(AKB0048 Saga Part 1) Quattro: The Ascension of the Icy Maiden

Inside the Fire?

According to the tradition in the Fuschia family, a family member could only be buried when the rest unanimously accepted that the person had moved on.

Not for Chris, who was the only remaining Fuschia in the entire family of four generations. The scientists of the Fuschia mansion placed the Fuschia's bodies in an ice morgue, to preserve it until the time should Chris accept the truth.

Suffering from catatonia for a short period, Chris refused to believe that her entire family died. Her condition transitioned into a mental breakdown for ten years.

Doctors that Chris's personal servant, Alito, sought described her case as 'the most severe mental breakdown they had ever seen.' Constantly teetering between the edge of madness and sanity, Chris became completely oblivious to her surroundings; completely detached from the world.

Not even the psychiatrists that the servants of the Fuschias' Mansion requested could help Chris's mental instability. Chris would simply not co-operate with them. She either responded with rage, or with constant rebuttal that the Fuschias were still alive. At worst Chris even responded by attempting to attack the psychiatrists, biting them often to the point of bleeding.

Medications did not even help either. Her mental breakdown constantly placed her body, which possessed cryokinetic powers, in sub-zero temperatures which rendered medicines ineffective.

Several of the Fuschias' servants suggested placing Chris into a mental institution to properly cure her, but Alito refused. She believed that no amount of synthetic medications could cure the emotional scars that resided within Chris.

News of the Fuschia's death except for Chris leaked out three years after the incident. Soon, like a wildfire, many people gradually confirmed that the rumors were true, because there had been no signs of any Fuschias.

To make things worse, the media printed Chris in a pretty bad spotlight; accused of being a witch. Being the only sole survivor of the Fuschias, she was the target of many sniding remarks.

One of the days when Chris was walking by the walkway by the streets while returning from school.

"Look at this girl, her whole family tree loved towards her and yet this is the way that she returned their kindness, disgusting!"

"She's a jinx!"

"A jinx that brought her whole family into oblivion, into their untimely death, and she watches helplessly? She's a heartless person!"

"Better watch out for her!"

"Burn her! Burn her down before she troubles us any further!"

Chris's eyes blackened as she could feel a sharp knife stabbing through her heart, her slow walking became infrequent as she stumbled across the sidewalks.

Back at home, Alito was anticipating her Lady in returning back from school, and her eyes widened in shock when she saw an approaching familiar figure stumbling by.

"My Lady! What happened to you?"

Chris silently shook her head as she looked down and returned back to her room.

She sat upon the bed, looking catatonically at a picture of the Fuschia's family portrait, tears started flowing from her eyes as she silently cried herself to sleep.

In school, Chris was not spared either. She had been the target for many ostracizing remarks by students and teachers, accused of being a sadistic bastard who did not care for her family. She did not have any friends in the school at all, not even one. Everyone she met gave her a menacing or wary look. She knew they were all whispering behind her back, too.

Nobody was interested in being friends with her.

"This girl is certainly a terrible person!"

"Can you smell it, the stench of death when someone is around her?"

"Don't look into her eyes! It's a curse you do not want to venture!"

"Let's move away from her, she thinks that her pitiful state will make us pity her …"

"She can?"

"Like, duh! If she could cause her whole family tree to die and not her own, I don't see why this is impossible!"

The horrid remarks did not go well with Chris's condition. She constantly skipped classes because of the many taunts and sniding remarks that the students called upon her.

Alito, realizing that the school that Chris had enrolled upon had gone too far, stormed into the school principal's room.

"Mrs Moore, I'm very disappointed that the discipline community in the school isn't taking any action or even applying any efforts regarding Chris's psychological well-being! You know clearly that my Lady's mental stability is on thin ice thanks to the stigma that was hurled upon her!"

"Look, miss, we have tried our best in helping Chris adapt to the harsh school's environment by placing those slandering students in detention or even calling their parents to discuss their slandering behavior, but all of this is pulling down our school's prestige!" Mrs Moore shook her head.

"May I ask, in what way is this pulling down your school's prestige?" Alito frowned.

Mrs Moore tugged at her dresses's collars, sweat broke from her forehead and her breath quicken with anxiousness as she struggled to spill out the truth.

