(AKB0048 Saga Part 1) Quattro: The Ascension of the Icy Maiden

In the end, I'm nothing...

Chris made a hand sign of an inverted 'T' and soon enough, Alito's wolf sign over her left side of her face began to glow intensely.

"The icy scythe that slices all evil. The Frozen Destroyer – Lifebane!"

Alito rose to the air and in a glow of icy blue flash, her body morphed into two crooked-looking scythes with jagged blade tip, a skeleton hilt, and multiple icicle attachments on its body. They gave out an icy, purplish aura.

Chris acquired the Lifebane and the hilt's eyes, along with Chris's, glowed at the same time. An intimidating aura materialized from her, bringing about a chill down the foes' spine.

Several months before the trip to Nagano…

"From now on, Alito…You will be a part of me due to the Loyalty Oath. You shall be named Lifebane; we will bring forth the wrath against our enemies – terrorist, gangsters, supernatural forces, and illness who dared to tear the innocent lives of families, children and the likes! Let our chilling alliance begin!" Chris declared as her necklace rose to imbue Alito with the same Cryokinetic powers that Chris possessed.

"I shall be your sword, shield, and the wings of justice, my Lady. Until hell do us we part our icy alliance!"

Without hesitation, Chris zoomed into the lackeys who were protecting the leader, slashed them brutally multiple times, freezing them on the spot with Lifebane, and ripped their spines apart with the hook-like body of the weapon!

Every strike upon Chris's enemies, up to the point where she executed them, stole away their life essence thanks to the chilling cold emitted from the Lifebane itself. The foes were too slow to comprehend the swiftness and the deadly accuracy that Chris displayed. One by one, they fell upon her feet, frozen and pulverized.

Several guards were immediately called upon to back the leader up. They attempted to use Flamethrowers to counter Chris's elemental attribute, but her body is so cold, that the flames completely negated the fiery effect, despite leaving few burns on her skins.

Chris instantly merged the two Lifebanes together by their hilts; toss the merged scythe around her in a whirlwind combo and released a huge, chilling energy slash which sliced their bodies into half. Their spines clearly shattered by the brutal, yet efficient strikes of the devastating weapons.'

She did it with coldness never seen before any mortal's eyes. Several of the gangster minions pleaded for Chris to spare their lives, but Chris showed no mercy to them either and mercilessly ripped them apart.

She felt neither guilt, nor remorse. The gangsters brought this upon themselves. They committed murder, arson, and even bombings of national monuments to destroy the innocent lives of many, all in the name of power and money. They did not care about the welfare of the innocent beings and families whom lives they had taken. So why should Chris have spared them either?

She had chosen this path, the path of a solitary warrior. Her heart wounded too deeply, never to be conciliated, only to be healed by the blood of her enemies who dared to hurt the innocents.

This was a battle that she knew that she will fight alone; to prevent seperation any family that she met along the way.

"Please…Spare my life, brave warrior! I...I will give you anything you ask for, anything!" the leader pleaded.

"Can you restore the lives of the people you killed; the ones whom you took their right to live?" Chris asked, glaring intently at her foe.

The leader could only look upon the Icy Maiden with absolute horror.

"Then die…"

The leader's scream, as Chris ripped his spine apart, could be heard throughout the entire neighborhood…

The battlefield became filled with death's silence.

All that remained are the frozen bodies of the gangsters whom Chris ripped apart with her Lifebane.

One hour later…

"Sir, those are the records of the criminals that have been 'executed' on the spot by someone called Chris 'Quattro' Fuschia." An officer reported to the chief FBI agent. The FBI were commanded to clear up the mess made after the death-row gangsters' death.

The officer, who wore a brown hat, cape, blue shirt and jeans, looked at Chris 'Quattro' Fuschia, who was de-briefing with Alito on eliminating the death-row gangsters, with great shock.

"So, a dangerous gangster group that has weapons so powerful that even the S.W.A.T is afraid of dealing with them, and yet she executed them with little to no effort at all..." he thought.

Right by a bench in the Kindergarten's playground, Arisa was recalling the conversation after the battle with the gangsters was over.

"Chris…Alito. Thank you, I thought the Kindergarten was history..." Arisa cried.

"I dare not allow another innocent being, or family, be crushed by such an insolent group of people…" Chris replied, exhaling chilling white vapor.

"Arisa…It must be done. Those gangsters are death-row convicts who neither care for the living, nor respect the dead. We couldn't just possibly let them run amok, right?" Alito calmly followed.

Arisa looked down sadly. "Even then...the methods that you have used are rather controversial…"

Chris clenched her fists…

"I must make sure that those people will never rise and tear innocent beings apart. I will crush them – so they will not rise again, literally," Chris replied as she turned to walk away.

"Chris! There is something we can do about your grief-stricken past! I know that your past is somewhat involved. I am grateful that you and Alito saved the Kindergarten from further destruction, so please let us help you!" Arisa hoped.

Chris harshly glared at Arisa, bringing a chill down the latter's spine.

"I have no purpose…at all. Forget it..."

Arisa sighed deeply; she did not know how to react.

On one hand, she felt gratitude that Chris would save the kids in the Kindergarten.

However, she felt immediate shock that Chris has become a cold and heartless warrior.

That was not a bad thing, right? Those gangsters, as the Interpol mentioned earlier, were actually death-row convicts.

However, Arisa realized one fact that she cannot deny.

Chris had become less than human, but also something more…

The Heartless Destroyer…of Evil.

"Miss Fuschia!" the same officer with brown hat and brown coat shouted.

Chris turned around and faced the officer.

"What is it that you want me for?" she asked bluntly.

The officer chuckled, "Please, madam, no harm involved! It's just that the FBI were grateful that you eliminated the gangster group that we have chased for three years! I like to ask if you would join our team? That would prove very useful in the eliminating of a lot of most-wanted criminals!"

"I am no hero, mister...neither do I want to. I do things on my accord, and I shall never accept any privileges..." Chris responded.

"But, we could use you! Your talents!" The officer anxiously explained.

"It is on my accord that I choose who to work with in the future. For now, I just only need Alito by my side. Nothing more..." Chris proceeded to take her leave.

Outskirts of Nagano

Chris was driving the Audi Nuvolari Quattro, with Alito as her passenger, as they departed Nagano.

The former looked at the necklace that her mother gave her, and clutched it.

Struck with that survivor's guilt, she held on to her necklace like a badge to remind her of the atrocities, of where she had come thus far…

She knew that no amount of greatness would make her feel good.

She knew that she would be praised by many as someone who saved the world from one of the most dangerous gangsters group in Nikon.

She knew that Arisa was eternally grateful that Chris saved the Kindergarten.

Did it matter? No, not even the slightest.

Chris had lost everything to her, and the necklace would only constantly remind her of her guilt that she was the only surviving Fuschia left. It would forever remind her, that apart from motivating her to prevent history, she had no purpose…

No one, other than Alito, would empathize her scars that be .

Chris would be talked by many around the world as a heroine, but to herself…

She was nothing...

Alito placed her chilling right hand over to Chris's left, a symbolism of reassurance that this was a battle they would fight without any help from others at all. Chris returned the hand squeeze, as a streak of tear flowed without effort.


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