Where We Left Off

Chapter 2

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Black hair was rustled and covered with smudges of red, smudges long dried by now as the boy shook on his bed. Eyes filled with tears and breathing ragged as he fought of screams.

He wanted to scream and cry about how it isn't fair. Nothing is fair.

His family, his life. Nothing. Absolutely nothing is fair.

But he can't scream and he can't cry. This is all he can do. Just this. Just one more of the secrets he has to keep.

His heart pulsed as he watched red.

Vision blurred as red turned to black.

And then in his dreams there was red once again.

"I love you, you know that Alec? You're the best friend anyone can ever ask for." A green eyed boy spoke as he and his best friend lied down on his bed on a too hot summer afternoon.

The words were like a shred of glass tearing at the others heart, and yet he smiled. Answering with an 'I love you too' that he meant a whole lot more than the other.

And as he looked at the closed eyes of the one he loves all he could feel was sadness. Sadness that the other can't see it, but also sadness that he is too scared to say it how it is. To say that his I love you's don't mean the same as the ones of his best friend. He is too scared he will ruin their friendship if he tells him that he loves him in not that much of a platonic way.

He is just scared like he always is so he keeps his mouth shut. But then again when does he not?

"Why so quiet Alec?" A deep voice asked, making the other notice he has been staring.

Quickly averting his gaze the blue eyed one looked at the others arms instead. "It's nothing. I'm just tired."

"Well go to sleep then. I could use a nap too." Magnus smiled before closing his eyes once more, again not able to see the sadness in the eyes of his best friend.

Not that kind of tired; Alec thought, sighing inwardly but still closing his eyes all the same. Wishing for a better present. A one where Magnus would notice.

It was in a coffee shop that a blue eyed boy thought of red. He thought of red as he looked at the shirt a boy sitting opposite him. A boy that for some reason bought him coffee and was now smiling as he asked questions about him.

Why though? Why does he care about something so random and meaningless about what Alec's favorite color is?

He asked as much but all he got in return was a laugh. "I just do. Can't I just find you fascinating?"

"No one else ever did." The blue eyed one answered honestly as he was still very confused about all of this. Especially Magnus. He confuses him so much and he hasn't even known him for more than half an hour. Actually he can't even say that he does know the gold and green eyed boy.

"Well I do. I find you very fascinating Alec." And again with a smile. It was such a big and just delighted smile that Alec has never seen before.

But honestly he found himself liking it. Liking the smile that was seemingly just for him. It was nice to pretend that it was.

They found themselves drifting in silence for a few minutes after that. A surprisingly comfortable silence as the two of them drank their respected coffees before Alec decided to speak again, his eyes glancing at the others shirt again as he did. "Red. My favorite color is red. Yours?"

The question was timid seeing as he was still in disbelief that all of this is actually happening but it still left the Magnus answering happily. "It's blue. That's why I love your eyes."

Said eyes were cast downwards at hearing the sentence but still a small smile found itself of Alec's lips. "Thanks. He felt like a lovesick teenage girl as he said it, liking how the other kept glancing at his eyes as they spoke and how his name felt said in Magnus's deep voice.

There was just something about the other that made him want to talk, he somehow felt…well not safe but warm. And even though it made no sense at all Alec just liked how the other made him actually want to stay and talk, get to know him more.

He felt drawn and he didn't know why, but at the moment he also couldn't care less.

And somehow they did, they kept talking for hours more in that coffee shop. Getting to know one another even as they both felt like they already do. The whole time though there was this feeling, a feeling like they forgot something important. Something important about the red and the blue.

But that something important was out of reach too.

So even as Magnus walked Alec home hours later since he lived close neither still knew what they were missing, but both also didn't care as they continued talking.

Talking about everything and nothing at all.

And so somewhere between Magnus saying that he has a cat that he adores and Alec admitting he has a knife collection, not saying what for of course, warm fingers wrapped around a pail wrist, making the blue eyed one stop with him, and Magnus's lips descended on Alec's for a short but sweet kiss that made blue eyes widen before he let go.

Magnus doesn't do dates or buys coffee, but it seems that for Alec he does as he gave the other his number and left after leaving one more kiss on those lips he has been watching the whole day. The lips he wanted to kiss so bad. Lips that kissed him back this time around.

It was with a smile and a quick 'Bye' that the green eyed boy walked away, and it was also with a smile that the blue eyed one walked up the stairs to his apartment because this all doesn't feel real but it is.

Magnus bought him coffee, and he kissed him so he likes him. Magnus likes him and Alec couldn't remember the last time he was so happy. And yet he was happy for a boy he only just met. A boy who for some reason seems to care.

Why? He still doesn't know. But he wants to find out and maybe he will. Maybe he lets himself find out.

That was the first night in so long that Alec actually went straight to bed after the shower.

The same couldn't be said about the next night though. A kiss can't make everything better after all. But oh how he wished it could.

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