The Kingdoms of Fallen Stars

Making Unpleasant Discoveries

Eugene groaned, sighing lightly as he finally felt like he got a moment to himself. Just as he felt content for the first time since he arrived to Arendelle with all these crazy guests, he jumped when he felt a light tug on his sleeve. He glanced down to see Eliza looking up at him, Olaf with her.

"Mister, have you seen princess Rapunzel?" She asked lightly.

"She wants her hair braided so it looks nice and pretty again!" Olaf beamed. "Well, I think it always does." He giggled as Eliza smiled, gently patting his head.

He blinked, clearing his throat. "I, uh… I think she was helping that big rabbit guy with something…"

Eliza glanced to the side, shifting the weight on her feet as she frowned deeply. She had begun to notice Eugene maintaining a distance, looking at most of the guests there as if they had two heads. "It's alright… I'll find her myself. You're afraid of all of us anyway. Come on, Olaf."

"Oh… okay then." Olaf tilted his head a bit, seeing Eliza was upset as he waddled alongside her.

Eugene had her attention at his, looking after her as she started to walk off. He actually felt bad, never intending to make the child uncomfortable. He strode up to her, reaching out a hand.

"Hey… look, I'm sorry… I didn't mean to-"

"Don't touch me!" Eliza shouted suddenly and shoved his hand off her shoulder, making any who happened to be in earshot glance towards the source of the outburst. Eugene blinked in surprise, Eliza in shock with herself as she looked down at her hands. She began to feel very tense, her hands trembling as her eyes widened. She felt someone grab her hand, gasping when she looked up to see her father, her mother beside her.

"Emma, how many times have I told you not to cry in public? People are beginning to stare again."

"And stop your shaking, it's the middle of spring and not a snowflake is on the ground… you must learn to cope, you must learn to move on!"

"We shall have no peace; we cannot even leave the house for a short while without her going into one of her fits! People are going to think poorly of us, we have failed one of our children, they will think we have destroyed the second!"

"When are you going to stop coddling that child?"

"What is she crying about? Why does she appear as if she's seen a ghost?"

"There's something wrong with her, send her away!"

"She's a nuisance! A burden! Give her a good beating!"

"Teach that child a lesson!"

"Eliza?" Olaf asked worriedly, his stick hands reaching out for her when she slowly fell to her knees, her hands covering her ears as she began to hyperventilate. She saw the village in Burgess she grew up in, the voices and angry faces of the village folk and her parents swirling in maddening circles.

At a total loss, Eugene scooped Eliza up, taking her to the nearest room where there was a place to at least sit down. He gently placed her down, feeling her forehead to discover she was beginning to heat up. When the nightmarish hallucination dissipated, she glanced over at Eugene, her eyes still wide as she tried to stabilize her breathing.

"Forgive me, sir…" She said quietly before covering her face, crying into her hands. "They were… afraid… afraid of what I had done… afraid… of who I had become…"

Eugene stared at her warily. "I- I'm sorry, I… I don't understand-"

"It was my fault that Jack died… mother told us to be careful… but I wasn't. Jack died to save me." Eliza said.

"Jack… you mean, that white-haired guy, right? But he's… he's fine now, isn't he? Look… I know I haven't been the most open since I've been here… I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. But you don't have to be upset." Eugene said.

"Have you ever seen someone that you love die?" Eliza asked. "Right before your eyes?"

The young man was taken aback by the child's question and her haunting stare, clearing his throat. "No… but um…" He bit his lip; putting two and two together, as well as little bits and pieces of her situation he had heard since his stay, his heart sank a bit as he began to feel incredibly sorry for her. "… listen… how about you… you tell me what's upsetting you. If you do, then I'll help you find Rapunzel, okay? And I'll try not to be so rude anymore."

Eliza thought for a moment, glancing to the side. "May I pet Maximus after? I've felt too unwell to go to the stables."

"Rapunzel told you about him, huh?" Eugene smiled lightly. "Yeah, we can go pet him afterwards."

Eliza gave the faintest of smiles before bowing her head, twiddling her thumbs. "I've been having these nightmares… but they're memories… I'm beginning to remember everything that happened to me after I lost Jack."

Meanwhile, Rapunzel was helping Bunny weave flowers through the small wicker baskets and paint eggs with Bunny outside, humming lightly as she did so. "This is really relaxing…" She commented.

"Try doing this every year for a few centuries, you'll want to pull your hair out." Bunny responded, making Rapunzel giggle.

