(AKB0048 Saga Part 1) Quattro: The Ascension of the Icy Maiden

The Fall

15th October 1990 – Chris 'Quattro' Fuschia's birthday.

Quickened footsteps of anxiety could be heard throughout the corridor…

Sounds of 'No!' were heard throughout the walls of the Fuschia's mansion, filled with grief, and denial.

Beads of cold sweat could be seen dripping from her snowy white skin, her teeth gritted as tears of anguish flowed from her eyes.

Few minutes earlier, Fuschias' Rosengarten - Teatime.

"My Lady Chris…I bring you devastating news. We do not know what to say, My Lady…On this occasion, your birthday…" one of the servants nearly cried as she approached the girl.

"Is it something to do with my family?" Chris replied. She had observed the family ever since the reunion at the Berlin Wall. Their condition has not been the best since. For the first few days after the reunion, they seemed rather weakened. Chris assumed that her family and relatives might have been so excited about catching up with the times, that they ended up tiring themselves. However, she began to see that their condition had taken a downturn.

Chris became worried. She had since sent for the best physicians to prescribe the best medicine for them to combat the symptoms of their illness – cold, muscle ache, flu, and the lot.

She also stayed by her parent's side, occasionally moving from room to room to take care of them, checking on their condition to make sure they were fine. She even helped the workers in Audi's financial department, who heard about the Fuschia's illness, in settling the accounts. It was usually her parents that settled this.

Chris was also infected by the E-Coli bacterium, but she was well within two days. Doctors were wondering what had caused Chris to successfully counter the bacterium. That was, until they found out that Chris's room was covered in frosty ice on the windows and icicles upon the ceilings.

Hours of research after the icy discovery, the doctors concluded that the E-Coli had awakened Chris's dormant power - cryokinesis.

"Chris's cryokinesis is able to decrease her body to sub-zero temperature when contracting the , effectively rendering the bacterium useless. We concluded that she was able to control her new-found powers with practice."

Chris's personal servant, who was accompanying Chris at the Rosengarten for teatime, moved away to allow the physicians specially assigned to the Fuschia's family to approach Chris.

"My Lady…this is unexpected. We recently found out that a bacterium had infected the Fuschias. This bacterium, E-Coli, is far stronger than we have anticipated; your family might have caught it due to the polluted atmosphere at the Berlin Wall twelve days ago." The doctors shook their heads.

"What do you mean…" Chris's tone fell into a soft, deathly tone, trembling.

"We…we have done our best."

Chris's cup fell to the floor. A chilling silence screamed through the backyard as she shook her head.

"No….No, you are lying, right, doctor? You're mistaken, right? Please, tell me that you're wrong! My family, they can't! THEY CAN'T!" Chris cried.

"My Lady! Please calm down!" her personal servant worryingly pleaded.

"There is nothing we can do, My Lady, the epidemic outbreak arrived far sooner than we have expected, and we didn't even know its formidable power despite knowing its identity. We're really sorry…" the doctor shook his head, clearly feeling regret for the family.

Chris could feel the world crashing down upon her, as if it was about to fall apart completely on her feet. Cold sweat broke out in her. She could even feel her heart stabbed by a razor-sharp knife. The whole family reunited and within a few months, it was torn apart by an epidemic. It shook Chris in to the very core as she tried to absorb what was left of the devastating news about her soon-to-be-dead family.

Chris kept screaming "NO!" as she ran to the hall where her dying family was. Her tears flowing with anguish, refusing to believe what she had either heard, or what she was about to experience.

Family Hall

"MOM! DAD! EVERYONE!" Chris cried in anguish as she saw that what the doctor had told her was true all along…

The entire Fuschia family could be seen on the stretchers.

"Please tell me this isn't true, mum! All of you must hang in there! After all we have done and persevere to make sure that we are back together as one whole family, this has to happen? Tell me you're all alive, please!" Chris cried, tears of sorrow flowing down upon her delicate cheeks.

Chris's mother gently shook her head.

"It's no use….Chris, our dear girl. You have done the best you can to take care of us in our last days of our lives. We're not lying…the doctors are right about our conditions. We have not much time left in this world." She smiled sadly.

"All this time, since you were born, you have been a gem to us; a spark of delight during the times when our family has been apart..." Chris's father spoke.

"Chris…my dear niece, we love you and the efforts that you took to take care of us all these years. The way you brought us happiness even during our darkest days, and the contributions you bought to the automotive world warmed our heart greatly. Don't ever feel sorry for yourself, Chris. You are not at fault, never to blame for today." Chris's aunt smiled weakly.

"Remember, Chris. We will always be indebted to the joy and happiness you gave us over the eight years. Your filial heart and respectful personality shall be the reason we can leave this world peacefully. We have a wonderful daughter to carry on the legacy of the Fuschias..." Chris's mother smiled gently, tears flowing down her face.

Chris held out her delicate, trembling little hands as she received a small necklace from her mother; a necklace with the entire family members of the Fuschias Bloodline, all thirty of them. It represented the family reunion taken the very day after the reuniting event at the Berlin Wall.

Chris, however, grabbed her mother's hands and held it close to her face, "Please...we can do something about this, don't close your eyes! I beg you!"

The other twenty-eight members of the Fuschias beckoned Chris to hold their hands as she went by their bed, one by one. The warmth of their hands that she felt slowly became colder and colder as their life slowly slipped away.

"Thank you, Chris...you have been a filial daughter to us Fuschias..." Chris's mother weakly smiled as her voice breath soon faded away.

So did other Fuschia members slowly breathing their last after thanking Chris one by one with her shaking her head in disbelief, speechless, her voice paralyzed by denial.

Chris tried to hold in the tears, refusing to believe anything that happened; her head was in a whirl, unable to comprehend the grief that was consuming her.

She could felt herself hyperventilating. Before long, she fainted due to the overwhelming shock that dragged her down.

When she woke up, noticing that all this was not a fake; that she would not be able to bring the entire family back alive, she broke down in anguish, allowing the sorrow she had refused to let in initially to consume her. She cried so much, that she collapsed in exhaustion.

Within a matter of twelve days since the Fuschia's reunion, Chris was reduced to nothing more than just an emotional wreck.

Her eyes zoned out. She even refused to eat. She just huddled in her bed, refusing to move, or even talk to anyone. She just stared at the cold, empty space, knowing that she's alone…

Forever alone, with no one to love, no one to talk to, or even no one to share the joys and wonders of life.

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