Half-Hearted Halfling

Why So Nice?

"What were you thinking?! If anyone from the school finds out what happened tonight we'll be chucked out for sure!"

"No-one has to find out Vlad" Everett told him evenly.

"You're damn right they don't!" he told her "I don't want you staying here another minute longer. Take the few possessions you have and go!"

"I'm not going anywhere" she told him softly, her tone borderline deadly.

Vlad felt a shiver run down his spine as he stared her in the eye. She was unmoving and that un-nerved him. He'd only ever seen that look on his father; even Ingrid wore it from time to time just to annoy him.
It was a look only a Vampire could have.

"Besides, I can look after myself" she said

"Yeah. Your mate Daniel told us so. So when were you going to tell us you're the child of a Slayer?" he expected Ingrid to be shocked by this reveal of information, but she didn't even flinch, she even answered for Everett.

"He was an Ex-Slayer and he's dead. He made friends with some Vamps and decided to stop killing them. She's no threat to us"

Vlad turned to her. Now it was her turn.

"And you! I expected you would've caused trouble, but not like this! I would've expected you to go behind my back and invite breathers in. But now you and Everett are going to clean up the mess you've made! I suggest you be careful where you step, several of them broke glasses"

Five sets of eyes followed him as he left.

Everett turned to Ingrid "I thought if anyone was gonna go off, it would be him" she said pointing to The Count.

"I thought it went well" he told her, all suave like "I was even enjoying myself"

"Is he always like this?" Everett asked the room.

It was a unanimous "Yes"

"Well the next task is to try and pull the stick out" she stated.

Ingrid snorted and fell into fits of giggles and The Count chuckled in his throat, Renfield and Wolfie look at each other confused.

"Renfield" started The Count "Go and clean the mess in Blood Bank"

"But I thought Master Vlad wanted Mistress Ingrid and Everett to clean the blood bank" Renfield said

"And I'm telling you to do it. Take the girls with you if you want, if only to keep pretences"

"Why is he being so nice?" Everett whispered to Ingrid.
Ingrid only shrugged, as clueless as Everett was.

(Ten Years Ago)

"I love you too darling. We'll meet you back at the house tomorrow night" Alina hung up the phone and resumed packing when a small voice caught her attention.

"Mummy? Will I like Daddy when I meet him?"

She looked toward her little daughter, who stood at the door, looking like a little ghost in her white satin nightgown.
Alina gestured for her daughter to come to her and she picked her little girl up to stand her on top of her coffin

"Of course you will angel and he's very anxious to meet you"

"What does Daddy do?"

The young girl watched as her mother packed a dress into her suitcase, they were nothing like the dresses her grandmother wore.

"He's a soldier angel; he fights for the good, to protect us"

"I wish you would not tell her those lies darling. And that revolting pet name! She will not be an 'angel' for long!"

Fausta Calvetti entered the small room in a sweeping manner. Her long, extravagant dress following her.
"She will be biting breathers and sleeping in a coffin in no time"

Fausta made an indication for the girl to get off the coffin. Alina sighed and rolled her eyes at her mother's complaints. They'd been going on since she'd come home eight years ago.

Fausta complained when Alina told her she was married, more so because she hadn't told them earlier.
She complained when Alina told them she was going to raise the child as she saw fit, emphasizing that it may not be as Vampiric as they would like.
She had complained, loudly, when Alina said she'd wanted to put her daughter through school, unfortunately, her parents had won that argument.

They also won the argument about sleeping arrangements.

Alina's daughter now had her own coffin in her own room, which was painted a gloomy dark grey.
Alina had complained about the colour of the room commenting that it was a little girls room and shouldn't be painted such a dismal colour, even a rich purple would've been better.
Fausta told her it was Tombstone Grey and all the rage.

Her mother was very fashionable.

"So, you are really leaving then?" her mother's voice questioned, breaking her train of thought.

Alina placed the last item in her suitcase and closed it up tight.

"Yes mother. We'll be leaving at sundown. I've called a taxi to come pick us up, so you don't have to worry about the car dropping us anywhere"

"I do not understand your fascination with breather ideals. It is bad enough you're now 'Vegetarian' as you call it. It saddens me that my Granddaughter will be raised the same way. She will not know her ancestry!"

"Mother! She is my daughter! I will raise her how I see fit! If later on she wants to be a fully fledged Vampire, fangs bared and all, then I won't stop her. But for now she's a child...and I want her to be happy! Angel, are you all packed?"

Her angel nodded.

Alina zoomed to her daughters room and back holding the little, lilac trundle suitcase that belonged to her daughter, packed with the few possessions that she had. She took her daughters hand.

"We're leaving, now!" she said pointedly to Fausta.

Fausta watched them leave the room together.

It still made her shudder, after all these years, how much her Granddaughter looked like Alina when she was small.

She heard the little girl ask whether or not she would have to sleep in a coffin from then on.

"No angel, you don't have to"

"Good. Because I don't like it!"

The girl had spunk, that couldn't be denied.

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