"Well, sorry to say I've barely been alive a couple decades." She said as she finished painting another egg. "Say… I was wondering, and you don't have to answer, but I'm a bit nosey. Do you like Alice?" Bunny nearly choked, shaking his head as his eyes widened. This made Rapunzel giggle more. "You DO like her! I see the way you look after her longingly. Why don't you just tell her?"

Bunny sighed, scratching the back of his ear. "I DID tell her… sometime back… she and Jack are together, they like each other."

Rapunzel frowned a bit then, understanding. "I see… I'm sorry, I… oh, I must have just…"

"It's alright, don't worry about it." Bunny sighed lightly.

Rapunzel bit her lip then. "I'm not the best at making friends… sometimes it's hard to make a conversation and I say the wrong thing…"

"Must not be so hard… you've got prince charming, don't you?" Bunny asked.

"Eugene… yeah, he's… he's the reason why I'm happy now. Before he came around, I spent my whole life locked in a tower with someone who I thought was my mother, but wasn't… oh, that's why I wanted to help you with this, see… I spent each day painting. It passed the time. But it was lonely… and I was always yearning to go out, see the world… it must be so gratifying that one day of the year you get to go to all those places." Rapunzel said.

"Well… I don't really go, I just… I quickly make sure my eggs are hidden and then scram. I don't stay in one place for long… and when it's all done, back to the Warren I go. But… that whole bit with you… that's a shame. What a bloody lunatic that woman must have been." Bunny said.

"She was… but I have Eugene now, so I don't dwell on that anymore." Rapunzel said.

"Yeah… must be nice to find that someone." Bunny sighed sadly.

"Hey… come on, you…" Rapunzel started, taking Bunny's hand. "… now, I know there is someone out there for you. And as dedicated as you are to painting eggs, you will be just as dedicated when you find that someone. Oh, and when you DO, I better be the first person you tell!"

Bunny chuckled lightly, giving her a nod. "I'll have to remember that." He smiled softly. "Thanks, Sheila."

"Oh, um… it's Rapunzel." She giggled. "Don't worry, you'll get it next time, I'm sure-"

"Rapunzel!" Olaf shouted as he waddled towards them. "Eliza was crying and upset about something, I think she needs your help!"

Alarmed, Bunny and Rapunzel glanced at each other before placing everything aside, following Olaf into the castle. They made their way to where Eugene and Eliza were, slowing to a stop outside the room when they heard them talking inside.

"... and it took me some time before I saw Rapunzel as just someone to cart along before I realized how great she was. When Gothel threatened to lock her up forever, I knew in that moment that I would do anything for Rapunzel... I love her. I died in her arms after cutting her hair." Eugene said.

Eliza's eyes widened. "You... died?"

"Yeah... but Eliza, when I sacrificed myself for her... I became a different person. Yeah, I died, which is pretty scary... most likely scarier for her, but if I hadn't taken that risk... if I hadn't saved her then... I may have lost her forever. And Eliza... I think Jack was thinking the same thing that day on the lake. If he hadn't saved you... he would have been devastated if anything happened to you... and he probably wouldn't be a super awesome guardian right now." Eugene said.

"Yeah... but still... doesn't that make me... bad?" Eliza asked quietly.

"Well, is Rapunzel a bad person?" Eugene asked.

"No..." Eliza replied.

"Well, neither are you. Eliza, bad people are out there in the world. But if you try your best to do the right thing, and you find the right people to be with... then you will never be one of those bad people." Eugene said.

Eliza smiled lightly. "Do you think you'll like everyone here now?"

Eugene chuckled. "Yeah... I was kind of a jerk for judging everyone. You know, maybe one day you can visit Rapunzel's kingdom and see the light festival with us. That's where I realized for sure I loved her... who knows, maybe you'll find your mystery guy there." He chuckled.

"Oh come on Eugene, she's barely old enough to date!" Rapunzel giggled, finally making herself known as she walked into the room with Bunny. "I can see everything seems to be okay here... Olaf was a bit worried."

"You little nosey..." Eugene chuckled. "Yeah, everything's alright now."

"Made a new friend?" Bunny smiled.

Eliza nodded, hopping out of the chair. "Rapunzel, Eugene said I could go see Maximus! May I?"

"Of course! And I think if I'm not mistaken, someone wants their hair braided." Rapunzel smiled, taking Eliza's hand as they headed out the room.

Bunny smiled lightly, glancing back at Eugene. "Who knew that you were so good with kids? You'r jumpier than me, mate."

