The Kingdoms of Fallen Stars

Shaky Initial Interactions

They all followed Emily uneasily, Vanellope sticking close to Ralph. She sat upon her throne once more, waving her hand over the pool of water at her feet. "Place your hands inside... if what you told Sandy is truthful, the water shall remain pure."

Ralph cleared his throat awkwardly, glancing around before doing what Emily told him to. Vanellope did the same, furrowing her brows. After a few moments passed by, the two glanced from the water to her, blinking when nothing happened.

"What was the whole point of that?" Vanellope asked.

"You do not ask me questions, I ask you questions." Emily replied. "Who are you? Where do you come from?"

Ralph lightly nudged Vanellope with his arm, not wanting her to set the forest nymph off. "Hi there..." He waved. "Uh, my name is-"

"Keep your hand in the water!" Emily shouted.

"Oh, jeez uh, sorry..." Ralph shoved his hand back in the water, splashing Vanellope a bit.

"Come on, Ralph!" Vanellope whined.

Jack was snickering in the background, trying unsuccessfully to keep a smile off his face. Bunny smirked also, leaning towards him.

"Mate, you better cut it out or she's gonna-"

Thunder cracked over them, snapping them to attention as Emily shot a glare at them. She returned her focus to Ralph and Vanellope then.

"Speak." She commanded of them.

"Right, uh... so my name is Ralph, and I actually, um... originally came from a forest too, so yeah, go trees!" When he saw Emily wasn't amused, he chuckled nervously. "But yeah, in my game, the other guys kind of get rid of my stump and I'm supposed to be angry about it so I always wreck the building, and-"

"Enough. You child, speak." Emily said.

Vanellope glanced around for a moment before sighing. "Look lady, you don't have to worry about me, or even stinkbrain here. We're just trying to get back home-"

"Answer my question, defiant girl!" Emily shouted.

"Hey, I'm not the one who nearly used their plant whatevers to choke the life out of someone! Why do you have to be so mean?" Vanellope shouted.

Ralph tugged at his collar anxiously. "No, Van- stop- ohh you are going to make her angry-"

"You dare speak to me in such a manner?!" Emily shouted at Vanellope.

"Yeah! Just because I'm some good for nothing glitch doesn't mean that-" Vanellope gasped when suddenly, black ink began to fill the pool around her hand, making both her and Emily gasp.

"There... you have tainted the water with your lies!" Emily shouted, waving her hand to send a gust of wind at Vanellope, shoving her back several feet. The water returned to normal then.

"I didn't lie about anything, you crazy psycho!" Vanellope shouted.

"You shall pay for your behavior with your life, child!" Emily shouted.

Just as Emily reared her hand back, Bunny decided that this had gone far enough. He jumped in between Vanellope and Emily, holding his arms out.

"Alright, will you cut it out already, Em?" Bunny shouted.

"Stay out of my way, Bunnymund!" Emily screamed.

"No! Look, I knew you to be a standoffish type, but I can't believe you would try to hurt a little ankle biter that's done nothing to you!" Bunny replied.

"She has intruded upon MY domain and-"

"That's all it's ever about with you now, isn't it? First you had a tantrum about daddy dearest, which you still do, now everything is about 'your domain!' You're supposed to be Mother Nature Em, you're supposed to be nurturing, not a bloody tyrant!" Bunny snapped.

"The responsibilities I am tasked with are not for you to define!" Emily shouted.

"Fine. You may not want to do your job right, but I'm going to do MINE right. My job, is to protect children, and this here, is a child. So as long as I'm around, you're not gonna do a thing to her. Trust me, none of us are here because we want to be. We're here because our enemy is out there, and she's very, very powerful, and she's very, very vengeful. As soon as we finish her off, we'll be out of your hair, and you can go back to being in solitary confinement." Bunny replied.

Feeling totally humiliated and at a loss, Emily stared at Bunny with rage. "The child and that putrid man may join my father and the mortal queen in the darkened area of the forest where I may not look upon them."

"Oh, uh, my name is Ralph, in case you forgot-"

"Silence! Do as you're told before I change my mind in sparing your lives!" Emily shouted before sitting on her throne, her spine tense.

Bunny shook his head. "Come on guys, I'm not sticking around this b-"

"Itching to run from an unsolved conflict will only allow the hostility to fester, Bunny." Alice remarked.

"Trust me Alice, there is no reasoning with THAT." Bunny pointed at Emily, who began to breathe unevenly.

