(AKB0048 Saga Part 1) Quattro: The Ascension of the Icy Maiden

Arisa's Kindergarten Trouble!

3rd June 2000, Summer Time. Nagano, Nikon

It was summer time, and Chris took the time during the summer holidays to travel to Nagano, Japan. She brought Alito along with her to complete the official opening of an Audi Factory in Nagano, and was now touring with the loyal servant for their summer holidays.

Chris was driving her newly-built Audi Nuvolari Quattro, one of the concept cars given life by her technological genius to signify Audi's aim to create luxury sedans.

"Arisa Mochida? So…she's your pen-pal from Nagano, isn't she?" Chris spoke in an icy cool manner.

"Yes, my Lady. She always volunteers at her neighborhood Kindergarten when she has the time, mostly during the summer holidays. She is always gentle and caring towards the children in the nurseries, playing with them and having a deep connection too." Alito explained calmly.

"I see…" Chris replied, nodding her head gently.

"I know it might be a bit too much of a request, but I would appreciate it if you can let me visit my pen-pal for once?" Alito hoped.

Reminded that part of the Fuschia's last will, was of reuniting people she came to know back to their friends, Chris agreed to Alito's request without hesitation.

"T…Thank you, my lady!" Alito said profusely.

Chris just nodded; her heart still cold and broken, with her only solaces being the Fuschia's last wish.

When Chris drove her sedan into the kindergarten that Alito mentioned, she saw several caretakers having fun by the playground. Some of them built sandcastles, some clearly having fun by the swings, or even the see-saws.

"If only my relatives are alive back then…" Chris held on to her small family-tree necklace tightly.

"Arisa, it's me! Your pen-pal Alito!" she shot out excitedly.

A teenage female with long, brown hair with a blue hair band and brown eyes panned her sight towards the Kindergarten's entrance and recognized Alito in the Audi Nuvolari Quattro. The female sported a pink apron with a green shirt and blue jeans – typical normal clothing for a kindergarten caretaker. She also held a furry rabbit puppet by her right hand.

"Alito, it is so nice to meet you here! What a coincidence!" Arisa shot out happily as they embraced each other.

"I asked my Lady here to bring me over to where you might do volunteer work at during the summer holidays. Here she is." Alito gently smiled as Chris stepped out of her Audi Nuvolari Quattro in her silvery blue cape and suit.

"So you are Arisa Mochida, the pen-pal whom Alito mentioned, nice to meet you." Chris calmly shook hand with Arisa.

Arisa instantly felt a rippling wave of coldness coming from Chris's hands.

"Dear me…she must be the renowned Chris 'Quattro' Fuschia whom people have accused her of being a 'jinx' in the past, even though she clearly isn't." she thought.

Arisa smiled as she returned the handshake and bowed. Chris, however, only responded with a nod.

"Alito, I guess your mentor didn't seem to take her past very well." Arisa whispered to Alito.

Alito responded softly, "Please, Arisa. I would appreciate it if you don't mention any of her emotional scars? I do not want to see my Lady being all so screwed up."

Arisa smiled gently, "Alright, Alito. It's not like Chris is bad, it's just kind of peculiar, you know?"

"Arisa, even if Alito is not here I will have said the same thing bluntly; you deserve my utmost respect. Your mother-like qualities despite the age of eighteen enabled the kids in the kindergarten to love you like a mother should. Like how a family should function – harmony." Chris nodded in respect.

Arisa blushed gently. "Thanks, Chris-sama. It delights me to see these children be happy when I play with them. They are so cute!"

Despite Chris's blunt personality, Arisa respected her feelings because she knew that the slanderous news had damaged Chris's heart to a large extent.

Arisa, Alito, and Chris joined the crowd of kindergarten kids at the playground. Chris sat under the tree, calmly watching the kids playing with both Arisa and Alito. She was busy formatting the technology for the next project of quattro GmBH.

Shortly after, Arisa began to get uncomfortable. Both Chris and Alito wondered why Arisa felt that way.

"The Boryokudan of the neighborhood terrorized the kindergarten where I volunteered to work at over the years every summer holidays. Arsons have plagued this town for many years, and they even raid through this town as if they are bosses. Neither one of us can stand up to them, they have lethal weapons…" Arisa shook her head sadly.

"What kind of weapon are those?" Alito asked, a look of concern spread across her face.

Arisa looked down and hesitated for a while before responding…

"Liquid Nitrogen…"

Chris frowned, while Alito's eyes went wide with shock.

