The Wanderer

Power of Nobility

Power of Nobility

"Well, you could have tried harder!"

"It's not as if I had a choice!"

Kuromori had waited for quite some time before attempting to speak to Dirge, but the Sand-Snake was so distracted in his rage and sorrow that he had accidentally injured the Gecko. Kuromori was not seriously injured, just enough so that he couldn't run fast. When he had gone to speak with Celobia, though, the Lion had only responded with anger.

"Kuromori, you can't let the last of your armor being broken off stop you! The lives of the Colossi are in mortal danger!"

The Gecko growled. "Believe it or not, Celobia the Kitten, I actually do care about the lives of our brethren!"

The Lion leaped forward so that his red eyes were only inches away from the Gecko's.

"What did you call me?"

Kuromori glared back, unafraid. "Celobia the Kitten. I think it suits you."

Celobia roared and began to try and topple over the Gecko, so he could get at his vitals. Kuromori retaliated by trying to blast him away and shaking. As the Lion went for the Gecko's short neck, he shouted,

"Avion was right! We should have banished you a long time ago! It's not as if we would have missed you!"

Kuromori turned around and blasted the Lion a good ten feet away. He sneered.

"What happened to protecting the lives of our brethren? Or have you forgotten your nobility already, Kitten?"

Celobia stood, tiny pieces of his armor turning to dust and falling to the ground. He growled.

"If it means killing you, I will do anything to protect mybrethren."

For a second, the Gecko stood still from utter shock. To talk of the other Colossi possessively without including the Colossus you were speaking to was one of the worst insults you could use. When the Colossi spoke of themselves and their land, it was always "our", "we", and "us". Even Kuromori and Avion had obeyed that unspoken rule when they had one of their famous shout matches. The Gecko was so surprised that Celobia, probably the most clean spoken Colossus in the land, had used such a horrible insult, he didn't react for almost a minute.

The Lion was starting to tilt his head to the side in confusion when Kuromori began to move. Celobia tensed and backed up, expecting the Gecko to unleash his full fury. But instead, Kuromori looked disgusted. The Gecko slowly turned away and began climbing out of the Mountain City. Celobia stepped forward and shouted to a departing Kuromori.

"Why aren't you blasting me to pieces? I insulted you so greatly, you should be trying to rip off my vitals!"

At the top of the cliff-face, Kuromori stopped. The Gecko looked back at the Lion with sadness obvious in his features, and he spoke softly.

"None of you seem to realize I care. Long ago, in a conversation with a friend, I said that the friendship love of Colossi was the strongest in the world. When I said that, I was not just referring to everybody else. No matter what I say or do, I love all of you."

Kuromori then grimaced and spoke normally. "But like you said, nobody would care if I left. So if you don't consider me part of the Colossi, I will go home to my Arena and wait. The Wanderer will come. Then all of you won't have to deal with my existence any longer."

Feeling extremely guilty, Celobia was about to shout how they would miss him and not to leave, but by that time the Gecko had disappeared. The Lion sighed.

"Nice going, Kitten."


"Maybe I was being a little dramatic…"

Kuromori had been waiting… and waiting… and waiting… But he was just growing more bored by the minute. The Gecko sighed.

"Great. If I die, it's going to be after everyone else. Where is that little idiot?"

Kuromori was lying in sunbathing position at the bottom of his Arena, and now went silent so he could listen for any footsteps. Or rather, feel for them. The Gecko didn't have as good hearing as the other Colossi, but he still had a sensitive belly.

Finally, a very slight and rhythmic tremor started coming from above. Kuromori waited for the sound of echoing foot-falls at the top level of the Arena before getting on his feet and shifting a little. The Gecko did not bother looking up, since he couldn't see inside the open windows anyway, so instead he slowly circled around his field and moved his head side to side, listening. When a piercing whistle sounded from above, Kuromori looked up to see the Wanderer standing at the edge of one of the gaping holes in the side of the coliseum. Feeling anger at the boy course through him, the Gecko growled and began to climb up the side towards him. When he was right in front of the Wanderer, who seemed stunned that a Colossus could actually climbthe walls, Kuromori sucked energy into his mouth and then blasted it at the boy. The Wanderer was thrown back before running away and covering his mouth as an attempt to try and not breathe the poisonous fumes.

For a few seconds, Kuromori took in the boy's appearance. He was disgusted to see that the Wanderer had numerous black blood stains on his clothing, and that his hair had turned a purplish color. He also noticed how the boy had a deathly look about him, like he was much paler then normal humans should be.

Hatred renewed, the Gecko once again blasted at the Wanderer. He thought to himself,

If I kill that boy, it would be for his own good, anyway. He looks like he very seriously needs to be put out of his misery.

The Wanderer had run around the bend and out of sight, but Kuromori continued to blast at where he had been. The Gecko could hear the boy yelling, as if he was arguing to himself what to do. When the Wanderer went silent, Kuromori became suspicious. Suddenly, a volley of arrows started to hit his back. The Gecko was about to start climbing around to the source when one hit his left back leg. Kuromori practically screeched at the sensation of the arrow penetrating the sensitive flesh. Frozen to the spot with a temporarily useless leg, the Gecko only had to wait a few seconds before the Wanderer shot another arrow into his left front leg. Kuromori could not hold on to the wall with only two legs, so he could only flail helplessly as he plummeted to the bottom of the Arena.

The Gecko landed on his back, and the impact made his eyes darken and the world seem to spin beneath him. The sound of something landing on the ground near his tail seemed faint, but when the sensation of something stabbing the underside of his tail hit him, Kuromori's senses returned. As the stabbing continued, the Gecko desperately squirmed side to side, trying to flip over. Finally, Kuromori managed to get back on his feet, and the Wanderer was thrown from under him. Still dazed, the Gecko wasn't able to blast the boy before he was safely up the steps and running back up the staircases toward the higher levels. Kuromori looked around, a strange mixture of terror and fury swimming through his veins. When another whistle sounded from the top level, the Gecko didn't hesitate to climb towards the noise. Little did he know that the Wanderer was no longer there, but running to a different spot where he could fire at his legs. When Kuromori reached the spot, he was not able to blast at the area for long before arrows began piercing his sensitive legs. Once again, the Gecko plummeted towards the earth, and everything was black. When the Wanderer climbed up his tail and started to stab his chest, Kuromori knew he was doomed, but squirmed and shook anyway. As the final blow came, the Gecko's head curled forward before everything went numb and limp. Kuromori was surprised by how calm he felt. In fact, he had never felt so calm. If he could have, the Gecko would have sighed.

Avion would be proud of me To die with nobility is the best way after all

Dormin could have shouted in glee.

As They focused their light upon the unconscious Wanderer below Them, then the dirt pile in the Arena that had only minutes ago been Kuromori, They felt absolute, sick joy course through Them.

"Ha! Eight down Eight to go"

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