"Leave me alone!" She screamed, another crack of lightning bursting in the sky overhead. "And I say the same for you as well, Sandy, for allowing this disrespectful low lives to speak to me in such a manner!"

Sandy frowned, sighing lightly as he regrettably floated back to the shelter that he was sharing with Bunny, Alice and Jack. As they all settled in, Sandy could not deny that Bunny's words had some truth to them; he had known Emily for many centuries now, and he never remembered her being this… aggressive. Had all these years of isolation worn down on her empathy towards others? He hoped that if this was true, that their presence would eventually diminish Emily's aggression, not exaggerate it.

In the mountain, the Queen had educated Turbo about the guardians, their history with her as well as Alice, their connections and what place Turbo now shared with the other members among her collective. He bit his lip in thought, tapping a clawed finger to his chin.

"So… all I have to do is help you give a few people a 'game over,' and you'll help me tear that glitch to shreds?" Turbo asked.

"Precisely." The Queen smiled. "She may have indeed assisted us, however. If the child can somehow enter the forest with her abilities, then it is possible for any one of us. It's simple… find a way to make the child help us in… it won't be easy… but I'm sure we can figure out something. Especially with Hans here, he's proven to have quite a trusting exterior to him."

"Just tell me what you need me to do." Hans replied.

The Queen pursed her lip in thought. "Let's not be too hasty." She said. "We must bide our time and prepare properly. You all need to sharpen your skills and learn to become an effective offensive force. In the meantime, I will take time to determine what our next course of action will be…" She took her leave, going over to a quieter area of the mountain to sit, closing her eyes. "Alright… where might you be… I cannot spare too much blood… it is the source of my strength." The Queen whispered to herself, closing her eyes as the opened her mouth, biting into one of her wrists. She hissed lightly, allowing the blood to drip onto the floor. When it pooled, she narrowed her eyes as she looked into it. She took Elsa's strand of hair, dropping it into the blood as it rippled lightly. She leaned forward as she saw Elsa inside the forest with Pitch, having set up their own shelter. She then heard distant voices, her eyes widening when she saw Vanellope and Ralph heading towards their location. "Ah… so the wretch is exactly where I need her to be… if they can enter the forest, so can I." She took a snow globe out from her dress, hissing into it. When nothing happened, she growled in angry confusion as she spoke to it again. When it didn't work, she tucked the snow globe back into her dress angrily as she realized that method was not going to work. "The enchantment upon that forest is very strong indeed… I will have to find success in a more complicated manner." She cursed under her breath, about to head back to the center of the mountain when something caught her attention. She tilted her head curiously as she caught a faint scent upon the air. She quickly but quietly crawled up the wall of the mountain until she reached the top, scanning the area. She didn't see anything out of the ordinary, but the scent was still barely detected as the wind carried it along calmly. Concentrating deeply, she moved slower, trying to get a better sense of where the scent was coming from. When it grew slightly stronger, her eyes darted. They widened when they saw a mere fragment of something floating about in the air, her hand snapping out to grab it. Upon opening it, she raised a brow, revealing a strand of hair. She stared at it for several moments before inhaling its scent deeply, her brows furrowing a bit as her mind raced. When realization hit her, she gasped, whirling around to head back into the mountain speedily. The Queen practically threw the single hair into the small puddle of blood, her eyes widening as its source appeared before her. "No… it cannot be…" She growled lowly, pure rage twisting her features into a deep scowl. "That defiant, persistent wretch!" She shrieked, whirling around as she gripped her head for a moment with her large hands. "I killed her myself… I watched the life leave her eyes, how can she still be…" Her mind scrambled for an answer, raising her head as she nodded to herself a bit. "… the guardians… they must have found some way to restore her… curse them, curse them!" She fell to her knees, her breathing uneven. "She cannot live… she shall dethrone me again before my empire is even built… I must destroy her first… but she is a formidable foe, there is no denying that… must I be forever haunted by her undying presence, must I never be at peace from her swift hand of justice?!" She bit her lip, concentrating deeply. "When one passage is blocked in the veins of the body, the blood must travel a different course… show me a way to destroy her, show me a weakness I may take hold…" The Queen whispered, looking into the puddle of blood. When it presented the answer she sought out, she smirked wickedly. "Ah… left to her own devices I see… and better yet, her heart is filled with resurfacing troubles… all the easier to take control of." She nodded to herself. "While the others perfect their abilities… I shall perfect her heart into my image." The Queen chuckled lowly, the sound swelling into chaotic laughter. "You shall experience your greatest suffering yet!"

