Half-Hearted Halfling

Van Helsing

School actually wasn't bad for Everett.
It turned out she was very bright and a quick learner.

McCauley was ecstatic about her marks, though Everett couldn't understand why she was so ecstatic. Even the Count was surprisingly impressed by her, commenting...something, something "for a girl".

The nights were still interesting though, especially at dinner.

Renfield insisted on cooking up disgusting dishes that she couldn't possibly consume. And it was hard for her to sneak out to hunt when the whole family insisted on staying in.

She wondered how long it would take for them to become suspicious.

On this particular night she was seated in the wooded area nearby, next to a fire she'd built, roasting a few drained squirrels she'd caught earlier, when she heard movement close by.

She stood to attention. She didn't dare let her fangs drop, just in case it was Slayers or another Vamp.

A young, dark skinned man around her age appeared from behind some bushes.

When he saw her, he aimed his UV Gun at her "Who are you?! What are you doing near Garside?"
He looked towards her small fire when he smelt the cooking "What's that?"

She held her hands up in surrender, even though his gun would have no real affect on her. "I was just out here hunting squirrels"

He looked at her confused and a little disgusted "Squirrels?"

She nodded and carefully made her way over to the fire to show him. "They're actually quite nice with a little mint"

the fact that she was cooking the meat seemed to prove that she wasn't a Vampire, well to him at least, and he lowered his gun commenting that there were other, better, things to eat.

"Like what?"

"Like Pizza" he said "I can buy you some if you like?"

Her brow raised and she smiled.
She put out the fire and told him to lead the way.

"Wait, wait! So, you're a Slayer?" Jonno asked Everett

"No, no." She laughed lightly "My father was a Slayer; I didn't take up the family business. But he did teach me a thing or two"

"Anyone I would know?" he asked.

Everett shook her head "I doubt it"

But that was far from the truth.

Her father, Samuel Ainsley, was known by Slayers all over the U.K, at least. Maybe even the whole of Europe.

He was the first slayer to be tried and killed by The Slayers Guild for associating and marrying a Vampire.
What was worse was they had a child together.

And if Slayers didn't hate Vampire before, they certainly would when they found her.
A vamp that could walk in the sun was a threat even the Vamps didn't like.

"You keep asking about me. What about you?" Everett questioned, leaving her crust to sit on her plate "What about your dad? Is he a Slayer?"

Jonno looked down at his empty plate sadly. Everett figured that this wasn't really going to be a pleasant conversation.

Jonno breathed in "My father was attacked by Vampires. He's dead"

Everett was silent. She knew there was nothing that could be said.

"I'm still tender about it, but I've learned to move forward" he finished

Everett reached across and gripped his hand. He silently marvelled at the warmth of her palm.

"Well what about your mum? Is she a slayer like you?"

"Yeah. She's the Chairwoman of the Slayers Guild"


Jonno then looked at his watch
"I should be getting back now, mum will be wondering where I am. D'you want to meet her? See the Headquarters?"

'It seems like he's taken a shine to me'

"Umm...I don't know..." she was nervous now.
No doubt someone would recognise her and the Dracula's had more than likely realised her absence by now.

But Jonno was insistent and eventually twisted her arm, so she reluctantly followed him out of the Pizzeria

Jonno lead her to a concrete building surrounded by a high razor wire fence.

He lead her inside where she was greeted by UV lights and the intense smell of Garlic

'Maybe this wasn't such a good idea!'

"I never did give you a valid reason as to why I didn't become a Slayer"

Jonno stared at Everett as she gagged and fell against the wall.

"One reason; because I'm allergic to Garlic!"

Jonno jumped to his senses and pushed her back outside. "You stay out here I'll get help!"

He ran back inside and Everett stumbled out further pulling her EpiPen from her pocket and stabbing it into her leg, breathing a sigh of relief as she felt it take effect.

Jonno re-emerged half a minute later with a woman by his side.
She was carrying a bottle in one hand and a UV Gun in the other.

Everett stared at them both upside down from her spot where she lay on the path.

He knelt down beside her "Are you okay?"

She showed him her EpiPen "Never go anywhere without it"

She returned her eyes to the woman staring down at her and she let a breathy "Hi" escape her lips.

Mina Van Helsing observed the girl as she downed the contents of the bottle.

She was definitely human, Mina could see the red flush of the girls cheeks even in the limited light that surrounded the building.

"Are you alright now?" she asked the girl.

Everett nodded and held out a hand "I'm Ev"

Mina didn't take the girls hand as she'd been previously refilling the Garlic Guns.
"I'd better not, I've been handling Garlic. But I'm Mina Van Helsing"

"It's nice to meet you Mrs Van Helsing" Everett replied politely.

Jonno looked between the two with a small smile "I brought her here to see the headquarters. Her father's a Slayer"

"Was" Everett corrected "He's dead"

"I'm sorry, I don't mean to be rude but, how do we know you're from a Slayer family? How can we trust you?"
Mina's question was justified.

Everett pulled down the neck of her shirt to reveal a small decorative 'S' crossed with a Stake tattooed onto her right shoulder.

"My father had me get it just for situations like this"

Mina stared at the girl in shock.

Everett gave a small, somewhat arrogant smile.
"Believe me now?"

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