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Where We Left Off

By write_a_word


Chapter 1

So I know I'm kinda just starting lots of stories right not but I swear this is the last one. I was told the idea and just had to do it. Hope this was as good as you imagined it. But anyway it will only have five to ten chapters and it is kind of tied to the Fine lifetime from Shattered Souls so please read that if you haven't or you may get confused. This story is their next reincarnation after that lifetime. Hope it's good and you'll like it.

A black haired boy walked out of his room while scratching the back of his head and with eyes barely open. Walking into more than a few things as he did because he is still not fully awake. When he finally did open his eyes though they ended up being drawn to the couch, or better said a black haired boy who was sleeping on it.

Seeing the boy in his house didn't make Magnus feel startled in the least though. Seeing him he smiled, feeling affection towards the boy. His best friend. That's who he was. He was his best friend. He forgot the fact for a second there but now he's okay again. It's just Alec.

"Hey sleepy head." His deep voice boomed through the room, startling the other awake and Magnus watched him sit up, looking around disoriented before seeing him and finally relaxing and falling back down onto the couch with a soft groan. "Dad causing troubles again?" Magnus asked as he walked towards the kitchen instead of just standing there. He should really go make some coffee after all. Alec looks like he needs it.

That was the only reason why they kept coffee in the house in the first place. His mom doesn't drink it and he doesn't either so there really is no need to keep it. But as it is Alec drinks it so that's why they do. It's like he lives there anyway so why not keep things just for him. He's his best friend after all.

"Yes." The blue eyed one answered after a minute, still trying to keep awake considering he managed to only get about four hours of shut eye. It took another minute for him to finally open his eyes fully, blue eyes looking around the room for Magnus until he smelled fresh coffee and immediately knew where the other was. "You know you don't have to keep making coffee only for me. It mostly goes to waste."

"Yeah and what, you're going to go home to drink it?" Magnus countered, walking back into the living room now that the coffee is set. "Just don't worry about it."

Alec sighed at the words he heard way too many times from the other. "I just don't want to be a bother."

"You're not." Magnus didn't even skip a beat before saying it, one hand moving to the others arm as recurrence before he quickly pulled it back because of the wince it got from the black haired boy. "You did it again didn't you!" The voice that was soft before was accusing now. Accusing and angry, leaving the other covering under his hard gaze in shame.

Gold and green eyes opened, waking up from a dream he doesn't remember. He had a feeling he should remember though, something tugging at the back of his mind but everything was too blurry to make sense of and just like every other time he gave up. It can't be that important after all. It's just a dream. There was one thing he couldn't forget though. One thing that was in his mind after every dream like this. One thing that keeps following him everywhere.

Eyes blue as the sea and bright as the sun.

That's something he can't ever forget. The eyes that haunt him all his life.

Something moved next to the boy and he looked to his right, only to see blond hair peaking from out of the covers. Well it seems he had fun yesterday. It's kind of sad he doesn't remember what with all that he had to drink yesterday at the party and a headache that was killing him right now. But he doesn't care anyway. Whoever is sleeping next to him is just another nameless person in a row of many. And just like with the others it's time to get rid of her.

Magnus threw the covers off of himself and stood up, getting dressed quickly so he doesn't wake her up by accident, he doesn't feel like talking at the moment. So he just got dressed and walked out without even a second look towards the girl still in his bed. And as he walked out of his own apartment, leaving it unlocked, he just wished she will get the hint and leave before he comes back. Some haven't before and he really really doesn't feel like having that awkward conversation at the moment. Not with the headache he's having. It must have been an awesome party yesterday.

The sun was too bright and the cars around him too loud as he walked through the streets towards the nearest café to get at least some of his senses back, but the blue eyes were still in his mind. Such beautiful blue he has never seen outside of the dreams. Sometimes he wishes he could remember the dreams. All the feelings of comfort and even alert and sadness he sometimes feel after waking up make him want to know more than just the blue eyes. However he never can. He never could and it doesn't seem he ever will.

Opening the door of the café Magnus tryed to focus on his surroundings more so he doesn't accidentally run into someone or something. It was just his luck that he ended up doing just that though. The door hitting the person who was just getting out and sending them to the floor.

"Ow." A voice came from the boy now on the floor. A boy who was rubbing his back as his black hair fell over his eyes.

"I'm sorry." Magnus apologized immediately, something he doesn't do that often, but feeling taken by the boy the second he laid his eyes on him. There was just something about the slim body and pale skin of him that pulled the red haired one in. And then the boy looked up and he could barely hold in a gasp. The eyes, they were blue As blue as the sea and as bright as the sun. Such a perfect blue, just like in his dreams. It left him staring.

"Don't worry I'm fine." The boy in front of him said, black hair falling over his blue eyes as he stood back up with Magnus's help.

Hearing the words though made a shiver run down the other's spine. And not a good kind either. He never liked the word fine. It always made his blood run cold and hearing it come from the beautiful boy's lips was somehow even worse than usual.

Magnus didn't know why but he also didn't like it one bit.

He had to fight down the urge to tell the boy to never say that again because that would be weird. So instead he ended up asking something even he didn't expect will fall from his lips. "It's not. Come I'll buy you a coffee to make it up."

Magnus Bane doesn't date. He doesn't ask people out or buys them coffees but he seems to be doing just that.

The other seemed as taken aback by the words as Magnus was. He didn't expect that but Magnus wasn't taking the words back. He found himself not wanting to so he stood his ground and waited for the other to move first, hoping he won't say no because he was already so intrigued by the blue eyed boy. Something he never was with any other person.

"That's-That's not necessary. I'm really fine." There it was again. That word. The green eyed boy flinched at hearing it the second time.

"Nonsense. You're not a bother." He had no idea why he said that but he somehow felt like he needed to. Still at the shocked face of the other when he did he quickly continued, hoping to make it better. "I'm Magnus by the way. And you are?" That was safe right? Asking for the boys name was safe.

"Alec." The slightly shorter one answered, blue eyes confused, and Magnus grinned. His headache and anything else long forgotten now.

"Well it's nice to meet you Alec. Will you allow me to buy you a cup of coffee?" He asked again.

"I-Sure?" Alec was still a bit shocked at all of this. He's not used to people buying him cups of coffee. Or even being nice to him really so this was new but he still said yes. Something about the other just seemed…familiar. Maybe it was the red of his hair. He always dreamt of red. Blurry dreams but there was always something red. Or maybe it was because of the smile Magnus currently had. It seemed so familiar it hurt. So he said yes and followed the other towards a free table. Pulling the long sleeves of his shirt as far down as they can go all the while so he can hide it. So he can hide his shameful secret.

Did you like it? Tell me what you think.

Was this good? I hope it was. For now please follow and leave a review maybe. I want to know what you guys think.

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