Eugene sighed lightly, scratching the back of his neck. "I'm sorry if I was rude... just... this particular... group... is going to take some getting used to."

"I understand mate, but don't worry, my ears are bigger than my bite. No hair off the hide." He pat Eugene's shoulder in a friendly manner. "I do appreciate that though, the kid's been through a lot."

"I can see that... I can't believe that she and Alice had to deal with all that. Maybe Rapunzel and I have more in common with you guys than I thought." Eugene said.

"I reckon you're right. Come on, let's make sure those two don't get into any trouble, huh?" Bunny said, he and Eugene heading towards the stables.

Meanwhile, Alice sat in her bedroom, her eyes closed in deep concentration. Her breathing was steady, even, and she straightened her spine as she opened her mind. Approaching footsteps broke her focus, opening her eyes to glance over, Jack lingering in the doorway.

"What are you doing?" Jack asked, approaching her slowly.

"I'm trying to establish a discreet, one-sided mental connection with the Queen... extremely limited to the general details of where she's located and her current state. I need to determine if she is, or could be, a threat." Alice replied.

Jack walked over, taking Alice's hand. "Alice, I'm really starting to worry about you. You're... you're getting too deep into this."

"I have to, Jack. Everyone here, at the workshop, is in danger." Alice said. "By the way, where have you been?"

Jack blinked a bit. "Talking to Anna... and we were saying how if the Queen hasn't tried to attack us by now, then maybe we don't need to worry as much as we-"

"So you're telling me that like Pitch, you are willing to wait until she launches an attack first before we act?" Alice asked, becoming frustrated.

"I'm not saying that, Alice... I'm just... you've been so tense, and-"

"Give me one reason why I should not be? Jack, Eliza was almost taken from us once, I am not going to risk that again. Are you?" Alice asked.

"No... but I think you just need to take a break at least... come on, we can take a walk or something..." Jack said.

Alice sighed lightly. "Perhaps later. Pitch is expecting me to be prepared by tonight to seek out the Queen."

"W- Wait, hold on a second... when did all of this happen?" Jack asked.

"Earlier. We're going to find for ourselves what-"

"So you get mad at me because I talked to him behind your back, but then you turn around and do the same thing?" Jack asked.

"Jack, with my powers of insight and his stealth, we can put any false rumors or speculation in regards to her to rest." Alice replied.

"Okay, that's it. You are not going anywhere, you are staying right here, and-"

"Hold your tongue, Jack Frost!" Alice snapped. "I thought you had a sudden onset of pity and now you will not allow me to accompany him to observe a possibly growing enemy?"

"That's totally different, Alice! If there is something dangerous out there, I don't want you just throwing yourself right into the thick of it!" Jack exclaimed.

"Well, being you won't for Eliza, I shall." Alice replied, turning away. "Now if you will excuse me, I must return to my prior engagement."

Jack was flabbergasted; when had he and Alice become so... bitter with each other? No... he wasn't just going to let this slide. He loved her, and he knew she loved him; whether either of them liked it or not, they were going to set aside their differences somehow.

While this was going on, Eliza giggled as Rapunzel helped her onto Maximus' back, her hair braided like Rapunzel's had been when she went to her first light festival. She gently pat Maximus' side, the horse snorting lightly as he smiled at her. Rapunzel watched as he trotted slowly, Eliza exclaiming happily.

"I never thought I would ever ride a horse in my life!" She beamed.

Rapunzel giggled. "Maximus is very good, he's one of the royal horses of Corona."

"Wow, a royal horse? No wonder he's so pretty!" Eliza smiled, Maximus puffing his chest out proudly.

After a short while, Eliza got the hang of handling Maximus, looking over at Rapunzel. "I want to bring Alice out here so I can show her what I learned!"

"Okay, let me help you down..." Rapunzel replied, helping her down so she could head back into the castle.

Meanwhile, Jack exhaled sharply, lifting Alice up from under her arms to pull her into a hug.

"Jack Frost, you place me down this instant!" Alice exclaimed.

"No, Alice. I can't take this distance between us anymore, I need us to be on the same page again." Jack replied calmly as he continued to hug her.

"So do I Jack, but there are important things to be done!" Alice said, trying to wriggle out of Jack's hold.

"Nothing is more important than staying close to each other, Alice! We can't be fighting all the time like this!" Jack exclaimed.

