The Kingdoms of Fallen Stars

Supreme Final Battle: Part Two

Back in the mountain, Jack cried out in pain when one of the cybugs scratched his arm, wincing as blood began to stain his sweatshirt. Alice took in a deep breath, both she and Turbo not giving up on destroying the other anytime soon.

"I know you know where she is lurking!" Alice shouted, gritting her teeth. "I've had enough of playing her games, draw her out of hiding so I may end her life!"

"Jack!" A voice cried then, the ice guardian whirling around as Ralph charged forward. He raised his fists up, crushing and sucker punching cybugs left and right, averting the threat against Jack. He sighed with relief then, wiping his brow.

"Man, I thought I was a goner..." Jack said. "Glad to see you're both alright, now we can help Alice with-"

"Emily needs you to go back and help her, Bunny is hurt!" Vanellope exclaimed.

"B- Bunny? Oh no..." Jack breathed, furrowing his brows.

"I'll help Alice with Turbo, I can handle it." Ralph assured.

"You look pretty banged up, are you sure?" Jack asked.

"Yeah... look, the monkey king got his 'game over,' if we can keep this up, we still have a chance." Ralph said.

"Okay... just- just make sure you protect Alice." Jack said, giving them a nod before soaring out of the mountain.

Ralph jogged over towards Alice, grunting as he grabbed Turbo by his tail end to toss him into the wall. Turbo hissed from the impact, growling angrily.

"You really are just a stubborn moron, aren't you?" Turbo snapped, about to grab at Ralph when Alice shot a wad of tea from her teapot cannon at his face, Turbo crying out as he tried to wipe the scalding liquid away from his eyes. Just then, Alice was flung to the side, landing harshly as she glanced over. The Queen had finally revealed herself after hiding for some time, Turbo joining her once he recovered from the boiling tea.

"You desired to draw me out from the shadows and now you have; all the more suffering shall come from it for you!" The Queen exclaimed.

"You thought you had this game in the palm of your hand!" Alice shouted, gritting her teeth. "Maharaja is dead and Eliza has been restored! And when the rest of your wretched party is destroyed, I will deliver my blade directly unto your black heart!"

"I wouldn't say the game is necessarily finished..." Hans said as he descended behind them on a floating card; Pitch had become too much for him to deal with, having fled back to the mountain. Alice whirled around, grimacing at him. "And now, you're outnumbered."

As the remaining cybugs surrounded them along with him, Turbo, and the Queen, Ralph glanced around him as Alice shot the Queen a dark glare, both of them preparing for the next fight.

Meanwhile, Emily closed her eyes for a moment before reopening them. Bunny's breathing was quick and shallow, and she bent over a bit to rest her forehead against his. "Bunnymund..." She whispered his name, her hand glowing brighter as she held it against his side. "... you must stay with me. You must stay strong."

The distant screech of the Phoenix snapped Bunny into alertness, his ears flickering weakly. "E- Em... if you stay here you'll..."

"I'm not going anywhere until I know you are taken to safer ground." She gently petted his head. Just then, she looked up as Jack descended near them, jogging a bit until he reached them.

"Is he okay?" He asked, extending his arms to help hoist Bunny onto his back.

"Yes, but he is weak, he must remain in sanctuary and rest or else his life will dwindle further." Emily replied. "Take him to the castle, quickly!"

As she helped to balance the Pooka on the ice guardian's back, Bunny took Emily's hand, planting a soft kiss on her cheek. "Em... please come with us..." He begged, frowning deeply.

Emily furrowed her brows, shutting her eyes tightly for a moment as she took her wrist out of his weak grip on hers. She knew that she still had work to do. "Jack, you must leave."

Jack nodded. "O- Okay, but are you're going to be alright-"

"GO!" She hissed, Jack reeling back a bit before soaring with Bunny towards the ice castle.

