Snow Trouble

Chapter 2

The students filed out of the bus to see that the resort was gorgeous and they couldn't wait to get their stuff into the rooms and get to the slopes.

The teacher went over the ground rules and then they were escorted to their rooms. SeoHyun was with Kara along with a girl named Amanda and a female chaperone named Liz. They unpacked and started to meet with the group that was going to go ski after they ate lunch.

"There are basic lessons over here, they are free to anyone who wants or needs them" the escort told them cheerfully as they walked across the slope to the ski lifts and both Kara and SeoHyun went for the lessons. Those that already knew how to ski started down the slopes.

Both young werewolves were doing very well on the lessons when Tag found them again. He hated that he couldn’t be in a room closer to SeoHyun an Kara as he promised their foster families and Kara’s biological one that he would look after them on this trip, but he understood that they were girls and he was a guy and there had to be rules to protect them from guys that would put their hands on such pretty young girls.

He was proud of them, SeoHyun especially as she had been very skittish before, but was now so outgoing. She was a strong and capable young wolf now and there were so many that needed to be thanked for that fact none more than Anna, Charles and Bran who had formed a new family unit for her and gave her the strength to not even let Leah’s harsh words affect her.

Anna watched as Charles paced nervously, Tag had called about an hour prior to tell him that they all made it safely to the resort and that the students were going to the slopes to ski after they had lunch. He couldn’t shake the feeling that he shouldn’t have sent SeoHyun on the trip and he couldn’t ferret out a reason why and he hated it.

Anna understood what he was going through, she knew that often those feelings meant bad things would happen but they didn’t want to hurt SeoHyun by telling her she couldn’t go. At first, it had eased up when Tag volunteered to go along as a chaperone, but now it was back full force and he couldn’t help worry about her and that had Anna worried.

She had told Tag what was going on with Charles and he assured them that he would keep a close watch on her but unfortunately he couldn’t watch her all the time.

SeoHyun arrived at the base of the bunny slope feeling extremely proud of herself for making it to the bottom without falling or getting hurt in any way. This was a fun trip and she was really beginning to enjoy skiing. She headed back to the chair lift when she noticed someone strange watching her from a distance. She reached through the pack bonds and sent her nervous energy to Tag as a way to let him know something was wrong. He met her at the top of the chair lift.

“What is it?” he asked.

“Someone was watching me at the bottom of the slope… I didn’t get a good look at his face and the wind was wrong for me to catch any scent but…” she trailed off unsure of what she saw.

“Stay up here for a little while and relax.” He advised and took her someplace where she could sit down by an outdoor space heater. “I’m sure everything will be fine.”

His eyes scanned the slope but he saw no one. He didn’t doubt she saw someone, the way Charles was acting Tag knew to be on high alert for danger.

SeoHyun removed her skis and took a seat and one of the attendants handed her a cup of cocoa.

“Thank you.” SeoHyun made brief eye contact with the woman before looking down into her cocoa. She waited a couple of moments before taking a sip, sure a burned tongue would only last a few seconds but that didn’t mean it wouldn’t still hurt. The cocoa was rich and delicious.

“This is really good.” She commented with a smile.

She stayed with the group for several more minutes before Tag decided it would be okay for her to go ski again. He was sure that whoever she saw was probably long gone by that time.

Her next run was even better than her last one as she was getting better and better at balancing and her body was getting used to what it needed to do.

Tag was getting worried as he got down his slop and didn’t see SeoHyun anywhere. Was she taking longer than him to get down, had she fallen somewhere along the way? He wasn’t sure but he didn’t like this.

He heard SeoHyun scream for help and clicked his skis off to go find her.

He got to the bottom of the bunny slope and all he found were her skis and ski poles amidst signs of a struggle. He cursed under his breath then pulled out his phone to call Charles. He hated this; he hated having to make this call.

Charles was getting ready to go to his father’s to talk about a recent case that came up when his cell phone rang. It was Tag’s number so he answered it.

“Tag, what is going on?” he asked

“I don’t know, I think SeoHyun has been kidnapped” Tag replied.
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