Back in Arendelle, Baby Tooth sighed sadly, missing Tooth. She had been asked to remain there while she went back to North's workshop to help keep an eye on things. The small fairy pouted lightly until she noticed someone approach her, blinking lightly. She straightened up a bit, hovering in the air a bit when Pascal, Rapunzel's chameleon, tilted his head curiously at her. She did the same with him, squeaking lightly. Pascal smiled at her, nodding lightly as the two small creatures communicated. The reptile extended a hand, the fairy shaking it lightly as she giggled. They both turned when Rapunzel approached them, chuckling lightly.

"Aww, made a new friend, Pascal?" She asked, gently petting the small chameleon before extending a hand so that Baby Tooth could touch down on her palm. "I can't imagine how beautiful your home land must be." She remarked before Anna approached them.

"Have you seen Olaf?" She asked.

"No, why?" Rapunzel glanced around for a moment.

"Eliza had another nightmare, and he usually is able to calm her down…" Anna frowned.

"Oh dear… I can help you find him if you need me to…" Rapunzel said. "Here Pascal, you stay here with Baby Tooth. Come find me if you happen to see him." She then joined Anna in looking for the little snowman.

Meanwhile, Eliza wiped her eyes, exhaling deeply as she finally willed herself to get out of bed. The nightmare still lingered in her mind, visions of her family fighting and her unpleasant journey to England after being sent away. She wandered out of the castle and into the stables, her frown fading a bit as she walked inside. She walked up to where Sven was, giggling as she grabbed a small stool to stand on and undo the latch. She went inside, hugging his neck as she closed her eyes. Sven smiled warmly, grunting a bit to her as he sensed something was not quite right with her.

"I had the nightmares again." She said, answering his unspoken question as the reindeer frowned lightly. "But a bit of fun may help me feel better."

Maximus and Angus, Merida's horse that she brought over from Scotland, peeked over their stables, both snorting lightly to Sven, shaking their heads. Toothless emerged then, having taken one of the larger spaces being he was bigger. He was able to roam freely so he could fly and stretch out his wings if he needed to. He yawned lazily, looking between all of them when the horses were communicating with Sven. The reindeer snorted back at them, nodding his head to Eliza as he pointed a hoof to himself, nodding confidently. Maximus and Angus, both who had become well acquainted, glanced at each other unsurely. They both jumped a bit when Toothless pranced around a bit, smiling and nodding. It seemed that he wanted to join Sven and Eliza in on the fun, that which the pair of horses did not think was such a great idea. They were overruled however, Eliza taking a saddle and biting her lip as she helped fasten it to Sven's back. She grunted as she tried to climb on, Toothless helping to nudge her the rest of the way up with his snout so she could seat herself. Toothless glanced back, winking at them to hide behind him so they could sneak out. Maximus stared after them flatly, Angus looking on worriedly as the young girl swayed a bit to keep balance. Once the three reached the forest just outside Arendelle's palace, Toothless chirped a bit when they found an open meadow. He romped around a bit, prancing as he pounced in the air after butterflies.

"What a beautiful day!" Eliza exclaimed. "I don't know why the others said I need one of them around to ride you, Sven. I can do it just fine on my own… better than being cooped up inside all day where my bad memories make me sad… I still wish Alice and Jack were here. Why couldn't they stay and let the other guardians go?" She frowned lightly.

Sven whimpered a bit, perking up a bit when he saw something in the distance.

"What is it, Sven?" She then saw something seeming to float in the distance as well, tilting her head. "Come on, let's hurry!"

Sven stuck his tongue out playfully, taking off. Eliza laughed as the wind blew through her hair. "Faster, Sven!"

The reindeer nodded, galloping faster towards the floating object in the distance. Toothless was running just alongside them, chirping and blasting a fireball into the sky as he emitted a guttural laugh. Their merriment came to a halt however, when Sven suddenly tripped over a rock, his legs fumbling as the speed of his momentum send him flying forward; and Eliza flying forward OFF of him. Toothless cried out, skidding to a stop as he gently nudged Eliza with his nose. He looked to Sven, the reindeer shaking his head as he got to his feet. When he saw Toothless' expression, he panicked, trotting over to see that Eliza was biting her lip, whimpering as she held her leg. She looked up at Toothless, her brow twisted in pain.

"Toothless, I… I don't think I can walk…!" Eliza exclaimed.

The dragon bowed his head worriedly, looking to Sven and whining lightly. Sven grunted back, gently nudging Eliza's cheek with his snout apologetically.