She turned as Jack departed, watching silently as Sandy and Pitch exterminated the rest of the minion and the guard armies. When Pitch sliced the last, he fell to his knees, clawing at the ground as dark aura rose from his form. Emily approached him, slowly kneeling down as she observed him. As she did so, he slowly looked up at her, his face stained with dark tears.

"Have you reached yet the pit of the abyss?" She asked, narrowing her eyes lightly.

"… oh, Emily…" He breathed, his voice cracking. "… we are cursed, both of us… cursed by the darkness of the universe… and all who we touch suffer ill fates."

Sandy slowly floated forward, Emily regarding him briefly before looking back at Pitch. "Do you know why I despise you so?" She asked, Pitch furrowing his brows deeply. "… because you are not my father." She replied. "Kozmotis Pitchiner was my father. You are an imposter, a mere shadow of him. I cannot love a farce. Yet there is still an aching… deep in my heart, it is dull now. But I still wish… I wish, like a silly little girl…" A stray tear ran down her face. "… that he may someday return for me… just as he promised."

Suddenly, Emily jumped to her feet when a great blast erupted behind her, her breath hitching as the Phoenix hovered in the air with its wings outstretched.

"The era of the Sacred Green Lands has ended…" The Phoenix's voice radiated as the bass in his voice seemed to make the ground tremble. "… and in its wake, my rivers of fire and ash shall flow swiftly. The Kingdom of Magma shall arise once more… and the nymphs of the woodlands shall be purged."

As Pitch rose to his feet and stood at Emily's left and Sandy to her right, she levitated off the ground, her arms once again extending into wings as she floated to the Phoenix's height. Geysers of fire and magma burst from the ground, smaller fire phoenixes of varying colors emitting a chorus of screeching. The three braced themselves, Pitch rising up as the phoenixes dove down, swinging his scythe through the air and sending out wisps of black sand in quick succession. Sandy waved his hand, floating on a small island of sand as he kept close to Emily. He whipped out his sand ropes to keep them at bay, Emily emitting an ear piercing shriek as she and the Phoenix soared through the air, ascending and diving as fire and water flew. Dark aura began to increase in her form, contrasting with the aqua blue hue of her form as her eyes darkened. She waved her hand, clouds beginning to gather as they blocked out the sun. Rain began to pour, lightening illuminating the thick clouds as she emitted an echoing cry. From her form, large crows began to swarm, emitting a chaotic song of cawing as they swirled around the Phoenix like a hurricane.

Sandy's eyes widened, waving his hand to make a whirlwind of sand around himself to deflect several attacks of fire bearing down upon him from the smaller phoenixes. Pitch hissed, having already taken several burns but continued to fight savagely like an animal. He hissed, whirling around to send his scythe right into a phoenix behind him, the creature wailing loudly before bursting into a bright glow of flames. As it then became a pile of ashes upon the ground, another inhaled deeply from behind the nightmare king, sending a jet stream of fire right into his back. Pitch cried out, falling from the sky and hitting the ground harshly. Rising shakily to his feet, he swayed a bit as he narrowed his eyes. Several phoenixes surrounded him, and even as worn as he was, he was prepared to die. His daughter was the only thing left for him in this entire universe, he deduced… he would willingly give up his life now to spare hers. As he flew at one of the phoenixes, another swooped in from his side to blast fire at him, sending him flying back and hitting the ground hard once again. He groaned, trying to get up and use his scythe to support him. The phoenixes, however, were not going to allow this opportunity, inhaling deeply to unleash what they presumed to be the final strike against Pitch. As he mentally prepared himself for his end, Pitch closed his eyes, exhaling deeply. Behind his closed lids, he saw a fragment of a light, concentrating upon it. When it grew, he remembered something that had been spoken to him by the woman he had loved dearly.

'Only you can help bring her back to the light... and then yourself.'

