Half-Hearted Halfling

Cold Blue Eyes, Careful Blue Eyes

Vlad showed her to a spare room with a spare coffin.
She didn't really like coffins and didn't understand why Vampires insisted on sleeping in them.
If anything it made you more of a target to Slayers.

Maybe it was an inbred thing?
Her mother had insisted that she sleep in a coffin, just like the rest of the family on that side, just to keep pretences if anything.

"Ingrid's not going to be too happy when she finds out you're wearing her clothes"

"I'm surprised she didn't notice earlier" Everett answered Vlad as she took off the coat she was wearing.

"Thanks for the room" she said

"Well if you insist on staying here you're gonna need somewhere to sleep. Now if you'll excuse me, I have important things to attend to. Sorry we don't have any beds" he left, leaving Everett to stare at his back.


She stared at the coffin, which was simple Wood Oak with softened silk interior, and wondered if it had been taken out of the ground

'Mum always had hidden air holes in the one back home. They expect me to leave the lid open. Maybe, I should just take the lid off...'

She set to work pulling the hinges apart, but she forgot to close the door.
She was rather alarmed when a curious voice rang through her ears

"What are you doing?"

She zoomed to the doorway, making Wolfie take a step back in surprise.
She released the breath she's taken and placed a hand on his head.

"God kid. You gave me a fright"

He growled happily as she scratched him behind his ear.
She led him into the room and shut the door.

"I'm removing the lid on the coffin. I hate confined spaces"
She moved to continue what she'd been doing.

"You're lying. I can smell it"

She viciously pulled out one of the bolts

"Okay" she said "If I'm lying, what do you think is the truth?"

"You're like me" he told her.

She stopped what she was doing and turned to look at him "Like you how kid?"

"You're half Vampire"

"And how do you know that?"

"You sped to the door"

She thought back and realised she had done so unintentionally


"Plus a normal human wouldn't be able to do that, that easily" he finished, pointing to the metal in her hand.

She gave a short laugh "Well, ya got me kid. I am half Vamp. And that's the reason Slayers were chasing me last night. Not because I help Vamps. Now you wanna help me with the rest of these hinges?"

She held out the hand with the hinges and he allowed her to drop them into his hands then continued with her task.

"But kid, you can't tell anyone else. There are people out there who wouldn't like the idea of a Vamp that can walk in the sun or is immune to Garlic Gas...slightly immune" she said this last part under her breath but was sure he heard it anyway.

"Not only would I be killed, I'd probably be experimented on"

"Wouldn't you just ash?"

Wolfie's question was valid, considering that's what Vampires did when they were killed

"I'm only half Vampire. So no, I wouldn't"
she pulled out the last bolt and dropped it in his hand.

"You dump those somewhere, and I'll take care of the lid.

Wolfie nodded and exited the room completely.

Everett then set to the task of moving the heavy lid elsewhere. It was about an hour before she could breathe easily again, Wolfie hadn't returned and she could only assume that he was causing trouble, only she couldn't imagine how.

"I was wondering where my shirt had gotten to"

Everett looked up to see Ingrid leaning in the doorway

"My clothes were soaked, I was given these. I'll have them dry cleaned for you, don't worry"

"Oh no, it's quite alright. I gave them to McCauley for you to wear. They were old anyway, I've worn them twice"

"And here I didn't think you could be nice"

Ingrid only shrugged "I'm about to be nice again and offer you a tour of the school"

Everett was no fool. She had an empathic ability and could feel Ingrid's falsity in her, no matter what fine words she used.
But Everett did need to know where she was and so agreed to Ingrid's offer.

Ingrid had led her down stairs and was showing her through the passages of the school.

There wasn't much to show in all honesty, but Ingrid quietly explained the night time escapades of the school as they went along.

"Sorry, which way's the bathroom? I'm feeling a little warm and need to splash my face"

Ingrid told her and Everett walked off.

Everett entered the bathroom and gripped one of the sinks looking to her reflection.

There was no one else in the room; otherwise she would've heard a pulse beat.

She stared herself in the eye and her reflection stood straight folding its arms

"So when are we leaving?"

She moved away from the mirror but her reflection stayed put, staring at her back.

"We can't leave now, it would be too suspicious" she answered her reflection

"I didn't say now, but we have to leave soon! As soon as they find out about you they'll do what others have tried to do"

"I know. But the timing's not right, and if I keep playing human it might give us a chance"

"But how d'you know that the kid won't tell"

Everett faltered, but she couldn't disagree with the logic.

"Hopefully he won't. We can only trust him for now"

"I'm tired of playing pretend!"

"Well deal with it! You're gonna have to a while longer!"

Her reflection huffed and moved out of view. Everett sighed and rolled her eyes

'Reflections can be so temperamental!'

She made her exit.

She ran into McCauley outside

"Ah, Everett. I was hoping I would see you again today. It occurred to me after I left that, even though Mr Count has allowed you to stay with his family, the only way you would be able to stay permanently is if you were to attend the school. Mr Count has already signed the papers but of course you should know seeing as you'll be the one attending"

Everett's face paled at the thought going to school.
She'd never been to school before, but her father had taught her the essentials like Math and English, things like that. Of course that was only after her mother was staked when she was ten. Her father died four years later.

"I've never been to school before Miss McCauley" She told her openly

"Oh. You were home schooled?" the principal questioned her.

Everett bit her lip before answering "Only for a short while. After that I was on my own"

"How short is 'A short while'?" McCauley asked

"Four and a half years..."

"Well that's no good. It is my opinion that everyone should be educated so they have a chance to live their life the way they want, to the best of their ability"

It may have made sense to McCauley, but Everett was just confused.

"You start tomorrow morning at eight-thirty sharp" McCauley told Everett as she returned to her office.

McCauley had kept her longer than she thought and Ingrid had gone off to do something else with her time.

She wandered through the halls until she found the stairs that led up and made her way back to her room. Unaware that she was being watched by a careful set of blue eyes.

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