The Wanderer



"And then he just left! He LEFT!"

Avion was furious. She was shaking all over, and her eyes were a constant red.

Celobia sighed. "My Eagle, you must have patience with him. It's not his fault he's so… err… headstrong."

Avion practically screeched. "HE CALLED PHAEDRA WEAK! Am I supposed to take that sitting down?!"

The Lion considered the Eagle calmly, remaining completely still in his lounging position on the top of the crumbling temple.

"Hmm… I suppose we should reprimand him somehow…"



Celobia trailed off, appearing thoughtful. Avion stared up at him impatiently.

"There are no 'buts'! That putrid lizard deserves punishment! Sooner rather than later would be nice!"

The Lion nodded. "I agree, Avion. But we must be careful. If the Colossi put too much effort into deciding Kuromori's punishment, then we will loose sight of the real problem at hand! Also, why did you come to me? Malus is the one in charge of these things."

The Eagle grimaced. "I couldn't get to him. There is a mental barrier surrounding his area."

Celobia stood and gracefully jumped down to stand at Avion's feet.

"Then it is best if we figure this out ourselves. For now, have you talked to any other Colossi who wish to dispose of the Wanderer peacefully?"

Avion gave a sad sigh. "Phaedra believed that violence is not the answer, but he is gone now."

The Lion looked down at his paws. "What of my sister?"

The Eagle chuckled emptily. "Celosia wanted to throw the boy off a cliff. You should know she is no longer a peaceful spirit."

Celobia sighed and began to pace. "Have you spoken with Phalanx? Pelagia?"

Avion shook herself. "I tried talking to Pelagia, but he made little sense. And as for Phalanx, she remained hidden in the sand. I could feel her presence, though."

The Lion nodded thoughtfully, still pacing. "I will find someone who is willing to go talk to our Dragon. As for you, my Eagle, you should get some rest."

"Of course, Celobia."

With that, Avion carefully took off, avoiding the crumbling buildings of the Mountain City. She pointed her nose to the east, to the Lake City, flying home for what felt like the first time in a long while.

"What the…?"

As Avion flew towards her place of duty, she spotted a moving black dot below, heading in the same direction.

The Wanderer

She waited, circling, as the boy dismounted and began to swim out to the partially submerged palace at the front of the Lake City. The city itself had been mostly made of floating wooden structures, which is why the lake was now empty except for stone remnants of older parts of the palace and a thin yet sturdy column in the center, which acted as Avion's perch. The entire lake was surrounded by high cliff faces, making for darkness at many parts of the day.

Avion began to descend as the Wanderer continued to climb higher through the palace. When the boy came to a worn balcony facing the lake, he stopped. He looked around, confused as to where his foe was, but it did not last long. Finishing her descent, the Eagle flew directly overhead, crying out to get the Wanderer's attention, and circled around the edge of the lake. Avion finally landed on her perch and settled, folding her wings and adjusting her footing, before turning a fierce glare towards the intruder.

Come out here, you wretched boy. Idareyou.

The Wanderer stayed where he was, seemingly contemplating how to go about. After a few minutes, he jumped through a broken corner of the balcony and landed in the water. Avion watched as the boy swam towards her, wondering what he was doing. When the Wanderer was beneath her, the Eagle became amused.

Is he going to try and jump on my tail?

Avion watched, chuckling slightly, as the boy began to try jumping out of the water towards her tail. After a while though, he seemed to realize that wouldn't work. The column Avion perched on was tall enough so that her long tail did not even come close to dipping in the water. Tired, the Wanderer swam over to one of the platforms that sat underneath the arch-like palace parts. The platforms had once been stone supports for bridges underneath the palace. He stood, panting, and examined Avion. Finally, an idea came to him. Pulling out a flexible branch-like object and a sharp-looking stick, the Wanderer fired at the Eagle's shoulder. Enraged, Avion swooped down at him, screeching. The boy must not have expected that to happen, as his eyes widened and he tried to duck before being thrown full force into the water 20 yards behind him.

Satisfied, Avion began to fly around the perimeter of the lake, watching from a distance as the Wanderer struggled back onto one of the platforms. This time though, he had a look of determination on his face. Once again, the boy pulled out his sharp-stick shooting device and fired at Avion as she flew overhead. Infuriated at her persistent attacker, the Eagle turned around and once more swooped down at the Wanderer. Instead of trying to dodge like last time, the boy jumped on to Avion's mossy shoulder.

Realizing her intruder was now literally upon her, the Eagle began to flap her wings in a strong fashion, trying to shake him off. But flapping like that took energy, and soon Avion was gliding to rest her muscles. As she glided, she felt something walking down her tail. Suddenly, as the movement stopped, a piercing pain erupted from the tip of her tail. Avion screeched and began twist and turn in the air. After a few minutes, the area numbed and the Eagle felt her attacker walking back up her tail. When the Wanderer was starting to come onto her wings, Avion began to violently flap them. When she stopped, the boy was still there. He took advantage of the Eagle's pause and ran to her right wing tip. When the same stabbing feeling went through her wing, Avion mustered all her strength and proceeded to fly in a loop. Her attacker hung on for dear life as the Eagle went temporarily upside down. When her flight evened out, though, the stabbing continued. By the time the Wanderer finished, Avion was struggling to use her now limp and numb right wing. The boy ran across her back to her other wing. The Eagle knew she was done for, but that did not mean she was going to give up. As the stabbing began to ruin her left wing, Avion flapped for all she was worth. But when that wing finally gave out, the Eagle plummeted to the water.

As she sank, every sense of Avion's dimmed except for her eyesight. She could see every living being… every mountain… every particle of anything. But as her eyes began to dim as well, the Eagle could see a face that did not belong to her assassin. In her last moments, Avion saw only the face of young Arna.

And she was happy.

Kuromori was sunbathing in his arena, not thinking about anything in particular, when a piercing sensation hit his heart. Allowing his eyes to turn blue with sight, the Gecko climbed up to the top of the coliseum and looked out across the mountains. Kuromori was just starting to wonder who had been killed when he was given his proof.

Every bird in the land had started to cry.

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