"They own liquid Nitrogen?" Chris questioned.

Arisa nodded wanly.

"Give me their exact names or their appearances; I have connections with one of the socialites at the Interpol…" Chris replied, cold vapor exhaling from her mouth.

"But…" Arisa hesitated for fear of being killed by the gangsters for ratting on them.

Upon looking into Chris's navy blue eyes, however, Arisa could feel a piercing feeling down her spine; a chilling reassurance that Chris would not let the gangsters have it easy.

After Arisa gave their brief descriptions to the Interpol community via one of the Fuschia's socialites…

"So…death row convicts, aren't they? They acquired the Liquid Nitrogen because they threatened the scientists of Nagano to produce them. Twenty counts of murder, six of those are families that have ten people; four of them have families that have eight, and the rest are at least the typical three to five people in one family. Plus bombings of several national monuments of Japan two years ago, hurting a hundred and killing twenty. Massive cases of extortion…and they have been on the run for over three years." Chris calmly spoke.

"Yes, Chris. The government has ordered that those people are executable on the spot immediately only if they are confident enough, but I don't think there are people who can do that. They have their hands on Liquid Nitrogen tech…no police or élite securities can deal with them." the red-hair socialite sighed.

Chris looked down. Her heart got colder every minute or so, for she had realized that there were heartless souls who committed arson, murder, and terrorism activities for the sake of money, not caring for the innocents that died as a result.

No, never again…

She would not sit down and watch pathetically as the children of the Kindergarten got torn apart by the gangsters' insolent act. Chris would uphold her promise.

If the gangsters themselves do not care for the innocent lives, why should she cared about theirs?

Shortly, the Boryokudan that Arisa mentioned arrived in a haughty fashion. The leader spotted a scar upon across his left half of his face, short stubby nose, black sunglasses, intimidating eyes, and wore a grey coat with orange shirt with black long jeans.

Arisa's spin tingled with fear, "T…there they are!"

Without hesitation, Chris got off her resting spot and blocked the leader's way.

"Arisa, get the kids inside the kindergarten, now…" Chris spoke, her eyes glowing icy blue.

"But…" Arisa stammered.

Alito held Arisa's hands, acting calmly, "Trust my Lady, I know she might be crazy to you, but that's the only thing you can do now."

The leader of the Boryokudan smirked, "Kekeke…what? Such a foolish girl like you could think that you will take down a whole army of gangsters in this district? Give me a break! Not even the law can stop us!"

Chris stood rooted on the ground, and it seemed that the surrounding warm air suddenly became colder and colder. Alito could feel chilling Goosebumps rising from her skin.

"I know everything about your crimes; Interpol told me…Killing innocent beings like nobodies' business and even dare to make this kindergarten your extortion place, disrupting the peaceful lives of the residents, families, and the innocent children living here. Despicable…" Chris clenched her fists while maintaining her composure.

"They are just nothing more than money makers for me to extort! Killing and extortion are my business, and business is good! Besides, what business is of yours? Step aside; you don't want to die by being frozen, do you?" the leader smirked.

"Who said I ain't dead yet…?" Chris's piercing eyes glared intently at the Boryokudan, chilling everyone's spines down. An icy cold burst of wind blast forth, multiplying the effect by tenfold.

Arisa could witness the scene inside the kindergarten, and was awestruck at the intimidating presence that Chris could pose to the Boryokudan. So much so that she could feel herself freezing upon her spine.

"Onee-chan…w…will she be okay?" one of the little girls shivered.

"Don't worry; she will be okay…Just praying hard that Chris is able to pull through this one." Arisa prayed.

"I have enough of this pickle-cock! We might as well send a message to other's about messing with us!" the leader's wolfish attitude showed as he received a cannon with liquid Nitrogen. The cannon had tubes connected into it.

Alito approached beside Chris, having vowed to stay with Chris until the end.

The leader instantly used the cannon to land a successful shot at Chris; she was instantly frozen solid.

The kids and Arisa gasped with horror; Chris lost.

"HAHAHAHA! This will teach you to mess with us boys, you idiot!" the leader cackled.

"Not for long…"

"Huh?" the members of the Boryokudan looked on at the frozen Chris.

Without warning, Chris's eyes glowed intensely, as the ice that froze her instantly burst!

Both Alito and Chris's chilling aura resonated as their dual voices echoed the entire town…The voice that instantly brought a chill towards Arisa's spine.

"Judgment is at hand…"

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