The Kingdoms of Fallen Stars

Virtually Awakening Rudely

The Queen arrived at her destination, taking note of her surroundings. When she heard great commotion in the distance, she looked towards its source, narrowing her eyes as she slinked towards it undetected.

"Thankth to you, Ralph, I'm now the motht powerful virus in the arcade! I can take over any game I want! I should thank you, but it'd be more fun to kill you!" A voice shouted loudly from atop a large volcano.

The Queen poked her head up over the edge to see a great creature battling against what looked to be a lumberjack of some sort; she assumed this was who he had referred to as Ralph. Her eyes widened, a grin spreading across her face. "Yes... what a magnificent specimen..."

"Get back here, little guy!" The creature shouted, his hands clawing through the air as he pursued Ralph. "Have thome candy!" Ralph shoved the creature away from him, but he twisted his head to look back as him, curling up into a spiked circular shape to roll menacingly towards him, his hands extending to grab Ralph. "I'm not through with you yet! Up we go!"

The Queen watched in awe as wings sprouted from the creature's back, ascending into the air.

"NO!" Ralph cried out as he struggled.

"Oh look at that, it's your little friends!" The creature laughed mockingly as Ralph looked down upon a small group of individuals surrounded by mechanical insect creatures slowly closing in on them.

"Vanellope!" Ralph cried out.

"Lookth like it'th game over for both of you!" The creature beamed wickedly.

"No... just for me!" Ralph growled as he broke out of the creature's hold, cascading down towards the volcano.

The Queen was intrigued as to why Ralph had done this, watching as he cascaded towards the top of the volcano. Once he did, it seemed to crash inwards, erupting in a volcanic explosion that sent hot, molten material shooting upwards for several miles. The Queen scurried away just in time to avoid any impact from it, but noticed something peculiar when she noticed all of the mechanical insect creatures flying into the molten geyser. When she then saw her desired creature doing the same as well, warping as it struggled with itself, she took to action. She quickly scurried around the volcano, bracing herself before launching off of it, one of her large hands extended. She grabbed one of the creature's hands, but to her misfortune, it was so close to the lava stream that it was the only part she managed to salvage, tumbling down the volcano until she reached the bottom. She shook her head, looking down at the hand and swearing under her breath. She exhaled sharply, noticing the end where the wrist had broken off was sparking a bit. She pursed her lips, closing her eyes as she concentrated on analyzing the creature's makeup.

"It isn't flesh, exactly... it's an entirely new composition... perhaps I can reform it..." The Queen spoke lowly, grasping the hand in both of hers as she bit her lip. The spark continued to flicker as something emerged from it, wires and fragments of code slowly extending to rebuild the creature.

Meanwhile, Ralph had been rescued from the volcano by a little girl, the one he had called Vanellope, her raven hair tied up into a ponytail. He sat on the back end of her car, barely any room as she swerved to a stop. They looked back as the remaining mechanical insects were destroyed, the molten stream jutting out from the volcano slowly simmering down.

"Something's wrong!" Ralph shouted.

"What do you mean?" Vanellope asked as the winds picked up.

"The game should be resetting, but it's not!" Ralph said.

"That's because I have to cross the finish line!" Vanellope replied.

"Well let's get a move on then, kid!" Ralph waved his arm towards the race track in the distance.

"Don't have to tell me twice!" Vanellope responded, starting the engine and driving towards it.

The Queen exhaled sharply when a pair of eyes opened, the creature laying before her groaning softly as he shifted a bit. He lifted his head, blinking as his vision was restored. When the Queen came into focus, he tilted his head curiously. All her tentacles were retracted under her dress to seem less intimidating. Before speaking, he looked down at himself, noticing that he was no longer glitching between his own and his persona, King Candy's, face. He still had his cybug body, a bit confused by his current state.

"Do not fear, all will be explained to you in good time." The Queen started. "What is your name?"

"It's Turbo... I don't think you're from around here, I've never seen you in the arcade. You from a new game?" Turbo asked.

"Not quite. I am from outside this realm entirely. I have revived you so that you may assist me." The Queen answered.

"Woah, woah, hang on... I thought for sure this was the land of Game Over and you were its angel of death or something. Just what's going on here, lady?" Turbo said as he got to his feet.

