Half-Hearted Halfling

Nineteen Years

(Nineteen Years Ago)

Alina Calvetti returned home after three years absence.

She was not at all thrilled to be home.

She'd left after her late husband had been staked by some Slayers, not that she really cared.
She'd never liked Maxim Nielsen from the beginning and was all too aware of her father's insatiable need to sell her off for money.
He was beyond rich himself, but like every Vampire, he wanted more.

Alina used to be that way too, until she met him.
He made her realise that she can have everything and be happy if she just allowed herself to be.
She found herself wanting nothing more than him and his company.

She didn't think she could be any happier.

But her family were proud traditionalists, they wouldn't approve of the small private wedding or the fact that it had taken her three years to tell them of it.

She gently ran her fingers over the floral pattern of the dress that stretched over her swelled stomach.

The Taxi driver tried to catch a glimpse of her in his rear view mirror and was convinced she was just at the right angle that he couldn't see her.

The car stopped at an intersection and the driver turned around to face his passenger.

"44 Crescent Street. You need any help with the bags?" he asked her in Finnish.

He gazed at the beautiful, pale woman through the glass that separated them. He couldn't remember seeing anyone like her before.

Large doe eyes that were sapphire blue in colour, set into a face that was devoid of any sharp features and framed by curling waves of chestnut hair.
She was thin, but not too thin that it looked skeletal or sickly.

She was perfect.

"No, thank you. I can manage from here" her voice was melodic and as gentle as a feather falling onto a bed of clouds.
She gave him a dizzying smile, showing her brilliant white teeth.

She picked up her handbag and other smaller possessions that littered the backseat of the cab while the driver popped the boot and got out to pull her suitcase from it.
He did so quickly and then moved to her, as she seemed to be having trouble getting out of the vehicle.

She thanked him again and took grip of the handle of her suitcase that had been previously set on the sidewalk.

She stood under the light of the street lamp, staring up at the mansion that sat just on the hill a ways away.
Her eyes then fell to the locked and bolted gate that stood in front of her and the long walk that was the driveway, which awaited her.

"Do they know you're coming?" the Driver asked her.

"No" she sighed "But I doubt they knew I was ever gone"
she said this more to herself then him.

She paid him what he was owed and watched as he u-turned and drove away, giving him a friendly wave as he passed her again.
She stood there a while longer, making sure he was out of sight, before she dashed over the gate.

She caught herself on the other side before she face planted into the gravel.
She'd never been able to land on her feet.

The baby moved a little at her sudden actions and she caressed her stomach until it was settled again.
She then began the long trek up the driveway to the front door.

It would be half an hour before she reached the front door and it would start to rain, soaking through her thin cardigan and chilling her to the bone.
Which was odd, because Vampires don't get chills.

Everett sat between Jonno and Mina listening to their conversation.

As it turned out, Jonno was a former friend of Vlads and had been at Garside the other night as a final farewell.
Mina was disappointed, as she wanted eyes and ears inside Garside to keep an eye on the Dracula family.

Everett held up her hand in silence waiting for them to notice, and when they did, she let her idea fall like rain.

"I'm living at Garside with the Dracula's"

Mina jumped up and fired her weapon but, as Everett had found out before, it had no effect.

"Before you condemn me, be rational and listen. I'm only living there..." she sighed to herself "...because some slayers chased me there the other night. The reason, I have Vampire associates that I occasionally help out and they me in return. I'm not a Slayer, but I can keep an eye on them and stop them if I have to and I've had to a couple of times"

"Why didn't you tell me any of this when we met?!" Jonno asked her

"Because it had the bad reaction I thought it would" Everett stated evenly.

Mina and Jonno looked to each other and then back to Everett

"You know you can trust me, otherwise I wouldn't have said anything"

Mina seemed to take her words into consideration.
"Alright, you can prove yourself by being our man on the inside. I'll give you a bug and I want you to place it somewhere in the Throne Room. I'm assuming you know where that is"

Everett nodded "Mission accepted ma'am"

Mina returned back inside the building, Jonno hot on her heels, fuming.

'Let the entertainment begin'

She returned to Garside Grange with the listening device in the pocket of her coat, entering through the kitchen door and meeting Renfield who was in the middle of...something.

"Hey Renfield" she greeted him happily.

He looked up at her from what he was doing, a disgruntled look on his face "Oh. Hello"

"What's the matter?" Everett's brow crinkled in concern.

"The Master wants me to make a potion that will turn Miss McCauley without him having to bite her"

"Why doesn't someone else bite her if he doesn't want to. I'm sure Ingrid will be more than willing"

Renfield made a noise but didn't answer her question, choosing to dispose of the contents of the vial onto the stone floor beneath their feet.

It sizzled and broke into flame, to which Renfield began to try to stamp it out and Everett grabbed a saucepan by the sink and started to fill it with water, dumping it over the quickly rising flames, which were beginning to turn blue.

Renfield gave a cry and even Everett screamed.

There was a rush of air and The Count appeared in the doorway "Renfield!"

He snapped his fingers and the flames were out in a second.

Vlad appeared at his side "What's going on here? Why is everyone screaming?"

His eyes landed on Everett "What did you do?!"

"Oh that's nice! Blame the breather girl why don't you!"

"Say that louder so the Vampires in the other room hear why don't you! At least then you'll be out of my hair!"

"Well, look at that. The first girl he despises and it's a breather" The Count said to Renfield.

"Shut Up!" Vlad and Everett said united.

The Count and Renfield started and moved backward slightly, clutching to each other. When The Count noticed this he pushed Renfield away roughly and dusted himself off.

"What about the Vamps in the other room?" Everett asked, The Count gave a wide grin and moved forward to her "We're reopening the Blood Bank. Maybe you'd like to come and uhh...have a look?"

Vlad growled out a commanding "Dad!" but Everett silenced him quickly with a dismissive wave of her hand.
The Count sniggered a little at the thought of his son being ordered around by a breather girl

"I always like to meet new people" she answered him.

The Count gave a laugh and, throwing an arm around her, led her from the room.

Vlad watched them disappear down the hall before turning to Renfield. "What are you doing in here? I thought you were supposed to be helping serve?"

"I was" said Renfield "But The Master wanted me to do something. Then Miss Everett arrived and everything went up in flames, literally!"

"Did she cause the fire?" Vlad accused.

"No, no, I dropped one of the vials. She was helping to put it out when your father came in. No, she came in from outside and we were having a lovely conversation before everything happened"

"She came in from outside? Did she tell you why she was outside?"

Renfield shook his head.

Vlad sighed and rolled his eyes, dashing out of the room and back down the hall.

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