When a new sound suddenly filled Pitch's ears, his eyes snapped open, gasping upon the sight before him. Someone was standing with their back facing him, countering the phoenix that was about to end his life. He felt a surge of adrenaline course through his veins, the air around him decreasing in temperature as fire clashed with black ice; sharp, deadly. Black silk danced as she waved her hands, dispersing the airborne creatures around him in her vengeful fury. His eyes widened in disbelief, thinking that perhaps he had already died without realizing it. Dark aura radiated from her form, hissing as she gracefully took to air. Pitch watched with a mixture of awe, confusion, and amazement, as one by one, the phoenixes meaning to attack her or Pitch were utterly destroyed by this angel of darkness. Once she had done this, she whirled around, her eyes set on the golden glow of Sandy in the distance. Meaning to pursue him, she was about to do so when Pitch realized what she was attempting and hurried to her, taking her hands and spinning her around to look at him. They remained suspended in the air for a moment, Pitch staring at her as his hand gently touched her face. Her ivory skin had become ashy grey like his, her hair had become a darker shade as well. Her eyes burned with the same amber hue as his, and as his hands moved to hold his darkling queen in his arms, he whispered her name softly.


He could feel her breathing quicken, glancing back towards Sandy. "I must put out the lights…" She whispered, exhaling shakily. "… all of them."

"No, Elsa. I know of the whispers that drive you to have such desires, such urges, but you must not listen to them. Look at me, Elsa. It is not the way for you; it is the way of the darkest of shadows." Pitch said to her.

"We can do it together…" Elsa replied, speaking barely above a whisper as she looked up at him sinisterly. "We can spread the veil of darkness upon the world… all those beneath it shall writhe in our beauty and despair-"

"Elsa, stop!" Pitch cried, his hands squeezing her shoulders as his heart broke. What had she become? He had made her into this in his desperate attempt to keep her alive. He had corrupted the gentle, kind hearted queen who had so foolishly devoted herself to him, and now… just like he, was a monster bent on exterminating every light, every dream, every shred of hope in the world. "Listen to me… you must fight this darkness. You must not follow it. Do not let it consume your heart, please…" His voice cracked. "Do not become… what I have become…"

Slowly, Elsa's expression softened, furrowing her brows lightly as the wind blew through her hair. She inhaled sharply, slowly looking down at herself before looking up at him. "Pitch… I… what did I-"

"That's it, Elsa… do not let the whispering sway your mind. Just keep looking at me." Pitch spoke softly.

Elsa struggled to clear her mind, her hands rising to hold his face. When she closed the space between them, Pitch held her tightly as they shared a short, but passionate kiss.

Emily cried out as she cascaded into the ground, groaning painfully from the impact. Sandy flew to remain by her side, narrowing his eyes as he stared up at the Phoenix. It cried out proudly, stretching out its wings in a threatening and dominating gesture.

"Your time in this world has ended, nymph… allow yourself to fall into the pits of fire and burn… your sacrifice shall be the foundation for the empire of molten rock and ash!" The Phoenix bellowed.

As Sandy prepared to do whatever he could to defend her, his eyes widened as Emily suddenly rose, levitating off the ground as she scowled darkly. He looked all around him, gasping inaudibly as everything around them- rocks, debris, chunks of soil, and remains from the fallen armies- began to levitate with her. Her eyes stared intensely into the Phoenix's, powerful winds beginning to whip around them and towards the Phoenix as she held her hands up.

"The Earth shall not suffer from your death and ruthlessness… where you exterminate life, I shall restore it, where you instill terror in the hearts of living creatures, I shall gather them underwing and grant them sanctuary!" Emily proclaimed. "You shall not again see the light of day, you shall not again breathe the air above the Earth's surface, and forever shall you remain in the deepest core from whence you came!"

Sandy winced, Pitch held Elsa close to him to shield her as Emily cried out her loudest, thrusting her hands forward as the powerful winds and control over gravity blasted the Phoenix back, its wailing fading as it echoed through the sky. They all watched as it cascaded into the mountain in the distance, Emily exhaling as anything that had been levitating fell to the ground with a thud. Her eyes rolled up, falling gracefully as Sandy dove to catch her. As she breathed laboriously, Elsa watched as Pitch hurried to her side, scooping Emily into his arms and brushing some hair out of her face.

