Half-Hearted Halfling

The Bite Club

(Fifteen Years Ago)

Count Dante Calvetti sat in the office of his friend and leader of the Vampire High Council.

Morgan sat across from him, watching his stressed friend as he cradled his aching head.

"Morgan" Dante began his voice gruff and tired "I need help. I have kept this for so long because I was so afraid of the consequences. But I cannot keep it any longer. My daughter has disgraced the family name!"

Morgan removed his spectacles, placing them on the desk in front of him. He didn't really need them, but he liked how they made him seem superior.

"Be calm Dante, and tell me, from the beginning, what has happened"

"It all started four years ago. Alina returned home after disappearing for three years, after the death of her late husband, Maxim Nielsen. She was pregnant, she told us that she had re-married and that she was happy but that he was to be away for a few years for business reasons. It was odd, but her mother and I did not press the matter. We were not pleased that she had done this and not consulted us first, but there was nothing to be done"

Morgan observed his friend as he stared to shake.
'It seems the memories still affect him' he noted

Dante breathed out to calm himself some, but it didn't really have an effect

"She was seven months pregnant at the time, two and a half months later she had the baby, a girl. It still disappoints me that I have no male heir"

Morgan gave a chuckle "Well, these things cannot be helped. They just happen"

Dante nodded.
"She had the child, but I knew something was wrong as soon as I saw it. I just cannot decipher what it is! It still bothers me after four years! Fausta keeps telling me that it is all in my head, but I do not think so"

"What is it you want me to do, old friend?" Morgan asked

"I need you to conduct an investigation. But Alina and Fausta cannot know." Dante said desperately

"Of course Dante. How can anyone be investigated if they know they are" Morgan stated.

"We will start with the father of the child. Do you know anything about him? His name, his where abouts, his family tree perhaps?"

"No. I know nothing of the father"

"Well then I suppose we will have to start with the child. Tell me, what is it exactly that you find so odd about her?"

Everett saw some old acquaintances of hers in the blood bank's hall, it didn't bother her that they were there and, in fact, it made her proud that they were still finding other avenues to feed themselves rather than biting.

She made her way behind the bar, where Ingrid was situated.

A few of the newer eyes followed her as she moved, obviously they'd heard her pulse and could smell the breather half of her...and probably the garlic from the Slayers Guild.
Ingrid verified that for her

"You reek of Garlic! What have you been doing?"

"I had dinner at an Italian Pizzeria" Everett told her honestly.

Ingrid blinked "Oh. Well that's one way to keep a biter off your back"

"Your dad's senses must be going. He didn't smell it on me and now he's probably going to be itching all night"

Ingrid grinned like a mad man, enjoying the thought.
She turned to face Everett "I think you and I are going to get along just fine"

"I don't know whether that's a good thing or not" Everett told her.

"Trust me, it's a good thing" Ingrid verified with a gentle nod "I don't get along with most people, as you may already know, and I tend not to lend my clothes to people I don't know or like either" she finished with a smile.

There was a knock on the counter in front of them and they both turned to face a tall, platinum blonde, brown eyed, twenty something half-fang standing on the other side.

"Ev! It is you!"

"Daniel!" She jumped up to sit on the counter and hugged him as best she could, him returning her hug.

"What are you doing here Ev? I went to the club but it was all closed up" Daniel said

"Slayers. What else. They found out about the club and made moves to shut it down. In other words, they burst in and dusted half my clientele. Castelle managed to get me out but I don't know what happened to him after that" she told him

He pet her affectionately on the head "Your hairs grown, your roots are showing" he commented off handedly

"Excuse me? Yeah, hi. Who're you?" Ingrid said, pulling the attention of the two.

"Ingrid, this is Daniel. He's a friend of mine from a while back" Everett answered her

"And what's this about a club?"

Daniel and Everett smiled to each other "You get the drinks, we'll get this party started" Everett said

Vlad and The Count had stepped out for two minutes to get more blood bags, only to return to an all out party.

Everett and Ingrid were dancing on the Bar, enjoying themselves and at their feet were a few half-fangs hissing at any others that got too close.
The music was loud, so loud the blood in the glasses was rippling.

Standing close to the door observing the scene was a tall, platinum blonde half-fang leaning against the wall.
Vlad made his way over to him.

"What's going on here?!"

"Just having a bit of fun mate" The half-fang told him simply.

"Well this "bit of fun" could cause many problems for Ainsley. She is a breather after all. I can smell her blood boiling from here" Vlad shouted over the music.

"Ahh, don't worry about her! She can take care of herself. She owned The Bite Club for a few years after all"

'The Bite Club?'

"What's The Bite Club?" Vlad asked him.

The half-fang finally looked to him.

"The Bite Club was-" he emphasized the word 'was'
"-a club that doubled as a blood bank. It was like every other club with dancing and alcohol, but it was an exclusive club, Vamps only"

Everett was singing now, with all the confidence she could muster. She wasn't bad either, in fact she was rather good singing Demi Lovato's 'I Really Don't Care' at full power.
The other half-fangs weren't trying to bite anymore.
They were enjoying themselves now, starting to dance and even sing along if they knew the words.

Even The Count was joining in.

Vlad sighed and began to move forward to fix the scene but his father jumped in front of him.

"Vladdy, let them have their party. They're not causing any harm. In fact it looks like fun, I might even join them...maybe...anyway, it looks like she's made some friends, look, look! It looks like they're protecting her! And like the half-fang said, she can take care of herself. She's apparently done this before"

Vlad sighed again and turned to the half-fang "Listen-"

"Daniel" the blonde provided.

"-Daniel, how did she look after herself before?"

"Well" Daniel began "She had a number of Vegetarian Vampire friends that she employed as staff and bodyguards, myself included. That and she's the kid of an Ex-Slayer"

Vlad and The Count stared "A Slayer?!"

"Ex-Slayer!" Daniel verified "She never became a Slayer herself, but she certainly knows how to defend herself against a Vampire"

Vlads mouth hung agape and The Count was starting to stutter.

"A Slayer is a Slayer, even if they didn't become one to begin with!" he finally threw out.

"Half the Vamps here were her clients; it's why they're protecting her. She's an unofficial Vampire" Daniel stated.

Vlad and The Count stared at the girl dancing on the bar next to the female Dracula, who took a sip of something from a bottle and then passed it on.

A conversation would have to be had later on.

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