The Wanderer

The Beginning of the End

The Beginning of the End

Dormin had waited. Waited for eons. And now was Their chance. The people were unprepared, and the Colossi were oblivious to the danger they were in. Except for Argus, but Dormin did not count him. They had planned this for millennia, and it was finally going to happen. No being could stand in Their way. The Light Colossus had been gathering energy from where They had been trapped, at the very top of the Great Temple. They had taken the form of a benevolent light, shining upon the sixteen idols of the beings they most despised. They had been able to do nothing but simmer for thousands of years, but now They had the amount of energy to do something about the land They hated. Though Dormin could not take on a solid form yet, They were now able to spread Their evil over the land, and use it to finally wipe the people who turned their backs to Them off the face of the world forever.

Malus felt something was wrong hours before the rumble began. He sensed something evil was moving through the land, but he could see nothing amiss from where he stood. At that time the Titan Colossus wished his skirt-like armor did not chain his massive feet to one spot. Malus looked cautiously over his area, not feeling reassured by the normal sight of his people walking about, not worried about anything but their usual small problems. Just when he was about to call out to one of the Colossi, to see if anything was wrong where they were, a deep rumbling came over the land. As it was strong even to a Colossus, the people's buildings stood no chance. Everywhere around the Titan wooden structures turned into twig piles, while stone structures that were not made to withstand any force besides the occasional storm were reduced to dust. People that were trapped inside collapsed buildings were killed, while people who were outside of buildings screamed and stumbled.

Malus heard loud cracking and realized the cliff-face behind him was starting to fall into the sea. Any people nearby were sucked down to their watery graves with the rocks. The Titan's energy kept the ground directly behind him from giving way, but in front of him cliffs and mountains crumbled.

This continued for one month.

When the rumbling finally stopped, Malus was shaken to the core, and would have collapsed earlier if he was not held up by his armor. Looking around, he saw that all the people in his area had long since died, and were starting to rot. With a sudden pang of sadness, the Titan realized that the rest of the land must be in a similar state. Hoping he was wrong, Malus called out for someone who would know.



Malus feared the worst until boom-like wing-flaps started to approach. Avion came into view, soaring over one of the mountains that blocked the rest of the land from view. She landed on the ground a few hundred yards from where Malus stood and looked up at him in relief.

"You are alright! Thank the heavens."

Malus grunted, "The same is unfortunately not so for my people."

Avion looked around her claws and shivered. The Eagle looked up again, this time with grief clear in her eyes, "The whole land resembles this. The people are dead, and only the strongest of buildings still stand. I know so, because I have been avoiding landing whenever possible."

Malus nodded, "Quite understandable, as even I would have fallen down long ago if not for my armor. What about the others?"

Avion shook herself, making little pieces of rock fall off, before speaking, "Celosia and Celobia are quite shaken. Probably because of their size. I could not find Hydrus anywhere, though. She might have been sucked into an underground tunnel that opened in the quake."

Malus sighed, "I dearly hope our great Sea-Serpent is well. Do you have any idea where she possibly could be?"

Avion looked thoughtful for a minute before answering, "I remember there was an underground river that went under the City of Bridges, which opened up once. In order to prevent the city from flooding, Hydrus blocked the place where the river came into the ocean, while Dirge went underground and diverted the river to a different place. I believe that's how the ground beneath Gaius' platform became a lake."

Malus looked confused, "But Avion, what does that have to do with it?"

Avion stared up at him grimly, "It has to do with it, my dear Titan, because the ocean barrier broke. The City of Bridges is now almost completely underwater. Hydrus might have been nearby at the time and was sucked in."

Malus scoffed, "Water goes downhill, not up. How could the city become flooded if the ocean barrier broke?"

Avion shook herself again, "The land has shifted since we diverted the river."

Malus nodded, "Hmm… yes. That makes sense. What about the other Colossi? Are any of them injured?"

Avion appeared thoughtful again, "No, I do not think so. Physically, anyway. Quite a few of them have taken the death of our people very hard.

Poor Quadratus, he could not protect his children…"

Malus gave a heavy sigh, "You should go, my Eagle. Comfort those of us who need it, and search for Hydrus. When you find her, come back to me. I would like to know where she is."

Avion nodded, "Of course, Malus."

With that, the Eagle began to flap her wings and charged past Malus, jumping off the sea cliff and taking flight. When the sound of great wing-flaps ceased to be heard, the Titan looked forward, seeing the Great Temple still shining through a crack between the mountains. He sighed. As long as their statues still stood, the land would remain alive. But despite this reassurance, Malus knew the rest of the Colossi would be less willing to keep up hope.

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