"Firstly, you shall address me as 'your highness,' 'your majesty,' 'your grace' or 'your Queen.' For that is what I am, I am the Queen of Hearts." The Queen said.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever queenie. I'll have you know I'm the king of racing, so you can take that to the bank. Now I'll need you to get me up to speed because last time I checked I flew face first into the beacon of death. How did I not have a 'game over?'" Turbo asked as he inspected his clawed hands.

The Queen raised a brow; this creature- Turbo, certainly had an odd manner of speaking. She cleared her throat, maintaining her poise. "I already told you. I resurrected you, and removed any obvious weaknesses or malformations from your being. You shall now be more suitable for what I would like you to do."

"Listen, queenie, the only thing I want to do is regain my glory as the best racer ever, got it? And wring that scrawny kid's neck that put me into this situation in the first place!" Turbo exclaimed.

"The only one's neck who will be wrung is yours if you fail to oblige me! I gave you your life and I can just as easily take it away!" The Queen spoke in dual voices, her eyes burning into his.

Turbo blinked, holding his hands up. "Okay, okay, calm down... I don't want to chance a 'game over' again... just tell me what you want me to do so you can go on your merry way."

"If you agree to assist me in destroying my enemies... I shall ensure that you claim the child's life you speak of. I currently maintain a dwelling in my realm which you may stay, and keep the child prisoner there. You shall join my forces and I shall enlighten you on all you need to know." The Queen said.

Turbo blinked. "You talk weird." He remarked.

"I should say the same for you. Now, show me where the child is so I may claim her." The Queen ordered.

Back towards the race track, Ralph hopped off the kart as their friends, Felix and Tamora Calhoun, joined them.

"Let's get this game reset and head back to our games, I'll be home just in time for one of Mary's delicious pies!" Felix exclaimed happily.

"After dealing all of this, I'm thinking of taking up that offer myself." Calhoun remarked. "I'll tell you Wreck-it, you are one crazy son of a gun for what you did. You're nothing short of hero for the sacrifice you made. A true soldier in my eyes."

Ralph smiled lightly. "Thanks, sarge."

Just as they were about to help Vanellope cross the finish line, they all gasped when Turbo came out of nowhere, cackling as he hovered above the finish line for a few moments.

"You're going to have to get through me if you want to reset this game, GLITCH!" He shouted, touching down and standing between Vanellope and the finish line.

"What the- what are YOU still doing here?" Vanellope piped up.

"Now I KNOW I saw you get a game over!" Calhoun shouted. "Felix, Wreck-it, get behind me!" She cried as she took out her gun, shooting at Turbo. She thought she had the upper hand, when she suddenly felt herself being pulled back. She cried out in surprise until she was whirled around, grimacing when she was face to face with the Queen. "You are one ugly son of a-"

"Be careful, Tammy!" Felix shouted in fear.

"Not really helping me, short stack!" She shouted, the Queen scowling angrily before screeching in her face, baring her sharp teeth. She flicked her tentacle aside, sending Calhoun flying like a rag doll as she then moved forward to approach Felix and Ralph. Calhoun landed harshly onto the ground, groaning lightly before passing out from the impact.

"What in mother hubbard is that?! This is like out of one of those horror games!" Ralph exclaimed.

"I don't know, but Tammy is hurt, Ralph!" Felix exclaimed, hopping towards her.

"Hey w- don't leave me here by mys- oh thanks a lot, Felix!" Ralph groaned as he barely moved in time to evade the Queen's tentacles in an attempt to grab him. As he tried to avoid her, he suddenly heard hysterical screaming, gasping when he turned to see Turbo holding Vanellope in his hand. She then glitched out of his grip, trying to run. She finally reached Ralph, clinging to his leg.

"Ralph, what do we do?" She exclaimed frightfully.

The Wrecker glanced around, seeing they were being cornered by the Queen and Turbo. The Queen took out a snow globe, hissing to it before casting it down, a portal appearing behind them.

"You are coming with us, little girl... whether you come with your life intact shall be up to you." The Queen declared.

Vanellope furrowed her brows, biting her lip. She glanced up at Ralph, taking his hand. "Stay perfectly still."

Ralph blinked. "Okay, but can I ask why-"

Vanellope glitched them to the other side of the portal, turning back when Ralph continued to stay perfectly still.

"You can move NOW, stinkbrain!" Vanellope exclaimed.

"Well sorry, I wouldn't mind a little clarification!" Ralph threw his hands up before following her as she ran towards her kart. She hopped in, about to start it when she felt the whole thing being pulled back, looking behind her and widening her eyes when several tentacles wrapped around the vehicle. Vanellope grit her teeth, starting up the kart and pressing the petal to the metal.

