laboriously for a few moments as she recovered from the occurrence. As she began to breathe normally, she slowly lifted her head, looking all around her before looking at Vanellope.

"Stay away from me!" Vanellope shouted.

"What- Why? What's happened?" Eliza asked, getting to her feet. She looked down at herself then, gasping as her eyes widened. "What happened to me?"

"I dunno, but if I hit my noggin against the wall again I'm going to be knocked out with a capital K.O." Vanellope's expression softened, curious about the older child's sudden change in behavior.

Eliza thought deeply for a moment, looking at her hands. "The Queen did this to me... she made me hurt you, didn't she?" She bit her lip, shaking her head. "I must get you out of here." She ran over, surprising Vanellope as she took her hand, the two girls running towards the center of the mountain.

The Phoenix had left the mountain in pursuit of Emily, giving Jack and Alice a bit of a break. As Jack continued to fight off cybugs, Alice was continuing her struggle with Turbo when she heard a voice cry out behind her.

"Alice!" Eliza screamed, holding Vanellope's hand as the children rushed towards her, only to stop short when they saw the huge cybrid.

The young woman gasped, gritting her teeth as she reared her hobby horse back, smacking Turbo right in his face with it. She then made a quick dash towards the children, overwhelmed with emotion as she held her face. "Eliza?! Oh sweetheart, you're back..." She hugged her tightly, her eyes becoming moist. "You cannot stay here, it is far too dangerous."

"But Alice, I can fight with you!" Eliza exclaimed.

"Absolutely not. Vanellope, take her back to the ice castle and remain there, do you understand?" Alice said.

"I don't want to be separated from you again..." Eliza whimpered, biting her lip as Alice looked at her.

"This is all going to end soon, love. If I know you are safe, I will fight all the better. Now go, make haste!" Alice urged, Vanellope dragging Eliza back a bit before glitching out of the mountain.

Ralph screamed as he lifted Maharaja up, throwing him down to the ground. The monkey king thrust his sword upwards, just missing its target as Ralph jumped back. His eyes were crazed, enraged that Elsa was killed. Maharaja swiped his sword to the left, Ralph howling in pain as he cut his foot. Taking advantage of this, Maharaja jumped up, pinning Ralph down as he attempted to stab him with his sword. Ralph grunted, trying to hold the sword away as the point glistened several inches away from his chest.

"Tany tolgoi ni minii khaant ulsad kholboj bolno..." Maharaja said as he grinned triumphantly.

As Pitch laid Elsa down in the ice castle, he staggered back, despair slowly turning to a blind rage. His attire began to change with his demeanor, becoming more hostile, more sinister as his eyes burned with bloodlust for the one who had taken away his last shred of humanity. He hissed darkly, only one thing on his mind...

Kill Maharaja and Hans. Make them pay for what they had done.

Ralph struggled to defend himself, Maharaja chuckling lowly as he figured that he had this in the bag. Just when he was about to pierce the sword through Ralph's chest, he gasped when he felt something hit him hard against his back, he winced, barely managing to maintain himself as he glanced back.

"Follow your own advice..." Pitch hissed, speaking in what sounded like multiple voices. "Do not turn your back on your enemy!"

Using this opportunity, Ralph glanced over, a spear resting idly not far from him. He reached over, his hand scrambling to grasp it. In one quick motion, Ralph twisted himself, thrusting the spear upwards while Maharaja was distracted to impale him through one of the few places his armor did not protect him; his jugular. Maharaja wheezed from the impact, choking as blood began to spill.

"I may not understand you, but you understand me right now; you're not going to hurt me or my friends again!" Ralph said, grunting as he maintained his hold on the spear.

As the monkey king made a desperate attempt to pull the spear out of his throat, it would be all for naught as Pitch reared his scythe back behind him, swinging it around like a baseball bat. When he completed the swing, he held the scythe upright, blood dripping from its blade. Maharaja remained absolutely still for several moments before his head separated from his body as it rolled off his shoulders, landing with a thud on the ground. Ralph grimaced as he shoved the body off of him, swaying a bit as he stood to his feet. He gave Pitch a nod, who merely stared at him for several moments before setting his sight on Hans in the distance. Ralph looked towards where Emily was, holding Bunny as she continued to try to heal him. Just then, Vanellope glitched into the area after having brought Eliza to the ice castle, gasping lightly.

"Ralph!" She cried, running over towards him.

"Kid, you're okay!" Ralph exclaimed happily, scooping her up to hug her close. After their joyous reunion, she gasped when she saw Bunny's current state.

"Bunny!" She cried, frowning as she ran up to him. "Emily, will he be okay?"

The forest nymph glanced down upon her, giving her a nod. "That is what I intend." She looked up at Ralph, then over in the distance at her father rampaging through the remaining armies and Hans. "Child, take Ralph to the mountain to assist Alice. Return with Jack so that he may take Bunny to safety."

"You got it!" Vanellope chirped, going over to Ralph to take his hand before vanishing.

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