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Lost in the Woods


A 13 year-old girl named Emily once was lost in the woods which was in the middle of her mansion and Davids and was saved by her school friend. Her parents died and her left her alone so she went to her Aunt's home and lived there for the next 7 years. She meets her unknown cousin, David same age as her and has fun with him and when they grow 20 they both had made feelings for each other. Love had a great role between them and they married and lived happily ever after~

Adventure / Children
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The visit to Reddleyork

Emily was only 13 year-old when her parents died they left her alone in the Ravenshork mansion where they had been living for generations. After a month, She was told to go to her Aunt Marry's mansion which is called Reddleyork. She was invited by a letter from Aunt Mary herself.

After weeks, when Emily arrived at Reddleyork. It was a bit scary first but she had no where else to go. She looked at the front door nervously. Then suddenly a warm welcome was heard. "Welcome, Young lady!" said the servant. "Uh?... y-yes thank you!" She said confusingly.
And she went inside. Next she met Aunt Marry. "Hello there young girl..?" she said politely. "Nice to meet you Auntie, it's Emily." "Oh well, that is. By the way, please choose your room to live for the next 10 years." Emily was confused about the "next 10 years" but she did as her aunt said.
There were like thousands of rooms in the mansion. The one Emily chose was next to a patient. She asked a passing by servant about the next door. "Who is living in the next door?" asked Emily. "Master David Johnson." replied the servant. Emily was pale faced to hear it. She never thought that she might had a cousin. At the same time she went running downstairs to Aunt Marry's room.

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