"Vanellope!" Ralph cried, moving to help her when suddenly, Turbo pounced at him. He dragged Ralph back before standing between him and Vanellope, separating them.

"That glitch is mine, Ralph!" He growled.

Vanellope whimpered, pressing down on the gas as hard as she could, but the Queen's tentacles just wouldn't let up. Having enough of this tug of war, the Queen grunted as she lifted the kart off the ground, hurling it up and behind her as Vanellope screamed, disappearing into the portal.

"NO!" Ralph cried, reaching out a hand with anxiety.

"We have the girl, let's take our leave!" The Queen hissed, proceeding through the portal as well.

"Sounds good to me!" Turbo replied, making his way through as well.

Ralph gasped, running as fast as he could after Turbo as the portal began to shrink. He took a deep breath, jumping as far forward as he could, diving into the portal right before it closed up completely.

As this all happened, Felix took Calhoun's hand to help her up upon regaining consciousness, just in time to see Ralph jump into the portal. "Tammy, you're alright!" He exclaimed with relief.

The winds died down, Calhoun exhaling sharply as her eyes widened. "Felix, get me my cruiser. We need to locate Ralph and Vanellope."

"A- Alright..." He replied, fetching her the hover board. "What in Sam Hill was that...?"

"I don't know... but I do know that we're in big trouble if we don't find them. This whole damn arcade is." She slung her machine gun over her shoulder, grabbing her scanner to program it.

Alice burst through the door into the palace back in Arendelle, Pitch striding behind her. Her expression was dead serious, only stopping when Anna noticed her tense stance and gently taking her arm.

"Alice, what's going on?" Anna asked.

"Where is your sister?" Alice asked, ignoring her question.

Anna blinked in surprise. "Sh- She's in the drawing room, but... Jack told me you and Pitch were-"

"Perfect. Gather everyone in the dining hall, quickly!" Alice exclaimed before heading towards the stairs.

Anna looked after Alice, beginning to worry before going on her way to do as Alice requested. In the drawing room, Elsa was writing something on parchment before the door opened, making her jump a bit in surprise and rise from her seat quickly.

Elsa sighed upon seeing who it was. "Alice, you can't just barge into any room you want without permission-"

"We have a serious problem and it needs to be discussed with everyone immediately. I'm setting up a meeting in the dining hall." She said before turning to leave, Pitch barely able to keep up with her.

Elsa was dumbfounded, glancing at him for a moment before striding after Alice, grabbing her wrist to stop her. "I don't know who you think you're talking to but you do NOT tell me what to do in my own-"

"Unless you would like to see every last one of your citizens, your family, and your kingdom burn to smithereens before your very eyes, I suggest you heed my words now. If my behavior wasn't warranted, trust me, Pitch would be the first to scold me." She yanked her arm away from Elsa. "If you don't believe me, ask HIM." She spat before turning to resume walking quickly towards the stairs.

Elsa grit her teeth, about to go after her when a gentle hand stopped her. She glanced over to see Pitch, gasping lightly when he took her hand.

"Elsa... I can't believe I'm saying this, but Alice's intuition has been correct." Pitch sighed, holding her hands in his and giving them a gentle squeeze as Elsa stared at him in shock.

When everyone but Eliza and Olaf was gathered in the dining hall, Alice sitting at the one end of the long table, there was total silence filling the room for several moments, heavy tension filling the room. Jack was sitting to Alice's right, slowly reaching out to try to take her hand when he stopped at her inhaling sharply. He retracted the hand, biting his lip a bit. After what seemed like ages, Alice whipped out her vorpal blade, stabbing it into the table and making everyone jump. The action surprised everyone, Eugene emitting a girly squeak before covering his mouth. If the situation wasn't as serious as it was, Rapunzel would have burst into laughter beside him.

"Uh... that wood was imported..." Kristoff said quietly, tugging on his collar a bit.