"Emily… Emily darling, look at me." Pitch spoke softly, biting his lip for a moment as a lump formed in his throat. "Sweetheart, it's alright now, you must stay awake now…"

As she wheezed, she opened her eyes halfway, her eyelids fluttering a bit as she was barely able to look up at him from expending so much power. "You…"

"Yes… yes, it's me, love… daddy is here now." He choked a sob, propping her up so he could hold her to his chest. "Emily, daddy loves you… I love you…"

As Elsa stepped forward, both she and Sandy watched in shock as something began to happen. His ash grey skin began to glow like the sheen of marble, his dark robes illuminating with magnificent red and gold. As the dark aura began to expel itself from him, the sound of a thousand dream pirates screeching filled the air, forming into the shape of a large nightmare. The equine snorted, slowly looking to Elsa as the creature bowed to not its nightmare king… but nightmare queen.

Shocked by his own transformation, Pitch, now once again Kozmotis, barely noticed Emily stirring in his arms, the nymph gently touching his face as she cried softly. A smile graced her features, Pitch gasping lightly as he held her hand.

"I have long awaited for this moment…" Emily spoke, her hand gently touching the chain of her locket around his neck. "Finally… you have fulfilled your promise, father."

Both Sandy and Elsa smiled silently as father and daughter hugged, united after having been kept apart for thousands of years.

Jack had returned to the inside of the mountain, rearing his staff back as Hans relentlessly attacked Alice. Hans hissed as his arm was covered in frost, melting it with heat radiating from his skin as he whirled around to soar towards him. Alice was about to pursue him, but the Queen hissed, shooting out a tentacle to wrap it around Alice's waist and send her flying into a wall. Ralph grunted, Turbo having come down upon him with his front legs as the wrecker caught them in his hands, being pushed back little by little as he tried to anchor his weight. He used all of his strength to counter the pressure being exerted against him, yanking one arm down and shoving the other up as he managed to flip the huge cybrid onto his back. He jumped into the air, about to bring his fists down upon Turbo's head when he barrel rolled to the side, Ralph smashing into the ground instead. He went up on his hind legs, trying to bear down upon Ralph again, but he dove out of harm's way. Turbo rolled into a ball, chasing the wrecker with incredible speed. Ralph cried out, darting to the side. As Turbo made the sharp turn, Ralph grunted as he grabbed a large rock, hurling it behind him and hitting his target. This made Turbo spin out of control, crashing into a wall.

The Queen grinned as she strangled Alice, her tentacle tightening around her throat.

"I'll pluck your head right off that slender neck of yours, Alice!" The Queen growled, but gasped when suddenly, she heard Turbo howl when rocky debris fell on him, breaking one of his wings. The Queen's distraction allowed Alice to withdraw her vorpal blade, the Queen crying out painfully when she sliced the tentacle strangling her and falling to the ground. She gasped for air, the Queen about to attack her when she saw Ralph running up to Turbo, grabbing his thin neck and slamming his forehead into the wall. The Queen felt her heart skip a beat, shrieking as she sped towards him. She dove in between Ralph and Turbo, hissing and baring her teeth as she snapped at him. Ralph reared back as she spat fire at him, howling in pain as some managed to singe one of his feet. As Turbo recovered thanks to the Queen's interference, he smirked lightly at her as she glanced back at him, smiling darkly and nodding to him.

"Not bad, Queenie." He chuckled lowly.

"Causing others pain is my specialty, as you already know." The Queen replied.

Jack sent another ice spark soaring through the air, Hans dodging it as he sent another fireball hurling towards Jack. He waved his staff, deflecting it as it collided with the mountain wall, causing more of it to crumble. Jack gasped, trying to dodge the falling debris, but one piece hit him hard, the ice guardian cascading down until he hit the ground harshly. Hans' feet touched the ground as Jack struggled to stand, the arrogant prince kicking him back down with his foot.