"And that won't happen if we're dead!" She shoved Jack off of him, taking in a deep breath when he frowned at her. "I'm sorry, Jack... you don't know the Queen like I do. She will stop at nothing to take everything I love from me, one way or another."

"Not before you push it all away first." Jack replied, shaking his head. "You want some alone time, fine. I'll come back when you cool off." He turned to walk out of the room, opening the door to see Eliza standing there, visibly upset. He groaned lightly, Alice seeing her as well as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "Hey... it's okay, Alice and I were just-"

"No it isn't!" Eliza exclaimed. "You were fighting again, all you do lately is fight with each other, and it's because of me!"

"It's not because of you... we're both just scared, and we're worried about everyone." Jack replied.

"I don't want to hear it anymore, Jack... mother and father did the same thing after you fell in the lake, I remembered it... and then they... they eventually sent me away..." Eliza said, her voice becoming shaky.

Alice joined Jack's side, taking Eliza's hand. "No one is sending you away. You will always have someone beside you to care for you. Things are hard now... but I love Jack dearly. We will progress through this."

Eliza shook her head, not believing it from what she had heard behind the closed door. She tore away from them, running down the hall to her room where she slammed the door shut, tears starting to pour down her cheeks. Alice sighed as she stood to her feet, Jack running a hand through his hair.

"Our arguments are beginning to make her distraught, Jack. She feels as if she's reliving her past." Alice sighed.

"I don't want us to fight anymore, Alice... I hate this." Jack said. "Look at us... look at you, you look so worn down. That's all I'm saying, Alice... you need to give yourself a break, you have to remember to not forget us... if that makes sense..."

"It does." Alice turned to face him. "But Jack, I'm a guardian now. And more than that, the Queen is my enemy. It is my responsibility to make sure she does not harm anyone in retaliation."

"No Alice. She's OUR enemy. Anyone who tries to hurt you is hurting me. And... I mean, yeah, I feel bad for Pitch as far as his daughter goes... but I don't like you going off to some dangerous place with just him. It's not that I don't trust him, exactly..." Jack said.

"You are concerned that he wouldn't fight as strongly to protect me as you would." Alice finished for him.

Jack nodded. "Yeah... how did you-...?"

"Power of insight, Jack." Alice smiled lightly as she tapped her head. Jack exhaled, smiling sadly as he and Alice embraced. "However, in all seriousness... I must go. I think you should see to it that Eliza's own concerns are eased."

"Okay… just… be careful. You don't know what you're getting yourself into." Jack said.

"Hopefully your worried expression will change upon my return; I can only pray my intuition is wrong this time." Alice said, heading down the hall.

Jack smiled lightly after her, glad they had least come to some agreement. He then glanced towards Eliza's room, wandering towards it and opening the door a crack. He glanced in, seeing Eliza curled up in bed, sobbing. He exhaled, slowly approaching her and placing a gentle hand on her back.

"Jack…" She whimpered lightly and wiped her eyes. "I don't want to feel like this anymore…"

"I know. You deserve better, Eliza. I know that it hasn't been easy for you. But you have to remember that we love you deep down… and Alice and I love each other." Jack said.

"Then why have you been fighting so much?" Eliza asked.

"Because… because…" He bit his lip. "… even guardians… even powerful people can be scared, or not know exactly what the right thing to do is."

Eliza glanced up at him, resting her head against his arm. "I can't go back out looking like this now, Jack…"

He smirked lightly, crouching down a bit. "Looking like what? Come on… who could resist someone so cute, huh?"

Eliza giggled. "Jack…" She whined. "You know what I mean…"

"I'll make those tear stains vanish in seconds, I just have to press the magic button." Jack said, poking her nose a bit as Eliza playfully swatted her hands at him.

"Jack, stop it…" She giggled.

"How about I come outside with you?" Jack asked.

"Yes, I must show you how I can ride a horse now! Rapunzel is still waiting for me…" Eliza frowned a bit.

"Well then, we better take a shortcut!" Jack exclaimed, scooping Eliza up and holding her steady, taking to air as he soared out the window.

Meanwhile, Alice approached where Pitch and Elsa were, lightly knocking on the door. Pitch opened it moments later, exhaling slowly.

"Have you made any progress?" He asked.

"I believe I have." Alice replied. "Let's get this started."

They both sat down across from each other, Elsa dismissing herself as she slowly closed the door behind her. She did not like this one bit; not that she didn't trust Pitch… it was Alice she didn't trust. She had seen first-hand what she was capable of, and she didn't like the fact that she was dragging Pitch into HER problems… problems she felt that Alice should simply deal with herself.