"That, ladies and gentlemen, is a wakeup call. This is why I have gathered you all here tonight." She stood up, resting her hands on the table as the knife stuck out from where she stabbed it. "So, Pitch and I..." She stopped, glancing over at him and motioning to him with her head to stand up. He sighed, doing so as he rolled his eyes a bit. "... are going to explain to you what we witnessed tonight, and what it means for all of us... some shall be affected more potently by this than others, but as of right now, every last one of you is involved." She nodded to Pitch, who produced a map. Alice laid it out on the table, spreading it out. "Here..." She pointed to the mountain where she and Pitch had been. "There is a vast forest, and a collapsed mountain just outside of its range. This is where they are dwelling; the Queen and her new collective." She took a quill, circling it before folding it so that the one spot showed, throwing it in Elsa's direction to it plopped down in front of her. Everyone craned their necks to look at it as Alice inhaled deeply. "Many of you have been wondering why I've been... tense... on edge..." She held her hands out to show them all that they were trembling. "... now you shall learn, in explicit detail, why." Her eyes became a bit crazed as she looked at them all. "It's because not only is the Queen alive, and well... but because she's gathered a whole bloody collective to come straight here and send us straight to hell's gates!" She shrieked, grabbing the handle of her blade an yanking it out of the table. "Perhaps now you will all take me seriously, and listen to our testimony! Does anyone object?!"

The room fell silent, no one daring to utter a sound. Alice nodded firmly, sheathing her blade back on her person.

Pitch cleared his throat after some time, daring to break the silence. "If I may, I'd like to start." When Alice nodded, he took in a breath. "I speak in particular to the guardians who are present; the rest of you won't know whom I speak of. An old enemy of yours has come to rise again."

"Old enemy? Who is that?" Jack asked.

"The Monkey King, and his minions, were seen at the location Alice marked on the map." Pitch said.

Bunny and Sandy's eyes widened. "That's impossible, mate. That heartless bloke died centuries ago after the battle at Tooth's Palace."

"Well it would seem he made a miraculous recovery... you could recognize his incessant shouting from miles away." Pitch said.

Sandy grit his teeth angrily; the Monkey King had stopped nothing during his life to hunt down Tooth and her family, and was not going to let him succeed this time, especially since he and Tooth proclaimed their love to one another months ago.

"Well... being we don't really know this... Monkey King... maybe they won't attack Arendelle so soon, right?" Anna asked. "It could buy us some time before the Queen tells them to come here..."

"I would consider that a possibility if not for a certain former boyfriend of yours being present there as well; he's obviously still unhappy with your little break up." Alice commented.

Anna's eyes widened then, standing up. "What? You don't mean Hans, do you?"

"The very same... and he seems to be the Queen's new pet, last I saw he was conjuring fire with his bare hands..." Alice answered.

Anna's mouth was agape, slowly sinking back into her chair as Kristoff placed a gentle hand on her shoulder.

"That man deceived my sister and I and tried to overthrow us both." Elsa spoke after a few moments, looking over at Alice. "I... I'm sorry for doubting you. I didn't think the Queen of Hearts would... would go this far..."

"You should know by now that you and I are her primary targets. She is going to do all that she can to ensure both our demises. She is capable of anything as long as she is still breathing." Alice said, looking upon all of them. "There is a third, some sort of fire creature, that we know nothing about, but it seems that it would be able to hold its own in a fight as far as appearances go."

Sandy was still feeling quite bitter about the fact that the Monkey King had returned, wanting to march right up to him and give him a good sucker punch. He glanced over at the map, taking it after everyone was finished looking at it to scan it over. He tilted his head, his eyes widening for a moment as realization of something hit him. He placed the map down, silently clearing his throat before tapping Bunny's arm.

"So what do we do at this point?" Jack asked. "I mean, should we just go over there and try to nip this in the bud?"

"Elsa and I certainly need to hide somewhere; the Queen's primary focus is on the two of us. There is a forest near the mountain that would be the most optimal location. However, getting inside, as Pitch and I experienced, will prove quite difficult. If we can find a way to find solace in the woods there, it can offer us protection, take primary attention off of Arendelle and North's workshop, and allow us to be close enough to somewhat monitor their movements." Alice said.

Sandy and Bunny had been communicating quietly during all this, the dream guardian floating up and waving his hands at Alice, pointing at himself with a light bulb above his head.

"You have something to offer, Sandy?" Alice asked.

Sandy nodded, forming a picture of a group of trees above his head followed by a door opening and closing.

"Do you know a way inside this forest? Are you familiar with the area?" Alice asked.

Sandy nodded again, smiling as he held up the map in one hand, giving her a thumbs up with the other.

Alice raised her brows at this. "Perfect. Now to decide who remains here and who shall join Elsa and I to go to the forest in the States. Some should remain here in Arendelle to assist in defending the city from any potential attacks, while still allowing enough of us to make a decent offensive force." She tapped her chin, glancing around the table. "Eugene..."

