The Wanderer

Not What We Expected

Not What We Expected

Dust… dust….. more dust… ooh, that looks like!... oh… wait… its dust….

Dormin was bored. They were starting to think eliminating the people was a bad thing. It was just too quiet now for Their liking. Even though They had gained enough power to do something again, it would be useless since no quake could ever fell a Colossus. The people were gone, which was a major step in Their plan, but there was a major flaw.

One person had escaped over the bridge. Dormin was not quite sure how, but that did not matter. Whoever had escaped had spread the word about what happened, and now nobody came into Their land. Probably because they thought it was cursed. This was a major setback, as Dormin needed somebody for Their plan. And not just any somebody. Somebody with a Sun-Sword. This aggravated the Light Colossus. What were the odds of a warrior with a Sun-Sword, coming into a land which they were probably told was cursed, looking to grant an extreme wish? Not very good.

Of course, even Dormin could be surprised.

It was at that moment that the Light Colossus felt a disturbance in the valley.


Dormin turned Their focus in the direction of the bridge, looking for the source. When They found it, They gave a short laugh.

"Ha! We have been too pessimistic! Maybe this boy is the one"

Dormin then noticed a sudden uplift in the moods of the Colossi. They turned Their focus to look at a few of the ones who were close by. Celobia was now wagging his tail in a dog-like fashion, walking back to the Mountain City with a spring in his step. Valus had continued with his pacing but did appear to be happier. Dormin focused on a mountain to the east and would have grimaced if They had a physical form.

Avion did not seem to be pleased at all. The Eagle was observing the boy with growing suspicion obvious in her features. Dormin focused back on the bridge.

"This could be a minor setback. When the ritual begins, Avion may not hesitate to do something about our little Wanderer"

The Light Colossus then shifted Their focus back onto the temple floor, waiting. They could hear the click-clacking of horse hooves descending the spiral staircase. Finally, a young man on horseback entered the main chamber of which Dormin was looking upon. They watched him as he slowly crossed the chamber, taking in his every detail. The boy seemed un-daunted by the huge statues that stood on either side of him, and instead kept his eyes looking forward. The Wanderer brought his steed to a halt in front of the altar at the open end of the temple. He jumped off, then carefully took the long, dark bundle he had been carrying into his arms. Dormin watched as the boy walked up to the altar than placed his unusual cargo upon it. He stared at the bundle for a minute before dramatically ripping off the dark blanket surrounding it.

Underneath the cover was a girl, probably about the Wanderer's age. She wore a simple white dress, and had dark-brunette hair framing her face. The girl's pale, unmoving state told Dormin she was dead.

Deciding to get things moving, the Light Colossus called upon dead souls beneath the temple to do Their bidding. The black, human-esque forms crawled up through the floor, making strange sucking sounds as they did so. The horse cried out, rearing slightly. The disturbance made the Wanderer turn around to face the now advancing demons.

Dormin felt glee course through Them. The boy had pulled out a Sun-Sword, and was now pointing it at his approaching opponents. They made the souls dissipate, and spoke down.

"Thou carry a Sword of the Sun?"

The Wanderer jumped slightly and looked up.

"Who are you?"

Dormin grumbled. They supposed the boy should have some explanation.

"We are Dormin, the mighty Light Colossus, one and many."

"One and many? That makes no sense!"

Dormin growled, "Why has thoust come here?"

The Wanderer looked back at the girl on the altar.

"Mono… she was sacrificed because they believed she had a cursed fate. I heard stories of a Forbidden Land where colossal beings roamed, and dead souls could come back to life."

Dormin laughed, "That maiden's soul? Why would you want to bring it back?"

"Because I have to."

Dormin inspected the boy.

"Hmm very well. You see the idols along the sides of this chamber? Destroy them, and your wish will be granted."

The Wanderer nodded, then began to look around for something he might be able to break the statues with.


The Wanderer looked up.

"The idols can not be destroyed by mortal hands"

"Then what am I to do?"

"There are incarnations of these idols. Colossi. If thoust kill them, their statues will fall"

"But I have heard of Colossi! They are huge! How could I possibly hope to defeat one?"

Dormin was getting annoyed. Humans always needed long explanations in order to understand things.

"The sword in your hand is quite capable of felling such beings I must warn you though; the consequences of completing this ritual may be dire"

The Wanderer looked determinedly back at Mono.

"It does not matter."

If Dormin had a physical form, They would have grinned.

Things were going exactly according to plan.

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