Snow Trouble

Chapter 5

Bran arrived early the next morning to find Adam fit to be tied. Jesse quickly explained that his mate had been captured the evening before.

“We will find her” Bran told Adam, furious that his little coyote had been captured.

Meanwhile Mercy watched helplessly as Sebastian hit SeoHyun across the face. He was frustrated with her fighting back. The SeoHyun he had known had obeyed him meekly as submissives were supposed to do, but this time was different. He had tried to put his hand down her pants and, for the first time in her young life, she had acted to defend herself. Her hands had been restrained but her mouth had been free and she bit him hard enough to draw blood. That had shocked and infuriated him which led to him backhanding her hard enough to bust her lip while calling her every ugly word he could think of. Mercy fought her own restraints, as Adam’s mate, Mercy could draw on his strength and she was seconds away from doing just that. She had to stop this; SeoHyun didn’t do anything to deserve this treatment from these wolves. Finally Mercy had enough and reached for Adam’s energy to break the restraints and attack the assailants. Sebastian was shocked by this and immediately retreated along with his cohorts. Mercy knew Adam felt her pull from him, that was good; then he would know she needed help and would have a good idea where to look for her and SeoHyun.

SeoHyun looked fearfully at Mercy.

“Calm down, it’s okay, I borrowed a little power from Adam.”

“Adam… is he your mate?” SeoHyun asked.

“Yes and he’s the Alpha of the Colombia Basin Pack.” Mercy explained.

SeoHyun looked like she had about ten thousand questions but this wasn’t the time to answer them. It was time to pull the might of the Columba Basin Pack down on the heads of these interlopers. Mercy took a deep breath reaching once again for Adam’s energy this time to call on the pack for aid, then threw her head back and a very inhuman how ripped from her throat, she’d had enough. She could feel the might of the pack behind her wordlessly asking her what she needed, and how they could help her.

Adam was talking with Bran when he stopped suddenly. He could feel Mercy pulling for his strength then asking to call the pack to help her.

“Adam is everything okay?” Anna asked.

“It’s Mercy; she’s calling for the pack.” Adam replied “She’s calling a rescue party to her location.”

Adam let her call his wolves and followed the call himself, Bran, Anna, Samuel and Charles all followed him to the location where over half the pack had gathered and were preparing to infiltrate.

“Adam, are we going in?” Darryl asked.

“Yes.” Adam replied simply “She called us, it’s time to answer her.”

Sebastian was shocked when his hideout was infiltrated by close to twenty werewolves. He had heard Mercy’s howl but paid it no mind as he figured it was nothing but frustration. He had no idea that she could tap into the power of the local pack alpha to pull his pack down on his head.

“You… you were part of the San Diego pack we took SeoHyun from.” Charles said in shock.

“She got our alpha killed.” Sebastian said angrily.

“You’re alpha got himself killed when he started abusing his power and allowing people to be turned against their will.” Charles shot back “You should know that you were one of his top wolves, how many did you turn against their will?”

“None…” Sebastian lied.

“Try again and I wouldn't recommend you tell me another lie.” Charles growled.

“Several… four or five,” Sebastian said.

“Was SeoHyun among your victims, and remember you can’t lie to me.” Charles asked.

“N… Yes… yes she was… I wanted her father, he would have made a good dominant wolf but…”

“But he didn’t survive the change neither did his wife.”

Bran glared at his younger son. He saw what was happening, what had to happen now that the truth was out.

“You are guilty of illegally turning humans and forming a pack without consent of the Marrok.”

“You might have killed my alpha but you won’t kill me.” Sebastian declared before attacking Charles.

Sebastian lunged at Charles but he wasn’t even a challenge for the older wolf; who had him dead before his feet could leave the ground.

“Where are the captives?” Charles demanded.


Charles froze at the intonation in his father’s voice.

“Settle down or you will frighten SeoHyun…” Bran scolded.

Charles let out a long breath, his Da was right, SeoHyun might have come a long way since he took her in but she was still needed to be handled with care, something he was far from capable of doing while this angry.

One of the younger wolves stepped forward.

“I will show you where she is.” He told them.

Bran could tell they had not liked what their Alpha did but had no choice but to follow him because he was the alpha.

Adam followed as well, he could tell these were loyal wolves and he would take any who wanted to join his pack as long as they were willing to be obedient to him.

The wolf grabbed a key and unlocked a door. Mercy stepped out as if she were ready to fight but relaxed instantly when she felt Adam grab her and his love flood through their mate bond. She then turned and told SeoHyun it was safe to come out.

SeoHyun eased her way out then her courage returned when her eyes landed on Charles.

“Da!” she threw herself into his arms and began to sob. Her knees gave but that didn’t matter as Charles eased her to the floor. Anna knelt beside him and put her hand on SeoHyun’s back. They were a family again. The wolves around them said nothing as Charles held SeoHyun tightly in his arms, a deep soothing sound came from his throat as he tried to reassure her that he was really there and that she was safe and would be coming home.

Anna was humming a soft tune and allowing her omega powers to slip through her touch and into SeoHyun in her own attempt to soothe her daughter.

Bran watched with a smile, he knew that SeoHyun had a profound effect on his son and vice versa, but he had yet to see how profound until that very moment.

Adam and Samuel were just stunned at how close SeoHyun and particularly Charles were. They had thought perhaps that Charles had kept her at an arm’s distance like he did everyone else, but that moment showed that was far from the case. He held her close and their bond couldn’t be tighter had she been of his own flesh and blood.
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