Half-Hearted Halfling


Alex McCauley wandered through the halls of her school on the lookout for one student in particular, Everett Ainsley.

She'd seen Vlad further down the hall before and asked if he'd seen her. He, rather moodily, told her no.
Next she saw Ingrid who told her she had been outside last she saw her, but had lost track of her since then.

The bell rung and the students around her filed into their appropriate classrooms.

She walked down a hall, passing a few empty rooms and then she heard it. The distinctive sound of a Violin being played quickly and expertly. She moved slowly toward a door and listened. It was a song unfamiliar to her, but it would've been difficult for any of the students in band. This was someone who had played for, at least, a decade or more.

She opened the door quietly and entered the room. She instantly recognised Everett's shocking red hair.
She closed the door behind her gently and turned back just as the song finished. She applauded politely, catching Everett's attention.

"Miss Ainsley, that was absolutely incredible. I've never heard one of my students play like that before. how long have you played?"

"My mother played, she started teaching me when I was four. I've been playing ever since. I suppose it helps me to fell closer to her" Everett told her

Miss McCauley could understand the sentimentality, but it was school time and not appropriate whilst lessons were in session. Then she had a brilliant idea. She wouldn't act on it now; she would leave it to work on the details at a later date.

"Are you supposed to be in class now? The bell rung a few minutes ago"

"No, I have a free period now"

McCauley nodded "Well, I was actually wanting to talk with you Everett. Could you please follow me back to my office?"


Everett returned the Violin from where she'd gotten it and followed Miss McCauley through the halls back to the main hall and McCauley's office.

McCauley bid Everett to sit and she herself took a seat behind the desk facing the younger of the two.

"Everett, I wanted to talk to you about your grades. Are you sure you've never been to school before?" McCauley asked her

Everett nodded, but remained quiet.
McCauley continued on.

"Because, your academic ability is brilliant. I can't remember the last time I've had a student who scored in the ninety-five to one hundred percentage in every subject. I know you've only been here for two weeks but already you're showing me that you don't need to be. If anything you should be in a high ranking College studying to be a...a Neuro Biologist for example!"

McCauley calmed herself as she could feel herself getting too over excited...and Everett was looking a little terrified.

"But, after finding you playing Violin during school hours, even though it was during your free period. It could be classified as a disruption for others in class and there could be complaints from other teachers. So I'm going to make a deal with you. From now on, during your free periods, you are going to tutor the other students that need it and I'm going to act like you've done nothing wrong"

'Sounds fair' Everett thought

"At the same time, I'm going to inform Mister Count about our new arrangements. Now go enjoy your free period"

"Genius level! That's what she said! This breather is changing the ideals of women left right and centre! Is it wrong of me to say I'm impressed?"

The Count was rushing around the Throne Room later that night holding the documents that McCauley had previously had.

Everett was seated with Ingrid at the table; neither of them had said a word since they'd entered, watching everything that was going on around them with a grin.

Vlad was also watching his father pace the room, a bored expression across his face "Dad, it's nothing to be concerned with. So what if she's smart, there's a lot of breather girls that are!"

'I'm more concerned with how cosy her and Ingrid are getting' he thought as his eyes fell on them suspiciously

"I'm not so concerned about her being smart" The Count sighed and threw the documents down on a surface then leaned toward his son "I'm concerned because Miss McCauley has informed me that Everett will now be tutoring other students, and your name popped up in conversation" he said lowly.
There was a low rumble of thunder at the end of his words.

Vlad's face changed into one of wide eyed embarrassment and he looked away from his father quickly.
"Well it doesn't matter! Next year I'll be eighteen and have too many other important things to be worrying about"

"But right now you're here-" Ingrid said

"-And right now you need to worry about your grades" Everett finished

It disturbed him to think that Ingrid and Everett could be on the same wave length. He slowly looked back over to his father.

"Quite" The Count agreed. The Count then made his flamboyant exit.

"I feel sorry for you" Ingrid piped.

"Is that supposed to make me feel better?!" Vlad snapped

Ingrid stood to make her exit, but stopped in front of her brother before doing so.
"I wasn't talking to you" you hissed and then zoomed off to elsewhere in the vicinity.

Vlad and Everett stared each other down.

Finally, Everett stood and made her way to the door. Stopping when her hand touched the knob "I'll see you in my room in ten minutes. Bring your homework"

She left.

Vlad gave a groan of frustration. He had the blood bank to look after and he had to work on his plan for co-existence, he didn't have time for this!
It wasn't that he didn't want to be alone with Everett or didn't want to improve his academic record. He did want to be alone with Everett and that un-nerved him.

He didn't want another Erin on his hands.

He threw a fire ball to vent his anger and scorched his father's Throne.
He cringed at his stupidity but he could deal with the consequences later and made his way to his room to pick up his homework.

Vlad and Everett had now been working for an hour now and were only beginning on his second subject.

Everett was frustrated. He wasn't concentrating and he was asking stupid questions that were grating on her nerves. She would never make a good teacher, she was too impatient.
He obviously had other things on his mind and she could only wonder what they were.

She wore glasses. Square-ish, black framed glasses that made her look hipsteresque, even though she wasn't a hipster of any sort. She wore an old pair of Ingrid's pants and heels along with an old shirt that read 'Live' across the front.
Vlad couldn't help but think it looked good and it made him wonder why.

He couldn't take his eyes off her.

She removed her glasses and rubbed at tired her eyes.

"Is there any reason why you're not getting this?"

She looked up at him and caught him staring.
Vlad started and looked around her room, determined not to meet her eye. He hadn't even noticed that she'd been collecting objects to spice up the room.
An old mirror, a desk and chair, even a wardrobe, probably full of Ingrid's old clothes. It hadn't even occurred to him that he was sitting on an old couch.

"Hang on, where did all this stuff come from?" he asked her

"Don't you dare change the subject young man! What is so interesting that it tears you away from my teachings?!"

He could only shake his head and utter a small sorry.

She sighed and moved over to sit next to him, replacing her glasses on her nose and starting to explain it all again for a fifth time.
As she did, she removed her heels and threw them into a corner then picked up a pencil and pushed it behind her ear.

He thought it was cute.

Then he did something so unintentional and unconventional, he didn't even realise that he'd done it.

She was so focused on the pages in front of her that she didn't know he was coming until she felt a hand push some hair away from her face and a soft pressure on her cheek.

Everett made an entrance to the blood bank and went straight to the counter.

Some of the Vamps, old and new to her, gave her a wave or said hi and she only returned the gesture out of politeness.

She finally reached the bar and gained the attention of Daniel, who had all but taken up the job as bartender with Ingrid and Renfield.
She slammed her hands down on the counter top.

"Please tell me you have some alcohol behind there?"

He moved a little down the bar and pulled a bottle and shot glass into view. He poured it and moved to put the bottle back but was stopped by Everett grabbing his wrist.

"Leave it"

"This must be some problem to leave a bottle of Vodka"

"What happened with Vlad?" Ingrid appeared next to him

She held up a finger, telling them to wait while she downed two shots before she said anything

"He kissed me"

She jumped up to sit crossed legged on the bar and poured herself another shot. Ingrid slammed another shot glass down in front of her

"Make it two"

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