Half-Hearted Halfling

Irksome Introductions

The Count had called the attention of his household to the Throne Room.

Vlad, Ingrid and Wolfie were seated in front of the Throne with Renfield standing behind and between Vlad and Ingrid.
The Count sat on his throne watching them watch him.

Vlad felt he'd had enough.
"Did you call us here for a staring competition, or did you actually have something to say?"

"Yeah, I have better things I'd rather be biting!" Ingrid grinned evilly as Vlad tried to calm his agitated nerves

"Don't even joke-"

"Quiet. I have something to say. As you all know, last night we had an uninvited number of Slayers show up on our doorstep. They told us they were on the hunt for a vampire, well, I may have found our Vampire"

Vlad sighed, frustrated again "I knew it! What did you do this time Ingrid?!"

She looked at him flabbergasted "Wha-ME! I haven't done anything!"

"QUIET!" The Counts voice reverberated throughout the small room. Wolfie whined.

"Unfortunately Ingrid's telling the truth this time. She has done nothing wrong"
The Count almost growled this out, disappointed that he didn't have a valid reason to be rid of her, at least that's what he'd let her think.

Ingrid snapped a "Thanks" clearly upset.

"As I was saying. I may have found our Vampire, but after questioning said 'Vampire' I have come to the conclusion that they had the misfortune of being the victim of an unprovoked Slayer attack, and that they're actually breather who has Vampire friends"

Everyone blinked.

Ingrid was the first to speak "How do you know?"

"How do I know what?"

"How do you know they're telling the truth?! How do you know they're not lying?!"

The Count smirked knowingly "Why don't you ask her yourself? She's been sitting on top of that display cabinet for half an hour"

All eyes turned to the display cabinet where a black clad figure could be seen lying draped across the top of it.

"HER! I thought she was a victim of yours!" said Ingrid loudly.

Said body snorted and dropped a hand to let it dangle, Wolfie was on his feet in a second barking and jumping at the cabinet.
A disgruntled "Down boy" escaped her lips as she rolled off the top of the cabinet, Ingrid only just managing to pull her baby half wolf brother out of the way.

The figure stretched, several loud cracks emitting from her body "You just had to go and yell at each other didn't you. I was sleeping peacefully"

She pushed off her hood revealing short cropped red hair and blue eyes.

She turned to Wolfie and ruffled his hair, and then she smiled at him a genuine apologetic smile

"Sorry if I scared you kid"

Ingrid pulled her brother closer, shocked and disgusted.

Then the stranger turned to the Count "I can't thank you enough for taking me in Count Dracula"

Vlad turned to stare at his father wide eyed

'Did she just say what I think she said?!'

The Count smiled as kindly as he could, which for him was not at all.

"You're very welcome. I still don't know how you managed to get up there" He said, indicating to the cabinet "But, I'll leave you to conduct your own introductions as I have other important matters to attend to"

He flashed out of the room, Renfield quickly following him, leaving those left in the room to eye each other off.

Ingrid blinked a few times, glaring daggers at the new intruder "It's obviously some sick joke"

"You're putting us all in danger just by being here! There are probably Vampires as well as Slayers looking for you and we have communications with them almost every day. Give me one good reason why I shouldn't hand you over to them!" Vlad spoke

"Because this wasn't my idea. In fact it was never my idea to stick around in the first place. I just stayed the night to keep out of the way, then I was gonna be on my way"

"You spent the night here?!"

"And you didn't even know I was here. Anyway I came down this morning and passed out in front of one of your teachers- "

"Wait, that was you?!"

She stopped pursing her lips in annoyance staring at Ingrid
"Yes it was me, what's it matter to you?"

"I helped carry you to the nurses office"

she blew hair out of her face, still annoyed "Well then I guess I owe you thanks, but no more interruptions please. Anyway it was your principal Miss McCauley that suggested I stay. So she went off to find your dad and next thing I know he's telling me that I'm staying with you. Your father seems softer in attitude than I would've thought"

The room fell into silence as everyone stared at each other

"Yeah, well, dad is softer in the head when it comes to McCauley" Vlad stated

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