At the sound of his name being called, he groaned, running a hand through his hair anxiously. "I'm going to die, aren't I?"

"... you shall remain here with Rapunzel, Merida, Hiccup and Toothless, Anna, and Kristoff." Alice said. "You shall watch over Eliza and this kingdom to keep both safe and secure."

"Oh thank the sweet skies above..." Eugene breathed, Rapunzel patting his back comfortingly.

Alice rolled her eyes. "The remainder of you; Jack, Bunny, Sandy, Elsa, and Pitch shall join me in venturing to the States and-"

Sandy waved his hands then, getting Alice's attention to make her stop. When she looked at him, she furrowed a brow in surprise when she saw words appearing in front of her in a purple, sandy texture. In Wonderland, she had the ability to see hidden pathways and signs upon drinking a magical purple potion. Sandy began to communicate to her with these floating words, those only she could see.

"Uh... are we having a staring contest?" Bunny asked.

Alice ignored him, glancing over at Pitch for a moment as the words dissipated from her view.

'Whatever the reason you feel Pitch should not come along may be...' Alice spoke mentally to Sandy. '... there is no doubt the Queen maintains him as a primary target as well. Keeping him here will increase the chances of her causing harm to Arendelle. He is also skilled in combat, and is somewhat familiar with the Queen's fighting tactics. If it becomes an issue, we can have him relocated.'

Though Pitch could not hear nor sense what Alice and Sandy were communicating to each other, Alice's brief glance at him made him a bit suspicious of him being the subject of their silent conversation. Sandy bit his lip, nodding uneasily as he slowly sat back down. Alice straightened up, looking to everyone. "Alright, does everyone understand their roles in this plan?"

"If any scallywags come here, I'll gut them before they can even shout 'blarney!'" Merida smirked.

"Guess we'll have to put our wedding plans on hold..." Hiccup muttered, Merida gently bumping his shoulder with hers.

"Alright then. Those of you coming with me, gather your things and meet me in the foyer." Alice said, turning to head towards the stairs with Jack following close behind. She stopped when Elsa took her arm a bit more gently this time to get to her attention.

"Alice... thank you... for helping to protect my family. I'm sorry I've been hostile towards you in the past... I have a difficult time trusting others." Elsa said.

"Understandably so. However, if we're going to be working together, we have to learn to settle our differences for the sake of those we care about... and ourselves. I'm going to bid farewell to Eliza, Jack and I will return shortly." Alice replied before continuing up the stairs with Jack.

Eliza was in her room, playing a little game with Olaf when Alice and Jack entered. She stood, smiling and going up to them. "Are you finished with your meeting, Alice?" Eliza asked.

"Yes, love, I am..." Alice sighed lightly, she and Jack sitting down beside her on the edge of her bed as Olaf smiled and waved at them. "... it seems that Pitch and I have spotted danger arising once again from afar."

Eliza's smile faded, looking to them with worry. "Is it the Queen?"

"Yeah..." Jack said. "I'm sorry Eliza, but... Alice and I have a job to do. We have to protect you and everyone in the kingdom."

"... you have to leave, don't you?" Eliza asked sadly.

"Yes... we must leave. You will remain here with Merida, Hiccup, Anna, Kristoff, Rapunzel and Eugene... and Olaf, of course." Alice gave the snowman a nod.

"Aww it's okay Eliza, we can still play games and have fun!" Olaf chirped, lightly patting Eliza's arm with his stick hand.

"I'm going to miss you..." Eliza bit her lip, joining Alice and Jack in a group hug.

"We're going to miss you too." Jack said. "I promise, Alice and I will come back as soon as we can. We just want to keep you safe."

"I know... I'm just scared for you." Eliza said.

"Scared for US? Come on, Alice and I are unstoppable." Jack smirked, trying to lift the girl's spirits as she giggled lightly. He ruffled her hair as Alice kissed her forehead, the two saying one final goodbye before taking their leave.

As they headed down the stairs, Jack glanced over at Alice, who wore a somber expression. He took her hand in his, squeezing it lightly. Alice sighed, coiling an arm around Jack as he hugged her shoulders, comforting each other as they went to meet up with the others.