In the meantime, Alice opened her eyes after several minutes, exhaling deeply. "I believe I have found her." She glanced up at Pitch. "Tell me again why we cannot just utilize the snow globe?"

"Because that may cause us to appear right in front of her for the world to see. We need to sacrifice convenience for welfare." Pitch replied.

"I suppose you have a point… otherwise I would have gone through all this work for nothing." Alice said.

"So, where have you deduced that she is?" Pitch asked.

"Somewhere in the States... I haven't a clue as to why she would be there. What shall our method of travel be?" Alice asked.

"Oh don't worry, I'll whisk us away to the states in just a pinch." Pitch said, conjuring a bit of black sand. "Then you can give me further directions."

"Careful now, this isn't a romantic getaway." Alice said, getting to her feet. Pitch approached her, clearing his throat then as he hesitantly extended his hand. Alice rolled her eyes when he found difficulty deciding an appropriate place to rest it, Alice taking it and placing it on her shoulder firmly. "I swear, you overthink everything."

"Speak for yourself, miss Wonderland." Pitch replied as he waved a hand, the two becoming consumed in a small whirlwind of black sand as they flew swiftly out the window.

Hans nodded in understanding as he sat with the Queen, Maharaja and the Phoenix, the Queen having gone more in depth in the allies Elsa had acquired in the last few months, as well as some background on them.

"So, these guardians seem to be our main concern." Hans confirmed. "How will we set out to engage them, then? You are the most knowledgeable with their strengths and weaknesses."

"Indeed, I am..." The Queen answered. "I shall find our final party and then we shall discuss that. I suggest you become more familiar with your new abilities and learn how to use them."

"Bi Toothiana tsusyg asgakh neg baikh yostoi... busdad yuu ogt khamaagüi!" Maharaja exclaimed.

"Yes... I shall ensure that you shall be the one to end her life." She said to him. "However, I would also like to become more enlightened about this... forest creature you are so determined to destroy. If we are to fit that into our schedule, I should like to be completely aware of what we're up against." The Queen said to the Phoenix.

"The forest is impenetrable unless the creature allows those to pass. As far as I know, she has few enemies as well as allies, she maintains her domain alone." The Phoenix said.

"Very well... in time we shall figure out how to act in regards to that. Your diplomacy may come to serve me well again, Hans." The Queen smirked.

"Yes, your highness." Hans said, bowing his head lightly.

The Queen rose, taking a snow globe into her hands. "I shall return in a short while. I leave you all in charge among yourselves to continue preparations. Once I assimilate our final party, we shall follow through in the upcoming phase in our plan." She shook the snow globe, staring into it as she narrowed her eyes. "Find me a Jabberwocky." When a swirling image appeared, she cast the object down, entering the portal that opened up before vanishing.

At the same time, Pitch and Alice appeared just outside a vast forest, glancing around a bit.

"Well, this is fantastic. Where to, navigator?" Pitch asked.

"Don't trifle with me." Alice shot a glance at him before concentrating. "Hm... I was able to sense her somewhere in that direction... but somehow I just lost it."

"Wonderful. So we're going to travel through an unfamiliar forest containing who knows what, with no sense of definite direction." Pitch rolled his eyes.

"I'm sorry, would you like to offer a better plan, or try to locate her yourself? I wouldn't mind going back to Arendelle to have a spot of tea, if you ask me." Alice put a hand on her hip.

"No, and I didn't ask." Pitch sighed. "Let's just get on with this."

They were about to enter into the forest when they both jumped back a bit as thick vines covered in sharp thorns sprouted before them, making a thick wall that was impassable. Alice took a step back, motioning Pitch to do the same. When they did, the vines retreated into the ground as if they had never existed.

"Seems like this forest desires to keep something in..." Alice said.

"Or to keep something out..." Pitch commented, narrowing his eyes. He was feeling a very strong vibe from this forest. "I sense a very old power here... see, most immortals age like wine; they grow more potent over time. This is not something we should engage with."

"Very well... then how are we to proceed?" Alice asked.

"Either above or around. Try to keep a focus on where you last made a connection." Pitch said.

"Well, this forest seems to stretch quite far across... going around may prove just as difficult as going through it. We should take to flight and get a better grasp as to how far we must travel." Alice suggested.

"Sounds reasonable." Pitch replied, the two floating upwards to scan the horizon. In the far distance, they located a lone, concaved mountain, not far outside the forest's range.