"The thing is, Chris's participation had caused many students from this school to pull out! Our school has a name to uphold, and the amount of students dropping out of here at an alarming rate is detrimental to its reputation!" Mrs Moore shot back.

"So...you're willing to uphold the glory and prestige of your school, but not the well-being of the students in here, regardless of their mental state and conditions." Alito took a deep breath, looked left and right as her breath quickened, clenched her fists, and slammed it into Mrs Moore's desk.

"Okay...since you're so anal about your school's reputation, rather than dispersing the rumors of Chris's stigma around her and caring for her well-being...Than up yours, Mrs Moore! Up yours! I rather have my Lady enrolled in a school where they value their core values and well-being of their students, rather than enrolling her in a school where they value their so-called prestige and reputation!" Alito screamed.

"What rights do you, a mere servant to the jinx of our school's reputation and prestige, have against me?" Mrs Moore snapped.

"Rights? Right, I will tell you what rights I have. The rights to pull her out off this 'prestigious' school! I would not want my Lady to be brought up in a cruel environment where reputation and success presides over the well-being of students! Once again, up yours, Mrs Moore! UP YOURS!"

Alito stormed out of the door and slammed the door, crying silently.

Alito did keep her word; she pulled Chris out of the 'prestigious' school that the latter was in. Alito thought that Chris's prodigal intelligence would help home-schooling well.

Things were looking up as well. The socialites who were truly close to the Fuschias told the media the truth, and have the slanderous people arrested for tarnishing Chris's innocent record.

"My Lady, my Lady, great news! The socialites that were associated to you have taken the effort to dispel the stigma that have surrounded you for years! Everyone is gradually looking at you at a new light, that is great!" Alito reported in excitement.

However, Chris still sat upon her bed. Her pupil shrunk as she continuously scribbled gibberish on her notebook.

Alito lowered her head, her eyes gazing sadly upon Chris, realizing that the stigma that had surrounded her Lady might have started to take its toll upon her mental stability.

However, as most people said, a person has her own limits as to when he or she will crack. By the time of withdrawal, Chris was already at breaking point…

People slowly began to open up to Chris, but the damage had been done.

16th January 2000 - Fuschia Household

Chris, now eighteen, stared long and hard at the window at her room on the top floor.

"Mom…dad…why? Why do you have to leave me in this miserable state? Why can't you take me with you?" Chris softly spoke, heavily imbued in grief.

Chris held up her right hand in the air, seeing the family tree necklace that her mother gave her ten years ago.

"Why do you have to make me go through all this pain? Ostracized at school, humiliated by my classmates, and everywhere I go…there will be people pinning the blame upon me…" Chris mumbled.

"You know what? They might be right…Heh…If I were to use my intelligence to think of a cure back then, I would have saved every one of you, right?" she laughed in a sadistic manner.

"It's my fault…my fault for causing you all to die…that's why I felt this pain, right? I deserve it, like what other people said, right? Hahahaha…" Chris continued.

Chris found herself attempting to crawl out of her window.

"I can't take the pain of leaving you all any longer, mom and dad, and everyone who loved me. It's just way too much…how I wish I could end this now…Simple, isn't it? Just drop off from the window I am on, and *SPLAT!* I will be in heaven, right?" Chris's mental instability rose by the minute, unable to comprehend truth from illusion.

Inching further to the edge of the window, she thought she could see apparitions of her mother.

"Mom, is that you? Can you please take me with you? Please?" Chris smiled gently.

At the same time Alito went into the room with Chris's new set of clothes. She witnessed Chris attempting to crawl out of the window.

The next few seconds were instinctive reaction; Alito dropped the clothes, anxiously ran towards Chris, and grabbed her arms just as she was about to fall.

"My Lady, please get a hold of yourself, MY LADY!" Alito screamed in anguish, hurtful to see her kind mistress reduced to such an emotional wreck over the ten years.

Chris, upon hearing Alito's plea, snapped back to reality and saw herself staring at the ground several levels below. She freaked out instantly, a recurring chill crept through her spine. However, she tripped over a small bump on the window and nearly fell out of the window.

Chris would have died, if not for Alito's quick reaction to grab her in time, and used every ounce of strength to pull her back to safety.

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