(AKB0048 Saga Part 1) Quattro: The Ascension of the Icy Maiden

The Last Will

Evening 6.30 PM.

"M...My Lady, are you alright? May I come in now?" Alito gently knocked on the door, only to notice that the door was slightly ajar.

Alito nearly panicked, she thought that Chris had gone to do some unthinkable act that would result in the end of her life. She peeked at Chris through the door. Fortunately, Chris was on her bed, looking straight ahead.

Alito slowly walked over to Chris's bed.

"My Lady, I shall be quick with what I have to say." Alito placed a letter on the small table beside Chris's bed.

"Your family and relatives had left you this will, the day before they passed away. The lawyer who holds the will stated to only give you this when you are old enough, probably eighteen, because your parents said you will be mature enough to read the contents," She continued.

"What does it say…?" Chris spoke.

"I dare not look at the content, my Lady, for this is no business of mine to interfere with personal affairs. The will clearly stated, 'To be seen by our dearest daughter – Chris 'Quattro' Fuschia'" Alito shook her head.


"If there isn't anything, my Lady, I shall take my leave." Alito bowed.

"No, don't leave yet," .

Alito stopped on her tracks. "Huh?"

"Alito…you have been the closest to me outside of the Fuschias. Always loyal to me, and always tending to my needs, even when I didn't ask for much. You always take pride in your work, like when you are in charge of cleaning my room; you do it with utmost efficiency. Or even the times where you played with me when my parents were away at work. You were always there for me. You even pulled me out of school when the bullying got too much. You even saved my life as I snapped back from my delusion. Thank you." Chris spoke calmly.

Alito smiled and blushed. "I wish only to serve my Lady until the day that I die. No questions asked."

"Alito, would you please read the contents of the last will for me?" Chris replied calmly, seemingly satisfied with Alito's answer.

Alito gasped.

"Alito, the will stated that it's for me, so I have the rights to choose to either share it, or not. You are my closest friend outside of the Fuschias, and the most loyal of them all. Thus, you shall have the privilege of reading the will aloud, while I will listen to the contents of the letter. What we heard today, shall not go beyond this room, okay?" Chris spoke.

"Yes, my Lady. I thank you for giving me the privilege." Alito smiled.

Alito slowly opened up the letter, and took a deep breath.

"To our beloved daughter Chris 'Quattro' Fuschia,

How are you? I am sure that now, you must have blamed yourself for the near-extinction of the Fuschia family. This will was written at the last-minute before we decided to let you know about our incurable condition.

I'm worried that the media will be harsh towards you. They are known to twist the facts and exaggerate them to a point where they will accuse you of being a jinx of the entire Fuschias. Shocked about why I'm able to predict what might happened? Because as your mother, I will always know the worries and fears of yours. Mom's the word, right?

The world may have been open and gearing towards racial harmony, but it is still a cruel world out there. What with terrorism, bombings, killings and supernatural forces or whatnot. Medias will always exaggerate things. Only you can prove to the masses that you are not a 'jinx' that detractors have put you down for.

Please, don't ever think that the death of us meant the end of you. If you loved us, prove to us that you can honor our promise, our dying wish to prove to the slandering giants that you're not what they accused you of being. Our wish for you is to prevent any families from being split apart by any external factors. Be it diseases, terrorism, raids from evil armies, supernatural beings, natural disasters, please stop those factors from tearing them apart.

As for Audi, we will be entrusting the entire industry onto you. Prove to the world that our passion for automobile engineering and technology still lives on inside our blood.

This letter may not mean much, but know this, Chris. We loved you, and we forever will. For the honor of the Fuschias, we believe in you. You made us happy, Chris. Thank you…


Your mother (Along with the thoughts of the entire relatives)

Chris looked down with a heavy heart; Alito wondered what she was thinking.

"You may leave, Alito." Chris spoke.

"But, my Lady…" Alito replied.

Chris waved her left hand weakly in the air, signifying that Alito was free to leave. The latter hesitated for a moment, and bowed as she got up to leave.

As she closed the door, Alito saw Chris staring at the family portrait right in front of her.

"My Lady…" Alito's eyes brimmed with tears as she closed the door, and cried silently by the corridor.

"This is our daughter, Chris Fuschia. She will be under your care from then on when we have work. Do take care of her well and truly, okay?" Chris's mother smiled.

Both Chris and Alito's eyes met, and Chris raised her right hand forward.

"My name is Chris, nice to meet you!" she smiled.

"A...Alito…Alito Gnade, h...hope we can get along together!" Alito blushed.

Alito had been a loyal servant towards Chris Fuschia throughout the twelve years she has been in the Fuschias mansion. Once a shy and timid girl, Alito forged an unbreakable friendship with Chris that exceeded beyond that of just 'Master and Servant'. Alito began to grow more in terms of confidence, and became a confidante to Chris.

"My Lady, I don't care if I have to follow you anywhere you go. You are my first and only friend that I ever have in my life. No one has ever be my friends because of my shyness, but you came into my life and took the initiative to become my best friend and master. I will serve you regardless of the trouble you will go through…until the day I die!" Alito frowned as her tears flowed from her eyes, clenching her fists in determination.

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