"It's alright, Sven… but I must find my way home so I can try to-" Eliza stopped then, gasping when she saw that the object they were going after was a few feet from them. She strained as she tried to stand, Toothless offering his head to help her lean against. "What is this…?" She asked to herself, limping over as her hand reached out to it. She took it into her hands, inspecting it a bit curiously. "How peculiar…"

Before she could inspect it any further, they heard voices in the distance, the girl gasping as she tucked it into her dress. Her eyes widened as she saw Maximus and Angus galloping towards them in the distance, Hiccup and Eugene riding them. When they found Eliza, they both hopped off.

"Toothless, are you crazy?!" Hiccup threw his hands up at the dragon, who gave Hiccup his puppy-eyed look as he whined apologetically. "The kid is inexperienced, she could have gotten hurt!"

Right on cue, as Eugene went to help Eliza to her feet, the girl screamed in pain, collapsing back to the ground as she held her leg. Tears streamed down her face as Eugene jumped a bit at her reaction. "Hiccup, something's wrong!" He cried.

The Viking rushed over, hushing Eliza. "Okay, let me just- ohh boy… that does not look good…" Hiccup bit his lip as he traced his fingers over her leg as gently as possible, deep bruises already beginning to appear. "We've got to get you back, fast… you broke your leg." He bent down a bit more to gently take Eliza into his arms, carrying her bridal style to gently set her on Maximus before climbing on himself. "I'm going to bring her back, can you handle those two goofballs?" He asked Eugene.

"Yeah, you go ahead, Hiccup…" Eugene said.

"Okay." Hiccup pointed at Toothless and Sven. "You two are in serious trouble when we get home." He said before heading back with Eliza and Maximus.

Once they arrived at the palace, Hiccup carried Eliza inside, bringing her to her bedroom where Olaf was waiting nearby.

"Olaf!" Eliza cried. "You have to get Rapunzel!"

The snowman heard her voice, going over to her and frowning worriedly. "Eliza, are you okay?"

"No, Hiccup says I broke my leg… it hurts!" She whimpered.

"Oh no… I'll go find her!" He waddled quickly down the corridors, finally finding her. The two went to Eliza's bedroom, where Rapunzel sat at Eliza's bedside.

"It feels like a clean break…" Hiccup said. "… do you think you can handle it?"

Rapunzel smiled lightly, cracking her knuckles. "Hiccup, you're about to see an expert healer in action." She said, gently placing her hands on Eliza's leg, concentrating. She began to sing the healing song, both Hiccup and Eliza staring in awe as a golden glow illuminated from her hands. After a few moments, Eliza smiled as she felt the pain disappear, the bruises fading as her leg was healed completely.

"Wow… thank you, Rapunzel!" Eliza beamed.

"That was amazing… how do you make your hands light up like that?" Olaf asked.

Hiccup rolled his eyes playfully, Rapunzel giggling. Anna and Kristoff entered the room them, stopping short as they both sighed with relief.

"Eliza, you scared us half to death!" Anna cried. "Don't ever sneak out like that again, what if we hadn't found you?"

"I was doing fine on my own… Sven slipped, it was an accident." Eliza replied.

"Trust me, I gave him a good talking to." Kristoff said. "But from now on, you can't leave the palace without one of us, okay?"

"Why?" Eliza asked, crossing her arms. "I'm not a little girl anymore, I can handle myself quite well!"

"Says the girl who just had her leg broken." Hiccup added.

"I said it was only an accident!" Eliza pouted.

"But it was a bad accident..." Anna replied. "You're still too young to be making these big decisions and doing these things on your own." Anna said.

"But it's so confusing! Alice says I'm too old to be playing games and acting like a child, and you say I'm too young to be having fun by myself! How am I to know what's right, when can I be content and do what I want to do?" Eliza complained.

"I know it's hard at this age... believe me, finding myself as a scrawny teenager was nearly as hard as training Toothless... but we're all here to help, Eliza. With everything going on, we just want to keep you safe." Hiccup said, placing a gentle hand on her shoulder.

Just then, Merida appeared in the doorway. "Come on, you scallywags! They've just finished making a fresh apple crumb pie in the kitchen!"

The men in the room looked at each other for a split second before all three of them ran towards and out the door, all shoving each other.

"Jeez Kristoff, watch the face! It's my best quality!" Eugene could be heard shouting from down the hall.

