The Wanderer

A Pinprick on the Horizon

A Pinprick on the Horizon

Malus was right.

Most of the Colossi sank into a state of despair. Some were guilty, others were simply depressed. Only a few kept up the belief that as long as their idols stood, the land they loved would remain alive. These Colossi were Avion, Phalanx, and Malus. Phalanx, unlike the other two, only kept up hope because it was not in her nature to despair. Avion did remain in partially good spirits, but the perpetual sadness she felt for their people showed on her exterior. As the centuries passed, the Eagle's armor ceased to shine, and the moss on her back became a dead, brown-green color. Malus most of the time was focusing on the source of everybody's negative feelings. Dormin. Malus knew that somehow, the Light Colossus had been contained. The Titan pondered for most of his days on this, and rarely called for anyone as company.

Quite a few of the Colossi's dispositions changed over time. Quadratus became sullen and moody. His gate gradually was slower as his heavy heart weighed him down. Phaedra was no longer a lively soul. The tombs he continued to guard reminded him every day of what happened and the great Horse became deeply depressed. Hydrus, like Quadratus, was weighed down by a heavy heart, and usually rested on the bottom of her lake dwelling in lonely thoughts. It did not help the Sea-Serpent that she was now trapped, either. Celosia gradually turned into an angry, vengeful being, and most of the time sat in the center of her abandoned temple, growling at anything that passed by. The Boar highly disliked anybody, even her brother, to visit. Celobia became consumed by sadness, and did not budge from his perch overlooking the empty Mountain City. The Lion's armor lost its strength, and began to chip in places.

The guiltiest of the Colossi had to be Argus. He felt so bad about not insisting something was going to happen, he stuck himself in the ravine behind his fortress, and refused to come out. The great Sentry didn't even have the heart to say "I told you so".

The rest of the Colossi were content to stay in their areas and continue their duties, trying to pretend nothing had happened. Dirge became even lonelier, as Celosia had stopped coming to his cave for company. Kuromori was even angrier, and occasionally, in a burst of sudden hatred for the world, would blast a hole in the coliseum surrounding him.

This was the way things were for millennia, and nobody expected anything to change. You see, for some reason, people from the outside had stopped coming to their land. This confused the Colossi, as there was now much land for new villages and farms. And they knew it was in human nature to expand. Avion inspected the bridge crossing from the High Entrance to the Great Temple, and there was no damage to it. The only reasonable explanation was that somehow word had spread about what had occurred, and the people of the rest of the world believed the Colossus Valley was cursed.

So anyway, the land remained sad and devoid of people for thousands of years. The Colossi expected no change, and they had their reasons.

But one day, someone came in.

A familiar feeling spread through the land, one not felt for centuries. Every Colossus in the land raised their head, and looked for the source of this familiar, yet forgotten sensation. Celobia ran out of his city and climbed a nearby hill to see what was going on. Celosia jumped down from her temple onto the open ground below, and looked up. Quadratus walked out of his cave and did the same. Everywhere, Colossi tried to move to get a good view of what was causing a familiar feeling in the land.

On the horizon was a pinprick.

Those who were closer saw more clearly what it was. A lone figure sat atop of what must have been horse, and was making its way slowly and carefully over the bridge. The Colossi that realized what it was rejoiced. A person was in their land! Even if it was only one, they knew that where there was one person, more would come. It was one of the highly dependable patterns of human beings. Most of the Colossi went back to their duties, feeling a happiness they had not felt for a long time.

But one Colossus remained at her perch on a mountain-top, feeling more and more cautious about the person as she inspected them with Eagle-eyes. The person was a boy, 20-years old at most, riding a beautiful black horse with a white diamond on its forehead. The boy's clothing was obviously of a far-away people that had often come to the Colossus Valley in the past. If their customs had not changed, then Avion was sure that the light-blue and black cloak over light-leather armor symbolized being a warrior. Across his lap was a long, dark bundle. As the Eagle inspected the Wanderer she began to feel that this boy's coming was not necessarily a good thing.

And she couldn't have been more right.

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