Half-Hearted Halfling


"So what's the deal with you and Daniel?"

Everett and Ingrid were seated at one of the empty tables in the blood bank whilst Renfield swept at the mess around them. It was six in the morning, dawn time.

"I didn't take you for a gossip Ingrid. Or is someone interested in a certain half-fang?" Everett teased with a smirk as she took a sip of her Vodka.

"I gossip because I'm a woman and I'm not interested in anything but power" Ingrid told her returning her smirk "Speaking of power, you seemed to have a hold of the population here tonight. What's your secret?"

"I have a good time and make sure others are too. Being a breather and knowing they expect it from me helps too. It keeps me from getting killed" Everett told her honestly.

"I suppose the alcohol helps too?" Ingrid already knew the answer and chuckled along with Everett

There was silence between them and the air for a few minutes, occasionally being broken by the sound of Renfield's brush.
Ingrid finally dispensed with the silence.

"Where were you earlier tonight? Vlad told me to make sure you were out of the way of everything, but I couldn't find you anywhere! And don't give me that Italian Restaurant Routine! I went looking for you at around eleven o'clock and it was two-thirty when you turned up. No-one is out to dinner that long"

Everett debated whether or not to tell her about meeting the Van Helsing's and bugging the Throne Room.
Eventually a wicked smile played along her lips.

"I know that look. What did you do" Ingrid inquired

"I ran into an old friend of yours while I was out near Garside. He nearly shot me with a UV Gun" Everett told her.

"You must be talking about Jonathan Van Helsing. Is that why you smelled so strongly of Garlic? Did he take you to the headquarters? Did you even go to a Restaurant?"

"As a matter of fact, yes, we did. But as friends, not like you're thinking" Everett stated, her tone lightly reprimanding.

"Don't get stroppy with me. I wasn't even thinking of it that way" Ingrid replied taking a sip of blood from her glass.

"I think he started thinking that way at the end though" Everett giggled.

Ingrid did a spit take into her glass and the both of them burst into a fit of laughter.
Renfield looked over to them from where he stood cleaning the bar. He rolled his eyes muttering something that sounded like "Women" under his breath.

Everett looked over to where he stood, then leaned forward and indicated for Ingrid to do the same.

Everett spoke in hushed tones from then on.

"He did take me back to the Slayer Headquarters. Mina almost killed me when I said I was staying here. I told them a bit about my dad first and then they seemed to like the idea. I know you like causing trouble; you want to know a secret?"

Ingrid leaned further forward in interest; her eyes gave away her eagerness.

"They gave me a bug. They're eager to keep tabs on you guys. Don't say too much in the Throne Room"

Ingrid stared at her, mouth agape, but the corners of her mouth twitched upward "You cheeky devil. I like the way you work. You placed it when we were in there earlier"

Everett said nothing, but finished the rest of her drink.

There was silence again for a few minutes before;

"You still haven't answered my question about you and Daniel"

Vlad still couldn't believe what had happened that night. He couldn't understand what had provoked Everett to stand up on the counter top and move the way she did.

Hands in the air, hips keeping the beat, shoulders moving back to guide her body to roll with them...he shook those thoughts from his head. Maybe if he didn't think about the events of the night he wouldn't feel so stupid about it.

He sat down in his room, a heavy book on the desk in front of him and a notepad and pen next to it. He opened to a page and began to read, occasionally making a note.

He found himself reading the same line over and over again, at least several times and he'd written it twice already. He was half way through writing it a third time before he noticed.
He stopped, sighed and threw the pen down, leaning back into the chair and running his hands over his face in exasperation, let his head fall back gently.

His mind drifted back to Everett. Back to how she threw her head back when she drank a shot, how it exposed her neck. He remembered hearing her blood rush through her veins and how her cheeks tinted pink when she'd danced too much, her jugular throbbing against her skin...

He felt his fangs drop at the thought of her blood and felt a tingling sensation run through every nerve and fibre of his body at the thought of her skin on his lips...

He felt like slapping himself.

He really needed to concentrate on something else.

The Count sat sideways in his throne, wondering.


Wondering when breathers learned to party like a Vamp.

Wondering how they managed to take hold of their alcohol.

Wondering when he'd gotten so old.


Wondering when he started caring about girls feelings and not making them do things that girls are supposed to do! If his recent actions toward Ingrid and Everett were any indication.

He wondered what it was about the girl, Everett, that changed his demeanour so. He would never have treated her that way if she was anyone else.

He wondered why she seemed so familiar...

(Eight And A Half Years Ago)

Samuel Ainsley sat in his home waiting anxiously for that wonderful knock on his door...or at least the sound of a key turning in the lock.

He couldn't take the waiting and he moved to the kitchen to grab a beer from the fridge.
But the can sat on the counter, remaining unopened as he paced about the room.

It vaguely passed through his mind that he would wear down the tiles that lay beneath his shoes, but his apprehensiveness negated his humour.

He heard the lock fumble and the door open quickly, banging against the wall.

There was rushed shuffling and hushed words.

He speed walked back into the previous room and saw his wife slam the door shut. She pulled a small figure to her side.

"Alina? What's wrong?"

Alina turned to her husband and moved to him, falling into his arms. The small figure being wedged between them protectively.

"I think we we're followed. I think they know" she told him, eyes wide with fear.

"Don't panic. I'll pack a bag. You grab the extra money from the freezer and the car keys"

He bolted up the stair as Alina sat her daughter down on the couch.

"Stay in here, don't go outside, don't open the door to anyone. I'll just be in the next room"

The girl nodded and watched her mother run into the kitchen.

"Daniel's right. You have regrowth coming through"

Ingrid and Everett were making their way downstairs to the school before McCauley came looking for them.

"I know a late night hairdresser in town that'll be able to get rid of it easy"

"Not meaning to be rude, but, I'm a breather, I can go out in the day. I have to get some other clothes anyway, I can't keep taking yours. I'll make an appointment Saturday at the hairdresser in town and do a bout of shopping while I'm there"

"Suit yourself" Ingrid shrugged.

"Ahh, young women discussing fashion and hair...typical" The Count sneered from a doorway.

"Would you like to join us?" Everett asked him as she followed Ingrid down the stairs. She heard him growl and stomp off down the hall.

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