Snow Trouble

Chapter 3

Charles felt as if someone had pulled the rug from under his feet. Someone had captured SeoHyun. How had they done it, she was a werewolf. Were her captors werewolves? Millions of questions were swimming through his mind as he picked up the phone and called his father.

"Da she should have never gone on that trip!" he said not even bothering with a greeting. Between him and his father it wasn’t necessary.

"Charles, what has happened? I felt SeoHyun panic over the pack bonds then... it was like she passed out."

"She was kidnapped!" Charles cut in.

"I'm on my way over there," Bran replied.

They got off the phone and Charles began to pace the living room waiting for his father. Anna wanted to calm him but she didn't have any calm to share at the moment, she was scared out of her mind. Their child was in danger and there was nothing they could do until they had some idea where she was.

Bran didn't even knock on the door, he just let himself in as the phone rang and Charles answered on the second ring.

"Hello..." he said curtly

"Help me..." it was SeoHyun

"SeoHyun..." he had to force brother wolf back, something he wasn't accustomed to doing

"Da... please...I want to go home… I'm scared..."

Charles looked at his father, his eyes showing with the promise of violence. She had never called him 'Da' before, what caused it now, was it the stress of the moment; he could tell by the sound of her voice she wasn't reading a script that told her to call him that. She had called him ‘Da’ of her own choice, why she chose that instead of “dad” or whatever the Korean equivalent was he had no idea but the sound of it had a profound effect on him and Bran could only hope that he could control him when it counted.

"SeoHyun where are you?" he asked "I will find you, just tell me where you are?"

"I... I don't know; da... I'm in the back of a truck. We're moving... I don't know where..." she was close tears with the fear of the moment.

"Calm down, SeoHyun we will save you, I promise" Charles assured her trying his best to send a calming energy through the phone to her.

"Please... hurry."

Meanwhile Bran was on the phone with Asil to find out if he could get some idea where SeoHyun was. His ability to find a pack mate no matter where they were was going to be their salvation.

"They are on the move... headed west" Asil replied.

Meanwhile: Samuel was stunned when Anna called him and told him that his niece was kidnapped.

"Where was she seen last, Anna?" Samuel asked.

"A ski resort not too far from here" Anna replied "Asil said she's being taken west from here. Bran is alerting all west coast packs as we speak that this is going on, if any pack alpha finds out she is in their territory and he doesn't report to Bran they will have to face him. She somehow managed to call Charles not too long ago, that’s how we first found out she was on the move.”

“Has he called Adam or should I tell him?” Samuel asked.

“Bran is on the phone with Adam as we speak.” Anna said.

Adam was shocked when Bran called him, even more so when he heard that SeoHyun, Charles and Anna’s adopted daughter, had been kidnapped from a skiing resort where she had gone on a field trip with her class.

“Do these idiots know what they’ve done?” he asked in shock.

I don’t know if they do or not, Adam, I just need you to keep watch for her. An e-mail is being sent to you with her picture.

“I’ve got it… I’ll distribute it among my pack, if any of them see her you’ll be the first to hear.” Adam replied

Thank you, Hauptman” Bran replied

Adam got off the phone and sent the word out through his second and third that there was an emergency meeting and that any pack member available should report to his home immediately.

Within the hour close to ninety percent of the Colombia Basin Pack was at Adam Hauptman’s home waiting to find out what was happening. It was rare that emergency meetings were called so they were all concerned as to what could have happened to cause one to be called.

“I’m sure many of you have heard the rumor that Charles and Anna adopted a teenage werewolf girl, those rumors are true. Her name is SeoHyun, she’s fourteen years old and this morning she went on a ski trip with her classmates and disappeared off the slopes.” Adam told them

A gasp rang through the room.

“Poor thing” Auriele said sadly.

Adam handed out a printout of the teenager’s most recent school photo to his pack members.

“She is four foot six and weighs in at almost a hundred pounds.” He explained “She was dressed for a day on the slopes but we figure they’ve changed her clothes by this time.”

“She’s cute” Honey commented offhandedly.

“Keep watch for her, if any of you see her, we are to report it to Bran, she is one of his, the youngest submissive in his pack” Adam said “If you have an opportunity to rescue her, do it!”

Adam didn’t put any force behind it, but he didn’t have to they knew it was an order, this little girl need rescued.

“Do we have any idea where they were headed?” Darryl asked.

“Unfortunately we do not.” Adam replied “All we know is the last we knew the kidnappers were headed west from Aspen Creek.”

The pack members started to disperse and Adam looked to the kitchen to see his own daughter, Jesse, standing there watching him.

“Is she really just fourteen and already a werewolf?” Jesse asked.

“Yes, she was attacked by a rogue; I don’t know the whole story though.” Adam replied.

“Are we going to find her?” she asked

“If they the mistake of coming to the tri-cities we will find them and get her back.” Adam’s wolf flashed in his eyes. He might not have had any tie to SeoHyun but attacking a submissive was something no decent alpha tolerated even if the submissive was from another pack.

Mercy said a silent prayer then made a call to Siebold “Zee” Adelbertsmiter.

Mercy, is everything okay, you know I don’t normally associate myself in wolf business.” Zee told her.

“I know and requesting anything from a fae isn’t wise but…”

What has happened, lebling?” Zee asked knowing that Mercy had to have a good reason to call him about wolf business.

“A young wolf, a teenager was kidnapped this morning and we believe her kidnappers may be headed this way.” Mercy explained.

I will keep watch for her, just send me an image of her.” Zee volunteered “I will not ask anything of you or her family for this because there is a child involved, these monsters need to pay for hurting her and seeing them pay for what they have done to her will be reward enough for me.

“Zee, you just need to know that her adoptive father is Charles Cornick.”

Zee whistled through his teeth.

Someone has some guts to go after her.” Zee commented “The Marrok’s granddaughter.

“I agree.” Mercy replied.

What is her name?” Zee asked.

“SeoHyun Lee-Cornick”

SeoHyun Charlestochter,” Zee said more to himself than to Mercy who thought that true name might have a lot of implications towards Charles’ ego event thought SeoHyun wasn’t born by his DNA she was enough his for Zee to true name her that way. “I will find her.” Zee vowed.

She got off the phone with him and turned to Adam.

“Zee volunteered to help, the way it sounds he isn’t asking for anything in return.” Mercy told him “he said seeing her captors pay would be reward enough.

“Okay, that’s a little more help on our side.” Adam gave a heavy sigh “I’m seriously considering having you call Stefan tonight and see if he can’t keep watch for her as well. You know that old vampire wouldn’t say no to you, especially with a child involved.”

“I was considering it myself.” Mercy replied.

SeoHyun curled up in the corner of the room as her stomach growled, she had not eaten since the lunch she had at the resort and as a werewolf her metabolism meant that she needed to eat and eat a lot. It was quickly becoming apparent that her captors either didn’t know that fact or they just didn’t care. Either way SeoHyun was scared and starving.

“Da… I’m scared… I want to go home!” a fear filled wolf whimper escaped her very human throat before she began to sob.
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