(AKB0048 Saga Part 1) Quattro: The Ascension of the Icy Maiden

The Frozen Will

Chris sat on the bed, staring blankly at the wall.

"Mom…Dad…If only I could use my intelligence to find something to cure this bacterium of yours...Alas, I have failed both of you, and the relatives of the Fuschias." Chris looked at the necklace that her mother gave her ten years ago before her demise.

"No amount of atonement will rid me of the truth that I have betrayed the Fuschias. My heart will never be healed; I deserved punishment for this heinous act. I will carry out the Fuschias' last will, by any means necessary," Chris coldly vowed, tears slowly streaming down her cheeks as she held the necklace close to her chest.

Soon enough, the necklace emitted an icy aura as it let loose a chilling shot straight to Chris's chest. Her eyes widened with shock at the sudden shot, but as she felt that the only way to carry on the last will was to completely negate the pain inside her, Chris openly accepted it; fully allowing the aura to turn her grief-stricken heart into an icy cold prison...

A few hours she read the last will, Chris arrived at the dining room, where Alito was waiting for her. Alito felt a rush of chilling aura rippling upon her spine as she saw Chris had changed.

Chris's skin was snowy, her hair icy blue, her eyes as blue as the ocean sea, and she exhaled freezing vapor with each breath she took.

"My Lady…" Alito greeted worryingly.

"Don't worry Alito…my heart has been wounded to a point of no redemption. However, I will not end my life…for I will uphold my parents' and relatives' final wish. Thank you for sharing the Last Will of my parents and relatives with me." Chris's surroundings became cold as she spoke firmly. Her eyes looked at Alito, gentle, yet piercing.

Alito perked up.

Chris might be cold but to Alito, she could feel the calm and collected determination that resides from the former's answer. That was just the reassurance that she needed.

11:00 PM - Fuschias' Rosengarten

Chris was strolling by the Rosengarten when she saw Alito kneeling in front of the plaque that has the inscription of the Fuschias' name.

"Alito…" Chris placed her right hand on her loyal servant's left shoulder.

"My Lady…" Alito sobbed.

"It's painful to accept the cold, hard truth, right?" Chris calmly replied.

Alito looked away, staring into the night sky as her cheeks became damp.

"Two years before I came to serve the Fuschias I lost my entire family in the Civil War in Germany. Your family have been like a second family to me. Even when my surname has no connection to your family whatsoever, your parents and relatives treat me kindly. To an extent that they allow me the honor of serving you, the beloved daughter of the Fuschias." Alito took a deep breath before continuing.

"Words can't describe how grateful I am to them. Since then, I vowed to loyally serve the Fuschias until the end, only to have them come to an abrupt halt..." Alito placed her hand close to her chest, trying to hold the fresh tears brimming on her eyes.

She then faced Chris, and kneeled down on one of her knees, placing her right fist over her left side of her chest.

"The best that I can do for the Fuschias now, is to serve you even after their deaths. That's the only way that I can repay them. So please, allow me to serve and share the burden with you to carry on the Fuschias' last will!" Alito declared firmly.

Chris could hear the sincere tone in Alito's statement, knowing that there was someone who had the same thought as her and willing to follow her regardless of her ill-fate.

Chris extended her right hand to Alito.

"You are the only person outside of the Fuschias whom I can trust, and thus deserve to read the last will. You have been with me all this years and never ever give up on me. I, Chris 'Quattro' Fuschia, shall grant you your wish. Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm!" Chris solemnly declared.

Alito's right hand met Chris's…

"I, Alito Gnade, servant of Chris 'Quattro' Fuschia, pledge my loyalty towards you for all eternity!"

Alito's eyes glowed icy blue. The symbol of the greyhound could be seen on her left eye as the aura engulfed the both of them, signifying the completion of the Loyalty Ritual…

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