Chapter 4

Okay this is gonna be short and also the last chapter. Sorry. I just have to finish off all the stories, plus I forgot what I wanted to do in the end but I kinda like it like this. It's cute. Anyway, here you go. Hope you like it.


I always hated them. Every morning meant yet another shitty day is in front of me. A day that more then not ends up with me getting high in order to forget it.

That's at least how it was before. And now…now I love mornings the most.

My mind slowly got back to consciousness, making me open my eyes to a dark room. A room I was so familiar with by now because I've been sleeping in it for three months now. It's funny how fast time is moving. It never moved this fast before.

"Stop thinking and go back to sleep." A voice grumbled. A voice that made me love the morning for the first time in a long time. A person I just loved waking up next to. "It's too early to be awake."

"The only reason why it looks like it's early is because the blinds are shut." I countered but still didn't even try to get up or even look at what time it really is. It doesn't matter either way because there is no way I am getting up yet. The bed is too warm and soft.

"It's always too early." Magnus replied making me smile and turn around to face him, getting one of his eyes to open before he just pulled me close and went back to trying to sleep, with me not even trying to argue because after three months of living with him it really is always too early. Especially if you went four rounds the night before and feel asleep only at around three.

So in conclusion; it's too fucking early.

I have always loved Magnus's loft. It's a mess true, but you somehow still always know where everything is.

After I was let out of rehab like promised it was him who took me in, into a loft that has been feeling more and more like home every time I was there and now it really is. There is just one thing about it that is frustrating.

The medicine cabinet.

Or to put it more precisely the lock that is on the medicine cabinet.

It seems that Magnus decided to keep me away from any drugs after I was finally able to get out of that awful place.

It's not like I'm taking anything or even thinking about it, because I'm not. I haven't taken anything since he stopped sneaking me in pills two and a half months into rehab. It's just that it's really frustrating when my head hurts and I need a pill because I need to make him get it.

But I understand. I get it. I wouldn't trust myself either. To be honestly I'm sort of relived in a way and just happy that he cares enough. That he loves me enough to take care of me and make sure I don't stray to my old habits again. I did just get out of rehab after all.

My siblings were really happy to see me when I did too but we kind of don't see each other that much lately since my parents decided to try and get the contact to a minimum. They're failing of course, there is Jace after all, it's still annoying though.

But yea when I think about it all I could have never imagined my life to be like this. To be clean and live with someone I love and who loves me…I definitely did not expect to have a sex addict for a boyfriend but that is the thing I mind the least really.

It would have been nice if he could keep his hands to himself in public though but he doesn't seem to be able to. But again, if I go and think about it, I don't mind it that much.

It is Magnus after all.

It's Magnus whose addiction am I.

But I also have a new addiction.

It's him.

And honestly, being addicted to each other isn't bad because if it's the two of us…

It is the best addiction there is.

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