Snow Trouble

Chapter 4

Stefan was stunned when he heard that someone was foolish enough to capture Charles' adoptive daughter. Charles' reputation was known even among the vampire community and if someone was willing to risk their lives against him they were either insane or had an immediate death wish.

He promised that he would look out for her and try to save her if the opportunity presented itself. He had connections that Mercy didn’t have and he could put word out to them that if they saw her they were to report it to him and he would get in and rescue her as quickly as he could.

Mercy sat back in her seat, she knew Charles was angry with himself for not listening to his instincts about this trip when they told him she shouldn’t go. SeoHyun understood about Charles’ ability to feel when bad things were going to happen and would have understood if he didn’t want her to go because of that. She might have been disappointed but if she understood the situation right Charles was planning to mitigate that by taking her and possibly Kara on a ski trip to Aspen, Colorado before school started back for the spring. Mercy honestly thought that Charles might end up making it a family trip with just him, his wife Anna and SeoHyun.

“This is bad, Adam, what are we going to do?” she asked.

“Keep watch and hope we can get SeoHyun back.” Adam replied “for everyone’s sake.

Asil sighed as he pruned his roses, he felt bad that he couldn’t have done more to find SeoHyun for Charles. He knew Charles loved that little submissive wolf as if she was his own daughter and it hurt him like hell to not know where she was.

“Hello… hello”

Asil wasn’t surprised when Sage arrived in his house.

“In here Sage.” He replied.

Sage entered the hot house with a sigh.

“I can’t believe anyone would hurt that cute little girl.” She sighed “She never did anything to anyone… outside of the hunt she’d never hurt a fly.”

“I know; and that old lobo is likely to kill someone over this.” Asil replied “and enjoy it way too much, that’s his hija and only a crazy person would go after her and think he could get away with it.”

“I agree.” Sage sighed.

The next day Asil tried again to locate SeoHyun and came up with a better idea of where they should look.

“Bran I thought I would let you know I narrowed down our search radius to the tri-cities in Washington.” Asil told him.

“I will let Hauptman know that his pack should be on high alert for her.” Bran assured Asil.

Asil wasn’t sure if he should let Charles know what he had found out or wait until he had a better idea where SeoHyun was.

Adam was shocked when he learned that Asil had narrowed down the teen’s possible location to the Tri-Cities.

“I really wish I had a tie to her, it would make finding her so much easier.” Adam sighed as he paced the living room of his house.

Mercy watched as he rubbed his hair to dispel energy. He hated being powerless in this situation. As a father himself he understood how stressful it was to not know where his daughter was or if she was okay. Rogue wolves had kidnapped his own daughter and held her hostage for a while before he was captured as well. The truth was this had to be worse for Charles, Jesse had never been as fragile as Adam had heard that SeoHyun had been when she arrived in Aspen Creek. The poor girl had been afraid of her own shadow when she arrived. So abused by the alpha that should have cared for her when she first underwent the change, but he didn’t care for her, he hurt her and had her so beaten down it wasn’t clear if she would ever recover, but under Anna and Charles’ care she flourished. To have her in an uncertain situation had to be hard on Charles and Anna both.

Samuel looked out the window; he was seriously toying with the idea of rejoining his father’s pack, if only temporarily in order to find his niece. He knew his father would be in town shortly to continue the search for SeoHyun closer to where she was thought to be and so far Adam had no problem with this, they were looking for a member of Bran’s pack, his granddaughter if anything Adam would have been concerned if Bran wasn’t on his way, the only concern they had was that Charles and Anna were coming along as well.

How well did Charles have his brother wolf under control with his daughter missing? Samuel had no answer to that question and didn’t feel like attempting a fight with his little brother to try and stop him or his brother wolf should that have to happen.

SeoHyun looked up as a male wolf stepped into the room, she recognized him from the San Diego pack. He was one of the few supporters of the old alpha that was still alive. This revelation made her blood run cold in her veins.

“We can’t seem to cut ties between you and your current pack, seems you are tied to the Marrok himself and his hold on you is too tight, only he can sever it unless you decide you want out.” The man commented grabbing a handful of the hair at the back of SeoHyun’s head. “Is he the man you called ‘Da’, only his children call him Da, does that mean he adopted you?”

SeoHyun said nothing; these wolves had no tie to her thus held no sway over her they didn't need to know that her da was the wolf that killed their alpha, let them think it was Bran, it would only make it more fun when the learned that it was actually his son and enforcer, Charles.

The wolf, Sebastian, backhanded her across the face so hard she tasted her own blood in her mouth, the hand in her hair released as he struck so she fell in a heap on the floor.

“Sir, there is word that the Marrok and Charles are coming to the area.” A wolf SeoHyun didn’t recognize stated; his tone was filled with worry.

“I will speak with you later.” Sebastian said angrily then turned back to SeoHyun “If I hear so much as a peep out of you, you will live to regret it!” He warned her menacingly before leaving.

SeoHyun curled up in a corner far from the door and began sobbing quietly, and if Sebastian heard it he didn’t return to do anything about it. She remembered Sebastian was always a sadist so she figured he probably took some sort of sick pleasure out of the sound of her fear filled sobs.

Another night fell on SeoHyun and she had not eaten since the day before and her stomach was growling with hunger so much that she couldn’t sleep and she could feel her wolf rebelling against her control. She had to get out of there, had to get food.

She had almost cried herself to sleep when the door was slammed open and another woman was pushed in.

Mercy had been shocked when she picked up the familiar smell of wolf, fear and a residual smell of Charles and Anna coming from the basement of a thought abandoned house. She was even more shocked when a werewolf grabbed her from behind and dragged her inside.

“What is this place?” Mercy demanded.

“You smell of coyote, and werewolf.”

Mercy didn’t justify that observation with a reply.

“You came too close; I can’t let you leave now, little coyote.” The man said beside her ear before dragging her to a door and throwing her inside where her eyes fell on an Asian teenager.


The girl looked up, her face tearstained.

“Who are you?” the girl asked fearfully, trying to make herself as small as she could.

“My name is Mercy; I’m a friend of Charles and Anna.” Mercy said.

SeoHyun’s face lit up at that.

“I heard Da talk about you. You were also there when I joined the Marrok Pack.”

Mercy looked confused for a second before she put two and two together to come up with the conclusion that she must call Charles ‘Da’ now.

“Are you okay?” Mercy asked, she noticed the fading bruise on SeoHyun’s cheek but it was fading slower than Mercy would have liked to see.

SeoHyun didn’t say anything but her growling stomach told Mercy that the little girl hadn’t eaten in a while. That was bad, even a submissive could be dangerous when allowed to get hungry enough.

Mercy collected the small girl in her arms and began to look for a way out of the room and to some place where she could get SeoHyun food.
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