Anna and Rapunzel gave each other flat looks before rolling their eyes. "Come on Eliza... let's go grab a slice together before the guys eat it all."

"A- Alright..." Eliza replied, clearing her throat. "I'll be down in just a moment."

As the pair of ladies headed out, Eliza checked to make sure the coast was clear, motioning Olaf to come over. "Olaf... I'm going to hide this in my drawer. I found it in the meadow. It's an odd box of some kind, I don't want anyone to touch it." She placed it in her drawer, locking it and tucking the key in her pocket. "You must keep it a secret, okay?"

"Okay!" Olaf beamed. "Secrets are fun." He whispered.

The two giggled lightly, Eliza holding his stick hand as they went down to the kitchen together.

Pitch and Elsa were resting in their shelter when they heard voices in the distance, Pitch narrowing his eyes a bit as his arm tightened a bit around Elsa's shoulders. When he heard the voices nearing, he looked down at her, placing a finger to his lips.

"Stay here. I'm going to see what that is. Those voices don't sound familiar." Pitch said.

Elsa nodded, and the nightmare king rose to his feet to emerge from their little shelter. He squinted his eyes in the darkness to see a rather large man approaching. He was about to wield his scythe when he heard a small, high pitched voice speaking, discovering a small child was accompanying the man. He tilted his head in confusion, approaching the two as they wandered forth. When Ralph was caught off guard, he jumped, holding his hands up.

"Woah! Vanellope, get behind me!" Ralph shouted. "Who are you?"

"I should be asking you the same question." Pitch stated calmly. "Does Emily know you're here? If not, you're in for quite a rude welcoming."

"Beat ya to it, pal!" Vanellope piped from Ralph's shoulder. "Is Emily that crazy psycho lady with green skin?"

"Wha- she- my daughter is NOT a 'psycho lady!'" Pitch spat.

"Whaaat? She's your DAUGHTER?! Huh, she doesn't look anything like you. Are you a psycho too?" Vanellope asked.

Pitch blinked in surprise, taken aback. "I am not- you silence yourself this very moment or I'll-"

"Hey, so why do you look like you're dead? Are you that Nosferatu guy? Ralph told me about him once. Drinking blood is kinda gross though, isn't it? Why can't vampires just drink a slurpee?" Vanellope asked without pause.

"Maybe it's because it keeps away annoying little girls who don't SHUT UP!" Pitch snapped. "I am the Boogeyman, and you WILL fear me!"

"I am the Boogeyman, and you WILL fear me!" Vanellope imitated in a mocking tone, making a face at him. "News flash, you're not scary!"

Ralph rolled his eyes, patting Pitch's shoulder. "Trust me, she did this to me too when we first met. Nothing personal."

"What- I- why are you two hooligans even here?! What have you to do with us?!" Pitch shouted.

Elsa emerged from the shelter then, hearing the commotion and determining that it wasn't exactly an impending threat. She approached the small group, clearing her throat. "Good evening, everyone... is everything alright here?"

Even in the low light, Ralph's eyes widened quite a bit when he saw Elsa. Her dress seemed to shimmer like stars, the scarce moonbeams reflecting in her sapphire blue eyes. Her skin was like marble, sculpted to perfection. The wrecker cleared his throat, smiling nervously as he waved as delicately as he could with hands his size.

"Hello there, um, yes, everything is fine and dandy here! Um, I'm Ralph, and this is my friend Penelope, she's just a cute little-"

"Hey! You said my name wrong, you big ape! Get your head out of the cotton candy clouds!" Vanellope crossed her arms before hopping off of his shoulder. "Don't listen to that big guy there; my name is Vanellope VonSchweetz! Pleasure to meet you!" She grinned, sticking her hand out.

Elsa chuckled lightly, extending her hand to shake. When she touched the child's hand, she jumped a bit when Vanellope glitched a bit. "What just happened?" Elsa asked, looking down at her own hands before looking at Vanellope.

"Aw, don't worry, that was just me glitching up again." She shrugged.

"Glitch-... glitching? I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with that ailment." Elsa furrowed a brow.

"I think they may be from a virtual universe, Elsa... may take some time for you to understand its concept." Pitch leaned over and said quietly.

"Oh..." Elsa glanced back at Vanellope, smiling lightly. "We'll have to help you both build your own shelter. I don't know if you particularly like the cold, but mine and Pitch's are being supported by some of my ice structures. It won't melt because it has my enchantment placed on it, and-"

"You made that?! Wow... I- I mean, I mean that in a good way, it's just I'm afraid I would wreck it... that is my name after all, Wreck-it-Ralph, I uh... wreck things." Ralph fumbled over his words.