"I could just burn you alive… but you're not good enough for that. You are nothing more than a lowly wretch, so your death will be just as savage." Hans chuckled as he scooped up a sizeable rock, raising his arm to bash Jack's skull in.

As he was about to perform the fatal act, Alice screamed on the top of her lungs as she jumped on Hans' back, tackling him to the ground. He grunted, his teeth clenching as he struggled. Just then, a great light filled the space, almost everyone gasping as the Phoenix was blasted into the mountain, the resulting explosion creating a huge hole in the ground and the wind picked up substantially for several sustained moments from the impact. The mountain then began to crumble further. Alice wheezed as Hans elbowed her off of him, about to pursue Jack again when Alice's nails dug into his ankle, Hans hissing as he fell forward. Ralph shook his head, having fallen from the Phoenix meeting his demise. As the Queen approached him quickly like a predator stalked its prey, she was about to take advantage of his fall when for the first time, Turbo widened his eyes as his heart raced, noticing something she had not.

A huge chunk of the mountain, right above her head, creaked as it was about to fall.

"Queenie, look out!" Turbo exclaimed, speeding forward as the Queen looked up, her eyes widening with alarm. Ralph scrambled back out of harm's way, Turbo shoving the Queen to the side as the huge chunk of rock fell.

She waved her hand, coughing as she tried to get the dust away from her face. "Well my dear, that was certainly quick thinking on your part-" She stopped when the dust cleared, dread coming over her when she saw Turbo wincing with pain. She shook her head, the rock having fallen directly onto his back. She staggered towards him, lowering herself to bite her lip, her large hands trying with no avail to push the huge boulder off of him. As the cybrid coughed and squirmed painfully underneath the massive object, he emitted a strained chuckle.

"Look at me… I must be rusty, huh? In my glory days I would have outran this stupid thing any day." He said, groaning lightly. "Guess you were right… I am a big idiot."

The Queen's spine stiffened. "No… you made a worthy sacrifice, one you shall be rewarded greatly for as soon as I assist you in recovering from-"

"No… Queenie, this is it." Turbo said, and the Queen's chest tightened when he saw his eyes already glazing over. "It's 'game over' for me." He smiled weakly. "But hey… we had a good run, didn't we?"

The Queen began to gasp for air as she clutched her chest, her eyes becoming moist as she shook her head. "What is this… pressure in my lungs…? Am I ailed? Am I… no… it cannot be… I am not… I was not meant to… I was not created for…" She could not say the word, her throat tightening when she felt Turbo grasp her hand to give it a shake.

"Hey… finish them off. And make sure you give that glitch a real hard time." He smirked lightly.

The Queen could only nod shakily, her whole form trembling as Turbo's body became limp. His eyelids fell at half mast, staring up at her as the life emptied from them. As soon as this happened, any remaining cybugs ceased their movements, all falling still as the light from their eyes went out. As she shakily got to her feet, her eyes crazed as she felt shockwaves of pain surge through her body; it was unlike any kind of pain she ever felt before, and when the surmountable pressure boiled over, she let her head fall back, emitting a chaotic scream.

In the shadows, Beth whimpered when she heard her mother's distressed cry. She quietly and carefully peeked out from the darkness of her hiding place, watching the scene taking place.

Hans had managed to pin Alice under him, grinning sinisterly as he licked his lips. "Come now, surely a part of you must be enjoying this?" His arrogance turned to pain when Jack crawled forward, snatching Alice's blade and stabbing Hans in the back of his leg. As he cried out, Alice growled and shoved him off of her. She jumped to her feet, running over to Jack and placing an arm around him to help him up. He swayed for a moment before regaining his balance, grabbing his staff to try to prepare for another attack. Hans spotted Alice's vorpal blade, his eyes widening as he made a quick grab for it. It took him a bit of effort to get up, but he managed, staring at them darkly. Not far from them, the Queen took a step forward, pointing at them.