The Queen and Turbo arrived back at the mountain, Turbo trying to get a good grip on Vanellope. She kept glitching herself away, her kart somewhere off to the side. When she attempted to run, she gasped as monkey minions ran towards her, screeching and shouting in an intimidating fashion. Seeing nowhere to even escape to, Vanellope whimpered lightly as she found herself surrounded, some jabbing their spears and swords towards her. Maharaja laughed mockingly at this.

"Khöörkhiilöltei baga züil! Ter nas barsan ilüü amid ilüü sonirkholtoi baina!" Maharaja said amusingly before laughing again.

"If anyone shall kill her, it shall be our newest member to our cause... this is Turbo; he shall be assisting us in defeating our enemies. Once this is done, he shall be free to do what he wishes with the child." The Queen said.

Vanellope furrowed her brows, looking at the Queen. "I don't even know you, you big dumb head! What the heck did I do to you?"

The Queen grit her teeth, growling as she lunged forward to shove Vanellope back. "You insolent little girl, you will not speak out of turn!"

Turbo raised a brow, smirking. "Huh. This chick isn't half bad."

"LEAVE HER ALONE!" A voice shouted from behind suddenly, Ralph charging forward towards Vanellope. "Stay away from her!"

"R- Ralph?! How in the heck did HE get here?!" Turbo exclaimed.

"He must have snuck in after us through the portal; seize him!" The Queen shouted.

As Ralph ran towards Vanellope, minions lunged forward to stop him, using their spears and newly forged swords. Ralph grit his teeth, crying out as he reared his fist back to send them flying in every direction, bowling through them line pins. He was within a few yards from getting to Vanellope when he was shoved hard from the side, falling over in a heap. He shook his head, barely having a moment to recuperate before Maharaja tackled him. Ralph furrowed a brow, not expecting to face someone with almost as much brute strength as himself. When he heard Vanellope screaming, one of the minions chuckling as he poked her with its spear, this enraged Ralph, growling as he shoved Maharaja off of him to run to her.

"Kid, we've got to get out of here or we're going to 'game over' for sure!" Ralph exclaimed.

"There's nowhere to go!" Vanellope cried.

Ralph looked up, pointing towards the top of the incline inside the mountain. "Up there! Hurry!" Ralph shouted.

Vanellope glitched them both to the top just when Turbo was about to snatch them up, gritting his teeth angrily. "I'm going to rip the code out of that glitch!"

"Ralph, my kart! We have to get my kart back!" Vanellope exclaimed.

"Have you lost your marbles?! We've gotta start running, now!" Ralph shouted, scooping her up as he made a run for it.

"But Ralph, we made that kart together, there's no others like it!" Vanellope whined.

"Okay, Vanellope..." Ralph started as he was running, minions right on their tail as they chased after them. "... I appreciate that you cherish our friendship that much, but we're dealing with something a LITTLE more urgent right now!"

Vanellope bit her lip, gasping when she saw a forest up ahead. "Hey Ralph, maybe we can lose them in there!" She pointed.

"I really hope you're right, kid!" Ralph answered.

"Tedniig avakh! Khol avch tedniig büü olgo!" Maharaja shouted, pointing his sword towards Vanellope and Ralph.

Ralph took one last glance behind him, about to run into the trees when he stopped short. Thick vines covered in thorns blocked their way, not allowing them to pass.

"Well, this is just perfect!" Ralph exclaimed as the minions were nearly upon them.

"Ralph, we've got nowhere to go!" Vanellope screamed.

"W- Wait a second...! Kid, can you glitch us in?" Ralph asked.

"I can try!" Vanellope replied, closing her eyes tight just as the minions were about to reach them, the two disappearing instantly. The front most minions had to skip to a stop, some running right into the thorns and screaming in pain as they were pierced. Maharaja cried out angrily, Turbo stomping the ground angrily.

"Boy would I give to make that glitch road kill!" Turbo growled.

The Queen stepped forward from behind him, narrowing her eyes. "The child was able to teleport into the forest somehow..." The Queen pursed her lips, taking out one of the snow globes. She smirked lightly, keeping this idea to herself as she tucked the object back into her dress.

"Fear not, Turbo... within that forest exists another enemy of ours, the nemesis of the Phoenix, it is this very mountain he governs. We shall make sure both perish equally harsh deaths. Come, let us return and get you settled in." The Queen said.

Turbo grumbled with frustration, following her along with Maharaja and his minions. He didn't know anything yet about the group he was with, but from what he had seen, if anyone was going to help him get Vanellope out of his way once and for all, they would be his best bet to help him achieve that goal.

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