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Nemesis...could it be?


"You have to marry me, for six months" "what?" "or else I won't let your sister marry my brother" . . . . . "Yes, I'll marry you" He married her out of hate, love or whatever he isn't sure of. She married him just to save her Sisters marriage. And then came her prince charming, not to sweep her feet off from the ground to his heaven but just to love her, be with her and to support her.

Thriller / Mystery
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Marriage, a sham?


Shantivan is looking exactly like a bride itself with the decorations in and around, with the DJ and Dance performances, with the ladies and gentlemen along with the kids, Shantivan is glowing like a bride. After all, it has to be, as it's the Place where the younger Son of the house is getting married to his beloved, Payal Gupta who is his better half, his Soulmate.

Everyone is busy in showering their blessings on the couple who are performing varmala right now. Gupta's along with Raizada's are very happy, looking at their faces anyone can say the same.

Kushi is looking at her sister and her now Brother-in-law with tears in her eyes, tears which are of Emotions called Happiness, Sadness and Contentment. She could feel hot gaze on her back and turn towards the source. She forgot everything around her, even the world she is in after looking at Arnav Singh Raizada's intense gaze which bore on her creating a hole in places. Butterflies started flying in her stomach without any warning and she couldn't able to control it, She gulped her Emotions and turned away her face.

While Arnav was distracted from the constant staring session as he got a call and he went outside to attend a call. Kushi sighed away in relief when out of nowhere NK came towards her with a gaze which is unpredictable.

"Kushi Ji, I want to have a talk with you.",Said NK looking her.

"But Nanhe Ji, It's Time for rituals.",Said Kushi but NK beat her off.

"I know Kushi Ji, Just 5 Minutes ", Said NK and after getting a nod from Kushi, they went to Garden.


"What's the matter, Nanhe Ji? What's that important that we have come in between rituals?", Asked Kushi looking at him, but felt nervous looking at his gaze on herself for the first time.

"You love your sister a lot, right ?", Asked NK.

"Yes, Of course.", Said Kushi confused now yet nervousness didn't leave her.

"Then prove it Kushi Ji", Said NK challenging her. Kushi stared at him like 'are-you-nuts' look.

"You have to marry me for six months, Or else I Won't let your sister marry Akash.",Said NK looking at her stunning posture.

Kushi started laughing.

"Nanhe Ji, If you really want to have fun we can have later. Please come in now Rituals started, Already.",Said Kushi controlling her laugh after throwing away her nervousness.

"I'm serious Kushi Ji, I'll show this video to the family and they will break the marriage without any second thoughts.",Said NK showing her the video of Shyam hugging her and she telling him to leave Anjali di.

Kushi stood stunned for the second looking at the video and soon after realising what he is thinking of her is very wrong, she started speaking.

"Nanhe Ji, It's a misunderstanding, I didn't mean that Shyam should leave Anjali ji, Shyam is a cheater Nanhe ji. Believe me, He created me and our family portraying himself as a bachelor. He was behind me and hugged me forces-", Said Kushi wanting to clear the air of misunderstanding between them, who became best of a friend's in short span of time.

"I don't want any stories Kushi Ji, I've seen with my own eyes. Either marry me for six months, now or else I'll show this video to everyone.", Said NK and Kushi are stunned for the third time with tears in her eyes, looking at the man in front of him, unrecognisable.

Kushi stood in silence without uttering a word too shocked to react.

"Kushi Ji, You are wasting our time.",Said NK sternly.

"Okay, I...I agree to ma ....marry you.", Said Kushi devasted and NK smiled at her, a winning smile with a cunning nature.

They both went inside and stood watching the marriage rituals.

While Arnav too Came inside after completing his call and stood there fuming looking at NK who is standing beside his Kushi, Very near to her.

He turned away his face not able to look at them together.

While Akash's and Payal's marriage got completed and they stood up for taking elder's blessings. Arnav tried to concentrate on Payash's marriage rituals , now them taking blessings and was soon engrossed in feeling happy for his brother not knowing that his cousin is going to destroy his life by marrying his love.

NK came towards Kushi and dragged her outside.

After sometime,

Akash and Payal are busy in post-marriage rituals when Madhumathi noticed the absence of Kushi while Arnav already sensed her absence and was frantically roaming his eyes around his surroundings from past 30 minutes, he even went to poolside and Garden but didn't found her. He thought maybe she would be in the kitchen munching her Jalebi, thinking about it he relaxed and threw away the negative vibes he was getting making his heart restless. Now, when Once again Madhumathi raised the topic about her, his already worried heart is jumping in nervousness. That's when his heartbeat started picking a pace more than its normal rate indicating that his Kushi is near him.

His trance is broken when he heard Gupta ladies broken voice. He followed their vision and what he saw made his heartbeat to stop.

In front of them stood NK and Kushi with Varmala around their necks, Sindoor and Mangalsutra around his Kushi's neck indicating that his Kushi is not his anymore. She belongs to someone else. She is a married woman. He looked at her eyes to search answers but he couldn't able to because she was avoiding making eye contact with him.

"Kushi, What's this?",Asked Garima who found her voice after the initial shock.

Kushi stood in silence while NK answered her.

"We married Aunty.",Stated NK with a. Stern expression.

"We can see that NK bhaiya. But Why? Why like this?Why you both got married?",Asked Anjali crying.

"No this is a lie, Kushi tells us, You are not married. Tell us it's a play.",Cried Garima grabbing her shoulders.

"Tell us Kushi, It's a lie, right? Isn't it?", asked Garima once again looking at her statue form. Kushi nodded her head as no telling her that no, it's not a lie.

And what heard next was an echo of slap . Garima slapped Kushi hard that it left-hand imprints on her delicate and soft cheek while Arnav who witnessed this fisted his palms closing his eyes while a tear rolled down from his eye as if it was not his Kushi but him who got slapped.

And What followed next was the curses from Gupta's, taunts from Raizada's and a devasted Anjali and Devyani along with a painful Arnav who kept looking at Kushi in order to read her eyes and know the reason behind her actions.

Whatever may be the reason could be, he is not going to sit back and stay silent looking at his love snatching away from him. He loves Kushi more than anything and he will by hook or by crook, break their household in which his Kushi is clearly unhappy and a victim. He will leave her if he is sure that Kushi is happy with NK or else no one can stop him from breaking their household.

He can already guess that something is amiss in the whole chaos, he will find out everything soon. If his Kushi was forced, he would kill NK for sure whatever may be the reason behind his action should be. After all, he noticed an Emotion in his cousin's eye for the first time which he is very much aware of. If at all, the emotion he looked at in his cousin's eye is true, he will burn him alive.

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