"Now is your chance, end them!" She hissed.

Ralph then came up from behind Hans, holding a large rock. "Hurt one of them, and I'll crush you!"

The Queen shrieked, one of her tentacles shooting out to drag Ralph down, the rock rolling off to the side. Alice went to crush the tentacle with her hobby horse when Hans grabbed Jack, holding his back against his chest and pressing the blade of the knife against his throat. He smirked darkly, chuckling. Alice whirled around, her eyes widening with horror.

"So, Alice… are you prepared to watch me take off his head?" Hans smirked.

"I'll gouge out your eyes if you so much as lay a scratch on him!" Alice cried.

"Well, isn't someone a copycat?" Hans laughed.

The Queen smirked, knowing that soon, all the loss she had suffered through would all be worth it. This was the moment she was waiting for; she would watch Alice writhe in agony over the loss of her love, before then proceeding to end her life as well. Her eyes burned with anticipation as it built up inside her.

As she would experience in the next moment, the anticipation would not come to fruition.

Hans took this time of everyone's vulnerability to scan the area; he was aware that Maharaja was dead, they all saw the Phoenix meet his end, and Turbo as well. The Queen's forces were done for, and the opposition was still somewhat sustained. Even if he killed Alice and Jack here, and even Ralph, he knew there would be more on their side ready to avenge such deaths. In that moment, Hans remembered all the times the Queen simply treated him like a lackey; making him second best to that moronic monstrosity that now lay dead mere feet from her. In one quick motion, rather than do as he was commanded, he reared his arm back, and Alice gasped as her own blade whizzed by her head; a few inches more to the left and it would have got her right between her eyes. It all happened so quickly, the Queen's only reaction was a sharp intake of breath followed by searing pain in her chest. She gasped, her breath shaky as she slowly looked down to see the blade's handle sticking out of her chest, blood pooling underneath the fabric of her dress. Her tentacle around Ralph loosened, slowly retracting back into her dress as she fell to her knees.

In the shadows, Beth covered her mouth as her eyes widened, muffling a horrified gasp.

Jack elbowed Hans then, Ralph grabbing the prince from behind and tossing him aside. Hans groaned, holding his side as his face scrunched a bit. Alice slowly turned around, the Queen staring at her as she maintained her balance on her knees. The young woman approached her, her expression hard.

"Go ahead, Alice. Serve me a bowl of irony on a silver platter, and cut off my head." The Queen hissed lowly.

Alice narrowed her eyes a bit, looking her over. She glanced over at Turbo for a moment, shaking her head. "No. That would be far too easy." Alice replied.

"You were always a worthy adversary… in the end, your perseverance and resourcefulness won the day." The Queen replied.

"No… no. Not only that… but I allied myself with people who are a bit more trustworthy than the company you kept. You surrounded yourself with those like yourself; conniving, cunning, heartless and ambitious. Justice serves all… to each individual differently, depending upon their actions and character. It has finally come to you." Alice said.

"Perhaps it has…" The Queen strained as blood began to drip from her lips. "But I assure you… our connection remains, Alice. Our opposition does not end with us. It shall travel along our bloodlines, and so as long as we remain accursed to the other, so shall any who we bear. The suffering fated for us shall endure and be passed on… until a day comes we are no longer foes."

Alice tilted her head then. "Well… good thing I will be around for quite a while, then. Unfortunately for you…" She said, reaching forward to grab the handle of her vorpal blade. "… you won't be able to say the same." Alice yanked the weapon out of the Queen's chest, the creature emitting a choked cry as she fell to the side, breathing shallowly as she stared up at Alice. The young woman spared her one last glare before sheathing the weapon, turning to Jack and Ralph. "It is done. Let's take our leave."

