The Wanderer

The Eastern Colossi

The Eastern Colossi


Phaedra, the Horse Colossus, was kind-hearted. Despite his rather scary appearance, people and Colossi alike knew him to be one of the friendliest beings in the land. Many came to visit the green tombs which Phaedra protected, and turned what should have been a morbid duty into a happily executed one. The great Horse did not need vast amounts of armor or formidable weapons, but what armor he had was strong, and his feet were sharp. These were symbols of Phaedra's pure and content heart. Though his job was to protect the dead, the Horse felt very much alive.


Avion, the Eagle Colossus, was beautiful. Her armor shone like the sun she flew under, her eyes glowed a magnificent blue, and the moss that grew on her back was a luscious green. She appeared beautiful because her heart was beautiful too, and all knew of the Eagle's many acts of goodness. Though her duty was just to protect the Lake City, Avion patrolled all of the land, visiting Colossi and helping people where she could. Often the first glimpse any outsiders had of a Colossus was while they were coming over the bridge from the High Entrance, where they could see the great Eagle flying over the villages and farms. Avion would keep flying for eons, as long as she knew the people she loved were safe.


Kuromori, the Gecko Colossus, was easily angered. Though he loved to show off his electric-shooting skills in the High Arena, the Gecko had a rather bad temper with anybody who even slightly criticized him, and was known to occasionally blast people out of his area. This earned him an unfriendly place with most of the other Colossi, especially Avion. She considered Kuromori a bad Colossus and was always trying to convince the others to banish him. There had been a time when the great Gecko was noble, with armor as strong as Celobia's, but like Gaius, his selfishness and un-pureness of heart caused most of his armor to chip away. Despite his high thoughts of himself, Kuromori was probably the most grudgingly worshipped of the Colossi.


Celosia, the Boar Colossus, was loyal. She guarded the Northern Desert Temple fiercely, though not as narrow-mindedly as would Valus. Her armor was as tough as her heart and mind, and the people knew of her many feats of strength in the past. Celosia was very close to her brother Celobia, and seeing one in the other's place of duty was common. In fact, Celosia was much friendlier than she appeared. When she wasn't in her area or Celobia's, the Boar was playing with the children on Quadratus' beach, or keeping Dirge company in his lonely sand cave. Celosia was beloved by all because she not just loyal to her temple, but to the entire land she called home.


Pelagia, the Masked Colossus, was unusual. He guarded the Pleasure Waterfall in many strange ways. As people relaxed and ate in the stone gazibos, they were sometimes startled when what seemed like a mossy stone in the lake rose up and moved. Pelagia sat still for so long that algae and moss covered his armor, yet his mask stayed mysteriously clean. The Masked One liked to collect stones and watch people he thought were interesting. Though, those interesting people usually never came back because they were disturbed by the feeling of being watched. Some of the Colossi thought Pelagia was unintelligent, but most knew he was just what he was. Strange.


Phalanx, the Dragon Colossus, was peaceful. She contained no capacity for hate or bitterness, and even in the Time of New when evil Colossi constantly invaded the land, the Dragon was not violent. Her job was to protect people, and even in their time of peace she was concerned with what went on in other places besides the desert she called home. Phalanx was almost as common a sight to see as Avion, flying over the villages and mountains, unable to land but content to see her people in such a time of prosperity. The great Dragon was as happy as any Colossus could possibly be.


Argus, the Sentry Colossus, was wary. Even in their time of peace, he remained cautious of the outside world. The Sentry kept a constant watch on everything he could see from his desert Fortress, which was surprisingly a lot. Maybe the reason he was so much at unease was the fact that they had been in the longest period of peace ever,and Argus believed it was too good to be true. He paced and waited, but nothing ever seemed to happen. So the great Sentry continued to pace and wait, positive that something bad was coming.

And he was right.

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