"There..." Alice spoke, pointing in its direction. "... I believe that is where we must go."

"Doesn't seem too difficult." Pitch replied, the two beginning to make their way across the great forest, the tree tops seeming to conceal all that was contained within it.

They had barely begun their trek when the sky darkened, winds beginning to pick up. Pitch narrowed his eyes, sensing a great power in the air. "Alice, I have a feeling we may want to speed this up."

"And why is that? Missing your snow queen at home?" Alice smirked.

"Yes, but that's not why I'm making this suggestion..." Pitch answered, a low rumbling that growled in the sky suddenly bursting into rain falling heavily from the swirling, darkening clouds.

Thunder began to erupt, lightening dancing across the sky before shooting straight down upon them like arrows. Alice gasped from the sudden assault, her and Pitch swaying to and fro rapidly to avoid being struck. Vines like arms began to shoot up into the air from below as well, attempting to grab and wrap around them. Despite the onset of attacks from both above and below, something deep inside him told him that retaliation was not warranted here. He could not afford to dwell upon the onset of this notion, needing to focus on staying alive. Alice used her vorpal blade to slash at the vines, but failed to see a thunderbolt moving straight towards her. Pitch grit his teeth, lunging forward to grab Alice by her arm, yanking her out of the way just in time before she could be hit. She gasped from the occurrence, quickly glancing at him. She gave him a nod, the two resuming their evasion of the elements. When they finally approached the mountain, they dove down, the inclement weather beginning to die down as they were no longer soaring above the hostile forest. The rumbling ceased to a stop, the vines that had been clawing upwards into the sky retreating back into the tree tops. Alice and Pitch took a moment to catch their breath as they rested their backs against the outside of the mountain.

"Well, that was unexpected..." Alice commented. "I have never encountered such a thing."

"Something seemed... different about that power... so concentrated... so rooted into the environment around it..." Pitch spoke in a whisper.

"Quite literally." Alice replied. "We'll not endure that again on the return trip. Come, we mustn't waste time."

"Do you sense her now?" Pitch asked.

"No, it's quite confusing... I do sense traces... it's as if she's no longer here, but left quite recently." Alice said.

"Hm..." Pitch pondered. "In that case, if this mountain is abandoned, there may be clues as to where she may have run off to."

"Yes. Let's search this place quickly and try to get back on track to relocating her." Alice said as they reached the top. When they peeked over the edge, what they saw shocked both of them.

This place was far from abandoned, even without the Queen present.

Maharaja's minions were scavenging for natural metals, the Phoenix aiding them in welding them as others built up huts and other structures inside the mountain. The inside was aglow with this activity as Maharaja shouted to them.

"Zer zevseg khiij bai! Ta bür süüliin neg ir baina boltol zogsooj bolokhgüi!" He shouted, raising a newly forged sword made just for him; it was larger than the others.

"Tiim ee, sür javkhlan!" They all chanted back.

Hans held his hand out, conjuring flames as he taught himself quickly how to control his new powers. "We must prepare quickly! Once the Queen returns, we must have ample supplies to stand up against our opposition!" Hans shouted.

"Oh, you have got to be joking..." Pitch groaned lightly.

Alice was speechless for several moments, her breath hitching as she tried to take in the scene before her. "It's worse than I perceived... she's building an army..." She looked over at Pitch.

"That creature there..." Pitch pointed out Maharaja. "He was once a fierce hunter who slayed the mother and father of the Tooth Fairy. He was quite dead the last time I saw him... he was an old accomplice of mine."

"We are to return to Arendelle, and tell us everything you know of him. What about that creature there...?" She motioned to the Phoenix.

"A new pet of the Queen's, I'm not familiar with it." Pitch said.

"We cannot wait any longer... we have to figure out a way to stop this immediately." She took Pitch's hand, taking him by surprise as she led him down the mountain.

"Were we not seeking out the Queen? I don't know about you but she was not present down there." Pitch asked.

"I've seen all I need to see, I've seen all I need to know that my greatest concerns have been confirmed!" Alice explained. "Take us back however you must, but do so quickly!"

Pitch sighed, seeing how tense Alice was becoming, rightfully so. As Pitch too was trying to take in what he had seen, he realized that with Hans on her side, he knew one of the top people on their hit list without even asking.

Elsa. His Elsa.

Beginning to feel the same anxiety as Alice now, he nodded firmly as he took her up into his sand once again, diving around the edge of the forest swiftly to avoid being attacked again.

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