As Alice was about to leave, she heard a small sound, turning back to look towards the shadowy cavern beyond their fighting ground. She narrowed her eyes lightly, barely able to see a pair of reflective eyes in the darkness and the outline of a small creature lurking within them. She focused for a moment, sensing fear emanating from the creature.

"Alice?" Jack asked, Ralph helping to support him. "Everything okay?"

She slowly nodded, removing her hand from her blade's handle, keeping it sheathed. "Yes." She turned, deciding to spare the creature as they made their way out of the mountain.

As they left, Hans groaned as he managed to once again get to his feet. He limped over to where the Queen lay, and she scowled at him weakly as he tore off a part of the hem of her dress. He wrapped it around his injured leg, securing it properly before glancing over at her. As he did this, Beth continued to watch the man who stabbed her mother go about in a nonchalant manner, her face contorting with anger. Her hand extended out from the shadows into the light to clutch the edge of the stone wall, her long nails leaving silent scratch marks upon it.

"You thought that I was nothing more than a mere servant to you… a servant to a lost cause. Well… look at you, and look at me. Everything you worked for has fallen, and I got away with murder… no pun intended, of course." He smirked, leaning forward. "That's the problem with you women. You're so weak to us. You so easily give yourselves to us… and without us, your demise follows." He sighed lightly, standing up. "So, with the power you've given me, I will bide my time… then I will accomplish what you were not able to. I will claim Arendelle as my own, murder the queen and her family, and make it the newest asset to the Southern Isles. I shall be praised... and perhaps then my twelve brothers, who think so little of me, will show some respect."

"You will… pay… for your betrayal…" The Queen's voice cracked, her body beginning to tremble from the physical shock.

"I would like to see how you plan on doing that." Hans laughed, kicking at her as he jeered. "You are helpless! You thought you possessed so much power over me, but the tables have turned and there is nothing that anyone can do about that now!"

Hans reared his foot back, about to kick her again when he was shoved down to the ground. He cried out in surprise, his eyes widening when he was flipped onto his back. He was met with the sight of a scrawny creature holding him down; her crazed, emerald green eyes with shrunken pupils burning into his as she bore pointed teeth. She emitted a wrathful screech, her hands slapping Hans' as he tried to get her off of him. Her dark hair fell in a bob somewhat like the Queen's, but formed a point on the top of the back of her head. The bottom half of her body was like a spider, her legs dancing about to shift her weight and keep Hans down. She grunted as he struggled against her, her hands shooting out to wrap around his throat and attempt to strangle him. His arms flailed upwards, attempting to claw at her thin face. She screamed, her right hand grabbing a rock placed near them and raising it high in the air before proceeding to strike Hans' head with it repeatedly, savagely crying out. When Hans's hands fell limp at his sides, his movements ceasing as blood flowed from his head, Beth breathed deeply as she glared at him, tossing the rock aside. She slowly stood, backing away from him before skittering over to the Queen. She knelt down, her brows furrowed as she shook her lightly.

"Mama…" She spoke barely above a whisper. "… I got him, mama. He won't hurt you anymore."

The Queen chuckled weakly. "You did… well, child…" She strained. "… my life is fading… it is coming to an end."

"No…" The child whimpered, shaking her head as tears welled up in her eyes. "… no mama, you can't…"

"Remember one thing. Endure… and stake claim over anything that fulfills your desires and ambitions. Never stop fighting for it. Feed upon the power of others and make it your own… that is how you survive in this world." The Queen groaned lightly, inhaling sharply before releasing her final breath moments later. As she lay motionless, Beth whimpered, shaking her lightly.

"No mama, come back… come back, mama…" Her face scrunched as she began to sob, her hands gripping the Queen's large one. "Mama…" She cried over and over, but her cry would not be answered as she wailed. Her agony and despair echoed through the ruins of the mountain, collapsing as she rested her head against the Queen's chest mournfully and curled up against her side.

There was nothing left for the child there, only the harsh lesson of brutality and death that she would take with her.

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