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50 shades of 2nd chances


Ana left Christian. It has been 6 months since she walked away but Ana still loves him. Christian has been a wreck without her & decides there is only 1 way to get her back. Can Christian change? Will Ana give in to his charms yet again? Will she be hurt or will this be her 'happily ever after'? I don't own 50 shades, that privilege belongs to EL James but this is my own fantasy. Mature Content - 16+ audiences. * Sexual references * Sexual scenes * Strong Language Follow me to see other stories. Read, vote, comment & share. 🤙🤙

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"Ana!” I hear my name being shouted from behind me and I turn a little too quickly.

I stumble a little as I see who’s behind me and I let out a loud gasp.

“Taylor?” I ask hesitantly. Oh God, where there’s Taylor........there’s Christian, crap!!!!

I force a smile as Taylor gets closer, his normal poker face actually lights up as he reaches me and gives me a brief hug.

My eyes dart around, waiting for him to appear out if the shadows but he doesn't.

“ It's my day off, he isn't here Ana, relax" he chuckles .

I let out the breath I was holding and relax a little as Taylor and I make small talk.

“How is he Taylor?” I ask as our conversation comes to a lull.

“He has been better to be honest Ana, but you know Christian.” Is all he says, his poker face once more visible but a small smile creeps in momentarily.

I want to ask more but decide it’s none of my business anymore & Christian would probably fire Taylor for telling me anything anyway.

His phone buzzes is his pocket, as he reaches to check the caller ID, he frowns and glances at me briefly before he answers.

“Taylor“ he answers gruffly.

“yes sir, I will let Sawyer know sir" he says before hanging up.

He looks at me with a heavy expression

“it's good to see you Miss Steele, take care" he says before turning and striding away again.

I turn back around and continue on my way.

As I mosey through Pike Marketplace, a familiar scent fills my nose and I find myself looking around for the source…my eyes widen as I find it.

My breathe hitches as we stare each other down, a smirk playing on his lips.

As he slowly approaches me, his eyes never leaving mine, my legs feel weak beneath me.

I can smell his aftershave, the smell intoxicated me, its overwhelming & my body trembles as my mind wanders back to happy times.

“Anastasia“ his deep husky voice resounds within my heart, causing it to hop, skip and jump in excitement.

“ C…Christian, h..how are you" I stammer innocently.

He narrows his eyes a little and his jaw clenches, all traces of humor vanished but he says nothing more than “Alone" sadly.

I wring my hands nervously, what do I say to that?

“Can we talk ?” he asks in a low, as almost shy voice.

I look around me & the Market is flooded with people going about their day, paying no mind to us standing in the middle of the path just staring each other down.

The air around me becomes thick and heavy as my senses pick up his delicious scent again and I zone out.

I still haven’t responded to his question & I can see it's eating at him, his eyes glazing over as his anger starts to emerge.

Answer him Ana before he has a stroke.

“ Um…there is a coffee place just up the street, will that be ok?”

“Are you intimidated by me Anastasia ?” he smirks once again.

“nn..no! I just thought it would be easier “ and public …I think to myself but I keep that thought quiet.

He nods but I can see he is still skeptical but grabs my hand, lacing his fingers through mine & starts walking, dragging me behind him.

I stop, digging my feet into the ground.

He stops and turns to me, his eyes wide with fear, he thinks I’m rejecting him & running away again.

I quickly croak out “We need to go the other way" with a smirk.

His shoulders relax and he smiles widely, his perfect white teeth dazzling in the morning sun.

“ please lead the way Miss Steele" he gestures for me to lead him to our destination.

“Welcome to Desi’s, what can I getcha handsome” The waitress addresses Christian, completely ignoring my presence .

Her eyes thick with eyeliner, she winks as she smiles & waits for his answer.

Christian grimaces subtly, but I see it before he speaks.

“My girlfriend here will have English breakfast tea, bag out & I’ll have a double shot coffee, no cream or sugar and we will have a choc chip muffin to share" he says, his gaze locked on me.

The waitress twitches nervously & scowls in my direction before scurrying off to sort out our order.

Great, now she's gonna spit in my tea!

“Ok so talk Christian" I murmur softly.

“ Last time I saw you, you had some very confronting things to say to me Anastasia!” he says, I nod hesitantly.

He continues “You really pissed me off!” I scoff unintentionally loud but try to cover it with a cough.

He frowns but let's it slide for now.

“ But……you had some very valid points. I’m trying to change that. I have a proposal for you" he says, picking invisible lint off the table cloth.

I glance up quickly “proposal?” I stammer nervously, he isn't going to do what I think he is….is he?

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