Where We Left Off

Chapter 3

Aaaand chapter three. Really hope you'll like this. It's slightly longer than the others. So here ya go. Hope you liked it.

A week. That's how long ago he has seen Alec.

It's been a whole week since the green eyed boy gave the other his number and he hasn't called.

Yet in all that time Magnus didn't even try to pick up anyone in a bar, or on a party he was in two days ago. He hasn't because blue eyes just won't get out of his head. Not now that he has seen the eyes he has been dreaming of for real.

The hazy dreams that were there every night now.

They aren't as hazy anymore though, because Magnus is sure he saw Alec in those dreams more than once these past few days.

But that's all he can remember still. Just the blue eyes and Alec with his blue eyes and slightly muscled body. Lips he's eager to kiss again and a body he can't help but want to touch all over.

So many things he wants to do if only Alec calls.

However, Magnus knows he should give up on hope already because it has been too long without even a text so what are the chances the blue eyed boy will actually call him. Really there are none anymore.

He knows he shouldn't have came on so strong, he probably spooked the other but Magnus just couldn't help himself.

There is just something about Alec, something that makes Magnus want to pamper him with kisses just to see the same wide eyed expression he did when he kissed him and tell stupid jokes just to make Alec laugh because he loves the sound even though he only got to hear it twice.

He definitely can't get the cringle of Alec's eyes as he smiles out of his head either. Magnus just can't stop thinking about him at all.

The boy hasn't felt like this in a really long time. And even then he's not sure if it was ever like this. The attraction so strong.

So really Magnus can't help but wait even though he knows there is probably no point. Just like he couldn't help but kiss Alec that day.

Little did Magnus know that in an apartment three blocks down the boy he couldn't get off of his mind can't stop thinking about him either. Contemplating if he should dial the number newly saved in his phone or not.

What if he only gave Alec his number out of pity and never wanted him to call at all? Because really what other reason is there. He is just too plain and messed up for anyone to like. Let alone someone as good looking as Magnus. He could never actually like Alec.

Could he? Surely not.

He knew there is no way but still the blue eyed boy can't stop thinking about the kiss he definitely didn't expect to receive. And now every night as he watches the blood flow down his arm he can't help but remember him.

Remember the boy who bought him coffee for no reason at all and then talked. Just talked to Alec like no one else has in so long.

Maybe he should call; the boy thought as he held onto his phone tight while sitting on the couch in an apartment that feels so lonely. Too lonely. Maybe he should call just…just to make sure. Yes that's what he should do.

Maybe if he hears the rejection he will finally be able to stop thinking of the other and go back to his normal and lonely life.

It was with that thought that Alec finally dialed the number. Regretting it right after.

He made himself not hang up though. Eyes focused on a stain located on the wall behind the TV and a little bit under the ceiling. All the while a mantra of 'don't pick up' repeating in his head.

No point in the end though, because it was only four rings in that there was a click and a deep voice reaching Alec's ears. "Hello."

Hearing the voice he recalled all too well made the blue eyed boy freeze, mind a complete blank.

"Anyone there?" The voice spoke again and this time Alec made himself talk because otherwise he needs to call again and he's not sure he can do that.

"Umm it-it's Alec. From the other day…" the words were said awkwardly as Alec's heart raced and thoughts went to 'what if he doesn't even remember me?'

"Oh. Alec you called." From the tone the nervous boy couldn't figure out if Magnus was surprised in a good or a bad way. It was probably the bad though so Alec was fast to stumble out an apology.

"I'm sorry. You probably gave me your number out of pity right? I knew I shouldn't have called." The last bit was more to himself then the other as Alec went to end the call. Only to be stopped by a quick and rather loud 'no'. Hearing it made the boy stop and bring the phone back to his ear in confusion.

"Don't hang up! Are you still there?" Magnus asked, slight desperation reaching even Alec's ear. But why?

He had half a mind to end the call still but he didn't, and instead let out a quiet 'yea' in return. He could hear the other sigh when he did. Was it a sigh of relief?

"Good. I'm glad you called. And I didn't give you my number out of pity or anything. I really like you Alec. And I would like to see you again." Magnus's words took Alec by surprise. Does he really mean it? But he could hear the honesty in that deep voice so he must really mean it. The mere thought made a small smile appear on his lips, but as he didn't say anything Magnus interrupted his silence in another way. Making him add tentatively. "If you want to that is."

"I wanna see you too." Alec's voice was soft and quiet but Magnus still caught it. Something not a lot of people bother to do.

"Good." Alec could almost imagine the grin on the others face. It made his smile widen as he slowly relaxed into the couch while listening to the others voice speak through the phone. It wasn't the same as when you hear it in person but it still made chills run down the boys spine. "Do you want to go out with me tomorrow? For lunch or dinner?"

"Lunch sounds nice. I would love that."

"See you then."

"See you." Alec ended the call with a big smile still on his lips.

"Alexander open the door! Alec!" The pounding wouldn't stop as a black haired boy pressed himself against the white tiled bathroom wall, watching the door with wide tears filled eyes. Knowing he should open it but also not wanting to. He just doesn't want to see Magnus look at him with disappointment again.

Alec hates the feeling it gets him so no, he's not opening the door.

"Alec please. At least let me see. Please." The boys gaze fell down onto his arms as the pounding continued. Seeing the hateful scars framed by purple at how deep it once was. Purple he hates. He hates what it represents.

His weakness.

Because he made all those scars, he made every one of them with a blade and tears in his eyes. They show how weak he is and he hates it.

He hates them as much as he hates other purple splotches on his skin. Ones he didn't make. Ones that resemble fingers that made them. Purple bruises his own father made that pushed him do the cuts in the first place.

And now he hates purple the most. Because it shows everything he hates. The scars and the bruises he would rather not have but does. He hates it all.

Now Magnus knows though. His best friend, the one he secretly loves, he knows and Alec promised him he will stop. But he didn't stop. He can't stop. The fresh, still bleeding cuts show that perfectly. They stand out on his pale shin, mocking him. Showing how weak he is.

So weak. He is so so weak.

"Alec please."

"Go away Magnus, I'm fine." His voice was shaky as he spoke and the words were so false he would have laughed if he could but still he tried.

"No. No, you're not. Please let me help. I want to help you. So let me. Please."

It was silent after that. Neither of them moving as they waited. And then Alec made a step forward.

Alec waited in front of the came coffee shop he met the other, waited because he came there too soon from how excided he is to see Magnus again.

But the fact that he came so fast made him able to think. Think what if's he would rather not. What if Magnus was just messing with him? What if he doesn't show? What if Magnus is just laughing at him right now, at how stupid he is? And every what if made his heart clench because he doesn't want any of them to be true. But still. What if?

He was so lost in thought, eyes focused on the ground below, that he didn't notice a boy walking towards him with a smile on his face because finally, finally he can see the other after a week. He can see the one he can't stop dreaming about.

However, when Magnus put a hand on his shoulder Alec was startled out of his thoughts, and it only took his eyes meeting the warm brown ones for all the bad feelings building up to disappear.

"Hey." Magnus spoke first.


And just like that there was a smile on Alec's lips once again.

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