Elsa chuckled nervously. "Don't worry, I can always build new if I need to. It's not too much of a strain."

Pitch looked between Elsa and Ralph, inhaling sharply before waving his hands. "Alright then! We're all going to go back to our own spaces, Elsa will be spending the night with me as always, and the two of you can go... wherever. And... Ralph, is it? Please make a great effort to keep that... child out of my earshot, or I guarantee you I shall plague her with nightmares. Alright, fantastic! Have unpleasant dreams, and I bid you farewell!"

"Pitch...!" Elsa hissed as he practically dragged her back into their shelter.

"Don't 'Pitch' me, they were acting completely suspicious!" He whispered back.

"That was very rude, you don't even know them! They could be going through the same thing we are!" Elsa frowned.

"Well until we DO know them, we're going to stay as far away as possible." Pitch declared, pulling the blanket over them to settle in. Elsa sighed in defeat, laying on her back. "Fine. I'll just have a nice chat tomorrow with Ralph and get to know him in the morning." Pitch's eyes popped open at that, opening his mouth to protest when Elsa cut him off. "Goodnight, Pitch." She smirked, leaning over to plant a small kiss before turning over to close her eyes.

"... that 'Wreck-it' Ralph better watch I don't 'wreck' his dreams... which better not be about ELSA." He growled under his breath, huffing with frustration as he closed his eyes.

Meanwhile, Alice, Jack, Sandy and Bunny were all sharing a larger shelter they had made, almost like a small cabin. Jack and Alice were curled up together in a makeshift bed, the other two trying to sleep if they weren't whispering so much. The couple had been kissing deeply for some time, Alice breaking it as she whimpered lightly in surprise.

"Jack, this is neither the time nor the place to be- Jack!" Alice hissed in a whisper as she giggled lightly, the ice guardian chuckling quietly as he rested his forehead against Alice's cheek.

"Come on, we both need to relax after the long day we had..." Jack whispered back.

"We should be thinking about what we should plan on doing tomorrow, not engaging in mischievous activities..." Alice said before jumping lightly, slapping at his hand playfully under the blanket. "Jack, my sudden movements are going to wake everyone!"

"Who cares?" He snickered, holding her hands in his. "Someone needs to cool off... and I think I know exactly what to do to make that happen."

Alice gave him a look, shaking her head. When he raised his brows and nodded, Alice giggled quietly, whining playfully as Jack gently pulled her closer to him. He planted kisses on her cheek before smirking, lightly nipping at her neck and making Alice jump a bit, covering her mouth a bit.

"J- Jack, I can't very well remain quiet with you doing that!" Alice hissed.

"Someone doesn't like Jack Frost nipping? I thought you liked my frost bites?" He wiggled his brows, chuckling quietly.

"Oh, for goodness sakes..." Alice rolled her eyes playfully before gasping lightly. "... Jack... Jack Frost you cease that right- the others will hear- ohhh... s- st- you're making me shake like a leaf..."

" ... you know I love when I make you jump... you're usually so hard to please." Jack smirked.

"Come on Jack, this isn't proper- ohhh... a- alright, just don't be too fervent-" She strained, covering her mouth to muffle a soft moan.

While Jack and Alice were enjoying themselves, perhaps a bit too loudly for Bunny's extra sensitive hearing, the Easter guardian grumbled, tugging his ears down as he rested- or at least was attempting to- not far from them. He then noticed a familiar golden glow illuminate dimly, glancing over to see Sandy sit up, wearing a flat expression. He floated towards Alice and Jack, bouncing a ball of dream sand in his palm. Alice failed to see him approaching as she was occupied, but when Jack did see him, his eyes widened a bit as he gulped. When he realized what Sandy was going to do, he waved one of his hands at him, trying to get him to back off.

"Sandy, nononononono don't-"

The dream guardian tossed the ball of dream sand, hitting Alice without her even realizing it, falling asleep instantly. Jack gritted his teeth, sitting up as he glared at Sandy, the dream guardian raising a brow.

"Oh when I get a chance you are SO going to get it-" Jack started, but was interrupted when Sandy hit him with the dream sand, Jack passing out instantly as well. The dream guardian laughed inaudibly, floating back over and settling back in. He and Bunny fist bumped.

"Thanks, mate. I owe you one." Bunny said. "Being I'm awake already, I may as well take a stroll... some fresh air should help me get tired again."

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